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Found 4 results

  1. I thought we start a Topic where we post Legendary hero battle Marth clears. I am ashamed i had to pull out my recently built +10 Reinhardt >.< Starting to work on a clear with the Askr trio, but i just started and it seems near impossible lol.
  2. Blulia comes with a new Abyssal map: Good luck beating it (and pulling Julia) to everybody! ((Placeholder for maps and stats)) Kindly asking @Captain Karnage @Integrity and @Parrhesia to add this to the shiny new directory. 🙂
  3. So we fight Azura with her new broken Sing Skill. Honestly the map isn't all that hard~ Will update with enemy stats when they appear~ Go ahead and share your clears~
  4. Abyssal Map Information Layout Starting Enemy Details Alm Red Mage Cleric Green Bow Sword Cavalier Blue Mage Reinforcement Details Layout End of the first Enemy Phase (spaces colored blue) 1. Axe Flier 2. Lance Armor End of the second Enemy Phase (spaces colored red) 3. Axe Cavalier 4. Lance Fighter 5. Red Cavalier End of the third Enemy Phase (spaces colored purple) 6. Sword Dragon 7. Bow Cavalier ~ @mampfoid This map is evil. Needing to break the Marth/Caeda support was annoying.
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