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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I have another question to ask. I know I have just recently posted a question a few moments ago, but I just couldn't wait to ask this question in this forum. I want to ask what you would imagine dogfighting tactics should look like if an FE game decided to show an animated cutscene that only shows two squadron of pegasi/wyverns/whatever fighting each other in the skies. For me, I personally think that fliers in FE should primarily use bows and magic to shoot down enemy fliers once they are close enough to their target and also perform some evasive maneuvers to avoid being taken down by enemy fliers. The fliers might still use melee weapons in case the enemy gets too close. And in the case of wyvern riders, the wyvern's claws or jaws could be used as melee weapons against the enemy. I would like to see some tactics where two wyvern knights luring two enemy wyvern knights into chasing them with all of the four of them flying at their maximum speeds, only for the enemy to be caught off guard as two wyvern knights to execute sharp banking maneuvers to make way for another pair of allied wyvern knights to fly towards the two enemy wyvern knights head on and hit them hard with the enemy pair having no way to react or maneuver out of the way in time as the allied wyverns hit the enemy riders off their saddles with force equivalent to a high-speed car crash as the allied wyverns dug their claws deep into the enemy wyverns' torsos. How about you? What do you think FE dogfighting in FE should look like?
  2. I decided to try out vanilla Lunatic for Awakening's 10th anniversary, and this chapter is a massive roadblock (no pun intended). Any ideas for how I can make it through? Since this is a quasi-ironman run (i.e. I'm allowed to reset from my last save if I get a Game Over instead of starting the whole run from scratch), I'm open to any plan that requires sacrifice, though I'd obviously prefer keeping everyone alive if I can. I know Lunatic doesn't really have any consistent strategy and requires you to rethink your plan on the fly, but even just an idea for what to do on Turn 1 would be a huge help. NOTE: This is NOT Lunatic+; this is regular Lunatic. No worrying about shit like Vantage+, Luna+, Pass, or Hawkeye. I'm masochistic to a certain extent, but I have my limits, and Lunatic+ sounds like CBT without the CB. (Plus, I haven't unlocked it yet, so I couldn't play L+ if I wanted to.) My current team (not including Stahl, Vaike, or Miriel) Chrom Level 3 Lord (36 EXP) 22 HP 8 STR 2 MAG 9 SKL 10 SPD 7 LCK 8 DEF 3 RES Inventory: Falchion, Rapier (34 uses) Supports: Frederick (C Support) Weapon ranks: D Swords Skills: Dual Strike+ Robin (female, +Spd/-Def) Level 5 Tactician (98 EXP) 21 HP 9 STR 7 MAG 8 SKL 11 SPD 8 LCK 6 DEF 4 RES Inventory: Thunder (25 uses), Vulnerary (1 use) Supports: Lissa (C Support) Weapon ranks: E Swords, D Tomes Skills: Veteran Lissa Level 2 Cleric (19 EXP) 18 HP 2 STR 5 MAG 4 SKL 4 SPD 9 LCK 3 DEF 4 RES Inventory: Heal (23 uses) Supports: Robin (C Support) Weapon ranks: E Staves Skills: Miracle Frederick Level 1 Great Knight (76 EXP) 28 HP 13 STR 2 MAG 12 SKL 10 SPD 6 LCK 14 DEF 3 RES Inventory: Silver Lance (18 uses), Miniature Lance (10 uses), Bronze Sword (50 uses), Elixir (3 uses) Supports: Chrom (C Support) Weapon ranks: D Swords, B Lances, D Axes Skills: Discipline, Outdoor Fighter Sully Level 2 Cavalier (93 EXP) 20 HP 7 STR 1 MAG 8 SKL 8 SPD 6 LCK 7 DEF 2 RES Inventory: Bronze Lance (47 uses) Supports: None Weapon ranks: E Swords, D Lances Skills: Discipline Virion Level 2 Archer (0 EXP) 19 HP 6 STR 0 MAG 11 SKL (9 naturally, +2 granted by Skill +2) 5 SPD 7 LCK 6 DEF 1 RES Inventory: Iron Bow (40 uses) Supports: None Weapon ranks: D Bows Skills: Skill +2
  3. Hello, I'm the lead developer of Nexus Games LLC, We are a small indie team of two with a little bit of outside help. I myself was heavily inspired by the Disgaea series in making it, and Monkey(my teammate) was inspired heavily by Fire Emblem. So you'll probably notice many similarities with those series in the game. We streamlined the combat system to make it really easy to learn and use, but still having the same depth as normal tactical RPGs (of course we had resource limits too) The game is roughly 15-25 hours long for the base story(the 3 people I know that beat it did it in 17hrs, 19hrs and 22hrs) There are 8 different endings plus secret ending(s)(not saying how many) to 100% the game it'll take roughly 50-80hrs(This is just a wild guess since I don't know anyone who's achieved it, but the one that was going for it was at 50 hours last I checked and still had a ways to go) So it's smaller than your normal AAA tactical RPG. The story is a dark one of red vs blue where the world teeters on the line of balance, but to lighten the mood there is a good dose of comedy, so you should always be in for a ride of emotions. With 64x64 high bit sprites(like those in Owlboy, but in a more simple style.) We have a nearly seamless tutorial to where it "feels" like there is no tutorial, but it's super easy to learn. Controler support, All controls are mapable and the entire game is friendly to many of those with disabilities that make it hard to game, such as different types of colorblindness, loss of limb(you can play 1 handed in many different ways), etc. We hope that all of you will give it a try, but more importantly, we hope that you all will enjoy it and it'll have a lasting good memory for you, as all kinds of RPGs have had on us. Also, it's on sale for the next 2 days I think from the time of this post. You can find a trailer on our steam page(I wish we were better at making trailers) https://store.steampowered.com/app/689470/Chromasia__Rock_Paper_Tactics/
