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Touhou Fantasy, Xenomic's RPG Maker game!

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For those who do not know this project, it is a game that I have been working on for the past 6 years almost solo (I've had some help here and there, and I appreciate the help from the many folks that has helped). Take heed that I've done no graphics or music myself, the sources vary. I am always looking for more help with this as well~

Concept Art:



(2nd Concept Art)


(August 25th, 3rd Concept art)







(NEW; based on original sketch)

(NEW; based on original concept)





Concept Sprites:


Original version by Chamat (animated by CVS Abstract. Thanks you two for doing this bit for me~):

Updated version by original concept artist (uses original as a base with colors):


There'd be too many vids to post, so I'll just post the playlist link here, and show the more recent Battle Animation Exhibition vids.

Link to Other Vids:

Beta Release Video:
[yt] [/yt]

Beta4 Release Video:
[yt] [/yt]

Beta4 2.0 Video:

Exhibition Videos:

You can find the patches and beta link there, but just in case, here they are:

For the Game files: http://rpgmaker.net/games/3758/downloads/3561/

CommandRTP (Run RPG Maker games without installing the game or RTP package): http://rpgmaker.net/engines/rm2k3/utilities/5/

Feel free to leave feedback on the game and ideas/criticisms~

First review: http://rpgmaker.net/games/3758/reviews/1826/

Current version (1.121): http://www.mediafire.com/download/ka77ce9hkpo2lj5/Touhou_Fantasy_Version_1.121.rar

Please make sure to get this as well and unzip in the Facesets folder. There are some missing files that'll crash the game without them: http://www.mediafire.com/download/hyh85nd4z6elfl7/FaceSet.rar

Music: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/0nw7t9lzue4y8/Touhou_Fantasy_Music_Packs

*NOTE! If you only want the base music, get just the Vanilla Music packs and the Theme of Components found in the subfolder. If you want all the music, get everything. For all music files, place it in a folder named Music in the Touhou Fantasy directory.

Keep in mind that you'll need to run the CommandFTP first in order to play the RPG. If that doesn't work, let me know and I'll see if I can't fix things up. I'm hoping I have this going correctly ^^;; Enjoy, and I hope you all have fun with this! Looking forward to hearing from you guys ^^

Eventually, I'm thinking of making a Fire Emblem styled game (one for my original story, and one for Fire Emblem in general. I can already think of a few characters that'd be in it, if it were a crossover type game...).

Right now, I am thinking of actually adding in some FE references (the first two being two accessories, the Dragonstone and Divine Dragonstone, but I don't know what to make them do...). If anyone here wants to help out on this, that'd be great! I'd love to get this game done and over with...5-6 years of working on it mostly alone is taking its toll on me. ^^;;

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I honestly haven't gotten that many screenshots of the game proper, but here's what I have for now. Most are in-battle screenshots:

Screenshots of in-game currently:



Screenshots of each playable character:



















Screenshots of each playable optional character:








Screenshots of each temporary character:






















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Once again, I come to you, forumgoers, for help on finishing my game. Details are as follows:

Details for Touhou Fantasy:

Production: 5-6 years in the making
Completion: 50%
Rough Current Gameplay Estimate: 30-40 hours (aiming for roughly 50-60 game hours for main game)
Maker: RPG Maker 2k3

For those interested as to what's left to do, or what's in the game entirely, the following is the current To-Do list in order of events in the game. Where the * is in the Beta5 section is where I'm currently at:

Touhou Fantasy Order of Events:


1) Introduction - Kourindou, Myouren Temple, Chireiden, Sunflower Fields, Hakurei Shrine
2) Hakurei Shrine (Start of Game)
3) Human Village (Supplies)
4) Misty Lake (Defeat Cirno and Daiyousei. Cirno joins the party.)
5) Scarlet Devil Mansion (Meeting with Remilia. Marisa leaves the party.)
6) Hakurei Shrine Ruins (Meeting with Hope)
7) Kourindou (Meeting with Rinnosuke and Yukari)
8) Forest of Magic (Defeat Rumia and Mystia, event with Reimu and Cirno)
9) Marisa's House (Lose vs. Marisa)
10) Scarlet Devil Mansion (Defeat brainwashed residents. Patchouli and Meiling join the party. Aya leaves the party.)
11) Bamboo Forest of the Lost (Defeat Wriggle, Reisen, and Tewi. Reisen joins the party)
12) Eientei (Defeat Tewi and Eirin. Lose vs. Kaguya).
13) Scarlet Devil Mansion (Defeat Remilia. Sakuya joins the party. Revelation about Hope. End of beta1).


