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Found 13 results

  1. This is a game in which you. Must find a word that rhymes with the following word a person puts. For example. I put Frog Other puts Dog Other puts Bat Other 2 puts Cat. So on so forth. Repeating a word in any way means you fail the game. No exceptions. First Word: Oath Edit: Put Orange and you mega fail. Please actually try.
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_wars_by_death_toll This is something I wondered for quite a while, how many people likely died during the five years of the war? Some people have claimed millions, but considering the technology level and the short duration I find that unlikely. I could be wrong but I would estimate somewhere around a couple of tens of thousands most. But I would like to hear if anyone has a way to figure out what is likely to be the estimated number of casualties. If I want to know if the war was worth the do not, I need to calculate more exact numbers. As well as a way to know at what rate the old system would claim a victims. Maybe such an exact calculation is impossible
  3. So I just finished playing Binding Blade, which is my last gba title. I want to jump into the NES/SNES era of games and thought Genealogy would be a good snes era game to start with. But is there any other title I should play before that? And what tips should I know before jumping in? Thanks in advance.
  4. ok, I finished the game for the first time( amazing game). but the ending got this weird text( probably because of translation maybe?) afer seizing the final castle and then froze on this screen. Is it a bug or maybe it was a translation bug?
  5. Guys if you like Fe4 and want to watch an LP of it with a twist make sure to watch this.
  6. Second Edition Red vs. Green has returned! The rules are simple. Add one if you are red, subtract one if you are green. If the number is positive by the end, Reds win. If the number is negative, Greens win. The game ends when special colors are removed. We'll start at 0, whoever posts first can count it to -1 or 1.
  7. I know this has been touched on in more than one thread - usually one not just about the topic - and seeing it again might annoy some people. If you don’t want to rehash your side of the argument, that’s fine. Skip this thread. But I feel that what I consider my side, the side of wanting to criticize Ryoma for his actions is often not well argued or fails to touch on the parts that really bother me about his actions here. I’ve always felt there is a real lack of clarity to why Ryoma comes across badly here. I mean, I remember reading discussions surrounding dislike of Robin’s actions in Awakening when the enemy fleet is burned and the lack of remorse/discussion among the characters about the act. But for some reason whenever someone says “Ryoma was kinda a jerk in Chapter 12” he gets defended a lot. But while Nohr is presented as a “morally ambiguous place” that often does questionable things, the story presents Hoshido as good and honorable. Which is why it is so easy to have a kneejerk disgusted reaction of Ryoma’s choices in Chapter 12. Because it’s a guy claiming he’s on the high ground while doing questionable things. Skip to the end for the Tl;dr version. We can look at it this way – people were so bothered by the treatment in war of prisoners and the wounded, we got the Geneva Conventions (back in 1860s) which defines the basic rights of wartime prisoners (civilians and military personnel); established protections for the wounded and sick; and established protections for the civilians in and around a war-zone. Specifically it states that persons taking no active part in the hostilities, including members of armed forces who have laid down their arms and those placed hors de combat (aka taken out of combat) by sickness, wounds, detention, or any other cause, shall in all circumstances be treated humanely. To this end, the following acts are and shall remain prohibited at any time and in any place whatsoever with respect to the above-mentioned persons: violence to life and person, in particular murder of all kinds, mutilation, cruel treatment and torture, taking of hostages, outrages upon dignity, in particular humiliating and degrading treatment, executions. Plus a second part which states after combat the wounded and sick shall be collected and cared for. But the Geneva Conventions weren’t the first historical event where people came out and considered just what was considered ‘acceptable’ during times of war – there is much literature on basically the treatment of the wounded, sick and shipwrecked that date quite a ways back. Back in the day, that could include the injured giving their parole (a promise not to fight) and retaining their weapons, or giving up all their weapons in order to pass. But, more problematically, what if you have a cultural tradition of killing the enemy’s badly wounded, or not giving aid? – people turned around and returned the ‘favor’. Many cultures therefor went out of their way to do both. Saladin sending his physicians to a sick Richard the Lionheart – talk about an early example of helping an enemy who was not all that well liked by his enemies because it was honorable and the right thing to do in Saladin’s eyes. A similar debate was engendered when Edward I took the female relatives of Robert the Bruce captive, then hung them in cages outside the castle walls for years at a time as bait to get Robert to surrender. Edward claimed he was justified because Robert the Bruce had been excommunicated, and bringing him to heel was more important than other moral imperatives. There was, however, a lot of criticism, both straight up moral outrage and worry about what might happen if English noble noncombatants were captured. – though this is a much more extreme example. I’m outlining this not as an argument that Fate’s had this sort of laws in place, but that humans have long had a knee jerk reaction to certain acts they define as inhumane. Ryoma’s act in the chapter where he not only refuses to allow Elise to seek aid but then uses her as a bargaining chip to get what he wants can easily fall