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Found 23 results

  1. Hey there to whoever reads this, I'm here new here and I have a FE fan since Awakening. My favorite class line is the soldier/spear fighter class line and I hope they used it more on the playable side more, in a more proper way like PoR, RD, Fates. I think my favorite kind of units personality wise are ones that shy/timid or aloof cuz I can relate to them.
  2. Howdy. Heard about this place on another site and since I just got into my first fire emblem game I thought I’d barge through the door. 😁 I’m just an old trucker who goes back to the atari 2600 but still likes his video games. I’m playing an older title.... Blazing Blade or whatever y’all call it here... but I gotta say I’m really digging this. Even named myself after my fave character so far, since he seems to be the one that’s like me, old and salty. 😆
  3. Hi everyone! I've lurked on Serenes Forest for a long time now - since, I believe, before Radiant Dawn came out. I've finally decided to dip my toes into actually participating in the community! My favorite FE games are Binding Blade, Sword of Flame, Path of Radiance, and Radiant Dawn. Elibe and Tellius will always have the warmest place in my heart. Anyone else here Tellus/Elibe fans?
  4. hey everyone who happens to be reading this page at this exact point in time! my name is fey/will and i've been a fan of Fire Emblem for a while now? Ever since I was 13 or so. i have played heroes, awakening and fates (shame it was such a disappointment in my humble opinion :/) and while i don't have the money or resources to play the other games right now; it sure as hell sure wont stop me from binge watching all of them on youtube! i really adore the series and it's characters but as of late, i looove Rinkah, Leanne, Lissa and Edelgard! i would die for Edelgard, she's so great and also my wife- as you can note i love cute girls, cute girls are very good and i will take a bullet for all of them i'm a big fan of writing and roleplaying! and while i'm not sure if anyone really cares; you bet i will be drowning all of you in my terrible fan ideas for possible games. anyways this place looks super cool and i cant wait to meet everyone!
  5. Hello. I have an interesting history with the FE franchise. I got into the franchise with the first game released stateside for the Gameboy Advanced, the Blazing Blade. I fell out of love with the games afterwards, as The Sacred Stones didn't catch my interest (though I do mean to play it now). I was pulled back into the franchise with Awakening, which is still my all around favorite Fire Emblem game. Afterwards, I proceeded to play and finish Fates through both Revelation and Conquest. I've been meaning to play Shadows of Valentia but have been busy with other games as of late. I also have not yet played Three Houses, as I am a tad bit too poor for a switch, which I hope to change soon, and Three Houses is high up on the list of Switch games to pick up. Other interesting facts about me are that I am an author, and have worked on several books, fan projects, and other assorted short stories. I've also been working on my art as of late, specifically inside of Adobe Illustrator. Needless to say, I'm excited to join a community of Fire Emblem fans who all share the same passion for one of my favorite franchises.
  6. Hey, I made an account here a while ago, but I’ve yet to make an intro post because, well Forums make me apprehensive and I don’t really use them at all, but here I am I guess? Anyway, hi, I’m 21, I’ve played every main series Fire Emblem game (except FE3 but shhhhhh I’ve played FE12 so it’s okay, don’t worry), and I make art and such
  7. WhiteWoop


    Just wanted to say hi. Looking forward to discussing anything with fellow fans of FE. On a personal note, hoping to learn a lot here.
  8. Hi everyone! I'm new to this, so I'm kind of figuring how things work on here. I know my name may be a bit questionable, but I thought it would be funny if I called myself that (haha please don't be weirded out). I'm an avid fan (and a somewhat new one) of the Fire Emblem franchise, and I've played a couple of the games, but I would also like recommendations for a few of the older games. Other than Fire Emblem, I enjoy video games like Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, CS:GO Undertale, SSB, Persona, and I play a lot of MMOs. This community seems pretty friendly and I hope I don't regret joining, cuz there are lots of helpful tips on here... One question for you guys: Am I the only one hopelessly in love with Marth? Like as a character? He was the first Fire Emblem character that I knew of, and it brings back a lot of memories so he's quite..special to me. ANyways, have a nice day!
  9. Hey everyone, I'm Milanor, or Mila, whichever you want to refer to me as. Anyways, here is some background info about me. I'm a graduate student studying software engineering and I've first been introduced to the Fire Emblem series over a decade ago, back when Sacred Stones first came out. One of my friends told me about it and after seeing him play it, I got interested in learning how to play an RTS game or tactical strategy game of the kind. On my first time, I was really bad at the series and didn't really understand strategy or grasped the concept itself. I remember sending Seth, the main pre-promo unit just slaughtering all the enemies including the boss and not training my lords (Eirika and Ephraim) at all. I couldn't finish the run at all, and it wasn't until I've played Fire Emblem - Blazing Sword that I've learned how to properly play an RTS. Over the years, I've watched LPers, tried strategies all around, as well hints and tips from all over the Internet and became proficient at the Fire Emblem series. I consider myself a highly experienced player of the Fire Emblem series, but not somewhere around the expert level (I tend to avoid hard mode mainly because it's quite tedious and of course, difficult.) - in other words, I'm more of a casual player. Anyways, I found out about Serenes Forest many years ago (probably as far back as 2010), but never really thought about joining until now. I've played through many fire emblem games, mainly the GBA series and Geneology of the Holy War (FE4). My favorite FE game based on the ones I've played is Sacred Stones, mainly because of the usefulness of almost all the characters, the difficulty is friendly to newcomers (at least in Normal Mode), has a overworld map (really like that), has places to grind (newbie friendly) such as the Tower and Ruins, and finally, lots of usability between character classes (each character can choose to promote to either one of two classes), pairings, and gives you a lot of leeway in the late game. As of now, apart from school and IRL stuff, I'm interested in getting my foot in the door towards fire emblem rom hacking, starting from the most basic level. I've played Blazer's FE rom hack "The Last Promise" and it was very enjoyable indeed. After playing through his rom hack, and seeing the additional part of the Fire Emblem community here, I'm inspired to create an easier mode for FE6, which would be me gateway into the FE rom hacking world. Feel free to ask me anything else you want to know about me. -Milanor
  10. Hecker


