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Found 9 results

  1. So, as we all know, the maps in FE Heroes are miniature versions of maps in other games. So it might be fun to match them up! Prologue P-1: The Pirates of Galder (FE11 Chapter 2, mirrored fsr) P-2: Lefcandith Gauntlet (FE11 Chapter 7) Chapter 1 - Shadow Dragon & Mystery of the Emblem 1-1: Marth Embarks (FE11 Chapter 1) 1-2: Bonds (FE12 Prologue 4) 1-3: An Oasis of Magic (FE11 Chapter 15) 1-4: The Final Test (FE12 Prologue 7) 1-5: The Battle for Altea (FE11 Chapter 16) Chapter 2 - Fates Conquest 2-1: Embrace the Dark (Chapter 6) 2-2: Light Scatters (Birthright Chapter 14) 2-3: Leo (Birthright Chapter 18) 2-4: Burning Falls (Birthright Chapter 21) 2-5: King Garon (Birthright Chapter 27) Chapter 3 - The Binding Blade 3-1: Dawn of Destiny (Chapter 1) 3-2: Rescue Mission (Chapter 13) 3-3: Arcadia (Chapter 14) 3-4: The Bitter Cold (Chapter 19 Illia) 3-5: The Blazing Blade (Chapter 8x) Chapter 4 - Awakening 4-1: Shepherds (Chapter 2) 4-2: Warrior Realm (Chapter 3) 4-3: Incursion (Chapter 7) 4-4: Sickle to Sword (Paralogue 1) 4-5: Twin Wyverns (Paralogue 11) Chapter 5 - Shadow Dragon & Mystery of the Emblem 5-1: A Brush in the Teeth (FE11 Chapter 3) 5-2: Princess Minerva (FE11 Chapter 10) 5-3: Soulful Bridge (FE12 Chapter 8) 5-4: Clash in Macedon (FE11 Chapter 21) 5-5: The Dragonkin Realm (FE11 Chapter 24) Chapter 6 - Fates Birthright 6-1: Journey Begins (Chapter 3) 6-2: Unhappy Reunion (Conquest Chapter 10) 6-3: Hinoka (Conquest Chapter 24) 6-4: Sakura (Conquest Chapter 22) 6-5: Possessed (Conquest Chapter 23) and Ryoma (Conquest Chapter 25) Chapter 7 - The Blazing Blade 7-1: Imprisoner of Magic (Chapter 18xE/19xH) 7-2: Birds of a Feather (Chapter 12) 7-3: Genesis (Chapter 22xE/23xH) 7-4: Living Legend (Chapter 22E/23H) 7-5: Unfulfilled Heart (Chapter 24E/26H) Chapter 8 - Awakening 8-1: The Verge of History (Prologue) 8-2: Of Sacred Blood (Chapter 13) 8-3: The Exalt and the King (Chapter 5) 8-4: The Threat of Silence (Paralogue 17) 8-5: Two Falchions (Chapter 4) Chapter 10 - Path of Radiance 10-5: Despair and Hope (Chapter 8) Chapter 11 - Gaiden/Shadows of Valentia 11-1: Novis Cemetery (Chapter 2 Map 1) 11-2: One of the boat maps (Chapter 2 Map 2) 11-3: Fear Mountain (map from mid Chapter 4 in Alm's story) 11-4: MORE BOATS (Chapter 2 Map 3) 11-5: Nuibaba's Manor (map from mid Chapter 4 in Alm's story) Chapter 12 - Gaiden/Shadows of Valentia 12-1: Sluice Gate (Last map of Alm's Story in Chapter 3) 12-2: Zofian Coast (First Map of Chapter 3 Celica's Story) 12-3: Desert Outpost (Map from Chapter 3 Celica's Story) 12-4: Temple of Mila (Final map of Chapter 3 Celica's Story) 12-5: Temple of Mila inside (Not actually a map, but a walkable area from the end of Chapter 3 Celica's story) Chapter 13 - Path of Radiance 13-1: Roadside Battle (Chapter 4) 13-2: A Guiding Wind (Chapter 13) 13-3: Blood Runs Red (Chapter 11) 13-4: Clash (Chapter 26) 13-5: Repatriation (Endgame) Paralogue 1 - The Sacred Stones and The Genealogy of the Holy War P1-1: The Fall of Renais (FE8 Prologue) P1-2: Inheritors of Light (FE4 Chapter 6) P1-3: Two Faces of Evil (FE8 Chapter 18) Paralogue 2 - The Genealogy of the Holy War, Thracia 776, The Binding Blade, and Radiant Dawn P2-1: Hero of the West (FE6 Chapter 11 Lalum Route) P2-2: Across the River (FE5 Chapter 22) P2-3: Eldigan the