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Found 4 results

  1. Good Morning I am new to this forum and I am trying to learn to use Photoshop. I have designed a weapon system for fire emblem I hope you like it and I wish to get some feed back on what people think about it and how it will affect class composition and game play etc Weapons Swords will cover all variants on traditional blades: Rapiers, Broad Swords, Sweihandlers and also oriental blades such as katakana and masamune etc Axes are covering blunt weapons such as clubs, scythes and magi-stars. Lances cover piked weapons such a tridents and poles etc Magic Arcane is the new replacement for "dark" magic. I found the term quite archaic so I replaced it with the study of the arcane mostly dealing with space and time. practitioners can use spells such as warp, re-warp, teleport and worm. They will also be able to build nexus's, powerful areas on empty times that serve a variety of functions, for example similar to the light rune from FE-7 and the effects of the barrier staff. These concepts are still a work in progress. Tomes represent the contemporary studies of magic and are concerned with the manipulation of energy in it's terrestrial forms, Fire, Wind, Ice and Thunder. These will all be lumped into a Anima and fall under the Weapon Type of tomes. Not all mages will wield every type, for balancing issues. I am still playing with this concept. Users of Scepters specialize in light magic which can be used to vanquish otherworldly creatures, bestow powerful buffs and deal damaged with excellent accuracy. Projectiles All projectiles have a max range of two from the get-go, some classes many have attributes that modify this to their specialization. Kunai still work as de-buffers but will also receive a new feature, the "set trap" command which can be used on various surfaces to incapacitate, debilitate or eliminate foes. Guns are a new weapon that will be in early stage of development in the story line. Not many classes will wield this weapon as it will be specifically implemented as a siege weapon; Cannons. The application of airships is also something to consider. Considering allowing it's range to be in cardinal directions, only impeded by trees, walls, etc. Bows will have more variety between those that have a 1-2 and a 1-3 range which I hope will redeem archers. Otherwise no changes. Magic Effects Primal: All characters will have access to this in some form or the other whether it be a mount or a beast stone to transform into a creature, dragon, taguel etc. There will not be many major stat boost when it comes to mounts as i feel the extra move and weaknesses will be enough of a trade off. This will require more discussion. Mounts I have in mind are: Alicorns, Griffins, Dire Wolfs, Horse (of-course) and Rolling Calfs(Dark knight Only). Staves have been nerfed and buffed, many of the effects they used to have, have been handed off to wands, however they will retain their healing and status relieving function (heal, physic, fortify, etc) and as a design choice will be mostly composed of wood and other living-esque materials to differentiate them from scepters. Range of most spells are not 1-2 except Recover. Staff users will have some attacks, mostly endgame and boss only magic, based on the earth and water to manipulate terrain. Still researching this. Wands, impose your will upon the flesh using blood magic. Use of wands drain the users health upon casting. Users will have access to spells such as: Warg(Control an enemy, cannot move during this), death(causes instant death, low accuracy, bosses immune), sacrifice(heal an ally using your hp (conversion from hp lost to hp gained will be 1/2 higher.) etc. Please leave comments and feedback, thank you. *This is my first time using Photoshop pls excuse the choppy work.
  2. So, in the original Gaiden, Mages/Clerics learned spells at certain levels with different attributes. Additionally, different characters learned spells at different rates, and some were only available to certain characters. Do you think that they'll keep it mostly the same, just update it with modern sensibilities, or they'll change it to the Tomes/Staves we use today?
  3. In most FE games you only have access to one sleep, silence, berserk, warp stave. (I think two sleeps in 6) FE5 gives you tons of them thanks to the capturing feature. Furthermore it forces you to make to good use of the staves. For example in chapter 24 you've to silence quite a lot in the first turn to prevent "stave chains" (enemy dark bishops have silence, sleep, restore and fenrir). I also used the combo warp + rescue combination quite a lot. Tbh I like stave battles. A good alternative to weapon fights, which requires good strategical thought too. FE14 introduces lots of new status staves (I think there's no restore stave, if I remember correctly). Do you like it?
  4. I started a thread about staves a couple of months ago. At that time I asked you, which staves should return and which new staves should be added. In this topic I would like to ask you which experience gain model is the best for stave users: constant experience gain as in FE6-10: Stave users get always same exprerience independent on the level. In the GBA games promoted units get 50% less experience. degressive model as in FE11-13: A level 1 cleric gets more experience than the clerics in FE6-10. Though as the name implies: So higher the level of the unit, so less the gain of experience. In general I have problems to train clerics, because they get very low experience for healing in 6-10. 10 heals require a level up. Since the earlygame chapters are pretty short, it's almost impossible to give them a level up. It's known that clerics and monks are very fragile. In some situations you can't even heal, because an enemy with a range weapon can oneshot the healer. Another problem is that some healers like L'Arachel and Mist join late with low level. Other new suggestions: The healed points will be multiplied with a certain factor (x2). If an unit heals 10 points, it will gain 20 experience. A basic number of experience (10) + 1 point of each healed point. If an units heals 10 points, it will get 20 experience points (10 basic exp. + 10 exp. for 10 healed HP). FE13 is pretty much the opposite: The experience gain of a level 1 cleric or troubadour is almost doubled compared to FE6-10: 4 / 5 heals = level up. After a few levels the experience gain will be less. By this model Lissa is the first unit, who reaches level 20 operated I added three more question about the mechanics of staves in previous FE games: Should staves be able to miss? Should double healing return? Should staves be equipped to counterattck?
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