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Found 6 results

  1. We've come a long way since the slow trickle of feather acquisition in the game's early days. An active player can reasonably expect to get 40-70K feathers a month before HM gains and non-recurrent sources, and potentially many more if you're in the highest scoring brackets of the arena, tempest, and voting gauntlet. I'm a planner with specific goals in mind. Now that my core arena team has reached a point where I can no longer do much with it feather-wise, I will soon begin work on my secondary goal of 5*'ing and building up every GHB hero released so far. My next 100K feathers are mapped out as follows: 1. Subaki (Quick Riposte 3 Inheritance for Narcian) 2. Robin-F 3. Cecilia (Gronnraven+ Inheritance for Robin-F) 4. Ursula 5. Odin (Blarblade+ Inheritance for Ursula) Of course, in the event of another Narcian GHB rerun or I pull more 4* Caedas, those will jump to the front of the queue. How does everyone else plan to spend the next couple month's worth of feathers (or longer term)? If you're hoarding, anything in particular you're holding out for?
  2. Well here it is people the FEH events in September. Seems BK's GHB isin't here so we need to wait another month for him sadly. 2 tempest trials and bound hero battles looks.. intresting. And confirmation that new units are coming the 15th due to the log in bonus, and the new update is coming Thursday. Go speculate your thoughts now!
  3. I need help deciding how to use my feathers. I have enough to get any one unit to 5* and between my 4* and 3* units, I have most characters. My 5* units currently consist of: Sannaki, Hector, Effie, Jaffar, Martin, Roy, Leo, Xander(spring edition :() Camilla, Sheena, Kain, Abel, Lucious, Charlotte, and Lachesis. Please take the units I have at 5 into consideration and give me some advice on who to promote!
  4. I have been using skill inheritance a lot lately. However, I am not sure if I am getting the most bang out of my feathers. I have around thirty 4* and 3* units that have ideal or neutral IVs. I sacrificed a lot of heroes to give many units additional skills. The problem is that many sacrifices are 3* heroes promoted to 4* heroes. I have probably promoted over twenty times, so that is like giving up two 5* units. Is having more 4* units with skills better than having two more 5* units? I already have 5* Reinhardt (+ATK/-SPD), 5* Ryoma (Neutral), 5* Hector (+DEF/-HP), and 5* Priscilla (+ATK/-HP) as my core offensive Arena team, and I just switch one of them out for the bonus character. Another problem is that I think I gave some units more skills than necessary. For example, I gave my 4* Robin (F) Gronnblade, Gronnraven, Draw Back, Triangle Adept 2, Seal Res 3, G Tomebreaker 3, Threaten Res 3, and some random extra skills. Is it really a good idea to give some characters more skills than necessary to make them more flexible? She is only half way into learning all those skills, and I am not sure if I will ever use some of those skills.
  5. Pretty much everybody agrees that the promotion cost from 4* to 5* is steep. After a month, most people have barely enough Feathers to promote a single unit. Nintendo seemed to have partly heard out pleas, with the 10K feather giveaway and the Arena quests last month, but the giveaway was not a viable long term source of Feathers, and the Arena Quests have strangely not returned this month. To put that into perspective, if you get max Offense and Defense scores in the Arena for a week, as well as Rank in the top 100,000, it would take you over 7 weeks just to promote one unit from 4* to 5*. Almost two months for one unit seems way too long. Sure, you might eek out a few more Feathers by ranking higher, but that's not a sure thing, and getting any Defense Wins at all isn't either, so it might take even longer to accumulate 20K. Dropping the cost down to 5K seems a lot more fair, since that would mean a couple decent weeks in the Arena could give you enough Feathers to raise a character to 5*. What are other people's thoughts?
  6. Well, I think I'll finally break down and promote a unit to 5*. I've got a few options. Robin, Roy, Lilina, Kagero, Olivia, and Nino Robin, and Roy both have bad IVs, both are -Atk. Olivia is mainly a Dancer and doesn't get as much from the boost. Lilina has a nature of -Def,+Res, so not really good or bad. Kagero actually has a decent IV, I think with -HP,+Atk, but she is super fragile. Nino actually has the best Boon/Bane available at +Spd,-Def. It lloks like we'll get a Nino focus soon, but there's no guarantee that I'll get her and almost certainly get a worse nature. So, what do you guys think? Hold onto the Feathers or pull the trigger?
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