1) Human Village/Underschool (Defeat Keine and Tenshi)
2) Youkai Mountain (Switch to Momiji and Aya. Save Nitori from youkai. Defeat Suwako. Party split between two teams, one lead by Reimu and the other lead by Momiji. Defeat Hina, Sanae, and Parsee with Reimu's team, and defeat Tenshi with Momiji's team. Switch to 3rd team (Sanae) and defeat Rinnosuke, where Kanako and Suwako temporarily joins the party. Go to Giant Toad's Pond to defeat Rinnosuke/Yukari, and then Exodus. Storyline events unfold, and then Momiji and Nitori joins the party. Sanae and Suwako can then be bought from the shop. Lily White can also be fought here at any time after switching to Momiji's team.)
3) Scarlet Devil Mansion (Optional fight with Remilia. Can get Remilia as a party member if victorious).
4) Winter Forest (Defeat Ice Behemoth)
5) Hakugyokurou (Defeat Youmu, then storyline events. Defeat Yuyuko, then later Saigyou Yuyuko. Lose vs. Rinnosuke. Introduction to Fate. Youmu joins the party.)
6) Bamboo Forest of the Lost (Cutscene as forest is destroyed)
7) Eientei (Defeat Tiamat. Storyline events. Cirno and Komachi joins the party. End beta 2.)


1) Road of Reconsideration (Defeat Lich and Kraken. Storyline events with Shikieiki. Can battle Advent Cirno for a brief time before is unavailable.)
2) Remains of Hell (Defeat Kisume, then later Marilith)
3) Sunflower Field Ruins (Defeat Yuuka. Yuuka joins the party.)
4) Road of Reconsideration (Cutscene with Shikieiki. Final chance to fight Advent Cirno)
5) Bamboo Forest of the Lost (Defeat Mokou. Mokou joins the party. Keine becomes available to buy at the Tengu Village shop)
6) Road of Reconsideration (Cutscene with Shikieiki.)
7) Remains of Hell (Defeat Yuugi. Yuugi temporarily joins the party. Defeat Kisume/Parsee, then later Kisume/Parsee/Tenshi. At Chireiden, defeat Satori. At Blazing Fires of Hell, defeat Utsuho. Storyline events unfold from here.)
8) Mayohiga (Defeat Chen and Ran. Storyline.)
9) Human Village Ruins (Cutscene)
10) Poltergeist Mansion (Defeat Lunasa, Lyrica, and Merlin, then defeat all three together. Lunasa temporarily joins the party. Defeat Alice and Chaos. Reimu is temporarily unusable from the party. Defeat Meimu with forced party of Momiji, Marisa, Yuuka, and Byakuren. Storyline. Byakuren and Remilia joins the party. End of beta3.)


