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  1. scary images more like Well, striking can also be scary xD
  2. Red Garden bait, eh, Nasu? o7 o7 o7 o7 o7 o7 Shrimpy.grin After all the suffering, our heroes finally arrived at Dawn. The Herald of a new day. Of a new adventure. Of more trouble, suffering...and memories. Bro they even one up'd UBW with this ending, wth Nasu Same, Ciel! Even if i think some stuff was kinda ? at the every end, i am quite satisfied. Not to mention, Ciel finally got some justice! Go back to the original ending, cat xD There's a reason it was such a fucking meme xD o7 So how long you making us wait for Red Garden? Because there're still alooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot of plot points open, alot of them exclusive to the remake, even. And how are you planning to one up Ciel True anyway? You can't have the 2nd route be the most epic of them, even if the far side routes are more on the mystery side (Althought Ciel remake satisfied mystery aplenty as well). ...Is it the Satsuki Route? Is that where they are putting in the Grand Finale? Because Ciel Route did have that Grand Finale of a VN vibe. Nasu cooked. He fucking cooked and i don't know how he plans to cook a better dish. And 4 routes still to go...i hope they are shorter lol. Although, even if Ciel route was like 60% longer than Arc's, i felt the pacing there was much better than Arc's. Dunno if because it was massively revamped or if it's really pacing and Arc suffering from classic 1st syndrome while being faithful to the original as well. o7 It was worth! That's all folks! Until Red Garden
  3. although the real choice, and wether Kohaku gets fucked over and you get the creepyhaku-san depends on a choice a few days earlier, not this one As for why - probably Red garden
  4. Fyi, he isn't attacking her, he is trying to free her (and failing) from being eternally tortured/killed and reborn. And one of the bad ends here puts them both in eternal hell, as they are both immortal...but are being repeatedly killed/tortured and reborn.
  5. 😭 Haven't they suffered enough, Mushroom? If they don't get the happiest of all endings after this....
  6. Dark Sakura bad ends were straight up Saintly compared to this
  7. Haha To explain my ramblings, in Nasuverse the will of humanity has a force that makes sure humanity survives, no matter what. Ie imagine a magical army that get's summoned to take out dangers that could lead to humanity's extinction...even if it costs a whole region. For example, if someone made a (magical) bomb that could wipe out all of a humanity, then the counter force would probably erase the whole region where that bomb is being made. Humanity survives, even if the county just disappears from existence. However, the Earth's also has it's own will - and doesn't like the fact that humans are an existence that are basically destroying it while surviving still, as it sees all live on earth as a single organism. From what i understand/remember, in Tsuki Re Earth's will is stronger than humanity's, hence no Servants. Old lore (Other timelines?) had will of humanity and earth fighting iirc, but that's been a long time since i read up on that so i could be misremembering. Just a small TL;DR of the lore that's probably filled with misinformation/outdated information by now xD Anyway, what's happening atm would've definitely lead to japan being magically nuked out of existence if humanity's will was strong enough. I think. I mean, for a while it seemed like it wasn't needed, but now....
  8. Where the fuck in the counter force WHERE THE FUCK IS THE COUNTER- Oh OH So that's why Nasu decided that TsukiRe doesn't take place in the same timeline as Fate/Stay Night - or a timeline with Heroic spirits, otherwise Japan (and probably Asia) would've been nuked by the counter force by now.
  9. The cat was fucking right WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON
  10. It's more that Nasuverse wide what i've just seen is way too Omega broken, spectacle/power wise. And it's not stopping And while the narrative does deviate from the original quite a bit, it's not a total deviation. It also makes me wonder what he is cooking for the 2nd half - he's defo planning something
  11. Ciel is super omega fucking broken what the fuck Mushroom. I love it. No, seriously, what is this level of brokenness. I can't believe what i just saw...and i love it
  12. And thus the perfect being becomes human. ... Ya know, as much as this hurts after the first route Is this how Saber fans felt during HF? I actually quite like this? Usually, becoming human is something that 99.9% of the time is seen as positive, as the pinnacle & climax of the story. Rarely, if ever, is becoming more human seen as something...not good. "i am more human than you, now" she told the actual/former human. Yet, becoming human was her downfall. feelings are a fickle thing
  13. Nasu really turned her into one of the strongest monsters of monsters out there
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