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Found 5 results

  1. Not entirely sure if this belongs here or into Fan Projects, but Fan Projects specifies Hacks, so I won't post it there. I made a complete Super Thracia Guide! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xQHEjnAJrgQmLGmvPXvsLF4HBRbfyQjOJ-6Rphr7BWU/edit?usp=sharing There's a lot of empty space due to formatting, but I believe it's still of over 100 pages of text. I attempted to cover every important part of the game in one single resource. Now there's no excuse to sleep on ST anymore, guys!
  2. This is my thread about screenshot LPs of Fire Emblem hacks: Dream of Five Bloodlines The Last Promise Fire Emblem Forever Midnight Sun Death or Glory Gheb FE FEIV Super Thracia Hopefully you'll enjoy. If you have any questions or improvement suggestions, shoot them!
  3. Im aware of most of the characters in Super Thracia (which is the hack Claus is from) like Gerik, Sothe, Oliver, etc. but while playing, there was this particular character in which I was curious about, and I'm convinced he's from somewhere else, because he's certainly not from the FE Series here is his portrait If anyone has any leads to where he's from, let me know, because I'm genuinely curious. Btw, I'm not good at creating threads about finding a person, so excuse that.
  4. After I patch the rom, the emulator will not load it. I use ZSNES. It will say Bad ROM. I used 2 different roms and Lunar IPS patcher. please help.
  5. Thracia 776 was a good game. Good story, some likeable characters, and even ways to have every character ending with good stats! And then... Japanese people start touching it. Upgrading the difficulty, with no limits. Until it hit the point of evil. It is not annoying. It is frustrating. Take it like... A 30 chapter ragefest. (not sure about the 30 though) And here we begin. [spoiler=Welcome to hell, Preview] The map. As you can see, it has been re-designed. It looks pretty good imo. ^^ Our lord, Leaf. Growths : 90% HP 60% Str 35% Mag 60% Skl 50% Spd 50% Def 25% Bld 100% Lck 3% Mvt Average Lord, like usual. But, his growths are all higher than 45%, minus Bld and Mag. However, I would like him to get build because I need that for 8x. So I'll rig his levels as much as I can. =) A new functionality is that, as japanese people love to do, caps are all fixed to 80 HP, 40 Every stats except for Build that goes only up to 25. Hopefully, he'll cap luck at lv40, so, I'm okay with that luck growth. His bases are really good. He can use the light sword properly, can survive a few hits, and can hit back. The Rapier is a special weapon (not a prf though), as it has 8 hit, and 30 Crit. You'll probably crit every time you use it unless you're like me, with 0 Luck. His skill is adept, or continue, allowing him to attack twice in the same attack. (like if he used a brave weapon) If it's like the original, I think it's speed based. Add to all of that one leader ship star and +5% chance to move again, plus the fact that he his chances to crit are doubled on the second attack. (that's what the two for crit means, right?) He is a good balanced character, with on top of that 2 promotions. Yeah, this game also has T3. Our first Cavalier, Fin. Growths : 90% HP 60% Str 25% Mag 50% Skl 60% Spd 45% Def 30% Bld 90% Lck 3% Mvt Fin is a good character. His bases are that good, his growths are really good, almost equal to Leaf. However, he'll never cap luck unless I give him a luck ring. That's sad. He'll never get to a point where all of his stats are capped. ;-; His skills are prayer and... Remove, I think. Prayer is a luck based skill, allowing you to survive fatal attacks, and Re-move probably allows him to move again. The last skill, however, is given by the Hero lance : 2x Attack. You can guess what it is. ^^ He has one Leadership star, making him kinda useful. Othin, the first fighter of Super Thracia's new duo. Growths : 90% HP 65% Str 30% Mag 45% Skl 60% Spd 50% Def 40% Bld 80% Lck 3% Mvt Othin is another good character. His growths are okay, same goes for his bases. He can cap luck. He has the Wrath skill, working the same as it does in FE4 : If your HP goes under 50%, you crit everytime you hit. I don't introduce these two, because they will never come back after chapter 3/chapter 5. For some reason, this game made half of the prologue units impossible to use. Yeah. Two enemies of the map. As you can see, they have good stats along with good weapons. And here's the boss. No, you're not dreaming. It's Leidrick, aka that boss 2 chapters before the final. He is the first boss of the game. They didn't forget the truckload of skill making him totally a pain in the ass to kill. Continue, Ambush (making him ALWAYS attacking first), Charge (which we can use in our advantage), and Big Shield. Don't forget he is the first boss of the game. And here is what I call an "Arden". He has 0 speed, but 40 in everything except for luck and Build. He has 1 mvt, and Ambush. He packs a lot, but you can avoid him this map. (so, he's not that of a threat)
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