Lionheart (FE4 Chapter 3, portion) Paralogue 3 - The Blazing Blade P3-1: Whereabouts Unknown (Chapter 16E/17H) P3-2: Pale Flower of Darkness (Chapter 25E/27H, Kenneth's version) P3-3: Battle Before Dawn (Chapter 26E/28H) Paralogue 5 - Gaiden/Shadows of Valentia P5-1: Ram Woods (First map in Chapter 1) P5-2: Fleecer's Forest (Second map in Chapter 1) P5-3: Ram Valley (Fourth Map in Chapter 1) Paralogue 7 - New Mystery of the Emblem P7-1: Assassination of the Hero-King (Prologue 8) P7-2: Within the White Darkness (Chapter 13x) P7-3: Reunion (Chapter 16x) Paralogue 10 - The Sacred Stones P10-1: Hamill Canyon (Chapter 13 Eirika) P10-2: River of Regrets (Chapter 17) P10-3: Ruled by Madness (Chapter 16) Paralogue 12 - Awakening and Fates All: Voice of Paradise (Conquest Chapter 14)/Dark Reunion (Birthright Chapter 12) Paralogue 13 - The Genealogy of the Holy War P13-1: Birth of the Holy Knight (Prologue, portion) P13-2: Inheritors of Light (Chapter 6, portion) P13-3: Girl of the Spirit Forest (Chapter 1) Paralogue 27 - Fates: Revelation P27-1: Hidden Strings (Chapter 19) P27-2: Seeds of Doubt (Chapter 20) P27-3: Arete Undone (Chapter 23) Special Maps - Fire Emblem Warriors Map 1: Woodlands Encounter (Chapter 2) Map 2: Hero King of the Desert (Chapter 4) Map 3: Hoshidan Princess (Chapter 6) Map 4: Hoshidan Prince (Chapter 7) Map 5: Nohrian Princess (Chapter 9) Map 6: A Brush in the Teeth (FE11 Chapter 3) Map 7: An Oasis of Magic (FE11 Chapter 15) Map 8: Lefcandith Gauntlet (FE11 Chapter 7) Grand Hero Battles Narcian: The Dragon Girl (FE6 Chapter 15, mirrored: fsr) Female Robin: Disowned by Time (FE13 Paralogue 12) Ursula: Battle Before Dawn (FE7 Chapter 26E/28H) Michalis: A Knight-Filled Sky (FE11 Chapter 22) Navarre: The Scarlet Swordsman (FE12 Chapter 7) or a portion of A Brush in the Teeth (FE11 Chapter 3) Zephiel: The Neverending Dream (FE6 Chapter 22, portion) Xander: Bitter Intrigue (Conquest Chapter 12) Lloyd: Four-Fanged Offense (FE7 Chapter 23E/24H, version played if your total lord levels is below 50). Camus: Camus the Sable (FE11 Chapter 20, portion) Legion: The Mask Laughs (FE12 Chapter 10x) Clarisse: The Depths of the Abyss (FE12 Chapter 20x) Berkut: Forest Crossroads (FE2/15 Map from Chapter 3 on Alm's side with Berkut, Fernand and a generic paladin, 3 generic paladins in the original) Valter: Scorched Sand (FE8 Chapter 16) Arvis: Doors of Destiny (FE4 Chapter 5, southwest portion) Oliver: Revelations (FE10 Chapter IV-4) Lyon: The Sacred Stones (Part 1) (FE8 Endgame) Takumi: Night Breaks Through (Conquest Engame) (Note: This map is identical to the "Stepping into the New Year" Tempest Trial) Saias: Across the River (FE5 Chapter 22) Kana: Dragon Blood (FE14 Paralogue 2) Julius:The Final Holy War (FE4 Endgame, portion) Linus: Cog of Destiny (FE7 Chapter 27E/29H) Walhart: The Sword or the Knee (FE13 Chapter 20) Jamke: Girl of the Spirit Forest (FE4 Chapter 1, portion) Garon: Dawn Breaks (Birthright Endgame) Aversa: To Slay a God (FE13 Chapter 25) Gharnef: The Dark Pontifex Lives (FE12 Chapter 23) Naesala: Entrusted (FE9 Chapter 19) Panne: Forseer (FE13 Chapter 6) Rutger: Collapse of the Alliance (FE6 Chapter 4) Tempest Trials Dark Clouds over Awakening: Invisible Ties (FE13 Chapter 23) Resonating Fangs: Berkut's Final Battle (FE15 One of the Duma Temple Dungeon Boss maps) Reunited at Last: Labyrinth of Thabes - Final