  4. Hey everybody, I am the CEO of Audacity Interactive. We are working on Scarlet Republics, a Renaissance inspired tactical RPG. The game is heavily inspired by Fire Emblem, our two game designers, Kristian and Gustav are huge fans (Kristian has completed almost every game of the series on the hardest difficulty). Therefore I thought it might be interesting to you! Here is the link to our kickstarter: Scarlet Republics Kickstarter I would love it if you could check out our game, and give me some feedback on what you think about it! Warm greetings and a tip of the hat Olmo
  5. Hey folks! Remember that time about one zillion years ago when I told you all about the strategy RPG Telepath Tactics? Well, now I'm developing a follow-up game! (Sorry in advance if this seems spammy, by the way--this just seems like the sort of game that folks here would enjoy!) What is Together in Battle? Together in Battle is basically a team management game crossed with a Fire Emblem randomizer. Every time you play, your characters are totally different. But it's not just class and skills that get randomized: it's every last thing about your characters, from their names to their appearance to their personality and backstory! The Premise You’ve arrived in the island kingdom of Dese with a sack of coins and a secret mission to enter the gladiatorial games to find loyal fighters under the guise of competing. Recruit and manage charming characters with their own distinct personalities, interests, and histories. Each day, you’ll have the chance to field them in glorious turn-based tactical battles; and each night, they’ll build relationships with each other, face personal crises, and come to you for advice. You must manage your group’s resources. Stay stocked on food, maintain enough money to make payroll, and ensure that your characters practice regularly to continue improving. But beware: they have feelings! Allow their friends to fall in battle, and they may become depressed. Fail to address their needs, and you’ll risk resentment and desertion. Keep them happy, however, and they will grow close to one another, form fond memories, give each other nicknames–even share their special combat skills! With skill and patience, you will emerge victorious…together in battle. Combat With a deterministic core that never wastes your time, combat in Together in Battle nonetheless features dizzying tactical depth. Shove enemies into environmental hazards, off of cliffs, or into each other; take up defensive positions in tall grass, or hack it down to deny that same advantage to the enemy; set traps and detonate explosives; build bridges and barricades; freeze water; burn down trees. The battlefield environment is yours to command! Content Together in Battle features dozens of random events and side quests; six different playable species; two dozen base classes with branching promotion options for a total of 72 distinct character classes; more than 150 different character skills; and hundreds of thousands of possible procedurally generated weapons and pieces of armor. Characters Every character has a distinct personality, appearance, stat line, skill progression, personal history, named family members, religious beliefs, life skills, hobbies, physical traits, romantic preferences, preferred gifts, hidden secrets–even non-verbal tics and ways of laughing! These details are not just for flavor: they also have consequences for how characters behave in their free time. A baker may use up some of your food to produce cookies and cakes you can eat or sell; a jokester may do funny impressions to boost morale; a blacksmith may repair the group’s weapons. Dancers are nimble; sailors are superior swimmers. Some characters will even undertake long-term projects like growing food, making dolls, or writing a novel! Campaign Creator Together in Battle comes with a capable campaign creation suite to let you build your own full-fledged campaigns! Build characters in the character creator; place them in cut scenes using the cut scene editor; add branching dialogue trees using the dialogue editor; sculpt battlefields and place armies in the map editor; create skills for your characters to learn in the skill editor, and items for them to loot in the item editor. Want to get really fancy? Construct your own scripts, then assign them to items and skills for whatever custom effects you can dream up! The game is planned to release next year. Until then, I'll be here to answer any questions you might have! Curious about something? Ask away! (Of, also: if any of you are planning to be at PAX East at the end of the month, swing by Booth 18066 and you can play the game for yourself!)
