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Found 17 results

  1. Do you like building scrub units, freebies, vanilla Jakobs, and generally what is considered a less than good unit? I for one, find it hella fun to take a unit like Jagen and make him work. (Im currently working on one) i have a rather ridiculous Stahl i built from the ground up. He can really ruin someone's day. I hope to merge him more when i get more Stahls. I also have a Florina that does some stupid shit. I dont have enough to +10 her yet, but soon~~ show off your bad/low tier unit projects here if you want!
  2. So, what are your favorites and the not so favorites? Mine so far: Favorites: Celica. Shes very lovely to look at, but also a deeply sweet person. Shes stubborn and ruled by her heart, but people point this out. Shes great when she puts her Big Girl Pants on at the end of Act 3. Leon: Should not surprise anyone that i love the purple haired gay guy. Hes done so well, that hes not a stereotype. I love that Nintendo put this guy in. He knows his love is unrequited, and is prepared to deal with it. Mah pewr dude. Plus hes a great unit. Mathilda: Oh shes fantastic. She looks good, is a solid character both on and off the battlefield, and her relationship with Clive is cute. Clair: her support with Gray won me over, that B...yass slay! But shes great. Noble, but not super classist. Shes a lot like Maribelle actually. Mae: Shes so cute. Energetic without being bratty and annoying. Totally hiding that shes got feelings for Boey. I love her supports with Celica and gives her pep talks all the time. Not-So-Favorites: tbh i only really have the one. Gray annoyed me at first but hes got layers and is a cool dude once you get to know him. You know isnt cool when you get to know them? Faye: Shes kind of an asshole. Her entire character revolves around Alm. Theres literally nothing else to her. In a sea of characters with great characterization and depth, she sticks out really sorely. Unlike other characters that are similar (guys like Camilla or Tharja), Faye looks sweet and innocuous. Her design is nice and charming, shes not overbearing in speech either. But shes an asshole. Unlike other really assholish characters like Severa, Faye is not tsundere. But still an asshole. While her A support with Silque is kinda ok, the ones leading up to that really paint a highly unpleasant picture of Faye. She seems to dislike other women, and only wants to be around Alm, and to hell with everyone else. Im sorry, no matter how you paint it, Faye isnt gonna be anything other than a massive jerk to me. I dont take kindly to interlized misogyny, period. (and saying Peri is worse isnt an argument because at least there was more to her than murder.)
  3. Anyone? i dig them. They all designed nicely, and have cute personalities. Emma is young but cheerful or plucky. Randal is a salty gambling sort that reminds me a bit of Joshua from FE8. Yuzu means business but has a softer side. I like how shes funny by being unfunny. What a nerd. Shade's design is fucking amazing and shes cute on top of it. A little lazy, kinda goth, but a bit fussy. I like her a lot. As units they seem pretty ok. I want gonna get this dlc, until I realized there were four characters with supports. Worth it.
  4. So like, Fates has been out for a year in the West. In that year, theres been literal blood, sweat, and tears shed for this game in terms of discussion, acquiring it, and speculation about the future of the series. While FE's future is still a bit uncertain in terms of direction, IS seems pretty dead set on moving on. We didnt get that last wave of DLC for Fates. Other than Cipher cards and those specialty figurines, it seems like theres not much left of promoting Fates. I think that Corrin amiibo just isnt happening at this point. But you never know. What about you? Have you moved on? Do you still play the game and enjoy it? Has your opinions on the game(s), its characters, or anything relating to it changed in the last year? Sock it to me.
  5. So much negativity around the characters in this game, so lets stop whinging so much and talk about the ones we like the best. Now that the game is out in Japan, some goobers have played it. Support convos are coming out translated by the truckload. Lets talk about our favorites for once. Favorite Character(s) Shared? Favorite Nohrians? Favorite Hoshidans? Favorite Kids? Favorite All-Round? Bring it!