Floor (FE15 Bonus Boss map) To Die on the Battlefield: Light (Part 1) (FE7 Endgame) Moment of Fate: Solo (FE9 Chapter 22) Genealogy of Light: The Final Holy War (FE4 Endgame, portion) A Gift of Peace: Forseer (FE13 Chapter 6) Stepping into the New Year: Night Breaks Through (Conquest Endgame) Breath of Destiny: Sands of Time (FE7 Chapter 29E/31H) Invisible Ties: Grima (FE13 Endgame) Thunder's Fist: Across the River (FE5 Chapter 22) Feud of the Fangs: Light (FE7 Endgame) Chaos Named: Mother (FE14 Chapter 5) Doorway to Destiny: Birth of the Holy Knight (FE4 Prologue, portion) Familiar Faces: Forseer (FE13 Chapter 6) Before We Met: The Vallite King (Revelation Chapter 26) Life is but Fleeting: Arcadia (FE6 Chapter 14) Bond Hero Battles Alm and Celica: Castle Zofia (FE2/15 Final Map in Chapter 1) Cecilia and Lilina: Retaking the Capital (FE6 Chapter 16, portion) Eirika and Ephraim: Ruled by Madness (FE8 Chapter 16) Ninian and Hawkeye: Arcadia (FE6 Chapter 14) and Living Legend (FE7 Chapter 22E/23H) Minerva and Maria: Clash in Macedon (FE11 Chapter 21) Takumi and Hinoka: Another Hope (Birthright Chapter 13) Tana and Amelia: Distant Blade (FE8 Chapter 9 Eirika) Raven and Lucius: Whereabouts Unknown (FE7 Chapter 16E/17H, portion) Corrin and Azura: Into the Ground (Revelations Chapter 6) Chrom and Lissa: Awakening (FE13 Chapter 24) Tiki and Nowi: The Threat of Silence (FE13 Paralogue 17) Seliph and Julia: The Final Holy War (FE4 Endgame, portion) Hector and Matthew: Another Journey (FE7 Chapter 11H) Leo and Elise: The Path is Yours (Fates Chapter 6, vertically mirrored, very shaky guess) Micaiah and Sothe: Daein, Arise! (FE10 Chapter I-E) Reinhardt and Ishtar: The Final Holy War (FE4 Endgame, portion) Ephraim and Myrrh: The Darkling Woods (FE8 Chapter 20) Klein and Clarine: Hero of the West (FE6 Chapter 11 Larum route) Ike and Soren: Flight! (FE9 Chapter 5) Elincia and Nephenee: Clash! (FE9 Chapter 26) Bartre and Fir: The Escape to Freedom (FE6 Chapter 11 Elphin Route) Legendary Hero Battles Robin (F): Grima (FE13 Endgame) Lyn: The Law of Sacae (FE6 Chapter 18 Sacae) Ryoma: Ryoma (Conquest Chapter 25) Hector: Sands of Time (FE7 Chapter 29E/31H) Lucina: Noble Lineage (FE13 Paralogue 7) (?) Marth: Star and Savior (FE11 Chapter 17) Tiki: A Mystery Revealed (FE12 Chapter 14) Eirika: Last Hope (FE8 Chapter 19) Azura: The Vallite King (Revelation Chapter 26) Duma: Final Battle (FE2/15 Endgame) Roy: Door to Destiny (FE6 Chapter 1) Yune: From Pain, Awakening (FE10 III-E) Tactics Drills Another Reunion: Reunion (FE6 Chapter 8, portion)
  2. Yo so I've been asking @eclipse for a while now if it'd be cool if I made a single thread to keep track of members' various character build analyses for Fire Emblem Heroes (since there are a lot of good ones that just get posted in the Skill Inheritance thread which are neither easy to find nor access), in the interest of having an easily-accessible archive of our best build suggestions a la Smogon pokemon analyses and such. Eclipse in turn suggested that a subforum for analyses would be much easier for both keeping track of and logging new builds and analyses, so I wanted to put in a request for that to add my voice to hers, as yes, I think this is a good idea and we should definitely do it, and it would be a valuable resource for the internet at large as it relates to strategy for this game.