under what people classify as lacking morals. Some of my personal problems with his acts here are thus: - He uses Elise’s condition to further a person vendetta – not to help the war effort: He wants Nohrrin, not a surrender of the Nohrian army. (If you’re going to do something questionable, at least make it useful. As it stood, he didn’t do anything to actually help end the war here and still went down a path that put a non-combatant (as outlined by hocs de combat) in danger. I struggle to even tell myself that Ryoma “was trying to capture an enemy general” since at this point Nohrrin has actually not held any campaigns on Hoshido soil, unlike other divisions of the Nohr army, nor was Nohrrin currently heading to fight on Hoshido soil. Nohrrin is running around dealing with uprising in Nohr. Which mean Ryoma had to ignore all those segments of the army actually fighting Hoshido along the border to enter Nohr and track down Nohrrin. I can’t see it as anything other than personal) - He puts his own men at risk to literally stop Nohrrin from saving Elise – he was not holding the castle because it was strategic, but because he knew Nohrrin would be there and wanted Nohrin back. “I’ve been waiting for you!”(This makes me irked as his ability to lead and his lack of care for the men under him. He shows he’d rather put his own men in danger to take a location in the first place just to confront Nohrrin. Then when Nohrrin proposes they don’t have to fight, that Nohrrin only wants the medicine Ryoma pushes the fight. He engages even though other options are on the table – and Nohrrin is willing to negotiate - and does so because he wants Nohrrin. This kinda ties back with my first point of personal vendetta, but has to do with endangering your men for something personal) - He is aware of Elise’s condition and doesn’t offer aid: When presented with the reason why Nohrian was there, he didn’t care (this goes against the previously presented ‘kind’ and ‘honorable’ character Ryoma. Would you consider it inhumane if an enemy commander refused to let a sick and dying person past to receive aid? He could have let just Elise past. Or let a doctor leave. But he refused both options – well, ok, they’re not presented, but there is hardly any discussion about his options. Once Nohrian refuses to surrender but wants to talk it out, Ryoma literally attacks instead, saying it’s surrender or fight, no in between. You could easily argue that Nohrian wasn’t even given a chance to request a doctor or turn Elise over to the enemy to be treated. Neither action reflects particularly well on Ryoma imho. He chose to let Elise suffer to further his agenda that wasn’t even a strategic or military one. This is a hard thing to feel good about, especially since the game has set up Ryoma as a “good” and “honorable” man. It’s the same thing with Xander being a “good” and “honorable” man who is tortured by his actions which he commits in the name of “duty”. At least the game acknowledges his actions are wrong, yet Ryoma doesn’t even see the moral problems with his.). Now, that all being said, it is clear from the game that Hoshido regularly employs practices that would be against today’s morality standards about war. Jacob and Oboro have a conversation about battlefield ‘clean-up’ aka, killing the wounded. This is also directly against today’s standards. But the reason I’m outlining this is I often see people saying we shouldn’t hold Ryoma’s actions in Chapter 12 against him. But that’s ignoring the understanding of war and rules we hold today. (I’ll note here that Japan subscribes to the Geneva Conventions. So it’s likely that their current society does take umbrage with poor treatment of wounded and sick. So this might actually be a purposeful enacting of trying to create disgust with a “good” man). By the morals and rules of warfare we uphold today, his actions are something that results in kneejerk disgust . Even more so because he’s been present as an honorable and good man who claims to be better than Nohr. But that isn’t shown through his actions. I think leaders should lead, not extort. Which was what Ryoma was doing in Chapter 12, and worse, he was doing it for personal reasons, not combative ones. So I think it is fair for people to hold these actions against him. Tl;dr In the end, I am bothered by the claim that Ryoma’s actions were logical – he marched across enemy territory to confront his missing sibling and get them to come back with him. Not logical, emotional. Once he’s there, even though the option is on the table to discuss things, he demands surrender or fight – putting the lives of his men in danger in favor of a personal need to have a sibling “come home” with him. Still emotional, not logical. Further, a poor sign of leadership as he’s literally prioritizing his personal need over his men. His refusal to give Elise medicine or let her have access to doctors? I’ve seen it argued that it’s pragmatic, but it’s not. He loses nothing by allowing her treatment. However, considering she is a royal who he is willing to let die in a non-combative situation, he has now set the standard for how his own sisters and brother might be treated as prisoners. He loses any goodwill they might otherwise have. One might argue that the goodwill was never there, but to Ryoma there is no evidence of this. While Nohr has treated its prisoners of low birth poorly (see Kaze and Rinka), it currently has a history of treating prisoners of high birth well. After all, his last sibling to be taken by Nohr wasn’t killed....and was raised as a royal. Letting Elise die is almost guaranteed to change this. Saving her, however, builds goodwill towards how himself or his family might be treated during the war. Definitely not logical or smart, especially since Nohrrin was willing to negotiate, so it was not like he didn’t have any other choice. Ryoma was the one who made the choice that it was surrender or fight. So this is my argument that we should be able to hold Ryoma’s actions against him as they feel moral questionable, that he did not act logically nor pragmatically, and that he failed to behave in manner befitting a leader and general.
