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Found 3 results

  1. Just posting a topic about God Eater 2. It just got released on november 14. for PSP and PS Vita, it has aleadry shipped 500,000+ copies in japan. aaaaand it's japan only for now. what if it get a american release like God Eater Burst ? Trailer/Gameplay:
  2. Well, I have finally conquered lunatic. I proceeded to begin lunatic+. It sucks. I need help with chapter two, I can't do it, even with Virion's elixir. My MU is lv. 4 with a skill asset and defense flaw (It's only -1 defense). In C1 Fred got a soothing sword, and he just camped on the fortress and took out every enemy. I abused the boss until I couldn't with MU. The soothing sword has 4 uses left, and he also has Sully's lance and MU's sword, as well as his silver lance with 20, maybe 21 uses left. This will be a grind run. I'm also challenging myself to no sorcerer/dark magic run. A few VV abusers will go in and out of the sorc class to get vengeance, but they will not be sorcs in any campaign chapters. Chrom/Sumia- GL!Lucy, Falcon knight or paladin!Cynthia MU/Olivia- Grandmaster!Morgan, Hero!Inigo Ricken/Lissa- Dread Fighter or Sage!Owain Henry/Maribelle- War Monk!Brady Donnel/Sully- No idea!Kjelle Stahl/Cordelia- Hero!Severa Fred/Cherche- Wyvern!Gerome Gregor/Panne- Zerker!Yarne Lon'qu/Miriel- Sage!Laurent Gaius/Tharja- Dark Flier!Noire Vaike/Nowi- Manakete or axefaire hero!Nah I will not take suggestions for the pairings, but the classes I obviously need help with. I'm open to suggestions for chapters two and three, because they're stupidly hard, and for the second gen's classes.
  3. So yeah. Doing a Lunatic + min-max run. For real this time. I need some advice on pairings. For real this time. I will be grinding (duh) Pairings I am doing, no matter what: Panne x Gregor Vaike x Sully Chrom x Olivia Nowi x MU Suggested pairings for the rest of the females are welcome.
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