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  1. Just use FEBuilder to do that it has a better gui support for things like that. I was trying to find it here on the forum but you can get it from the github and download the .7z file, extract with 7-zip software then start the application. The github is located here
  2. So when you extract you don't have the FEBuilderGBA in the folder at all?
  3. The link is literally under the first hidden the first spoiler/hide content tab
  4. Obviously going with Calvina Just got back from outta town update to follow tonight/tomorrow.
  5. Hey there is a translation patch out for this right? I'm about to start up and I don't mind the native language but an english translation would be enjoyable.
  6. I swear this is going to be the most fun I've had playing SRW in a long while thanks for the picks Eclipse.
  7. If I'm not around let Eclipse draft for me work has me all over the place this week sadly.
  8. Strike Gundam EDIT Sorry was trapped @work with no access to the forums......
  9. Tekkaman Blade has yet to let me down if it's my pick he's it.
  10. Mmmmm If you need ppl you can sign me up. Just gotta find my PSP now.
  11. I say update when you feel like it either once a chapter but I say more because who wants to stop to post a update when you are on a roll.
  12. Guess I will help with being kinda nice Paladin Xander
  13. Happy birthday!

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