  8. 1: Say you like a pairing, say Mario x Peach. 2: Wait for someone to hate on your pairing. "marioxpeach sux, luigixpeach rulz! gt said so!!!1" 3: Get annoyed and try to be reasonable to them. "No, Game Theory was wrong. Mario and Peach have more ship-teasing." 4: Have your bad pairing of choice flame you. "i am right, you are rong. luigixpeach 4ever, only idiots ship marioxpeach, noob." 5: Get very annoyed and yell at the guy. "STOP INSULTING MY PAIRING! MARIO AND PEACH FOREVER!!!" 6: Someone clicks the report button and calls in a mod. 7: The mod locks the thread and bans both of you. "locked, banned. no shipping wars allowed." 8: Whine in bed as you wait out your ban. Take your salt to the internet wasteland. PS: I ship Mario and Peach, regardless of GT. PPS: In Tomodachi Life, I got with Peach. 3PS: Do not take this seriously. But it's FftF, what did you expect?
  9. If anyone could make a Sacred Stones revision of Seliph from FE4, that'd be awesome! Seliph/Celice btw vvv and by revision I mean his portrait (ghasty edit, don't double post please, just edit this one) Sweeeeeeet!
  10. The "The War For Our Future" thread is starting to become popular now, and in typical role playing fashion we're starting to make personalities and back story for our characters. This thread is where you write down your character bios! [spoiler=Bio template. This is optional, so use it if you wish]Name: Birthday: Birthplace: Last Known Residence: Class: Speciality: (List special skills). Voiced By: (Can take out if having trouble. You may list JAP and/or ENG voices). Crit/Skill Activation Quotes: [spoiler=Dusk]Name: DodgeDusk (Dodge and/or Dusk is acceptable) Class: Was a Sniper, but has recently reclassed into a Warrior Birthday: 30th July Birthplace: Small village in Ylisse Last known residence: A Valmese inn Critical hit/skill activation quote: "This is for them..!" "You never stood a chance!" "Meet you in the afterlife!" (He no longer says this, due to believing that he now has a reason to live) "How unfortunate!" "Your death will please me" Voice actor: Steve Valentine Stats: HP: 80 Str: 50 Mag: 5 Skl: 46 Spd: 42 Lck: 45 Def: 35 Res: 30 Axe: A, Bow: A Appearance: Has very similar hair to Narbarl/Naverre but is coloured white instead. He dons a light blue fedora with a white feather on the right side. He wears an asymmetrical white jacket, which reaches to the back of his left leg. Wears white trousers, white top and light blue gloves, boots and a light blue muffler, which covers most of the lower half of his face. Ever since chapter 1, his left sleeve has been mostly ripped off, due to being stabbed in the arm with a killer lance, and there is a gaping hole in his jacket, due to being shot in the shoulder by Breezy. He'd repair his clothes, but he thinks that the rugged look matches his personality and past Bio: Puts others before him, but his exterior is moderately cold. Has good intentions but can be a bit blunt and condescending but ultimately respects everyone in the army. Is very sarcastic and is the one who plays with his hair the most He never knew his parents, as they were killed by bandits before he could even remember. Somehow avoiding them, he ended up wandering into a small village and was adopted by a young couple out of pity. The couple weren't very nice however, as they forced him to study in isolation with little food or water. When he was around 9 bandits yet again attacked the village, killing the couple, as well as the others. He hid whilst this savagery was going on, and when it all finished the village was pretty much beyond the point of repair. Armed with a bronze axe one of his carers used trying to protect to village, he set off on his own. Not used to the outside world, he quickly fell unconscious out in the wilderness When he woke up, he found himself in a bed. Realising he was in a house he quickly found the owner outside chopping wood with his axe. After a conversation he found out that his man was a retired Feroxi soldier who used to fight representing Basilio in the arena until he was bested and nearly killed by the now-current champion, Lon'qu. The man decided on teaching Dusk everything he knew about an axe and trained him up until he was about 11. Around this time, Dusk noticed the man had an old iron bow in one of his closets. Explaining to Dusk that he used to be a warrior, warriors wielded both axes and bows. Dusk though that bows were a lot cooler and asked if he could be trained with a bow instead, which the man happily obliged to. This carried on until Dusk was around 13 or 14 when his training was finished. Thanking the old man, he decided to wander off and try life as a young mercenary. After a year or so, he found a quiet Ylissean village not too far from the Ylissean-Plegian border and decided to stay there. He tried joining the local mercenary group there (which consisted of a bunch of kids around his age, with the leader being a young adult) but none of them were happy with it and mocked him. Infuriated, he challenged the leader in a 1v1 to the death. After blundering wit his bronze axe the axe broke under the sheer strength of his opponent. Switching to the iron bow his old teacher gave him, he showed an excellent display of archery and nearly killed his opponent. Surrendering, the leader gave up his title and gave it to Dusk, thinking he was the better fighter. Thinking that he was much better with the bow than he was with the axe, he disregarded the axe and carried on training further with the bow. The other