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Found 3 results

  1. This question is mostly for the hardcore FE players or those trying to get better at the game. I was wondering, do FE players take notes on specific titles they play? If so, what kind of notes do you take? I want to start taking notes myself, because I want to improve at this game.
  2. So... Watched all the videos so far on the My Castle, and while it was dominated by the Hoshido version a fair bit I think we saw a bit of Nohr... and possibly a third My Castle? Here's some images to illustrate what I am talking about. [spoiler=Nohr My Castle 1] -note the dark dragon statue in the background, and more European style buildings [spoiler=Nohr My Castle 2] -note Zero the Nohr exclusive Thief/Archer and European style buildings... Also a Lack of Cherry Blossom/Sakura trees and general darker colors [spoiler=Nohr My Castle 3] -Nohr exclusive Severa Luna in a Nohr my Castle... Same terrain/colors as other Nohr My Castles... Compare with the Hoshido My Castle -So bright, and filled with Cherry blossoms! :0 Even when the Hoshido My castle looks a Lil bare it still looks more bright than Nohr's... [spoiler=Nohr My Castle?] -Is this an extension of Nohr my castle? Possibly... Desolate looking, dark colors... Or maybe something different? [spoiler=Desert My Castle?] -I find this section the most fascinating as it looks completely different from Hoshido and Nohr's My Castle areas shown so far... Could this be for the third path? ...a castle in the desert? ...so then my question is what do we have in these images here? Is it 3 distinct areas? 1) Usual blossoming hoshido with the sakura trees. 2) a darker looking area with either green or dead trees but European type buildings and dark dragon statue. 3) desert-like area full of chasms but seems to have mixed buildings? Or something different entirely? I guess my theory is, the desert-like area is the third path My Castle. Another possibility is that your my castle terrain changes during the story, or based on choices/actions taken by the player within the My Castle environments. ...possibly lack of interaction with your My Castle could result in it being barren instead of the green it starts out as? Or maybe its something to do with seasons as Vincent seemed to suggest? What do you think? Anyone else have some good theories or finds?
  3. Patch 3.12 Notes. I'm off to bed now, but let's discuss this next patch. Things I am rather pleased about: Jinx soonTM Garen visual update Katarina ult buff Obviously there's a shit ton more than this but yeah. Let me hear your thoughts.
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