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Found 7 results

  1. Jo, everyone! A few days ago i just finished my Lunatic run, and my 4th Conquest run in total. And what better way to have some more fun with the game and making it a bit unique except with editing stuff? I will be using FEFTwiddler to edit the save file, so i can only edit the units after they are recruited, but here we go! Rules: 1. M Corrin, since i hate Jakob. You can choose name, boon/bane and class. 2. Give me a dancer. Doesn't have to be Azura, but i don't wanna imagine Conquest Luna without a Dancer xD 3. To have atlest one staffer early game, Felicia has to be a promoted staff using class. Doesn't have to be a maid, though. 4. You can change Base Stats aslong as the Total stays the same. However, you can't give any of the stats to Luck (other way around allowed). I will change stats using stat averages and base stat changes if no base stat change is given. For STR/MAG the higher stat will go to the primary weapon of the class, unless it's a dual class. Sadly, i can't change growths. 5. For each character, you can pick 5 Skills, 2 unpromoted(lvl1/10) and 3 prmoted (lvl5/10/15). Since i won't be heart sealing, since you will be choosing the class path for each character, i gave myself 1 extra skill for each. I will be equipping/editing in those skills after reaching the appropiate levels, i won't be using Skills given naturally by classes. Only skills that can benefit the character can be used. So no Bowfaire on a Mage, or staff savant on an Archer, for example. Mozu can't lose have aptitude replaced, since she would be super weak without it. Dancer must've inspiring song as lvl10 skill. I also need someone with Locktouch, obviously xD 6. DLC/Enemy only classes and skills are available. You can decide the class and the promotion for every unit. 7. For Kids, you can choose one skill they can inherit from each parent + 3 skills. 8. If you want, you can replace the join item of each character with an item of your choice (i will replace after map is over). If no item is given, i will just replace with an appropiate item of the same rank/power (If a sword using became lance using, the iron sword would be replaced with iron lance, for example. Legendary weapons with some of those strong enemy only weapons, etc). And i think that's it xd Units: 1- Kaga, Astral Dragon, Clever/Sickly, Clarity/Warp/Death Blow/Agressor/Draconic Hex, -1HP/-1Def/-1Res/-1Str/+3Mag/+1Skl 2- Felicia, Hoshido Noble, Quick Salve/Magic+2/Lunge/Dual Guarder/Galeforce, Levin Sword/Dragon Stone/Bloom Festal, C Swords/D Staves/D Dragonstone, Dragon blood. 3- Arthur, Fighter -> Berserker, Vantage/Strengthtaker/Axefaire/Shurikenbreaker/Sol, Iron Axe/Arthur Axe, +4 STR, -2 HP, -2 Res 4- Selena, Songstress, Aptitude/Inspiring Song/CounterMagic/Warp/Replicate, Guard Naginata/Dual Naginata/Concoction 5- Elise, Wyvern Rider -> Malig Knight, Aptitude/Divine Shield/Axefaire/Defensetaker/Quickdraw, Iron Axe/Bolt Axe, 21HP/9Str/6Mag/8Skl/10Spd/6Lck/10Def/6Res, 6- Laslow, Mercenary -> Hero, Defense +2/Natural Cover/Savage Blow/Bow Breaker/Resistance +2, -2Lck/+2Spd 7- Silas, Samurai -> Master of Arms, Dancing blade/Gamble/Rend Heaven/Duelist Blow/Awakening, +2Spd/+1Skl/-2Def/-1Res 8- Benny, Sky Knight -> Falco Knight, Lucky 7/Aegis/Lancefaire/Countermagic/Bow Breaker, same stats. 9- Camilla, Oni Chieftain, Seal Skills x 5, equalize Mag/Str and Def/Res 10- Flora, Spear Master, Strengthtaker/Quixotic/Ignis/Aggressor/Lancefaire, Subaki's Pike+3, ~39HP/27Str/11Mag/26Skl/15Spd/0Lck/16Def/16Res 11- Peri, Dark Flier, Elbow Room/Shelter/Bow Breaker/Heartseeker/Maelefic Aura, Bolt Naginata, +10Mag/-7Str/-3Lck, C Lances 12- Odin, Grandmaster, Shadowgift/Vantage/Heartseeker/Tomefaire/Life and Death, Nosferatu/Killing edge, +2Mag/Def/-2Lck/Res, C Swords 13- Nyx, Shrine Maiden -> War Priestess, Paragon/Inspiration/Bow Faire/Staff Savant/Hit/Avo +20, Sun Festal/Freeze/Silence, +4Skl/+1Spd/+1Mag/-1Str/-3Lck/-1Res/-1Def, D Staves C Bows 14- Niles, Ninja -> Mechanist, Draconic Hex/Lock touch/Strength Taker/Luna/Shurikenfaire, Iron Shuriken, same stats 15- Sophie, Archer -> Sniper, Paragon/Hoshidian Unity/Quixotic/Inheritance:Rend Heaven/Replicate, Mother: Selena 16- Midory, Outlaw -> Adventurer, Move+1/Renewal/Luna/Inheritance: Pass/Seal Def, Mother: Camilla
