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Fire Emblem: Secrets of Darkness

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Well, me and some friends are doing an FE8 project. On my forum we have a topic where we post information about the hack to showcase it before it's released. Well, I decided I'd post some info here too seeing as there might be more people that are interested in the hack here.



Harp is the main character of our story! She is the princess of a land called Ataria which is currently ruled by her greedy uncle, Renald. Harp's father was the true king but he died and Renald was left in charge until Harp was old enough to become Queen. Harp is protected by her trusted guard, Jacob. Harp uses Anima magic specializing in Fire spells, she can cast her own, one-of-a-kind spell called Blaze which is hot enough to melt armor on contact.



Jacob is a Knight of Ataria, he is one of the highest ranking members of the Atarian Counsil of Knights. Jacob was charged with protecting Harp by the last king before he died, despite Renald ordering him to stop he stays to the duties of the "true king" which often angers Renald. Jacob uses a one-of-a-kind sword which he calls the "Static Sword". The Static Sword is imbued with the power of thunder by simply raising the sword Jacob can summon thunder to strike his foes.



Shon is Jacob's apprentice, he recently joined the Atarian Knights. He aspires to be like his teacher and one day join the Faritian Counsil of Knights. Shon's father died when he was young and he was left in the care of his uncle who dissapered a short time later.



William is a mercenary that is in the employ of Dorgon. He is a good friend of Shon, while he says he's courageous is is really a coward who uses a bow because he is affraid of face-to-face combat.



Those who have played Devourer of Time may recognise this face! It's Ace, the main character! While it is unsure if he's the same person they do look identicle (like Devdan and Danved). Ace appeared out of nowhere one day and challenged Strafer, the leader of the Cravil Mercenaries to a duel. Being the cocky one Strafer is he bet his command on the battle and lost, Ace then took over the company but most of the fighters left only Strafer and Alex remained.



Strafer was once the leader of the Cravil Mercenaries until he wagered his command in a battle with Ace, after Ace won Strafer lost his command and most of the men that followed him. Strafer stuck around with Ace because he wanted to train and eventually fight him again for his command back.



Alex is the only fighter to stay with the Cravil Mercenaries after Ace took over, it is rumored he is related to one of the warriors who fought in the Battle of Barhara. He stayed with the mercenaries because he wanted to stay with his old partner, Strafer.



Garth is the leader of the Atarian Counsil of Knights. Despite his age he is still an able bodied fighter often commanding the battles against Dorgon. Garth has stated that if he were to perish Jacob would take his place as the leader though Renald often protests this at the meetings. Garth is the only one who still has faith in Jacob these days as his defiance to Renald has lead the other members to suspect that he and Harp are traitors to the throne.

Oh yah, if you have any ideas for a title they would probably be better than what we got.

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Sorry for the DP but I couldn't fit all the images on one post...

Bronze weapons


Inspired by Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn we are adding Bronze weapons to the mix! Most characters in the beginning will have bronze weaponry while your enemies will have your standard iron weapons to add to the difficulty!


Were introducing a new weapon type into the game! Thats right, Knives are making their appearance in Secrets of Darkness! They will be mainly used by Thieves, Rogues & Assassins but there may be a couple of other classes that can use them as well!

Wing Clipper

Some of you may remember this weapon from Genealogy of the Holy War, well it's back! The name and idea remain the same but take a new form, this time this weapon appears as a knife!

Wind Spell


Just like the weapons have gotten new E Ranks so has Anima! The wind spell is the weakest of the anima team but it's inexpensive and effective for attacking non-magical enemies.

Blaze spell


The blaze spell is Harp's personal spell, it creates fire hot enough to burn armor on contact! There is only one copy known to exist and Harp treats it with extreme care.

Oh yah, please note that the second blaze picture was from the very early stages of the project before we got into text editing and stuff.

Commentary and suggestions are welcome on this topic!

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O hai thar Alex?

Also, Why are you mocking me with this? YOU KNEW I WANTED IT DIDN'T YOU!?

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Ohhh, I like. It looks very awesome, it does.

Thank you! We had a demo patch available but it done in about 30 minutes on Christmas Eve.

Also, Why are you mocking me with this? YOU KNEW I WANTED IT DIDN'T YOU!?

What do you mean by that?

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Alex looks a bit like Alec, and I'm pretty sure I saw the word "Barhara" in his description. Any chance this project is related to Holy War?

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I'm sorry to break it to you guys but this project has been canceled so I can put my full attention on FEIV Advance. After that I dunno, I'll probably end up coming back to this but as of now this project is dead.

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