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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome to Serenes Forest Mafia Mafia 4, or a game that's so similar you won't even know the difference! For those plebeians not aware of what this means, all the characters in the game are taken from among yourselves. Don't worry, we won't make fun of you... much. Only 15 players can play, but if there are more signups, we'll RNG who gets in. Rules/Mechanics: Living Players: 7. Elieson - Boron, Mafia Ninja Neighbourizer, Won D4 11. Shinori - Shin, Mafia Strongwilled Vanillizer, Won D4 15. Euklyd - scorri, Mafia BPV Mimic, Won D4 Dead Players: 6. Phoenix01 - Rein, Town 1x Omniguard, Lynched D1 12. Eurykins - Manix, Town Hooker, Killed N1 13. Dragonfang13 (Bearclaw) - Sho, Town Hated Doctor, Killed N1 9. Frosty Fire Mage - Camtech, Town Ascetic, Lynched D2 3. Iris/Bluedoom (Marth) - Psych, Town Fabricator, Killed N2 10. Eclipse - Prims, Town Governor, Killed N2 4. Refa - BBM, Independent BPV SK/Arsonist Hijacker, Lynched D3 14. Kopfjager (Wen) - SB, Town Librarian, Killed N3 8. DO NOT EDIT POSTS GUY (Junko) - Grassbridger, Town Voodoo, Lynched D4 1. Polydeuces - kirsche, Town Tracker, Endgamed D4 2. The One True Supreme (Darros) - Shinori, Town Delayed Follower, Endgamed D4 5. Green Poet - Elieson, Town Beloved Princess, Endgamed D4 Subs: IOs: Important Links: Day 1 Start Day 1 End Day 2 Start Day 2 End Day 3 Start Day 3 End Day 4 Start Game Over
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