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Found 5 results

  1. Copied and pasted from here, in attempt to solve a mystery about Fates' gameplay mechanics: https://www.reddit.com/r/fireemblem/comments/53yqqc/lets_attempt_to_derive_the_avatars_attack_stance/ Resources are out there for his growth rates, his mods, even his personal pair-up bonuses. But as far as I know, no such compilation is out there for the attack stance support bonuses in Hit, Avoid, Critical, and Evade. And I know that Serenes' postings cannot be the complete story here, as my Avatar gives different bonuses than they do. (On that note, Serenes also only shows the pattern of personal pair-up bonuses for Luck flaws at the currently time). Let's try to crack this mystery. What bonuses does your Avatar give to someone when they are standing next to to them, at what support ranks, and what is your boon/bane/talent. I have a +MAG/-LCK Dark Mage Male Avatar. He gives +15 Hit, +5 Avoid, and +9 Crit when standing next to his wife (S-rank). This contrasts with what Serenes thinks the answer is, which claims +15 Hit, +5 Avoid, +6 Crit, +5 Evade. If we build up a sufficiently large sample size of our boons/banes/talents and our attack stance bonuses, we can solve this mystery and figure out how it works. So post away so we can gather the data and figure out how it works.
  2. So I've been playing around with seals in Fire Emblem If: Kingdom of Light, and I've noticed a few things. I was told that if you use a marriage seal on a couple who have the same primary class, nothing would happen. However, I married Hinoka off to Tsubaki (both Pegasus Warrior primary), and while she was buddy sealed off as a priest (Sakura A+) and he was parallel sealed as a samurai, I tried using a marriage seal on Hinoka, and she turned into a samurai as well. I married Sakura off to Asama, and while I had already buddy sealed him off to Tsubaki as a Pegasus warrior, Sakura could use the seal to become a Herb Merchant. Thought y'all should know. This could mean that buddy seals work similarly, but maybe not. I'll report back after some more experimenting. Saisou and Suzukaze's supports would still be redundant though. Sad face. Yes, I used a cheat thingy for max cash and I'm playing Normal-Casual, partly because I don't understand written Japanese, and partly because I'm just d##king around and experimenting. If you have anything you want me to test out (within reason), feel free to ask! I'm waiting for the English patch project to get further and the youtuber who is posting his playthroughs with the patch, etc, so I'm stuck either messing around after chapter 12 or going onward but not knowing what's going on, so something to work on could be interesting!
  3. For a standard Fire Emblem player as I am, the game mechanics are the most important part of a Fire Emblem game for me. I count this series as a round-based-strategy game and consequently I favour elements, which influence the strategy. If the game mechanics aren't good, the game won't be good. Anyway I see a development, which really worries me. The latest FE games especially FE13 are more focussed on waifu-stuff and fanservice than on good game mechanics and exciting maps. The traditional strategical part is faded more and more in the backround. Since after FE10 none of the latest FE games have good game mechanics imo. 11 and 12 are only just forgiveable, because they're remakes. But at the latest FE13 made at least one step in the wrong direction. Many old classic mechanics are gone: magic triangle missions like defend, escape, defeat in xx turns staves like sleep, silcence, berserk (I even have more ideas, but oh well) fug of war maps ballistas (they even existed in FE11 + 12) weapon weight (should be fixed) steal command for thieves rescue take and drop are removed enemies have healing items and trade them each other enemies uses staves like warp and rescue Therefore it introduced the pair up system, which is unbalanced and no alternative of the classic take and drop. On higher difficulties the classic 1vs.1 battles don't exist anymore. Do you agree with my statement? Which Fire Emblem game has the best game mechanics?
  4. Okay, so this is something that has been bothering me for a really long time, but when I finally went to go do some reasearch on it I couldn't find anything. Different classes/weapons deal damage depending on the on one of the specific units stats: tomes=magic, swords/lances/axes=strength, bows=skill. But how exactly does it work for dragonstones/manaketes? Specifically in FE13 but really any answers are appreciated.
  5. I've been playing through the GBA games, and something occurred to me that makes me curious: How do those promoted non-boss enemies get the stats they do? [spoiler=Examples] The base stats listed for the promoted classes don't really match for the levels shown (too much HP, for one), and as the second image shows, promotion gains aren't a factor either. So perhaps they gain a different amount of levels compared to their non-promoted counterparts. If that is indeed the case, does anyone know how many levels that is, exactly? Do they "promote" at Lv. 10 or the next-closest opportunity and grow from there? This isn't really crucial or anything. I'm just wondering if anyone on here knows of the inner workings on this.
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