  2. I generally have 3~4 hours to kill a day, so I figured I'd spend it with a Pick My Edits. I plan for this to be on Hector Hard Mode, so Karla and Farina are OK to edit. Enemy growths are going to increase 20%, as a counter to all the player foucsed buffs that seem to be poring in. I'd like to see at least one change for every character, but I'm not quite sure how many people will see this. I do want a somewhat balanced playthrough, so throwing in a provision I can not accept a change. Be suspific, as to just increase or decrease something isn't clear enough on what you mean. List of changes I've accepted
  3. Time for another PME. While I have my editor work on my FE7 PME, I decided to start getting edits for my FE8 PME. I'm really looking forward to this run in particular. So give me those edits. Remember, only good and/or interesting edits will be accept. Nothing stupid here. Also, if your able to make custom portraits, I would really like your assistance on this PME.
  4. So, can anyone help me with seting up an FE 7 Pick my Edits run? I have some ideas for it already. Serra Now a mage Has access to the new LALALALALALALALA tome (An E rank Thunder with half the weight). All growths buffed 10% Karel Replaced with Kelik from TLP with the same growths Same class as promoted Kelik Comes with the Arectaris Bases are: HP: 36 Str: 20 Skill: 21 Spd: 20 Lck: 11 Def: 13 Res: 7 Con: 11 Pent Replaced with Mangs Nomad Trooper (Referencing Bosswin) Comes with a Killing Edge, Killer Bow and Pepsi Max Has Alm's Gaiden growths doubled. I'm pretty proud of these ideas, feel free to add on so I can pester someone to add them!.
  5. I'm currently doing a completely randomized run of FE7. Classes, stats, rates, items, affinities, weapons (which is painful when lots of items turn out to have Devil on them). It's all been changed. Nothing like a Monk Lyn... I'd like to be a little more controlled with the FE8 run I'm wanting to do after finishing FE7. I'd like to have some suggestions for the different characters, but I'd like to have them take on the stats of other FE characters from earlier or later games. That is, take Eirika and give her Ike's starting stats and growth rates. They wouldn't necessarily have to match up (Lord to Lord, or Cleric to Cleric), but I think a little sense should work out and make it possible (giving a Cleric a 0 MAG with 0% is just asking for exclusion from usage). I'm new to nightmare, but I've done enough that I understand stats for characters, and with your help I can figure out the rest needed, I bet. I don't know if the best thing to do here is start a google docs to track and people can put changes there, or what. I'd love to discuss item or weapon changes, but starting small works best, I think. EDIT: Link to google tracking sheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-_4JDF5VRIUioSgLtUKduh4BNL7mK1brwum1-b_gGkQ/edit?usp=sharing
  6. So i want to do a pick my edits run of fe8. If you don't know what a PME run is, it involves people submitting and edits they would like me to make to the rom - stupid or serious. Anyway please submit any ideas you have.
  7. I'm gonna go ahead and jump right into the chase, some of you know me, some of you don't. I used to be an immature shit named Matt Custov, now I've dropped the alias, and I don't plan on picking it up again. I'm doing a Pick My Edits run of Fire Emblem Sacred Stones. Basically, comment on the video linked below, and whenever I finish one of my ongoing projects (Pokemon Silver Ranomized or Final Fantasy I) I'll get all of that set up, and play through the rom you guys want to see me play through Announcement video CHECK OUT MY OTHER WORK:
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