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Found 1 result

  1. [09:15] <@Prims> <Prims> manix host a small vanilla anon game [09:15] <@Prims> you could host your filler since lol OC [09:16] <Manix> i could do another filler lol [09:16] <@Prims> can it be anon [09:16] <Manix> that can also happen [09:16] <@Prims> CY'OR is almost over and the other game is OC [spoiler=Rules]1. NOC game. No talking outside the thread unless your role allows it. 2. Day start. 3. 48/24 hour phases. 4. Don't edit posts, one warning before modkill. 4a. Don't quote mod interactions, only paraphrase. 5. Hammer game, half (living players+1) rounded up required to lynch. 5a. Failure to hammer will result in a random lynch. 5b: If hammer occurs, it cannot be undone. Talking in thread until the flip is posted is allowed. 5c: No Lynch is not an available vote option. 6. ##Vote ##Unvote system. 7. Nighttalk on. 8. Players are not notified if their action is successful unless they get a night result. 9. There is at least one vanilla in the game. 10. Don't reveal your identity while alive or dead. If done while alive, there is a chance of modkill. While dead, may result in post-humorous modkill. Don't tempt me. 11. Flips will have rolename and alignment only, not full Role PM's. 12. Don't be lame. Getting yourself modkilled on purpose will not end well for your faction. Alive: - Beethoven - Town Jailkeeper - Endgamed Day Five - Insane Techniques - Mafia Goon - Won Day Five - Schtolteheim Reinbach III - Mafia Rolecop - Won Day Five - The Grillmaster - Town Doctor - Endgamed Day Five Dead: - Itekani - Town Miller Tracker - Lynched Day One - Dragonite - Vanilla Townie - Lynched Day Two - Fluffy Platypus - Mafia Goon - Lynched Day Three - Eiki Shiki - Town Tailor - Lynched Day Four - Hot Wheels - Town Miller - Random Lynched Day Five IOs: - It's a secret to everyone~
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