    Suh I'm Isaac & I have a monster crush on Anna FE is one of my favorite games of all time not gonna lie so i joined this thing I'm enjoying it so far
  11. What's up, its ya boi Kirk, commin hot with that Tellius circlejerk. AMA
  12. Greetings, I've been a Fire Emblem fan since 03' with the release of Blazing Sword on GBA, figured I'd hit this place up after all these years.
  13. Hello! My name is Ali (that's just my nickname, though, and I've been putting it as my name since Conquest). I've been playing Fire Emblem for less than a year now, and I've been loving both Fates and Awakening. I've also been loving Heroes. I would love to be introduced to more games in the franchise, but the only consoles/handhelds I own are a 3DS XL and GameBoy Color (which I don't know if it works anymore or not). I've even been playing different games on emulators (I blame Mother 3 for that whole bit, but I love that game anyway). Anyway, Conquest was my first FE game, and I fell in love with it. Now, I have Birthright, Revelation, and Awakening, and I love them all and seriously want to play more.
  14. Heya!! I'm Al and this is the first time i'm on a forum related to FE :D I love Hoshido but i'm currently going on my journey through Nohr! I've played awakening too, and that's what got me into the series! I'm liking fates' story better however. Anyway!! Hopefully i don't mess up too much around here, if I ever do please let me know! Nice to meet you all :O
  15. yoyoyo Online Name: TacticalQuotation Real Name: Call me Quote DoB: February 8th Favorite FE Game(s): FE7, Echoes, or Awakening Favorite Non-FE Game(s): Any Kirby game (squeak squad was my first game ever owned on the ds) Least Favorite Game: nothing right now Favorite FE Characters: Robin, my pal (Palla), Olivia, Soleil, Lyn, Adult Tiki Sports: Soccer previously Online Friends: a group of ragtag losers Music: lol music is lame Favorite Band: ^^^^^ Favorite Song: Changes often. Country: America/U.S.A. Chat Stuff: nada Hobbies: thighs Good Point: easygoing Bad Point: lazy Anything Else: haha meme
  16. Hi everyone, I'm new here, I just joined today after lurking here for about a month. I've only been a fan of Fire Emblem for about a year, and I've only played Blazing Sword, Awakening, and a little bit of Path of Radiance, so I don't know a ton about the series, but I still really like it and would like to learn more, and I'm very excited fore Fire Emblem if/Fates. This is my first forum account, any advice/warnings/whatever for me?
  17. Hey there, I call myself the Errant Shepherd, or just Errant. I am a hobby pixel artist who has taken up Fire Emblem sprinting again after not doing anything with that for a couple years do to real life business. Now I am still busy with real life responsibility, but enjoying doing sprites and Fire Emblem as a way of relaxing and using my creativity. I used to frequent FEplanet and Fire Emblem Sprites back in the day... About... Geez, 6 years ago now? Now I feel old. :0 ...anyways, so hi there general Serenes Forest peoples. I'll probably be lurking/commenting in the sprite forums, lurking the ROM hacking section and browsing the general fire emblem threads too. (I also love to use ellipses for some reason...) =p
  18. Hello! Its nice to meet you!! Uhh... my hobby is sleeping, I like chocolate (dark's my favorite), and I have anime-girl-protagonist level klutziness!! I also have Anisocoria (why I'm telling you this, I do not know), I also do art sometimes (I stink though).
  19. I dunno what to post here but I guess I'm new here?? zzzzz.. my name is Oreko/Steph, whatever you prefer erghh I hope to get along i suppose? yee i hope to get the hang of the fourms here tho -snip-
  20. Pacack

    Hi there!

    Hi there! So, I'm a guy with a relatively limited history of playing Fire Emblem, only having had extensive experience playing Sacred Stones and Awakening, and I've played Mystery of the Emblem partially. That said, I'm a massive fan of the characters in Smash Bros, and I'm a big fan of the more recent titles in the series. I was a supporter of Robin being in Super Smash Bros. before he was included, and I'm a part of a small group of Robin fans on a Smash Bros. fan site. In case any of you were wondering, I main Pac-Man, who I have a lot of history with. I'm speculative by nature, and I'm really excited about Fire Emblem If. I'm really intrigued by Aqua at the moment, simply because we know so little about her and how she interacts with other characters in the game. My Castle looks interesting, and I love the added customization that the game is looking to bring. That said, I dislike the excessive catering to the shipping side of the fanbase. I don't understand how anyone thought Fire Emblem Amie was a good idea. The baths I can live with that as a part of Eastern culture, definitely (not sure about whether that'll be in Nohr or not), but the face touching makes no sense at all to me. It just comes across as creepy to me. I fully intend to play all paths of If, but have Hoshido listed as my side because I believe that I would enjoy the experience of Hoshido less if I played the more difficult path first. On another note, how does my avatar look? It's a personalized chibi version of the Bishop class from Radiant Dawn done by a friend of mine. I attached the full image to this post if you're interested in seeing the full detail (as their is a lot of it). Does it go well with the signature? [spoiler=Large Image]
  21. take a look at my profile and feel free to friend request me. I'm just a guy who loves me some Fire Emblem.
  22. Hey everyone! My username is Avarice_Shadow, but feel free to just call me Avarice. I'm new to this forum so go easy on me, okay?
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