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Found 7 results

  1. I was surprised no one started a thread yet. I mean, we all knew this was coming, right? The writers gave the hints. We had the benevolent God. We had the sacrifice. And in all honesty, it didn't have as much emotional resonance as it could have because this is what is expected, until... That conversation with Ash broke me. Maybe it is because my wife and I have two daughters, but...for the first time ever the FEH writers got a tear out of me.
  2. I just wanted a thread to share headcanons in. I'll add more of my own as I go I'll start off with our beloved Gatekeeper; His name is Garen (old guard in french)
  3. All speculation here, but any info released or leaked is fair game, so beware spoilers. So now that we all know there will be a time skip as all the graduates go back to their homelands. What I haven’t seen much of is what our main character is going to be doing during those 5 years. That got me thinking. I see see a couple possibilities. 1) With the house leader - The first is that he goes back with the primary lord of the house he chose. This seems to be the most likely to me. The interesting question is why. Do they offer him a better deal to serve as their chief tactician rather than his poor overworked and under appreciated teaching job/glorified babysitting (maybe they have dental?). Perhaps he wants to quit because he has become disillusioned with the church? Perhaps he is fired/exiled/forced to flee and seek asylum (perhaps his relation to Nemesis is discovered or he screws something up?). Maybe he just doesn’t want to give up the bonds and friendships he has made (yawn). Maybe he is disheartened by something like his father coming down with a sudden terminal case of anime parent syndrome and just wants a change of scenery/pace? 2) At Garreg Mach Monastery - The second is that he stays at the monastery. He could remain a teacher (although it would be weird not to see 5 years worth of classes who could have been characters). Maybe he stays on to help with Hanneman’s crest research? Or perhaps he gets a position with the Knights of Seiros and basically spends 5 years on guard duty. Perhaps rising tensions mean the academy is on hiatus for teaching students and Byleth does some other job for them (Cook? Fishing instructor? Choir leader? Saint Statue polisher? Weed cutter?). The monastery certainly has no shortage of odd jobs without the students to do all the work. 3) Sleeping - Thirdly, he might be in some sort of stasis/hibernation/outrealm, perhaps courtesy of the Church or Sothis (or Nemesis or the night stalkers or whatever they are called, etc.) Whether to imprison him or heal/hide/protect him (think Breath if the Wild Link). Or perhaps due to time travel powers “misfiring”. 4) Elsewhere messing around - Finally he might spend his time elsewhere on Fodhlan. Perhaps just wandering, perhaps on the run or in hiding after being expelled/exiled from the academy, or perhaps leading his father’s mercenary band if something were to happen to the current leader (Ike parallels - Byleth could basically just check out a few years fighting bandits and pirates while the political situation escalates out of hand). Maybe serving as a foot soldier in an indecisive/long-running/low intensity conflict where not much happens? Or perhaps becoming a knight of vengeance hunting down brigands operating without a licence. Well these are are just some theories to start the discussion. What do all of you think is most likely?
  4. So, idk if someone made a Post about this already (used SF but didnt come up with much), but after digging through the trailer and materials once again (this was really helpfull to sum it up), i noticed that Protagonist/Byleth's Crest is the ONLY Crest missing in the Art we got where ALL Crests are shown. Its very wierd and when i first saw it i had to double and tripple check bc it didnt seem to make sense to me... i mean, i think i heared somewhere that the Sword of the MC is the Sword of the Creator - wich kinda makes the Crest that of the Creator i guess {correction: its called Crest of Flames, but the point still stands since its the Sword of the Creator that links with it}, since they need to be synced to work (wich is shown in another trailer)? And theres still the fact that Nemesis wields it (thuss Byleth beeing his decendent) but arnt all Crests gifts from the Goddess? The first trailer states that they revieced a divine gift (although its doesnt say Crests, its a good guess that they are meant, and i think it might have been stated in the Treehouse life footage but i dont want to go over and watch it again) The only course of events that makes sense to me is that Memesis was choosen by the goddess as the others were, but for some reason rose against them - thuss the battle of the first trailer broke loose where Nemesis is wielding the Sword of the Creator (against Seiros?). And because he lost and was (maybe) branded a Traitor soe something, left out of the Art work (in universe) bc they eitehr believe his line to have died out or want it to be dead/unrecognized. Otherwise it just wwierds me out that there are 21 Crests on the Artwork, for 10 Heros (wich means that minor crests probably look different and are added too or they somehow got more crests after the 10 Heros?) - but not Byleth's / Nemesis. Thoughts? Theories? Anything you've noticed that i didnt see?
  5. Can anyone create a family tree because there has been so much new info coming out because of the release of the third path. More characters have been introduced and from what I understand it just seems so far fetched about all the families. I've even heard that the Hoshido siblings are even related to you by blood! So if anyone could put together a family tree starting with the mother and father of Mikoto and Shenmei I would greatly appreciate it! I ask you to only post here if you have proof that your family tree is correct. Again your family trees are greatly appreciated!!!
  6. So with the revelation that there'll be two copies of the game, with only one path available in each, do you think this is the extent of the so-called 'choices' the game was meant to be built around? Unfortunately, I do. I mean, if you buy a physical copy, you don't even GET an in-game choice of who to side with, which was kind of hyped up to be the big choice. Disappointing, but I could be proven wrong. So what are your thoughts? Could there be more choices, or has Nintendo just embellished the fact that the only choice you get is which edition to buy?
  7. So idk if any of you are aware of a possible Nintendo Direct leak which slots it in on the 1st of April (worth noting, April Fool's.) It's from 4chan, which has had some pretty legit Nintendo leaks in the past, but has also had a bunch of fake ones. Anyway, here's what it says on the "Latest in the Fire Emblem series": An atrocious being has arose from the darkness to cause major disorder and injustice during the colonization of a continent recently dubbed "Magvel". In turn, fierce warriors rise in a journey to obtain the necessary relics to protect the country. I'm certainly dubious, and honestly I think it's fake, but I'd like to know people's thoughts on the matter. Like, how would you feel if it were a prequel to SS set during the colonisation of Magvel? For me it's pretty sweet; it would certainly do wonders for the world building of Magvel, given there isn't much of a history on its past other than a handful of vague references (sacred twins, Five Heroes.) And in that case, would it deal with Formotiis again? Does this mean in addition to (or instead of) the speculated West vs East themes, there will also be the returning themes of Sacred Stones (i.e, monsters, demons, risen-type beings.) TL;DR: I think it's fake, but it's an idea worth entertaining, I think.
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