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Found 4 results

  1. This thread serves as discussion for the four parts of the Valkyria Chronicles series. Use it to discuss or ask for information or impressions, if you are new or have you not played this series yet but want. I have started Valkyria Chronicles mainly for two reasons: The genre feels unique to me. It is basically XCOM but not static. The story takes place in the area of the Benelux-States, French and western Germany whilst the NS-regime was established. The map of Europe is changed, but some bigger and smaller towns made it in the game without a name change. And yes, my hometown made it in too. I have not seen the exact connections to the real plot of this time yet, but I expect the story to be rather dark cruel. As for the gameplay I definitely have to get used to it, but I think and hope it is nothing I will not overcome. I am really excited for the further story.
  2. Warning: this LP will likely contain some spoilers (mostly minor, though). Also, this game contains scenes of violence (though no blood), political/racial undertones, and otherwise fairly harrowing depictions of warfare and persecution for a game rated T/Pegi 16. Not only that, but this game now features a certain someone with quite a foul mouth. Both my own commentary and a good chunk of Raz's dialogue will contain gratuitous amounts of "s**ts" and "a**holes", and maybe even an "H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks" or two. Hello fellow strategists, and welcome to a brand new game and LP! And in fact, it's my first ever video LP. Of course, I'm here bringing you the fresh new Valkyria Chronicles 4, a strategy-action game loosely based on World War 2. Nothing else special about this, just a new game. Though I will attempt to play through the game with minimal grinding. From now until I beat the game, I will be uploading four one-hour blocks every week on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Expect a new part on those days; if I miss a day or two, I'm probably out of town. I'll let folks know here what's going on if anything comes up. Without further ado, let's get started with Valkyria Chronicles 4! ヽノ
  3. Isn't vegetable man bootiful? Warning: this LP will contain spoilers, naturally, though I won't spoil significant plot elements until I reach them, even under spoiler tags. I'll go into it assuming some haven't played, and I'll gloss over some story elements so that those following can understand the context behind the stuff I'm doing in the game and so that those curious could hear my thoughts on the game. If you haven't played this game, I highly recommend that you do, especially if you're a fan of strategy (particularly games like XCOM), WW2 revisionism, or good anime. (It's only $20 on Steam) Also, this game contains scenes of violence committed against unarmed civilians (though no blood), political/racial undertones, and otherwise fairly harrowing depictions of warfare and persecution for a game rated T/Pegi 16. This is balanced out by occasional slice-of-life or otherwise lighthearted moments, but it, by and large, is a game about war. Don't let the silly image above fool you. Dude's actually incapacitated and in need of a medic. Final warning: my posts are all kind of rambling and long-winded. I apologize; I'm trying my best to improve. So yes, for my first LP ever on this site, I decided to do a favorite of mine: Valkyria Chronicles. Except it is now modded, and I won't be using the leaders (Alicia, Largo, and Rosie) at all. The mod is called Gallian