1) Kourindou (Defeat Adrammelech. Cutscene at Youkai Mountain).
2) Misty Lake (Defeat Kraken. Temporarily lose Cirno and Yuuka.)
3) Scarlet Devil Mansion (Defeat Culex, then later Flandre and Hades. Temporarily lose Remilia and Patchouli.)
4) Mayohiga (Cutscene with Ran)
5) Road of Reconsideration (Cutscene with Lich)
6) Remains of Hell (Defeat Marilith, Koishi temporarily joins the party. Defeat Omega Weapon, Yuugi leaves the party and Utsuho temporarily joins the party. Defeat Rin. Cutscene. Teleporter becomes active in Chireiden. Koishi and Utsuho are then buyable from the Tengu Village shop. Komachi temporarily becomes unavailable.)
7) Hakugyokurou (Lose vs. Mima)
8) Myouren Temple (Cutscene).
9) Hakurei Shrine Ruins (Enemy gauntlet. Defeat Iron Giant)
10) Youkai Mountain (Temporarily control Sanae. Hina, Minoriko, and Shizuha temporarily joins the party. Defeat Exodus at Giant Toad's Pond, then head to Kappa Caves. Defeat Chaos Spider and then Kanako. Defeat Tenshi with Momiji/Aya, then defeat Ozma with Momiji/Aya/Byakuren/Tenshi. Defeat EX Tenshi, then lose vs. Order. Temporarily lose Aya.)
11) Dream World (Defeat Kurumi, Meira, Elly, Kana, and PC-98 Yuuka)
12) Scarlet Devil Mansion (Koakuma temporarily joins the party. Head to Interdimensional Rift, then defeat Medicine and Yamame.)
13) Icicle Caverns (Tempoarily use Iku/Letty/Nazrin. Defeat Alice.)
14) Insect Forest (Tempoarily use Mystia/Wriggle. Defeat Tenshi, then Chen/Tewi tempoarily joins the party. Lose vs. Order, then in 2nd round with Iku/Letty, have Iku use 5 turns. Defeat Order with forced party of Iku/Letty/Yuuka/Cirno.)
15) Eastern Forest (Yuuka, Cirno, Remilia, Komachi, and Patchouli all rejoin the party. Koakuma leaves the party.)
16) Cave to Makai (Defeat Alice, Shingyoku, Meira, Sara, Elis, and Rikako. Mokou and Aya rejoins the party, then defeat Fate. Storyline. End beta4.)


1) Cave to Pandaemonium (Defeat Iron Golem, Asura, Shadow Dancer, and Pandaemonium Warden.)
2) Pandaemonium (Storyline, then defeat Alice, Yamame/Medicine, and then defeat Rikako with Yumemi.)
3) Hollowed Caverns (No Magic can be used in dungeon. Defeat Yuugenmagan. Yorihime temporarily joins the party. Defeat Louise).
4) Hollowed Caverns - Interdimensional Rift (Yorihime is no longer available as a party member. Avoid Omega with 3 separate parties (Marisa/Hope, Momiji who later finds Aya/Nitori, and Remilia who later finds Sakuya/Patchouli/Meiling. Defeat PC-98 Marisa with just Marisa, then defeat the Magic Stone).
*5) Makai Fields (Defeat Inferno with one of three separate parties, then defeat Yukari using Shinki/Mima/Youki).
6) Makai Caves (Tempoarily use Rinnosuke/Yukari/Yamame/Medicine. Lose vs. Akyuu, then lose vs. Meimu. Defeat Kanako).
7) Pandaemonium (Storyline events involving Byakuren. Defeat Myouren with Byakuren. Storyline events involving Cirno. Teleport to Hakurei Shrine becomes available.)
8) Valley of Corpses (No Items can be used in dungeon. Does not affect Nitori's Stock command. Defeat Yuugenmagan, Marquis Malboro, Lich, and Tiamat.)
9) Valley of Corpses - Dimensional Rift (Defeat Kotohime and Magic Stone)
10) Pandaemonium (Storyline events. Relationship between Mokou and Reisen expanded upon)
11) Frozen Fields (Defeat Yuugenmagan, and then later Yuki and Mai)
12) Frozen Fields - Dimensional Rift (Defeat Gilgamesh, Kotohime, and Magic Stone)
13) Pandaemonium (Storyline events. Revelation of Byakuren and Mima working together)
14) Hollowed Caverns (Defeat Curse Dragon)
15) Miasma Fields (10 minute time limit before Strong Poison is inflicted on the party and will constantly deal damage over time. Defeat Rika/Flower Tank, then later Ice Behemoth/King Behemoth)
16) Ruins of Vina (Three separate parties. First with main party, second with Mima/Youki, and third with Chaos/Lunasa/Koishi/Utsuho. Defeat Rika/Evil Eye Sigma, then later Elis)
17) Ruins of Vina - Dimensional Rift (Defeat Erich, VIVIT, and the Magic Stone)
18) Pandaemonium (Storyline events. Battle vs. Seiga who steals various ultimate weapons that Shinki gave the party.)
19) Fallen Shrine (Defeat Zodiark and Death)
20) Fallen Shrine - Dimensional Rift (Defeat Magic Stone)
21) Reimaden (All gimmicks from past dungeons appear here with a couple new ones. Defeat Akyuu, Tenshi, Five Magic Stones/Phantom Mima, and Pestilence.)
22) Pandaemonium (Storyline)
23) Sealed Cave (Storyline)
24) Pandaemonium (Defeat Yumeko with Sakuya alone. Defeat Shinki, then defeat Sara/Luize/Yuki/Mai/Yumeko/Shinki with various parties.)
25) Silent Shrine (Defeat Rika, Warmech, Meira, and Mugetsu).
26) Pandaemonium (Storyline. Defeat Nazrin and Shou.)
27) Myouren Temple (Defeat Kogasa)
28) Palanquin Ship (Defeat Ichirin and Murasa)
29) Hokkai (Defeat Nue. Nue temporarily joins the party. Can choose a party from Marisa/Hope/Byakuren/Shinki/Shou/Nazrin/Mima/Nue/Youki/Alice/Chaos/Lunasa/Koishi/Utsuho. Defeat Kikuri, Elis, and Meimu. Defeat Order, then Order again with only Byakuren, then defeat Sariel. Lose Byakuren from the party. End beta5)


