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  1. How very interesting. Surprised and happy that Diamant and Alcryst so high. I expected the girls to be higher to be honest considering how much more screen time they got throughout the main story.
  2. Mage Canoneer calculated dmg using dex? And calculates hit using str??? And they deal magic dmg??? Interesting. I might as well reclass my Boucheron to Mage Canoneer then???
  3. Out of everything, I would love to keep the class-based innate weapon proficiencies they're so much better than having to train a unit in a particular weapon for the entire game. (Fates+Awakening).
  4. Now that all Emblems are in the game, which Emblem are you giving to each Character? There’s so many to choose! And a handful won’t be used in your main team! So I’d like your opinions! My Current Maddening Run: Chrom -> Alear (double chain attacks!) | Veronica -> Warrior Clanne | Soren -> Sage | Pandreo | Hector -> Diaman | Tiki -> General Amber | Edelgard - Wyvern Lord Bunet! Definitely want to use all DLC Emblems this time around! I’m not sure on the rest
  5. Does Boucheron’s Moved to Tears personal skill add +2 to every attack he makes? If that’s so then he’ll be great with brave weapons.
  6. I agree! Ivy’s low dex and low luck makes her prone to missing alot / getting crit so engraving patch that is absolutely required. I also feel Eirika’s skillset really makes Fogado shine. Timerra’s lack of str+bld, middling spd+def is very annoying i could never deal a ton of dmg on her unless she procs sandstorm. In the end I only used her for the dual assist I had her inherit(which I guess is not a good skill on her)
  7. Very interesting summon ability! Brave staff is also fun lol. My favorite thing is the contract ability and Reprisal! Boucheron and Panette will definitely love this.
  8. Chrom’s skills have been revealed! And they’re mostly different than what I speculated lol. Instead of a rapier, Chrom gets a Levin Sword as his first engage weapon! Interesting. He also gets a sync skill where he disables enemy counter-attack if you are on a terrain that grants avoid? And when engaged, Robin will provide an additional chain attack. All posted on the jp twitter just a few hours ago! Since Chrom’s third weapon just has to be Exalted Falchion, there’s still hope for Gradivus/lance to be his second weapon. What threw me off the most is Chrom’s sync skill I never would have thought that kind of skill is for him lol
  9. I don’t know if this was answered before but, Can Break Defenses crit and/or proc skills? Like Ignis/Sol/Sandstorm?
  10. Interesting I didn’t even know there was a datamine yet. But anything can change! (hopefully lol) I’m hoping Chrom’s Engage skill allows lances so Sigurd’s Override won’t be the only one!
  11. Omg i forgot about Gradivus but you’re right that would make more sense! Marth has Mercurius, Lucina has Parthia, and Chrom would have Gradivus, and it’ll double exp! I also forgot about Chrom’s Bond Ring xD. Veronica summoning an extra unit would certainly be very strong and worthy of being the last emblem in Engage. If she summons a new one every turn she’s engaged, there would be like three more units in your army temporarily. That would be a riot!
  12. Quick! Before the twitter announces their skills! I want to speculate what they might be, for fun lol. Chrom I believe will have the Rapier(lol), the Blessed Lance, and the Exalted Falchion. Definitely a lance weapon cus of his Great Lord class, and it’ll be magic-based. Although, since Robin is also included in Robin’s emblem, I’m tempted to include one tome at least to reference him, but I’m not sure if their emblem will act like the Azure Twins or the 3 Houses Trio. Chrom will probably grant a boost in str, dex(cus he’s prolly a sniper in apotheosis lol), and spd. As for Chrom’s skillset, he’ll definitely have Rightful King, which will probably make him best suited for the nobles to help proc their skills. He will probably have Sword Guard and dex/spd+5, both are skills not in the game yet (last I checked) and dlc emblems have a running trend to include these types of skills lol. Chrom’s Engage Skill we have seen a glimpse! Robin “enchants” your sword with thunder, which you’ll then strike the enemy. This makes me think it’ll act like Ignis. One fun ability I thought for Chrom would be the ability to “seperate” from the emblem-bearer and act as a seperate unit for a 3/4 turns. In exchange, you can not use the engage skill. I view it as a different, more flexible version of Azure Twins “Day and Night” skill lol. As for Veronica, I have no idea!! Her engage skill is definitely summoning someone to attack, and the type of stone used will definitely affect what weapon type unit you want. Since we saw that Veronica can summon Emblem Ike, I believe she can be the “copycat” Emblem, in that she’ll summon any emblem and use their abilities for one turn. To make this OP, she can summon a different hero every turn she’s engaged, which will overwrite the previous hero. So you can potentially have two Ike’s in one turn, then two Corrin’s in another lol. We only have a few days before the truth comes out, but it’s fun speculating lol. What do you think they might have?
  13. Lyn’s Engraving would reduce Killing Edge weight from 10 to 8, which is exactly Kagetsu’s base build! I keep the engraving on the killing edge until he gets two build, which then I switch to Corrin’s Engraving lol.
  14. Cool! I was one week off but I’m still happy lol. This makes me think Wave 4 will release in early April now lol. and then maybe a new game announcement in june (copium)
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