Crossfire. It makes a ton of changes to the original gameplay elements, due to the original game honestly being kind of a breeze by strategy game standards. Essentially, it makes the game a shit ton more difficult, sometimes maybe even a little unfair. I'll list all the specific changes under here, but those who haven't played the game might not understand any of this. Be warned, it's a fairly big list. With all these changes, it now really does feel like you're just this ragtag militia from a technologically poor country fighting a military superpower. If you want this mod for yourself, just look for it under VC's "Community Guides" segment of Steam. Or just look it up on Google; if you've found a page on Steam titled "Gallian Crossfire rebalance mod", then you've found the right one. The mod was created by a user named busards. Table of Contents (should link directly to each corresponding post): Page 1: LP Intro/Prologue Chapter 1-1 (Intro) Chapter 1-2 (Gameplay) Chapter 1-3 (Gameplay) Chapter 1-4 (Closing)/2-1 (Intro) Chapter 2-2 (Gameplay) Chapter 2-3 (Closing) Interlude Segment 1 First Recruitment Segment Chapter 3-1 (Intro) Page 2: Chapter 3-2 (Gameplay) Chapter 3-3 (Gameplay) Chapter 3-4 (Closing)/Interlude 2 Break Where I Promise to LP VC 3 (Japan-only game, but I have English patched version) Interlude 3 Report (Ellet) Chapter 4-1 (Intro) Page 3: Chapter 4-2 (Gameplay) Chapter 4-3 (Gameplay) Chapter 4-4 (Closing)/Interlude 4 Chapter 5-1 (Intro) Chapter 5-2 (Gameplay) Chapter 5-3 (Gameplay) Chapter 5-4 (Gameplay) Chapter 5-5 (Closing)/Interlude 5/Report (Hans) Page 4: Chapter 6-1 (Intro) Chapter 6-2 (Gameplay) Chapter 6-3 (Gameplay) Chapter 6-4 (Gameplay) Page 5: Chapter 6-5 (Gameplay) Chapter 6-6 (Gameplay) Chapter 6-7 (Closing)/Interlude 6 (Largo Report Acquisition) Report: Largo's Passion (Part 1 - Intro) Report: Largo's Passion (Part 2 - Gameplay) Report: Largo's Passion (Part 3 - Closing)/Chapter 7-1 (Intro) Chapter 7-2 (Gameplay) Chapter 7-3 (Gameplay) Chapter 7-4 (Gameplay) Chapter 7-5 (Gameplay) Chapter 7-6 (Gameplay) Chapter 7-7 (Gameplay) Page 6: Chapter 7-8 (Closing)/Interlude 7 Start of DLC 1: Behind Her Blue Flame Part 1-1 (Story) Behind Her Blue Flame Part 1-2 (Gameplay) Behind Her Blue Flame Part 1-3 (Gameplay) Behind Her Blue Flame Part 1-4 (Gameplay) Behind Her Blue Flame Part 1-5 (Gameplay) Page 7: Behind Her Blue Flame Part 1-6/2-1 (Story) Behind Her Blue Flame Part 2-2 (Gameplay Start) Between the last part and the next part is a long break and an apology for said break, plus a recap of everything that happened before Behind Her Blue Flame Part 2-3 (Gameplay) Behind Her Blue Flame Part 2-4 (End) Interlude 7 Continued/Chapter 8-1 (Story) Chapter 8-2 (Gameplay) Chapter 8-3 (Gameplay) Interlude 8 (Incorrectly labeled) Chapter 8-4 (Middle Story Part 1) Chapter 8-5 (Middle Story Part 2) Chapter 8-6 (Gameplay Start) Without further delay, let's get started: EDIT: I'm not gonna be posting here for a bit. With the release of VC4, and my desire to play it, I'm reticent to be playing two Valkyria Chronicles games simultaneously. And moreover, I plan to actually LP VC4. So in the end, to save me from a possibly staggering workload and to keep me from getting burned out on this game, I will keep this LP on hold until I've thoroughly finished VC4 (beaten all the main chapters and DLC). I will not end this LP yet, though. I promise that unless something happens to me (life's unexpected, what can I say?), I will ultimately finish this LP all the way through. I'd say at the latest, I'll be starting back up in early January.