  3. Hello all, I want to begin this post by stating I am in no way trying to stir up trouble or even disparage anyone's views. I understand there are differences of opinion but perhaps after reading this post there can be some dialogue about future policy changes to the app. Additionally I admit a personal bias that i love this short mobile game, its addictive, charming and easy to pick up whenever. That being said I recently saw a video on Mangs youtube channel Mangs does Lps of Fire Emblem, I love his videos ( and yes it counts as an LP, come on guys hes not that bad. He's definitely been improving since he learned how 'led-geys' work ;) ) anyways, he made a response to another youtuber and associate of his Mekkah. again mad respect for both of them and there is no animosity between them myself or hopefully anyone of this community. I just want to share my thought on this. They both said their piece and made their points. For myself this was the first time I had thought of the possible ramifications of what 'whales' or those who spend extraordinary sums on the game might feel. Certainly there is a level of personal choice here, but it inherently preys on those who are susceptible to (well not manipulation) but influence. I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about it all. So this is where I begin my own process of reflection and research. Firstly I created a Nintendo account for a child and was rejected, saying I needed adult supervision as the age i listed (7 years old) was too young to be eligible to create an account. So I used my actual linked Nintendo account created for FE Heroes to permit my 'child' to make their own account. The process is quick and simple and for the first child account requires an initial expense of 50 cents. Nothing for an adult or dude with a job, but impossible for a kid (at least one without their parent's card). So I delete the app, redownload it onto my phone and am about to set up the new account in a brand new game when I was presented with a grayed out icon of the account. The child account was unable to link their account to fire emblem heroes and so I just re-linked my own. Why is this relevant? Well i wanted to see how easy it is for impressionable youths to waste money on FE Heroes and it turns out strictly speaking, they cant. Children accounts don't look to be able to even link to the game. The reason I wanted to experiment with this was to examine how Nintendo deters kids from gambling their parent's money away. I'm relieved to say its difficult for kids to waste money, but the account that could link to heroes was my own, meaning a parent could still give access to heroes to their child via the parental account. The child could then theoretically use a card to purchase orbs without the consent of their parent with no interruption by Nintendo. I've purchased orbs previously to see what it was like and I imagine a kid with my card or theoretically a kid with their parent's card could just as easily waste money. Do i think it likely that a 7 year old would abuse the trust of their parents and work out how to set up an account or else 'borrow' their parent's card for the purchase of orbs? Not really, but the potential is there. So what ought be done? I don't think there is necessarily any moral imperative for a outright boycott. However, as difficult as it is, I think there should be a precaution in place to make sure only the card holder can purchase more orbs. This sounds like a fools errand, any policy by Nintendo could implement would be a hassle to anyone who wanted to purchase orbs and was a rational adult. Perhaps children accounts should be made to be able to link to heroes for tougher parental controls. This likely isn't a very frequent issue. I doubt many 7 year olds are playing a pseudo chess game so maybe no action is really required, or even the inability to link children accounts is in of itself a deterrent to prevent kids from playing the game in the first place. Perhaps more contentiously there is the question of Whales, the players purchasing all the orbs, should there be a check on what a rational adult chooses. One man with complete agency spent 1000$ on Heroes http://www.usgamer.net/articles/fire-emblem-heroes-player-spends-1000-never-gets-hector-or-leo I certainly cant tell others what to do and i enjoy the game immensely, but upon reflection, updates are only available due to continued support and spending by whales, those of us who don't really purchase orbs are still set to benefit. In the end I don't have a solution, but this is the community that solved awakening on lunatic+ so I know you guys are fairly clever and maybe you can see something I don't. I don't mean to critique anyone's view on the matter, I personally think something but I'm not sure what, can be done to restrict children spending (if indeed that is even an issue) and also to perhaps discuss whether the whales indeed are rational or are else being influenced to make decisions they otherwise would not more so can there really even be any regulation or effective policy to conserve peoples wallets if they claim to get benefits from spending on orbs and see it as equal in worth to what they spent. Certainly the alcoholic example is of note here, the similar self destructive tendencies can be hazardous to the wallets of the susceptible but really I'm at a loss of what can be done without infringing upon the agency of others.