1) Hakurei Shrine Forest (Defeat Chaos with only Hope)
2) Hakurei Shrine (Defeat Reimu with Hope and Chaos. Chaos leaves the party. Reimu rejoins the party.)
3) Forest of Magic - Lunatic Path (Defeat Marisa)
4) Misty Lake - River Bank (Defeat Cirno/Advent Cirno)
5) Youkai Mountain (Defeat Aya and Momiji. At Genbu Marsh, defeat Nitori. At Moriya Shrine, defeat Sanae and Suwako.)
6) Scarlet Devil Mansion (Defeat Meiling, Patchouli, Sakuya, and Remilia, then defeat all four together.)
7) Bamboo Forest of the Lost (Defeat Reisen and Mokou/Keine/EX Keine)
8) Hakugyokurou (Defeat Youmu and Yuyuko)
9) Road of Reconsideration (Defeat Komachi)
10) Sunflower Fields (Defeat Yuuka)
11) Probability Hyperspace Vessel (Defeat Chiyuri, then defeat Yumemi)
12) Remains of Hell (Defeat Koishi and Utsuho)
13) Myouren Temple (Defeat Nue. Nue can then be bought from the Tengu Village shop)
14) Mirage Tower (Party split with 2-3 parties. Tempoarily lose Cirno)
15) Pandaemonium-R (Defeat Rikako/Yuugi/Flandre/Suika, then defeat Rikako with Cirno/Advent Cirno and Daiyousei. Heart of Pandora also takes place during this event, with the player having to use Mystia, Tewi, Chen, Wriggle, Shikieiki, Minoriko, Byakuren, and Eirin as their party members)
16) Eientei - Pathway to the Moon (Yorihime tempoarily joins the party)
17) Lunar Path
18) Lunarian Capital
19) Lunarian Palace (Defeat Kaguya, then defeat Yorihime and Toyohime)
20) Sea of Clouds (Tenshi temporarily joins the party.)
21) Bhava-Agra (Defeat Ultima with Tenshi/Yuuka/Mima/Youki. Defeat Rika/Meira, and then finally defeat Konngara. End beta6)


1) End of Gensokyo (Defeat Youki, Mima, and Yukari. Yukari joins the party.)
2) Gaplands (Trials)
3) The Void (Storyline and defeat all guardians and components. Defeat Rinnosuke/Pandora Rinnosuke/Pandora. End game if good ending is not active, and give bad ending.
4) Heart of Pandora (Storyline and defeat Minoriko, Eirin, Satori, Shikieiki, and Byakuren, then finally defeat Sariel, Pandora Sariel, and Hope Complete. Final battle against Sariel with just Reimu and Hope. End game).