  6. This is a fun game everyone can play. Find a hilarious quote from somewhere on the forums, and paste it into an FE screen shot. Like so. All thats needed: MSPaint or variant. A sense of humor. RULES: Can be from any FE game. Doesnt have to be your own screenshot, but its highly encouraged. (the example is from my miiverse) Dont be a jerk. Have fun! Here, ill start with one:
  7. Well, someone asked for an Elibe edition of Hottest dudes. PENT yes. I also think Renault is hot in that smoldering Alan Rickman sort of way. Geese is kinda slammin'. Percival. Yes. Klein cuz hes Pent's kid. Elphin is pretty. Karel is nice looking. FE7 Karel especially. MURDOCK! *swoon* Lloyd is handsome. Hawkeye cuz oh yess muscles.
  8. Contrary to popular belief, i do not have a problem with competitive Smash playing. What are the most neutral stages (without going Omegas) for both versions? I know we got Battlefield and Smashville's back in the Wii U, but what else? I have heard it said that Final Destination isnt as neutral as it seems. (im unclear as to why tho)
  9. Well, its the week before Halloween. Time for some spoopy gaming! First up? Let's begin with the story of Soma Cruz! [spoiler=RIP] Lets get this party started! Well isnt that convenient. Wait, Soma. Didnt you just say youre an exchange student? How can Mina be your childhood friend? Oh translation... oooo foreshadowing. Its a Castlevania game, Soma, just roll with it. oh hai not-Alucard. Thats a funny way of spelling Alucard. Ruh roh. Wheres a Belmont when you need one? Whoa there, All-Star! Not-Alucard spots an enemy before explaining! MUST PROTECT FEMALE CHARACTER! Oooo a wild Game Mechanic appears! Game Mechanics are latent abilities! Whee. Yay actual gameplay time. A thing. Spooky Scary Skeletons! Sending shivers down my spine! I almost flub the fight cuz i derp with the controls. A MAP! Now the adventure really begins!
  10. Are there some things that even now, you feel a bit ashamed of? Or have done in FE or not done in FE that may be worthy of confession? I have not ever played Hector Hard Mode. Ive never beat Radiant Dawn on higher than Easy mode. Ive not finished Shadow Dragon cuz it bored me to tears. FE4's big maps and my bad patch scared me. I didnt finish FE6 with the special ending/gaiden chapters complete. (wheeh) Ive never even seen FE12. I never play Normal mode in FE13, but i always play with Nancy/Casual mode on cuz less headaches that way. Ive actually gotten Lyon in FE8. And then got real mad that he has unbreakable tome and junk, but ive done everything in the game there is to do. So he was useless. Ive bought Apotheosis, but have yet to try the actual map. (~preparation~ lol) I use Bartre. I shamelessly grind in FE13. If im grinding in FE8, its for supports. Ive never used Brom in FE9. Your turn~
  11. I think its a nice pairing. Its convenient for gameplay because Lucina loves defense. Plus if one is into grinding, Gerome can get Dual Support + and thats pretty cool. Lucina gives speed which Gerome likes. Cuz wynaut. I think its cute they talk about the mask and stuff. I think its an underrated pairing to be honest.
  12. Like...i see people going all "Well i dont turtle." or "Y U Turtling, bro?" And shizz. So i got to thinking and was wondering just what exactly is turtling? Is it just taking way too long? Or is it just waiting for the enemy to come to you (kinda like real life shield walls)? When applied to FE, what is the turtling strategy? Im really curious on what the community considers turtling.
  13. The Howie: Wilhelm: Both are used like, in everything ever. Which is your favorite? I love both of them. Howie is a little more hilarious though imo.
  14. So like im reading up on whats been going down with the Twitch Plays Pokemanz thing. The memes are getting stale, but the whole idea around it is pretty cool. And some skype friends were talking about FF14 and stuff. So i got to thinking, wait a sec, why doesnt Nintendo make a full blown Pokemon MMO? Like a real one. Either on a console or on a PC. And people can create their own Pokemanz Religions and stuff. The whole Webz is really enjoying the TPP in some form. Nintendo should capitalize on the idea of MMO Pokemanz.
  15. Because yes. I am a fan of the pikachu. I am training it to DESTROY MINE ENEMIES! LOOK OUT, BROTHER!! Totally top percentage. Isnt he cute!? Stop looking at me like that. Ive really never played Red in its entirety. Show off your pokemanz for all to see!
  16. Anyone? I tried using an online image editor to resize something but it just made it all grainy and lamesauce. I would like dis image, about avatar size and around 70kb. Is that even possible? (cropping is necessary but i still cant get the kb size down...)
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