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Found 2 results

  1. After looking at the trailer, one thing that how my attention was in the battle forecast. Where the enemies had crit rate ranging from 2% to 5%. The difficulty is unknown, but a game where potentially enemies have a small change to crit is going to make me reset time to time. The only other Fire Emblem game where I believed this occurred normally was in FE5. Perhaps luck will be a more valuable stat this time around?
  2. I'm going to make a wild claim, and try to call the theme of the story. I think it will be about power corrupting people. Let's look at the trailer. So here is my prediction for the story. It starts off with the Edelgard being involved in training battles, and also defending herself against some bandits. However, she doesn't like the fighting, and fights only if self defence. Eventually, she ends up defending against a crest-holder, and taking the crest. At this point, she decides to not only protect herself, but also protect others using her newfound power. This eventually causes the story to a larger and larger scale, as Edelgard makes larger and larger battles for the sake of peace. The other two houses join her side after being saved. This eventually comes to a peak when Edelgard kills the goddess and takes over the country. However, unlike most fire emblems, where that would be the end of the story, there is a new plot twist. Edelgard does NOT produce order by killing the goddess. Instead, her soldiers sow chaos by abusing their power and killing innocents in her name. Like Sanaki but she's the protagonist. She then has to restore order by fighting her own army and tearing apart the very unity she created. The story eventually ends with order being restored, as laws are created to prevent people from abusing their power.
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