TOTAL = 100 events
Current Done = 48 events
Current Left = 52 events

So essentially, there's about 47 more events left to do. Still quite a few dungeons in general at that (some are going to be omitted. If you are willing to help on mapping dungeons, feel free to ask me).

What Needs Done Still:

Mapping: A rough estimate of 35 dungeons remain for the maingame. I am trying to keep maps for each dungeon, save for final dungeon, under 10 maps each. For more information about what needs mapped, contact me. In addition, some maps can use updates to make them look better.

Spriting: Unless someone wants to make a whole bunch of custom sprites to replace the Final Fantasy sprites, there's not a whole lot needing spriting. Mostly for the OCs such as Chaos, Hope, and Fate, and for Advent Cirno and Youki, and that's it.

Images: Only for the OCs, as there's no need for images for the Touhou characters. Images include concept art and face portraits.

Eventing: This I can probably do for the most part myself, but there are some things here and there that I wouldn't mind having help with, in particular things such as setting up and making sure puzzles work correctly, as well as game systems such as character abilities.

Beta Testing: Always looking for people interested in giving feedback and criticism on the game, as well as find out and test the game for bugs!

Again, if anyone is interested in helping, feel free to contact me! I am really REALLY wanting to get this game done and over with, as working on it (mostly) solo for 5-6 years has been rather taxing, and I really would like to finish this before doing any other games (in particular, I've been thinking of doing a Fire Emblem type game but...that isn't going to happen until this game is done!).

Why do I want to finish this? Well...aside from the aforementioned tired of working on it (mostly) solo for 5-6 years, I'm kinda done with Touhou in general. Lack of interest and all. Now, I COULD just abandon this game, but that feels like such a waste after spending so much time on it, and I hate leaving a good story to hang to dry and never be done, so I'm trying to wrap this up as much as possible. Post-game content may not be included at all due to this of course.

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Just so you guys don't think I'm dead! Yes, I haven't really done ANYTHING in the past 2-3 months, but that's due to lack of motivation, and then suddenly playing a lot of Fire Emblem. Oh, and me falling out of Touhou kinda has something to do with it. But do not fear! I will still be working on this game to try and finish it! Main focus is on the mapping itself. This map up here is the newly revamped Misty Lake (the final area where you fight Cirno). Took a bit to get this looking right, and well...here it is! Now it's up-to-date (for the most part) with the rest of the game's maps!

This leaves SDM, Eientei, and Human Village in need of revamping. Once those are done, then I'll continue working on the actual story itself proper!

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Oh right, I remember that you talked about this once in IP chat. Anyway (once this loads) I'll make sure to see what you have. Also, volunteering to help because I wuv Touhou and yeah. :t

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Just keep in mind the first 5 dungeons or so (well, 3 of the 5 as 2 were completely redone) are still the original versions pretty much and are otherwise obsolete and in severe need of updating. I think I have the chipsets needed to remap Scarlet Devil Mansion now, so that'll happen (and SDM will be smaller with more rooms as well. Library will be completely overhauled too, and may have a gimmick similar to Genius of Sapphieros' library). Eientei...I still have a decent tileset for, but I don't know what to do with the gimmick of the dungeon still. If you watch the video for it on my channel, or on ChefMKT's channel (I highly recommend watching ChefMKT's current runthrough of the game), you'll see just how bad it is.

Human Village, still need to redo too, and make a LOT smaller in terms of how big the area is...ugh...any suggestions on Eientei or Human Village is much appreciated. Also, Suzunaan will not be in the Human Village and will instead be a separate area elsewhere on the world map I've decided. I just...haven't gotten around to doing it yet as that'll require a looooot of work to do, as it'll be the data center of the game, in terms of learning about characters, enemies, items, etc.

