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Found 1 result

  1. Nearly three millennia ago, the five heroes sealed away the Demon King. Nearly a millennia after that, the War of the Stones lead to the destruction of the Demon King's body, so that he could never be resurrected. Many ages have since passed. Alliances were forged and broken, wars were won and lost. New discoveries were made, shunned, and embraced. History was written, and as each day was a product of the last, so has all of Magvel's history built up this very moment- You, in your high-rise apartment, sitting down with a cup of fresh coffee and the daily newspaper. As you do every morning, you first look at the headline, which reads- A) Frankincense vs Myrrh Reaches Rausten Supreme Court B) Cultists Demand Formal Apology For Defeat of the Demon King C) Stock in Tome Manufacturers Plummets Amid Recession D) wait actually you can't read
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