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Found 2 results

  1. Just curious. And if so, what race/job/server? I'm a femroe warrior on Cactuar. And here's a pic.
  2. heres the video: Heres are my notes: -Units Corrin Azura Staff User 1 (Shigure with rescue) Staff user 2 (Elise with entrap) unit that gives +1 move ( Selena pairup with Elise) Anyone that can 2shot inital enemies ( I use Xander with Charlotte pairup) Wyvern Lord with the Pass Skill ( Nina with Beruka or Camilla as the mother) Rally Bots: Siegbert(Strength) , Percy(Defense), Niles(Skill) Somebody to drop Corrin onto to the Wyvern Lord with Pass ( Gunter) Wyvern Lords's guard stance partner ( someone tanky like Effie) Two bait units ( Preferably captured units) -Skills Corrin: Life and Death/Swordfaire/Duelist's Blow/Dragon Fang/Filler Nina: pass Rally Skills -Items: Entrap Rescue Boots for Nina so that she has 10 Movement Tonics ( HP, strength, skill, speed, defense) Other notes: -My Corrin has a base of 37 strength and 34 speed. His secondary class is Samurai(+Strength, -Luck) which enabled me to get Swordfaire and Life and Death. A friendship or marriage seal can get you Elbow room or Strength+2. -You need a total of 35 speed to double Takumi. Rally speed, tonics, and katana bonus will give you an additional 7 speed before pair up. -I would recommend capturing some enemy units with a breaker skill (i.e axebreaker) -The Luna skill will only cut 20 percent of Takumi's defense. So I would not recommend. -I don't think astra is optimal because it will instantly fill Takumi's guard stance gauge. -Damage is actually rounded down. My Corrin with elbow room would hit Takumi at 42.75 dmg but the game will show it to be 42.
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