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Found 4 results

  1. According to a reddit user, a few stores in the Philippines already sold copies of 3H.
  2. Considering that the previous topic is about a month old and is about the demo, I guess I'll just make a new one. How is everyone doing thus far for Octopath Traveler? Right now I'm taking a break from finishing the rest of of my Chapter One storylines (Primrose and Alfyn) to grab a subclass or two for my main party (Olberic -> Apothecary, Tressa -> Thief, Cyrus -> ???, and Ophelia -> Dancer). I also managed to get Olberic an awesome sword from his Chapter 2 area which allows him to mow down enemies easily. Anything he can't cut down, Cyrus roasts with his magic. I'm tempted to just jump into Chapter 2 of my main party and just go through their storylines, then go back to do the other ones with a different party. Olberic will likely remain since I think he is locked as he is my starter, but at least he may be able to carry the weaker party members.
  3. The game has been out in Japan for a month and in NA for a week, and the only languages available on the JP cartridge is Japanese and Simplified and Traditional Chinese. Why is English not an available option? Other games with international releases have all languages available and even automatically translate to the language of your native system. Why not Warriors? The game itself isn't even viewable on the eShop if you try to look at the software through the JP cartridge. While Nintendo may say that region-locking isn't a thing, in a way, they haven't changed at all. Does anyone have any insight or knowledge as to why this is or if this will be addressed any time soon?
  4. http://www.ign.com/articles/2015/10/28/nintendo-direct-returning-in-2015 Nintendo Direct is going to be continued and it has been confirmed there will be one before the end of this year! A lot of people are speculating that news won't go farther than games coming early 2016, so do you think we will see anything worthwhile on Fates? Hopefully a NA release date?
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