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Found 6 results

  1. This is my thread about screenshot LPs of Fire Emblem hacks: Dream of Five Bloodlines The Last Promise Fire Emblem Forever Midnight Sun Death or Glory Gheb FE FEIV Super Thracia Hopefully you'll enjoy. If you have any questions or improvement suggestions, shoot them!
  2. Both are involved with the plot, Both are vassals, And both are in a game that revolves around the sun and the moon!
  3. Hello everyone I was just hoping to find an answer as searching through the internet hasn't given me the result I had hoped to find does anyone know if midnight sun is still in the making or has it been abandoned or anything of the nature?
  4. I've been hearing that the FE8 rom hack "Midnight Sun" was cancelled, I thought it was just on hiatus. Is it cancelled or just on hiatus?
  5. Well, I couldn't finish up my randomized run of FE8 since my computer decided its power supply unit was no longer worthy and went kaput on me. Luckily I have a backup computer I can use, but without access to those files, I won't be able to finish it up until the PSU gets replaced. Thankfully, there's another plan I can run with in the meantime.... How about a hack that I enjoy immensely? This is Midnight Sun, a FE8 hack by Alfred Kamon with a compelling story and challenging (but fair!) gameplay. I could talk about everything I like about the hack, but I'll mention that as the screenshot LP goes on. As of v1.6, the prologue, eight chapters, one tower level, and a skirmish or two have been completed. As such, the LP may go into hiatus once everything's complete until v2.0 is released, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. If you wish to download this hack, check out the following link: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=35455 With that, let's get the ball rolling shall we? [spoiler=Prologue Part 1: The First Shoe Drops] I'll be going with Normal difficulty for this run. Difficult, while not unplayable, has not been balanced and is stated as such in the readme for the hack. If you select Difficult, be warned as things may be more unfair then the author intended. Also, this game has custom music, taking songs from various games. The main menu theme is from the Touhou game Undefined Fantastic Object, entitled Heian Alien, the theme of the extra stage boss Nue Houjuu. Fits quite well I have to say. I'm sure this one remaining Sacred Stone isn't going to come and bite everyone in the ass at some point down the road. The five main nations of the game, tasked with trying to keep peace across the land. Independent, cursed, and filled with brigands & criminals of all kinds? Lovely! Enough random narration for now. Let's get into the actual story by seeing Queen Munie conversing with the girl on the right, the esteemed Lady Faratrass (hereby known as Fa for short). Now, I do remember Alfred saying there was a particular reason for Munie's name, but I can't recall it offhand. Munie is very clearly wanting Fa to be strong, hence having her study in the arts of dark magic. Fa is harboring the soul of the Demon King after all. Sealed away yes, but inside her body. To be more specific, Fa is a Vassal. It's important enough that the text for it is in red. Anytime you see ANY text in red, it'll clue you in to something critical, be it for story related reasons like this or gameplay hints. Now, while Fa could let Munie explain just what the Vassal's job is all about... She decides to pass on it, but a new voice gets added to the Info command, accessible via the battle menu when things start getting serious. While Fa goes to let off some steam by walking around, she runs into a Hoikaidan soldier. He seems drunk, but Fa tries to ask him a question. The soldier though decides that Fa needs to die. Probably shouldn't have gotten drunk though because he whiffs on his two strikes at the princess. The problem though? He wasn't drunk. Someone brainwashed him, but Fa has no idea who. While she's pondering that, a mysterious swordsman comes in and kills the brainwashed soldier. Fa is clearly shaken up by this, probably wondering if killing the man was really needed. A hard thing to answer right now, especially when there's no clue as to who did this. The bigger question on Fa's mind...why does this swordsman have the same red eyes as she does? Possibly a long lost brother or something like that? Before she can really pry him for information, he flees, but advises her to get out and quickly. Strange. Luckily for Fa, her mentor, Alvano, appears. She goes on to explain about what happened with the brainwashed soldier. However, Alvano already seems to know and is expecting others. ...Wait, others? As in more soldiers? That can't be good. Well, assuming the random mysterious swordsman doesn't come in for an encore of killing, slaying both of the red army units. All of a sudden, a giant bomb of exposition is dropped... Alvano's the one who brainwashed the soldiers. Fa flips her lid...and rightly so. Why would Alvano do this? Well, clearly he's after the Demon King sealed inside Fa, but for what reason, we don't know. Fa somehow thinks these brainwashed soldiers can be reasoned with. Considering what just happened, I don't think they're really going to listen to you. The mysterious swordsman decides to deal with the elite soldiers while Fa can try going south and having a chat with Alvano. She'll have to kill if she wants to get over to her so called "Master" sadly so she'd better get serious unless she wants to die. We'll get into the gameplay next time!
  6. Hello guys, this is a screenshot LP of the FE8 hack "The Midnight Sun" by Alfred Kamon. Hope you'll enjoy :) Introduction: The prologue: Link to the hack: FE8 hack The Midnight Sun
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