If any of ya'll are good with mapping, coding, or spriting in 2k3 style, that'd help a lot too! Or even would like to brainstorm ideas concerning enemies and dungeons! Anything to help move the game along~

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So...I finally think I got something worth using for revamping my mansion:

Old map

God...that default 2k3 tileset with just a few extra stuff never did settle well. But I never could find something to replace it. Until now:

New version of front foyer:


Full view

Don't worry, the size of this map WILL get cut down. That, and some parts (such as the tall walls by the stairs) will get trimmed down too. Not sure how to handle the walls though if I were to extend the stairs to a second floor. I guess I COULD have the stairs go to another screen, but since a cutscene plays here with Remilia being on the balcony of the stairs then leaping down, that's not something I'm willing to change...any suggestions on what to do here? The lobby is meant to be more...circular, but outside of that, I'm not sure what else to do for the rest of the mansion. Like...how many rooms there should be or whatnot. : S

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Well, the Tewi Boo Ring is fine I think. That's probably the ONLY thing that's alright with the dungeon itself. Everything else? I'm not entirely sure...the 4 doors is meant to give some insight as to future events in a way (the Koakuma one in particular, with the upcoming Remilia fight, and then the Keine one hinting at Mokou. Suika and Forest Maze are kinda just there).

In other news, SDM front lobby FINALLY updated...my god...


A LOT spiffier than before. Just took an entire day to actually do since everyone at RPGMaker.net was yelling at me about it being too big and stuff. And then I finally split it into two maps, but now I'm not sure if that was a good idea. So, what do you guys think?

A) Merge the two floors together?
B) Keep them separate?
C) Use Instant Warp transition on stairs to switch between floors?

Since this is taken care of now, I can probably start fixing up the rest of the mansion. And guess what? There's going to be a lot of rooms now. Not really big rooms, mind you, but there's going to be more. Hopefully that's not an issue? ^^;

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Now I'm not good with layouts, but, if there's nothing attached to the above picture, they should probably be combined, for... ease of userness or whatever. BUt yeah, looking good.

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Seems like that'd be the way to go, aye. I'll probably do that then before fixing up the rest of the mansion (the library is gonna be fuuuun...ugh...)

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Well, it kinda already is. This is what it looks like right now:


Not the most exciting of mazes, mind you. I have this tileset now to work with for this though:


It gives more freedom to do things with the library layout...however, I'm not sure HOW I want to deal with this. In a way, it's going to be similar to Genius of Sapphieros, in where you can walk on the top of the bookcases (if there's a ladder nearby). Or it should anyways...if the tiles don't mess up or anything.

Here's the tileset that'll be used exclusively for the basement as well:


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Looks like it'll be pretty interesting, once it's all finished up. I just hope I don't get lost when I eventually play it.

Edited by Locke Cole

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Depends on how I handle the map itself I think. I may have to get help on this particular one, as I'm not sure on what I want to do. Eientei is going to be far worse to deal with mefears >_>

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Hmm, I think that, maybe, the library should have items in the maze and, in the center, where I assume there is going to be a special encounter, there should be like a portal to return to the mansion proper. I didn't know if you already planned that, so I'm throwing that out there.

I hope there aren't any traps by Tewi there.

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The center of the library is where you fight your boss fight (twice actually...first is against you probably can already guess, second, which is much later in the game, is against a boss that nobody would expect), so yeah, having some kind of maze or puzzle to get there would be nice.

As Eientei stands right now, it is by far the worst dungeon in the entire game. All of the puzzles are terrible save for one, and it's just terribly designed. Just...terrible. Can't think of any good way to remedy the puzzle aspect of the dungeon either.

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There will be once I get it all situated. Mostly going to be probably crafting items and the like to make them more feasible. But they aren't going to actually BE in chests per say, since the game does encourage exploring and the like, and the game oftentimes likes to hide items in the most damnable places (there's some items found on tables and stuff, but also in rocks, mushrooms, patches of grass, bottles, etc.). ^^;

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So, Xeno. I've been meaning to ask, would a knowledge of the backstory Touhou be needed to fully enjoy the game, or are you just doing it as a stand alone thing that doesn't really rely on canon?
Also, did that make sense?

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