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Found 2 results

  1. Welcome to the Aether Raids Compendium! The Aether Raids Compendium is a place where Fire Emblem Heroes players can store their replays as referencing material for newer players, as guides, or as a place where one can find inspiration for their own Aether Raids offense or defense teams. The main post will act as a hubb where you can find a directory to players replays. Every player will have a post where they can list all their replays, sorted by season, kind of team and noting enemy players names. That way, when you enter a new match, you can take a quick look here and see if anyone else has fought this player before, and you might see how they beat the team, or you might learn of other people's mistakes and take those into account when fighting your way to T27. How the directory works: Every person who wants to submit replays can just post in this topic and use their post as a collection point for replays. This post will then have a link to that specific post and will have a list of all the matches played. It is important to sort these into seprate sections, as to avoid clutter. If you want to submit a replay, use the following format describe your replay: Offense/Defense > Season > Your Team strategy > Enemy Strategy > Name of enemy player > Succes/Defeat - Offense / Defense is rather self explanatory, if it one of your offensive matches, or a defense replay. - Season is also Self explanatory, what season is the replay from. - Your team strategy: Are you using a galeforce team, Cc vantage, tanking etc for offense, Infantry pulse, Flierball or cavline etc for defense. - What kind of enemy team are you facing? Same as above. - The name of the enemy player is valuable to add, since one can do a quick search in here to see if someone has matched a person you have found in your daily matches is listed here. - Succes/Defeat is seen from the recorders perspective, If you have an offense replay, it is a win if you succesfully clear the map. On Defense, it is considered a win if your team succesfully defends. If you have new replays to add, please leave a new comment in the topic and I will update the OP with the additional information. It is your own responsibility to add your replays to your post. When updating, please follow the format, so that is is easy to copy and paste for me into the OP. Also, please do note your In game name as well when making your replay compendium, that makes it easier to identify players. Directory: - [Vicious Sal] = Falco AKA/SF Rinco Diovanni Bressan Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi Lastly, I currently can't easily get a different keyboard set so typing foreign letters is a hassle, I'll try to fix that asap.
  2. Since Version 3.0.0 patch came out last night for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and they do give out IDs when you upload your Stages from Stage Builder, Mii Fighters, Replay, Spectate, and Edited Videos in the Sharing Content. I was thinking of we should do a sharing our stuff from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate similar to like the Super Mario Maker Course Sharing Thread. I did upload a couple in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that to give out what I have created in the game: Mii Fighters: Mike Jones (Mii Brawler) ID: S8BVCHJX Mike Jones (Mii Swordfighter) ID: B454JDJJ Mike Jones (Mii Gunner) ID: 3YDC3RV1 I am planning on finish making the Alm Mii Swordfighter based off from Alm from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. Stages: Mike Pixel Art from StarTropics (I didn't completed the entire pixel art due to the stage element limit was pretty much full and I did made it replicated from the trailer where they did showed 8-bit artworks) ID: 9BLH51GJ Smash Church (This is the second stage that I created) ID: 7D5VS7SP Videos: Joker vs. the 3 Mii Fighters based off from Mike Jones from StarTropics in my first Custom Stage. ID: B450MW8X Mii Swordfighter based off from Mike Jones from StarTropics vs. 2 Jokers in my first Custom Stage. ID: CPC2QPQ8 Also, give it out a try to share what you have created in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
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