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Found 2 results

  1. Since FE Warriors was announced, I've seen a fair bit of confusion and misinformation in terms of what to expect, this will not be a speculation thread. This is more a thread for those of you unfamiliar with the Warriors games, to ask questions for me or other experienced Warriors players, such as @Tryhard or @Soledai to answer. Don't be afraid to ask something you might consider dumb or obvious, most of the time there isn't a stupid question. I'll also try my best to answer in depth if the question in particular requires it. So with that, have at it.
  2. If you've talked to me for any long length of time I'm pretty sure I'd have probably mentioned how much I like the Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, and Warriors Orochi games, which the former two got me into two historical points I really like to actually study. Hyrule Warriors, was well a surprise back on the Wii U, it showed us that FE Warriors, was actually a possibility, and lo and behold, something I had as a thought 10 years ago is now actually a thing. Now because I'm such a huge fan of both franchises, I want to make some theories or predictions, bare with me. I'm not saying any of these will happen, or will have a huge chance, i'm just having a little bit of fun, and I felt it'd be good for discussion. Side Note: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1333672 Direct on FE Warriors will be shown on the 18th 1. The Outrealms will be used as a central plot device - Warriors games tend to either be not that heavy on plot, or be based on historical events, I think we can expect at least something OK, no getting hyped for the best story ever, but character interactions will most likely be prominent. 2. The Support System and/or Pair Up will be used - Warriors Orochi introduced using 3 characters in a rotation that you could switch between on the fly, with FE's pair up system or support system stuff, you could easily do this as a pair system, with the other character giving bonuses to a characters movement/attack speeds, power, elemental damage or anything 3. The Level Up System will be akin to Fire Emblem, including Promotions - While Hyrule Warriors took a ridiculous extreme to leveling up, with 255 being the cap (giving me Star Ocean flashbacks here), I feel like Koei will try to impliment the FE leveling up system we are more familiar with, with promotions granting potential new weapons and costumes. 4. While there will probably be a good amount of characters from Awakening and Fates do not be discouraged - Koei is very inclusive and I expect mostly every FE to get something down the line, be it either in the base game or DLC they might also go off that character poll from some years back where Fin was like 8th, they also really adore series references as seen in Hyrule Warriors, such as basing a stage on one line from Ruto in Ocarina of Time, about Sheik saving her. 5. If characters use similar weapons, they will use very different styles - Koei is also super good about this one, Dynasty Warriors has near 30 characters who use a variety of swords and they all stand out from each other very well, so no "Oh we can't have more than 1 swordie or spear user etc etc" 6. There will be an Original Character - Hyrule Warriors and some of their other Warrior spin off games, aren't afraid to add in someone of their own design, this also could mean a Cipher Card character appearance instead however. 7. Potential Empire Mode or a Mode thats like an FE styled tactical map - My friend and I were discussing this and felt they might do it as a bonus mode, have like challenge maps with your "units" being the playable characters and when you click to attack, you go into a small Warriors fight, Dynasty Warriors Advanced worked very much like this. 8. All 6 Smash Characters Will Likely be there - Marth, Ike, Robin, Lucina, Roy and Corrin are easy choices for this and will all probably be used, it also gives their Amiibo more functionality 9. Old Archetypes will probably be referenced or used - The Jeigan, The Est, The Christmas Cavs, The Camus, you know those archetypes, I expect to see Koei use all of them, maybe even multiples of them. 10. Forging and My Castle will likely be used - Warriors Orochi 3 had a Base Camp where you could walk around, buy weapons and talk to the other characters, build up support stuff, I wouldn't put it past FE Warriors to do something like this. 11. There will be at least one character per fire emblem class - This is probably one of the less likely ones, but it'd be great to see at least one character per every FE class (Master Knight Leif anyone?). 12. Chrom, Marth or an Original Avatar will be the defacto main character - Unless they decide to do a CAC who acts as the main character, (Koei isn't a stranger to Create-A-Character systems), Chrom who was shown prominently in the first teaser, or Marth will be the character who gets the most focus and most weapon types in the game, much like how Link did in Hyrule Warriors although Marth doesn't have nearly as much to go off of as Link did, I'm sure Koei wants to give him something special. 13. The Black Knight, Hardin or Camus, will be the "Lu Bu" character - Lu Bu is a fierce warrior from history who Koei made a super badass and continue to do so, he usually is super hard to kill, but really OP in the players hands, The Black Knight fits this bill most in my honest opinion, but I could see arguments for people such as Hardin, Camus, Eldigan, etc. 14. Expect the Unexpected - Koei doesn't go by traditional picks, half the time they'll pick some darkhorse favorite, or someone really goofy who just seems to stand out, so I'd be willing to bet we will see some oddball fighter in the mix, say like Merlinus or some other character who could easily be a joke character (Zola?). 15. Maps Will Likely Be based on popular Fire Emblem locales used in Awakening DLC and Fan Vote, and musical remixes will be really rock based - Self explanatory. 16. Costumes - Koei games love alternate costumes and I wouldn't put it past them to do like FE1 Marth, or Ryoma dressing up like his Father and tons of other cool costumes, likely will get some Smash references and various character promotions as well, Ike could have Lord, Vanguard, Hero etc. Edit: 17. The more likely character choices are probably the ones they picked for the bonus FE13 card characters - I think this is kind of self explanatory, it might be part of their roster process to look through these anyways regardless. So is there any of these you like? Maybe you really don't like one thing I mentioned was possible, I love discussing these things.
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