  4. So I love Fire Emblem as most people here do. I honestly love everything about it. But I know myself to an extent and probably others are getting tired of the exact same format of the turn based rpg with RNG this series is founded on. That got me thinking, there's another strategy rpg out there I love, and it's Valkyria Chronicles. So the idea is we combine them, or rather we make Fire Emblem in the style of Valkyria Chronicles in terms of gameplay and perhaps story. Background information. So I'm assuming most people haven't played Valkyria Chronicles. So the game is similar to Fire Emblem at first glance, it's a turn-based rpg where you move units across the map with units of different classes. This is where the glance ends. What makes Valkyria unique and enjoyable is the ability to free roam whenever you select that unit and perform an action any time, whether it be attack an enemy, heal, or that's really it. The movement is set for each class with a Action Gauge filled with Action Points (AP). Enemies also fire on you (depending on the class) as you move which makes postioning and reaction time key. Another thing is that before an action, the game pauses to an extent, every other unit is paused, but your unit can freely swap between weapons and items while aiming, which is another part of this game, besides healing and repairing terrain, nothing is guaranteed immediately, every attack has a chance to miss and the enemies (and your units) have the chance to dodge attacks. It also has a unique cover system which increases defense when crouching or crawling. Terrain is also interractible with cover being destroyed or rebuilt. Units can die in Valkyria as well, though specific criteria has to be met for them to die (get koed, and then captured by an enemy or are not rescued within 3 turns) with specific criteria there for if your lord dies or you turn out or other objectives are not met which will cause game overs. Also basically you have x amount of Command points a turn, which one CP equals one movement for a unit, 2 if it's a tank (don't think this would be incorporated into Fire Emblem unless a Manakete or something), and then your lord/leader can give various commands to all allies or specific ones, like all units gain defense at the cost of 2 cp or heal this one unit for one cp. There is also battle commands like Sniper support, which could be incorporated as well, also this commands are limited to 1 of each type per turn (so you can do all defense up but then no specific defense up). So basically Valkyria Chronicles is very similar to Fire Emblem but with a unique twist that makes it its own thing. So how do I think this would work? Well I feel like enemy counterattacking as you move would not be incorporated, however I feel like positioning units in the style of the Action Gauge would work well, though once a unit acts they shouldn't be able to do anything else, with the exception of specific skills, which Valkyria has under potentials, which are class skills learned by leveling up and in units performance in battle, they learn their own specific potential, which can be extremely good or something out of the garbage bin (looking at you Humanitarian). A example would be Pegasus Knights with Galeforce (which would reset their movement to max and give them another action, but limited to once per turn). This brings me to the next point, classes. So Valyria Chronicles 1 only has 5 classes, but that's fine since they serve different roles due to the different setting. But using Fire Emblem's classes we can have Knights be the tanks or possibly specifically be the anti-beast unit but have terrible aim against other enemies, beast units could be very powerful units that resist all normal means of attack, but could be nerfed by their weakness to knights or if there is CP in this game (which I hope not as every unit should be able to move) they would cost more CP, next have Pegasus Knights be high moving but low damage classes (still weak to bows), Bows basically serving as snipers, clerics and dancers could serve the support role like the engineer in Valkyria, being the best at healing allies and giving slight buffs to allies and possibly terrain reconstruction, mages could serve as a middle ground between foot soldier and archers, able to attack at medium range to close range but having similar defenses to the archer, units such as Cavalier would have less movement then pegasus knights, but more firepower and longetivity, with Mercenaries being very similar but on foot (so lower movement) but the ability to going into buildings or other tight areas like Forests. In which terrain could very well affect accuracy and damage like Valkyria, But I feel like the chance of you missing would work well in combat given Fire Emblem is a series based on RNG. A thing I like about Valkyria is that all units of a class level up at the same time meaning all Mages will go from 1-2 at the same time, this is done through the training grounds with BEXP given as map cleared rewards (alongside gold, which can go into "buying" researching weapons from the armory) of which it should vary based on turn count, units defeated, units lost/koed, and other objectives completed (but make it balanced so scouts aren't the only class worth using due to base rushing). The lord would be very crucial on the battlefield if they were able to passively buff allies or do other things (arrow volley perhaps, catapult support?) at the cost of their turn, making it high risk or high reward with a depth of strategy (also could have dancers do the buffing orders while the lord gives combat orders). We could also see more detail in the world like in castles or in towns. Story wise mix-in Fire Emblem with the bit of depth we have in Valkyria Chronicles, as the plot basically is WW2 Fire Emblem with quite a few changes. Also possibly linking this all together is the fact that Laura Bailey, the former voice of Lucina, and who basically defines Lucina's voice in the hearts of many, also voiced a major character in Valkyria Chronicles 1, and also voiced any lines said by that character in any other games that character appears in So I basically made this to share my idea. I think it could work and would be refreshing, but what's your opinions? Do you think it could be a major redesign for the franchise if they did do this or is it a bad idea changing Fire Emblem and basically taking everything unique about another games series? (It would be a nice crossover game at least, Emblem Chronicles)
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