mercenaries quickly grew fond of him, and they eventually all became friends Was in the war against Plegia during Emmeryn's rule commanding a small force of close friends protecting a village. Would've won the day without any problems but the Plegians did a dirty trick which ultimately had the whole village burning to ashes and was the only Ylissean who walked out alive that day. Has survivor guilt because of this and doesn't want anybody to be too close to him, as the pain of losing another close friend could prove too much. His cold demeanour was somewhat forced by this event, but he was never exactly open arms to begin with After this he became a mercenary with morals, which is a rare trait for someone who had little money and barely any emotion. One day he was offered 50000G to be the husband of a daughter to a man who was an important figure in Valm. He accepted and is now officially married, although he had no special feelings towards this woman, until she was killed by a bunch of local bandits. Promising her he'd always be by her side protecting her he felt even more guilty about being alive. Since then he told himself he'd never get too attached to anybody ever again. In memory of her he still wears a chipped ring on his ring finger, but is covered up by a glove so nobody can see it. After the events of chapter 8 he no longer wears this ring, since he is in a relationship After chapter 3 he starts to question himself, seeing most of the things he believed in was crushed in a single night. He hides himself from everybody as he sees himself as a failure, only showing his face for important discussions. Otherwise he's either in his room or in the courtyard during the late hours of night, practising his bow (and maybe something else?) After the events of chapter 8 Kat and him started a relationship. For the first time in his life since his friends were killed he felt happy for once. Since that night his attitude has been a lot more upbeat and optimistic, but snaps very easily when something gets brought up that involves negativeness and Kat mixed together, or when his feeling of guilt is brought up [spoiler=Kat]Name: Kat Original name: Agrona Zaphikel, though if your name is Alicia, Sorin, Dusk, or Phoibus, call her that at your own peril. Most recent name before Kat: Elspeth Zatara Age: Appears 25. Her current body is over 200 years old, however, and her mind is even older. Birthday: No longer remembers. Celebrates it at the end of the year. Birthplace: Her original country is long gone, and forgotten by history. Last Known Residence: Ylisse, which is how she came across the Dreamers Class: Currently FE2!Priest Speciality: Assassinations, Rallying, Convoy management, Black Magic, Scolding Voiced By: Tara Platt Crit/Skill Activation Quotes: "Goddess Rally." -> For the Goddess Rally only "Yeah, no." "You're boring me." "Enjoy the afterlife." "I'm sorry, Mila…" Appearance: Currently has short black hair, with a bright blue right eye and a blue-green left eye, courtesy of Dan. Wears an assassin's outfit that's not quite as tight as the typical female assassin garb. Weapons: Swords and Black Magic, though she keeps a dagger on hand in case of emergencies Bio: Known as Mila's Warrior, Protector, and Assassin, she's far older than she looks. Due her contract with Mila, she has a type of immortality where she can be killed, but is instantly reincarnated as a baby again. Once she reaches a certain age, varying throughout the years, she regains her memories and takes her place again as a neutral guardian. Due to reasons she still hasn't truly revealed to the others, however, she has chosen to not be neutral in the Anna conflict, instead fighting alongside the Dreamers. However, the fact that they'll all eventually die on her scares her, due to how close she's becoming to all of them. ​In most of her lives, she's leaned towards the assassin profession as it's the most familiar to her. However, she has trained in many other types of weaponry and magic, though daggers, swords, and black magic are always her best. Since Tabitha's death, however, she hasn't practised and, to her chagrin, she's very rusty and practices often to regain her skills. Recalls only having one loving family in all of her lives, her most recent one. Thus, their loss was absolutely devastating to her (especially her little sister, Tabitha), and triggered events that separated her from Phoibus, her one constant throughout the many lives, due to his own contract with Doma. Has recently started up a relationship with Dusk, and, while this makes her incredibly happy, she's also very scared that his insistence on heroics will lead him to an early grave. Due to coming from a time where kissing wasn't kept just for couples, she freely kisses people, as a sign on admiration of affection, something Dusk hasn't realised yet. Remains the army's biggest enigma, due to everything she's seen, yet also appears to be one of the few people capable of holding all of the Dreamers together, something she doesn't quite understand. Her loyalty, or the faith she has towards a person can be lost if the person commits genocide, or something similar. A couple of days after chapter 11, she has been rendered bedridden and thus, can not do as much as she wants to. Yuffie has allowed her to travel via his dead wife's horse, which will make transporting her to and from places easier. [spoiler=Sorin]Name: Sorin Age: 20 Build: 1 Hair: 5 Hair: Silver Voice: 2 or Calm Birthday: August 29th HP: 80 Strength: 41 Magic: 41 Skill: 42+5 Speed: 44+5 Luck: 40 Defense: 38 Resistance: 42+5 Weapon Ranks (Awakening) Swords: A Magic(Anima, Light, and Dark): A Class Change "I will grow stronger. No matter what."