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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I'm making a modded version of Conquest. I am using Paragon as my Modding software. One of the changes i want to do is to make Faceless and Vallite soldiers capturable. Any idea how to do that? Or even if that's possible?
  2. I am stuck. I'm not sure where parameters for supports within Awakening's files are. I've successfully added a brand new character to Awakening AND hooked up supports and dialogue to them. However, whenever they gain support points, they will never activate C rank and continue earning support points infinitely without triggering a conversation. I'm not sure why this is, but I'm guessing is because of some kind of lacking trigger. Any idea where I should look? I know it's not an issue with the way I implemented the supports because I added a new line to two previously unsupportable characters (Chrom and Walhart) and it went swimmingly. Any help is appreciated, cuz I dunno where to go next! this seems to be somewhat new for somebody to do based on my research. If anybody wishes, I can attach the modded files and my testing save so that they can play around with it themselves.
  3. I've been using the Paragon Editor for Fates and I'm trying to figure out what needs to be fiddled with to make non capturable units capturable (Eg Kotaru and Kilma). As far as I can see there's no major differences between Kotaru's information on the chapter editor compared to say Kumagera's or Funke's (who are both capturable).
  4. Someone elsewhere made the claim that Paragon doesn't affect how much BEXP a unit needs to advance to the next level. Now, having played FE10 before, I remember Paragon directly affecting BEXP in this game as well as PoR. What I want to know is why. Is there anything that can confirm that Paragon affects BEXP distribution in this game?
  5. While I procrastinate working on and recording defense chapters in my active playthroughs, I decided to figure out how to effectively RNG abuse in yet another Fire Emblem game... and this was the result: No plans to pursue this any further at the moment (since I've never played this game before, and I have other playthroughs that are higher on my priority list), but thought you guys might enjoy. EDIT: Sorry, there is a recording issue at the moment that will get fixed in like 2 minutes when I change the link. Fixed!
  6. It's out now. Dunno when it came out, but getting it now.
  7. So I am trying to grind my units up since some of them are falling behind, particularly units from paralouges whom I left to do till the end of the game for reasons I don't even know.I was just wandering is there any way to grind Paragon easily. Thanks in advance.
  8. Here's my way of using paragon: Micaiah in 1-7 Sothe in 1-8, because Micky needs resolve for 1-9 I normally give the paragon scroll from part 1 via Ilyana to the GMs, because the GMs are usable for more chapters than the DB, so I can benefit much more of it (moreover she can use it as second tier in 1-F). I know it's absolutely rare to see to give paragon to Ike, but I can manage the DB chapters in part 3 without paragon. Jill gets beastfoe in 3-6 + 3-13 and still can get tons of levels and the third tier promotion. in part 3 I give it to lower leveled units like Rolf, Nephenee or Ilyana (however Mia gets it in 3-2) in 3-9 I give Geoffrey's paragon to Marcia in 3-11 I give Astrid's paragon to Tanith to promote all the three falcon knights in this chapter in 3-13 I'll give it to units, who won't be in the same team in part 4. Each of the three groups will have a paragon skill. for Micky's team: Jill in 4-P + 4-3 (don't want to invest in Micky + Sothe; if Micky has magic capped, I'm happy) for Ike's team: Ike in 4-1 (give him blossom in 4-4), Rolf or Soren in 4-4 for Tibarn's team: Elincia in 4-2 + 4-5 in endgame: lower leveled units like Sanaki, Soren Maybe someone has better ideas.
  9. I'm playing on hard mode again and have finshed 3-10. In the base before 3-11 you have the Greil's Mecenaries and Crimean Knights together, so you have access to the "paragon" and the "blossom" skill. I actually have never thaught about this skill combination. The main problem is that the units except for the Laguz have not enough capacity to get both skills. So you can give the blossom skill only to a character, who has a "free" paragon skill. Geoffrey leaves the party till 4-5, so the only one contendor for this combination would be Astrid. Seriously I never have trained her, because her growths are pretty bad. So much more I think, it could work with this skill combiation. My aim would be to give Astrid many great level ups as possible, so she can cap maybe some stats in level 11-13 (guessed). I would promote her with the mastercrown early as possible. I also know that the blossom skill does not always guarantee great level ups. Has someone had good or bad experiences with my idea?
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