  6. I came to think that the combat arts system may lead Steel Weapons into OU tier. Let me explain: Steel Weapons are now more durable than Iron Weapon. Attack Speed disadvantage will not matter if Combat Arts doesn't allow follow-up attacks. The increased might and potentially compensated accuracy.
  7. So, yesterday, I was going through Birthright's Chapter 25: Traitor Revealed on Lunatic. I had just battled for over an hour with effective use of three distinct teams: one specializing in tanking physical hits, another specializing in tanking magical hits, and the final one lending support via healing/damage reduction skills/picking off stragglers. It was marvelous to see everything working so smoothly, but then something terrible happened. Here goes: After clearing all enemy reinforcements with said tactics, I began moving up towards the boss, cautiously. I was particularly careful to stay out of the staff areas of the strategists with the entrap staves. To that end, I counted spaces to allow Hinoka a dance boost to the Dragon Vein to remove enemy equipment in the middle room; right afterward, I used rescue to get her back to safety, out of range of the last entrap strategists. I gathered everyone toward the left side of the middle room and gradually took out the sage on the turret. Then I decided to try out the silence staff with Sakura to neutralize entrap while I removed a berserker on the steps. The staff worked with 92% hit, and I danced her out of range of the berserker. I then set my character unit up to bait: paired up with Great Knight Silas, holding dragonstone+, defense rally, and speed rally. I ended the turn... And the game crashed on me. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Update 3/10/16: I may have actually stumbled upon a nasty bug in game. It happened again under very similar conditions. As for what exactly causes this crash, I can't say for sure at this point; but it's not a random one-off thing. Well, I wanted a bit of a challenge on this lunatic run, but I guess I'll grind some levels now so I can muscle through and find the true cause of the game crashing. If anyone has any more information/experience; please share what you know, so that others can avoid this problem in the future. Update 4/1/16: I reproduced the bug a third time. 1) After clearing all of the reinforcements (around 20 turns or so), activate the Dragon Vein in the center to clear enemy equipment. 2) Rescue the unit used for the DV. 3) Neutralize the turret sage but no one else affected by the DV. 4) Proceed to neutralize the Strategist with 2 Entrap staves. 5) Rescue the unit who neutralized the Strategist. On the next turn, the game freezes. It probably has to do with aggravating the mobs around Iago. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Does anyone else have Fates' horror stories of game breaking bugs/mechanics or any other kind of circumstance, e.g. kami(神)->batsu(罰), that cost them the win... right at the end?
  8. Since I just recently heard the remastered music tracks that ZM posted about just a few hours ago, I feel inspired to do another playthrough of FE8 Difficult Ironman. Just in case you don't know what an Ironman run is, it is essentially a run where I don't do any rage resets when something unfortunate happens, and I just take the event as is and live with it. As such, this type of run tends to be really cautious and calculated, and risks are something that you won't want to do even more so. I will be doing this as a Video LP using the remastered music tracks found in the thread I linked above. I think this will be an interesting LP with the new music tracks edited in ^^ Also, I will mainly be skipping most of the story, since I've experienced the story many times already, and just wish to play the game. After listening to the whole remastered soundtrack, I plan to include story in the LP as well, at least for the most part. I will be doing minimum Voice Commentary during the story, so I'm just letting you all know this now. I'll update when I finally get the first video up; I plan to start recording today, and i'll try to keep the videos to 15 mins each at least, although, i know that many chapters can take more than this amount of time to do, so we'll see how it goes. Also, I will be doing each video on a chapter by chapter basis, to make editing that much easier to do. - Added 7/11/2014 Due to the amount of time that it takes make sure that the battle map music and the battle music switch properly, I wish to do with the map themes as I said I would do with the battle themes. So the generic player/enemy battle attack music will probably not be used after the prologue, just to make the editing and video upload flow more smoothly. I will still be keeping animations on, but the map themes will be playing instead of the battle music unless it is a battle where the generic battle music isn't played. I hope you all will enjoy this! =3 Update: 7/9/2014 Added a Poll for Eirika or Ephraim routeUpdate: 7/10/2014 Including story elements in the LP now No VC while story elements are going on. One video per chapter if possible. Battle Music poll question added Uploaded Test Video Voting for Music Tracks ends 7/11/13 12 PM EST Update: 7/11/2014 Uploaded Prologue Added description of what I plan to do about the map & battle music after the Prologue. Update: 7/14/2014 Uploaded Chapter 1Update: 7/15/2014 Uploaded Chapter 2Table of Contents: Test Video Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2
  9. I've recently started playing Tactics Ogre Let Us Cling Together for the PSP, and I'm finding it to be quite enjoyable. I've heard that there are other Ogre series games, as well as Final Fantasy Tactics games which play similarly. What would be your recommendation for me to play, especially since I'm new to the series?
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