(Class Up) Class Change "For the light at the end of the tunnel."(Class Change) Dual Support "I'm here." "This is nothing to you." "I'll watch your back." Dual Strike "Too Slow." "That all?" "Need a hand?" Dual Guard "I won't lose you." "Aren't you lucky." "Get Back!" "Just in time." Critical "Checkmate!"(Couldn't resist) "You're only asking to die." "Step Down." "C'mon, fight back." "There's no escape for you." Partner Defeated Enemy "I didn't need your help." "...Thanks I guess." "Well done." Enemy Defeated "Try again." "Did that hurt?" "*Sigh*" Voice actor: Brandon Karrer Appearance: A Grandmaster but with the clothing of Izanagi-No-Okami from Persona 4 The Golden (minus the helmet) or at least the cloak and chest guard. Roster A tactician found by Chrom in a field outside Ylisstol. He has a very rich bloodline that started back in the days of the Holy War. Also where his family blade, the Purgatorial Abysm was made. Refuses to use magic(Well this incarnation does.) no matter how proficient his is and chooses to hone his rather amazing sword craft. He mysteriously has both the Mark of Naga(On his chest from his mother, Chrom's Half-Aunt) and the Mark of Grima(on his right hand from his father, just guess) but tries his best to keep them hidden. Isn't afraid to get his hands dirty in wartime but loving to his allies and family. Fell into this outrealm and began helping the resistance somehow becoming its leader. Tries not to crack under the stress but... The most easily hid emotions of the army. His mother is the bastard child of Chrom's grandfather and a mistress of his. Although this making her Chrom's father's half sister, she was still shunned by him and the rest of House Ylisse despite her pacifistic nature(Which was later adopted by her half niece, Emmeryn.). Eventually she ran away and by chance met Validar. She somehow fell for him and bore him a son. Afterwards however she found out about his sadistic Grimleal desires and in attempt to save her son tried to return to Ylisstol but was denied by her half brother and exiled. The rest was lost to history....or was it? Due to Sorin's lineage of having Exalted and Grimleal blood along with many other bloods, using either Light or Dark Magic make the symbols of his hybrid blood cause him great pain. Using Thunder Magic is extremely easy for him and yet very powerful(During the Holy War, his blood becomes mixed with Tiltyu's Freege Blood.). Sorin himself has been reincarnated and has taken place in many major conflicts throughout history. It follows his bloodline and so far, he has been in Jugdral, Archanea, Elibe, Magvel, and Tellius. Once they die, that reincarnation's soul is sealed into Abysm to aid the future ones. His ancestors found the Purgatorial Abysm. Purgatorial Abysm was made back during the 12 Crusaders battle against the Dark God, Loptyr. Due to all the positive and negative energy from Naga and Loptyr this it was made from the mixture of both energies and took the shape of a blade. The blade was found by the original Sorin's family and was passed down eventually going to him. Abysm "infected" Sorin's family's blood with both Naga and Loptyr energy changing it into the only blood accepted by it. The Naga and Loptyr blood eventually fused many generations before the first Sorin was given the blade forming the Holy Blood known as, Purgatorial Since it was made from Light and Darkness it has an aversion to both while having a slayer effect on both and has been sought after because of the immense boost in power it gives. It is a powerful channel for light and dark magic as well as a unmatched physical weapon. Due to the blade's neutral alignment and the fact that the first hands laid on it were those of Sorin's family there is now a seal preventing those other than family from harnessing it's it because now Sorin's blood is the complete median. The blood can be replicated though. Just not easily. In Awakening, Abysm is acquired by Sorin from Tiki once they climb the Mila Tree. It was found by one of her followers once his mother lost it. [spoiler=Anonymous Speed]Name: Anon Class: Hero Birthday: 4/22 Birthplace: Unknown, somewhere on the Altean continent Residence: Wayfarer Specialty: Axes, science, surprise and variable tactics, preparation, deduction Voice actor: Nolan North Class change: 'Let's see what else I can learn this time...' Dual Strike: 'Impress me!' 'May help?' 'I love the feel of a fight during all times of the day!' Dual Strike: 'Excu-se me,' 'Worthless protoplasm!' 'Double the power!' Dual Guard; 'Access denied!' 'Ah-ah-ah,' 'Failure! You okay?' Critical: 'You think you've seen it all? I can do so much more!' 'Breathing is strictly prohibited among the enemy ranks!' 'Heheh, behold!' 'Strike a pose!' Partner defeats enemy: 'Well, color me impressed,' 'Hm, I must do better!' 'Well, I could learn a few things from you,' Defeats enemy: 'Heheh, I love a good fight!' 'Quite the experience!' 