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Your opinions on resets/rng abuse for good level ups

RNG abuse/Resetting for level ups  

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  1. 1. Do you consider RNG abuse/Resetting for better level ups to be an "undesirable" thing?

    • Yes, you're denying the random nature of the game and different strategies that result from it. If someone gets screwed, use a different unit.
    • Yes for regular play, but if it's LTC it's acceptable sometimes since you some maps require certan str/spd levels to achieve low turns.
    • Yes for regular play, but it's okay to do it on harder difficulties.
    • No, if a character is falling significantly behind on their averages I'll help them out.
    • No, but I'll only do it if it's convenient (start of map/map save/bexp level up/short and early chapters)
    • No, I abuse for good growths anytime I get growths I'm unhappy with!
    • Screw that, I just hack stats to what I want so I don't have to deal with that BS!

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I am all for it when it comes to LTC'ing. Some strats in some games can require pretty strict str/spd/def benchmarks to get the lowest turns possible (or a good TC if its not the best possible). It can also save time and frustration since sometimes characters can get so screwed that you have to figure out a strat that works with your screwed characters and it takes a lot longer than just resetting for levels early on. Also, I love resetting the first level in a chapter to optimize it whenever my characters start chapters close to a level up. It's pretty awesome in RD LTC/drafts for Micaiah as there's BEXP to raise their level to .99.

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Usually I never bother with rng abuse because I don't think its worth my time. The only exception was in fe12 with Gordin and Ryan because their bases where just horrible and I needed something till they promoted. Not a whole lot, but just something to make sure they gained some speed once in a while.

It helped that the ds emulator was easy to work with multiple save files.

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^Gordin has pretty decent bases I think; he just happens to be an archer.

Yeah, the culprit is the class Gordin/Ryan are in and not their actual bases. Gordin's problem is that he competes with Athena for Prologue deployment and that's obviously bad, really bad. But I find Myrmidon fixes both Gordin/Ryan in the higher difficulties and they're great as Pirates in H1 and down.

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RNG abusing a level up or two wouldn't kill a unit but doing it for every level up. If the unit is 20/10 and gains nothing then whatever but if they are level 10/0 and gain nothing, I would actually consider restarting a chapter for a better level up. For the most part no.

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