  4. With the release of the latest banner, many have concluded that the inevitable "Power Creep" is upon us. With the release of (only) 3 new units, several older units have become outclassed immediately (according to others). Even if some people don't agree with this being considered a "Power Creep already, it's hard to deny that this is going to be a big problem sooner or later based off of the direction that new units are heading. So... How should Intelligent Systems fix "Power Creep"? Is there even a way to solve it?
  5. Hi everyone in Serene's Forest Forums! I'm new here, just happened to join recently today and require help In skill inheritance for my heroes. All suggestions are appreciated especially opinions! Thank you so much and so sorry for disturbing you all :) First off here are my heroes- 5*- Azura (Priority) note**- I kind of want to make an azura who can fight and sing. Nothing like Fury, wings of mercy. Although I'm not entirely sure. If you guys could state the good things of those skills, that's would be appreciated :) M Robin Camilla Roy Lucina Leo Lilina F Corrin Cordelia Elise - once again thank you! :)
  6. So I want to know, cause I've been thinking should I inherit setsuna to my robin or not what would you recommend. Shes been good but if I can trade up for something better I will do it. Is robin even worth it?
  7. This one's probably going to be an odd question and I don't know if someone's already done this, but thought I might throw this out as a question to any math/probability nerds around (and all glory and honor to thee, math nerds, because even though I'm a university history major most high school math lies far beyond my grasp) but I was trying to work this out for a friend of mine who's been stockpiling her orbs. She's waiting on some of her faves (one blue and one green both in the 4*-5* group specifically) and I'm trying to figure out if it works out better from a probability point of view for her to just stick to summoning blue and green or if it works out better from a probability vs. cost point of view to just keep doing a full summon each time. So, trying to work it out myself, I started with identifying the number of each unit in-game by color and star: 5* - Red 18, Blue 12, Green 9, Colorless 9 4* - Red 26, Blue 19, Green 15, Colorless 20 3* - Red 15, Blue 12, Green 9, Colorless 13 And then I tried to break each down to a percentage chance per unit by color: Red Orb: 3% for Focus (if applicable) 3% for 5*, 1/18 of 3% which would basically work out to 0.167% per character 36% for 4*, 1/26 of 36% which would basically work out to 1.38% per character 61% for 3*, 1/15 of 61% which would basically work out to 4.07% per character Blue Orb: 3% for Focus (if applicable) 3% for 5*, 1/12 of 3% which would basically work out to 0.25% per character 36% for 4*, 1/19 of 36% which would basically work out to 1.89% per character 61% for 3*, 1/12 of 61% which would basically work out to 5.08% per character Green Orb: 3% for Focus (if applicable) 3% for 5*, 1/9 of 3% which would basically work out to 0.33% per character 36% for 4*, 1/15 of 36% which would basically work out to 2.4% per character 61% for 3*, 1/9 of 61% which would basically work out to 6.78% per character Colorless: 3% for Focus (if applicable) 3% for 5*, 1/9 of 3% which would basically work out to 0.33% per character 36% for 4*, 1/20 of 36% which would basically work out to 1.8% per character 61% for 3*, 1/13 of 61% which would basically work out to 4.69% per character But this leaves me with a few questions that I was hoping anyone who's been working with stats for the game so far would be able to clarify: If the color isn't in focus, does that 3% just not apply? Is there an equal chance of getting the four different colors in a five-summon group or is it distributed based on the number of units in each category? (With higher chance for example of red showing up in a summoning block than, say, green?) And if one could work out an overage or a percentage of the number of times that a color would appear in the summoning group, could one then use this to more or less predict, if dumping a set number of orbs in (say 100 orbs in one batch for example), what the probability would be of coming up with certain characters? Most of what I'm managing to accomplish with this is hurting my brain at this point, lol, but I'm wondering if anyone could either fill in some blanks or make corrections to where I'm making any wrong assumptions or guesswork on this.
  8. I really want to summon Ninian and Jafar in the new focus (Ninian is priority), but I'm not sure which method of summoning is the most efficient. If I want to prioritize getting a single unit, should I only summon from orbs of their color? It seems like it should be, but it's pretty costly.
  9. Important notes about the Heroes Summon and Types 1 - The game will generate 5 random Stones when summoning once. You canĀ“t guarantee that you will have the stone you want. 2 - The Tome element (and maybe the Dragon/Beast Stones) will vary with the Stone color you used, and will enter in the weapon triangle. 3 - The Bows, Hidden weapons and Staves are out the Weapon Triangle.
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