'Whoo, glad that's over,' Appearance: Tall, pale faced with curly brown hair. Has a flawless jawline. Bio: A high end mercenary, Anon has spent almost half his life trying to better his faith, fighting and mind, and over the years has accumulated an impressive collection of texts, weapons, scrolls, and other trinkets and trophies. He has very high professional standards, believing that any qualified professional should be able to complete their job without collateral damage or civilian casualties. Despite his love of warfare and obsession with weaponry, he is picky about who employs him, and has a strong hatred of unnecessary death, such as slaying surrendered humans and slaughtering individuals not directly involved in the fighting. He has vast array of fighting techniques and facts at his disposal learned from intercontinental travel and devoted study, to the point of his having a web if contacts in several underground circles if battle and theorization. Generally, Anon is boastful, difficult to deter and upbeat, taking joy in every moment of his fights and every so often making some snark remark. He's also very scientific, thinking through even the most ludicrous of possibilities and explanation and being well versed in a handful of fields of research. He is rarely worried or somber, except in scenarios were he perceives himself unable to protect close associates of his, such as his family or allies. However, he has a difficult time getting over his failures. His many possessions make his quarters the most cluttered of anyone in the army, he despises waste or time or resources, and is very strict about being prepared. One last defining trait about him is his over-zealously celibate tendencies, taking pride in his single life style and having high disgust to the point of hatred towards explicit sexual material. He has a brother named Block, an archer of engineering ability to rival Anon's genius. Anon puts a lot of faith in his brother and is on good terms with him, as he writes when time allows and has left him in charge of looking after his family while he is busy in the Dreamers campaign, never showing doubt in Block's ability. [spoiler=Carter]Name: Carter Birthday: October 21st Birthplace: Ylisse Last Known Residence: Ylisstol Outskirts Class: Dark Flier; War Cleric on foot. Speciality: (Timeless) Tomes, Singing Voiced By: Karen Strassman Crit/Skill Activation Quotes: "You can try..." "Get ready!" "Slow down!" "Not today!" Appearance: Long, smooth brown ombre hair. Usually puts hair as a bun (w/ side braid) or high ponytail (just in case any of you don't know what these look like). Has her share of dresses, usually shirtdresses or wrap dresses. If not, she normally wears crop tops with high mini skirts, or her tank tops with skinny jeans & UGG boots, or short shorts and sperrys'.. (LOL I feel like I just described my dream wardrobe). Bio: A generally nice girl with an alter ego.. that is if you can trigger it. Is honestly blunt, and extremely rude. If you can get onto her soft side, then kudos. A normal girl in Ylisse, living with her brother and sister. She joined the group after reading said recruitment. Being one of the first to sign up, she has become the Master Tactician, alongside her old friend, Sorin, who has become the commander. Her reasons for being mean are unknown, but you should never do anything to upset her. Gets upset real easily, and likes to have things her way. Is smart academically, but physically weak. When in a tantrum, adrenaline rises a thousand fold, and her strength becomes uncontrollable. Doesn't spend much time fighting with most of the group, as she just stays behind and practices her magic. She spends most of her time singing, regardless of others' opinions. She is usually shy and withdrawn, and extremely self-conscious. She aspires to be a singer. The one with the loudest scream. [spoiler=Polydeuces]Name: Polydeuces (Poly for short) Birthday: April 25th Birthplace: Regna Ferox Last Known Residence: Ylisstol Outskirts Class: Hero Speciality: Ranged Swords, Diversions Voiced By: Katsuyuki Konishi (JP)/DC Douglas (ENG) Crit/Skill Activation Quotes: "Time for the showdown!" "I'll rip you in two!" "Witness the impossible!" "Your ass is mine!" Appearance: Short, messy, greyish-white hair and a scar on his face. His battle model is more akin to Linus & Raven's models from FE7, as he wears a dark blue and black longcoat with the Roman numeral 'IV' on it, signifying his past as "The Emperor of North Ferox" as well as lending to the tarot motif. Under the coat, he wears light armor akin to that of the Bow Knight or the traditional Mercenary class. Bio: A young man from Regna Ferox with a chip on his shoulder and a flair for dramatic entries into battle. He joined the Anti-Anna Brigade alongside Kat and several others, but due to a supply snafu, he did not appear until later in the liberation campaign. Poly is a classic case of split personality syndrome; on the battlefield, he was formerly known as "The Emperor of Northern Ferox" due to his wild and vicious fighting style - which he pays homage to with the 'IV' on his coat - whereas off of the battlefield, his scatterbrained intellect allows him to be the ideal diversion specialist for the army, though he occasionally gets lost in the woods if he ventures too far in. He's known for being a great cook amongst his friends, though he is generally reluctant to showcase this side of himself. As a former Khan of Regna Ferox, Poly holds considerable influence amongst the Dreamers, but rarely acts serious in relation to missions due to his rather lackadaisical nature towards life in general. His family is considered a very touchy subject, as his parents were both high-ranking Grimleal priests from Ferox and his former wife, Sumia, was murdered and devoured by the Risen after an ambush led to the fall of Regna Ferox to the control of the Annas and their legions. His daughter, Cynthia, remains