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Found 1 result

  1. 11 Century-- A young woman is said to have vanquished the demonic Nightlord, who covered the world in Eternal Night. In his defeat, the Nightlord spilled his foul essence, which took root to form an evil that lingers to this day... Blue Blood. Those who bathed in the Blue Blood were transformed body and soul into fiends, and became a blight upon humanity. Thereafter, they would appear at night to take people. In doing so, they robbed the human race of nighttime itself. Beset by sleepless nights caused by these wicked fiends, the city became known as "The Land Without Night." 800 years later... The stage has been set for a crusade on Ruswal, an island in the North Sea that is not on any map. On this island, two young women, each bound to the fate of the Night, were destined to reunite with each other. This is the story of two young women who lived in "The Land Without Night." And with that little opening narration, I welcome all of you to my first ever screenshot-based Let's Play of one of my favorite games of all time; Nights of Azure. The game was developed by Gust and published by Koei Tecmo and released to questionable success in 2016. I picked it up by pure chance while trying to get my best buddy a gift for his birthday back then and immediately fell in love with it. Why did I decide to make this my first LP ever? Well... the reason is that I always wanted to try doing one of these, but I couldn't decide on what game to pick. But recently, I had this urge to revisit this game again and I thought "Hey, why not share it with the friendly people at Serenes Forest?", so now, here we are. As this will be my first experience with this sort of thing, I hope you will forgive mistakes and the like. Recommendations for improvement are always welcome. We can get one of these questions out of the way right off the bat: let me know if this screenshot size is good enough for you or whether or not it should be smaller or bigger: For this playthrough, I will be showing the PS4 version of the game. So yeah, let me know how you guys feel about all this and I guess I'll see you in Part One!
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