alive, and is currently travelling with Chrom and several other survivors in order to find a safe haven whilst the Dreamers attempt to purge the world of the Anna infestation. He has an eye for romance, at least where it concerns others, and often attempts to pair people in the army up with their comrades in order to promote chemistry (or something like that). Despite this, he has no eye for romance relating to himself now, since his wife was killed. He's also noted as the one who slayed the former Khan of Ferox, Basilio, in combat, though he claims it was out of respect for him as opposed to a grab for power. [spoiler=Ace Tactician]Name: Ace Tactician (or just Ace) class: Grandmaster Birthday May 1 Birthplace: ??? Last Known Residance: Ylisstol Castle Voice Actor: Wendee Lee Critical hit/skill activation quotes: "Keep your hand raised to the level of your eyes!" "Rest in ashes and dust!" "You can't stop Chaos" "My appearance means doom for you all!" Stats: HP: 80 Str: 39 Mag: 44 Skl: 37 Spd: 42 Lck: 45 Def: 39 Res: 42 Appearance: Long brown hair kept in a high ponytail with long side bangs, wears glasses. Wears the standard Grandmaster outfit but with a red sash around her waist. Has on her right hand, a brand consisting of a golden bird flying towards the rising dawn sun. Bio: A kind, cheerful and idealistic woman who is an expert with swords and magic tomes. She values friendship, honesty and loyalty. Ace was born with strange powers, although she had trouble controlling them until she was eighteen years old. Whenever Ace gets angry or upset, her normally brown eyes turn deep red and she becomes a formidable opponent in battle. She watched her best friend, Gaius die before her eyes by an Anna, and because of this awful tragedy, refuses to let anybody else that she considers a friend die. Due to slipping into an extreme grief fueled blind rage, Ace suffered from memory loss afterwards for a time. Due to spending time with the Azure Dreamers, Ace remembered that her best friend's name is Gaius and that she married Ylisse's Prince Chrom after defeating Mad King Gangrel and that she has a daughter, Lucina. And there were events that suggested Gaius might not have been dead after all, and that she was from an outrealm. Ever since meeting her twin sister, Alicia for the first time since being separated at birth Ace learned that Gaius was alive thanks to Alicia’s powers of Soul Judging. The two have since formed a close bond despite their separation for so long. Ace has since then become a bit protective when it comes to Alicia, even going to far as to pummel those who would hurt her, physically or mentally. She has also developed an aversion to watching people die, either by suicide or an enemy. Ace fights on for the day she can see her husband and daughter again, though after hearing what Alicia went through in life Ace also wishes for her twin’s sisters. happiness. Outside of battles, Ace can be found constantly studying to improve her skills and tactical prowess as to not lose her edge. The one most likely to lose her temper. Ace’s powers include: super strength when Chaos Mode is active, taking the form of either a bird or blue flames and empowering her allies by channeling her power into her friends. And occasionally dreaming about events. Tumultuous Arrangement's (AKA chaos mode) limitations is this: 1) Ace has to get angry at something, eg a foe or something the foe did. 2) There has to be enough chaos around her to tap into the skill, like a raging battlefield with lots of fighting and bloodshed. 3) There's also the risk of Ace losing her perception on who's a friend and who's a foe if she stays in Chaos Mode for too long since she hasn't mastered it yet. So Tumultuous Arrangement is purely a battle skill since it requires Chaotic energy to be used. [spoiler=Alicia Taylor]Name: Alicia Taylor (or just Alicia) Class: Grandmaster Birthday: May 1 Birthplace: ??? Last Known Residence: Somewhere in Eastern Ferox Voice Actor: Caitlin Glass Critical Hit/Skill Activation quotes: "Rulebreakers shall be punished!" "Your actions shall be your undoing!" "Your time on this plane has ended!" "Farewell." Dual Guard quotes: "Overruled!" and "Motion denied!" Stats: HP: 80 Str: 44 Mag: 40 Skl: 41 Spd: 37 Lck: 44 Def: 42 Res: 40 Appearance: Long brown hair with half in a bun and the other half down to her waist. Also wears glasses. Wears the standard Grandmaster outfit but with a blue sash. Also has on her left hand, a brand consisting of the morning sun rising over a blue set of scales. Bio: Ace Tactician's twin sister and the Heiress of Order, also skilled with blades and tomes. She was raised in Ferox by her uncle, an assassin known as ‘Twilight Jack Taylor’ who she referred to as Father in public to make everyone think she was his child. Alicia values honesty, order, friendship and written rules and regulations. Alicia used to come off as cold, logical and emotionless to most people, but now she's better about being herself around others. Alicia deeply cares about her twin sister, Poly and the friends she makes. Alicia being the Heiress of Order has the duty of guiding the souls of the deceased to their proper plane of existence, which means she is capable of reviving a select few people who are not ready to move on to the next plane of existence. Her powers include turning the vilest of evildoers into stone and the Risen since they are unnatural creatures, dismissing the bound souls inside Risen under the right conditions and empowering her allies. She can also cast magic without tomes, though doing so tires her out since it uses her own energy to power the spell. Her limitations are these: 1) Alicia's surroundings must be calm for her to use her powers, it can't be in the middle of a raging battle. 2) Alicia herself must be calm and collected. 3) For dismissing Risen, the souls used to create said Risen must be displaced from their proper plane. If no soul was used, this ability doesn't work. Also doesn't work if they are souls Alicia hasn't guided to the correct plane yet. Alicia as a child discovered she could sync with the emotions of others, given the proper environment and the person allowing her to peer inside. Though this ability was sought after by many people seeking answers their loved ones, leading to Alicia’s empathy power being abused for purposes without the best intentions in mind. Tired of being someone else’s tool, Alicia ran away and discovered a place where the planes of Earth, Heaven and Hell intersected, creating a neutral ground where secrets could not be concealed. It was also where the souls of the deceased would often gather before moving on. This place became Alicia’s safe haven where she often expressed her feelings, locked away from the outside world below her. When Alicia’s uncle died from walking into a trap set by his rival, she found out first when she encountered his spirit in the Neutral Ground. Alicia would later find out her crush was the one responsible for setting up her uncle’s demise. This added grief caused Alicia to become disillusioned with romantic relationships, and resulted in the young man being turned to stone. Even after taking over leadership of her uncle’s assassin group as ‘Emotionless Judge Taylor’ people still sought after her empathy powers, now even more so after being refuted to lack emotions of her own. Alicia fled to the Neutral Ground one night, frustrated over being used to solve other people’s relationship problems and inadvertently summoned her uncle’s soul from heaven. At his advice, Alicia resigned as leader of the assassin group and freely wandered around Ferox, Ylisse and Plegia as a freelance mercenary. Though years of having her empathy power used for other people’s personal gain rendered her unable to freely express her emotions around other people out of fear that her gift would be discovered, thus adopting a façade of being logical and stoic. Her only safe haven at that time was the Neutral Ground. After noticing the disappearance of many deceased souls from other planes, Alicia traced their disappearance to the very outrealm where she meet her twin sister for the first time since birth. It was in this same outrealm that she met and eventually fell in love with Polydeuces, the ruler of Regna Ferox, after seven years of believing she’d never love again. Alicia has since then decided that her true home is here by the side of the man she dearly loves, using her intellect to help the country prosper after the war. Outside of battles, Alicia is normally found reading books pertaining to legends, rare weapons and items and/or tactical strategy tomes. Has the best control of her emotions of the army. [spoiler=Crizix]HP 63 STR 21 MAG 42 SKL 35 SPD 40 LCK 43 DEF 20 RES 47 Bio: A modest, self-effacing girl that loves to help others when she can. She is very kind, but quiet and somewhat of a doormat. She values solitude, but is always happy to hang out with friends. The one who stutters most. She spent her childhood reading fiction and studying magic in a convent. As her "sisters" always spoke against violence, she started learning to use Staffs at a very early age, avoiding Tomes until she was fourteen. Even then, she had to train with her offensive magic in secret. After she was given Luna, her trusty steed, for her sixteenth birthday, she decided to travel around Yliesse to learn more about the world. However, the Annas started trying to wipe out humanity after some time, so she joined the fight against the unnatural family tree. Although she tends to shy away from everyone in the army, deep down she truly cares about them all. [spoiler=Giraffatitan]Swordfaire, Zeal, Wrath, Gamble, Astra Bio: Niall was adopted at 15 when his parents died of some strange disease. 2 years have passed since then and he teaches many how to wield a blade. Other bios are in second post
  11. Hello, I am the clone of a great Brigadier, Nodney the Great... I have come here to scout out your forums... and decide how we will bring you down. But for the time being, just enjoy yourselves with my company... you dont have long to live... The Emblem Brigade will soon rule over you and your pitiful forest!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!! (I'm with Cancer Lancer.... How'd you like my intro? Intimidating, right? anyway, im here mainly to rp just like my friend Lancer.)
  12. Around 100 years ago, one of the greatest conflicts in history began. Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated by a Serbian nationalist, sparking war between the Central Powers, primarily Germany, Austria, and the Ottoman Empire, and the Entente, including Britain, France, Russia, Italy, and the US. This thread is dedicated to any discussion related to the First World War. Opinions, stories, and theorizing are all welcome.
  13. So does anyone play or used to play Emblem of Gundam? It's a strategy game somewhat similar to Advance Wars but it's only in Japanese for the Nintendo DS. Here's a trailer.
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