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  1. [4:18:09 PM] Mαѕαуσѕнι: Do you know what a m-97 flamethrower sounds like? It roars like a dragon, a fiery god purging everything in its path. Hold down the trigger and the whoosh drowns out everything else. Focus on the noise and you can almost convince yourself you don't hear the screams. By the time the tank is empty, everything is over, even the men are quiet. There's nothing but the crackling of burning thatch. You see, it's not the noise that keeps me awake at night. It's the silence. [4:19:14 PM] Elyn: you meme [4:19:23 PM] Mαѕαуσѕнι: thanks r/copypasta [4:20:53 PM] Adrian ;p.: What the fuck
  2. [11:35:28 AM] poly-whirl !: also [11:35:39 AM] poly-whirl !: for shadow: [11:36:01 AM] Mαѕαуσѕнι: oh fuck me with a handbasket [11:36:15 AM] Mαѕαуσѕнι: let me see if I can actually login with my serenes account apparently I was summoned from the depths of hell for this shit, so yeah, guess I'll look at this every once and a while. But fuck you regardless, this meme needed to stay dead.
  3. [6:23:15 PM] Adrian ;p.: not the loli i was expecting(Nursery Rhyme) [6:23:31 PM] Lance Zenbiniar: Hello caster tanks [6:24:37 PM] Adrian ;p.: but hey another Wada servant [6:24:49 PM] Lance Zenbiniar: also true [6:24:50 PM] Lance Zenbiniar: and yet [6:24:56 PM] Lance Zenbiniar: those hands will never hold Ishtar [6:25:35 PM] Adrian ;p.: a question [6:25:44 PM] Lance Zenbiniar: ? [6:25:52 PM] Adrian ;p.: what time did Rin try to summon Artoria in stay night [6:26:06 PM] Lance Zenbiniar: Midnight I believe [6:26:20 PM] Dr. Rudy Mjölnir: Isn't there a specific time for summoning? [6:26:22 PM] Adrian ;p.: time to prepare a catalyst [6:26:27 PM] Lance Zenbiniar: I could check UBW if I actually wanted to [6:28:22 PM] Lance Zenbiniar: Oh [6:28:24 PM] Lance Zenbiniar: It's 2 AM [6:28:32 PM] Adrian ;p.: that's fine [6:28:41 PM] Lance Zenbiniar: Which that's Japan time [6:28:43 PM] Lance Zenbiniar: Soooo [6:28:55 PM] Lance Zenbiniar: If we're an hour behind, then it would be 1 AM [6:29:04 PM] Adrian ;p.: even better [6:29:50 PM] Lance Zenbiniar: I literally went back to UBW to check [6:30:06 PM] Adrian ;p.: i was about to check the anime when you told me [6:30:14 PM] Dr. Rudy Mjölnir: I was about to check it too lol [6:30:32 PM] Lance Zenbiniar: yea its 1 AM [6:30:53 PM] Adrian ;p.: okay time to rob a jewelry store [6:31:03 PM] Lance Zenbiniar: rip
  4. man this place hasnt changed in the slightest
  5. DAMN SON this is a serious burn also op please try harder
  6. [5:59:07 PM] Dr. Rudy Mjölnir: Hi [5:59:52 PM] Elyn: hullo [6:02:18 PM] Dr. Rudy Mjölnir: Prepare for trouble and make it double. [6:03:44 PM] Elyn: to protect the world from devastation [6:04:21 PM] Dr. Rudy Mjölnir: To unite all peoples within our nation [6:04:40 PM] Elyn: To denounce the evils of truth and love! [6:04:49 PM] Lance Zenbiniar: cut that out you memes [6:05:01 PM] Elyn: bu but [6:05:11 PM] Dr. Rudy Mjölnir: But we are halfway throughh [6:05:54 PM] Elyn: ur not my mom god- [6:06:01 PM] *** Elyn gets run over by truck *** [6:06:02 PM] Lance Zenbiniar: girl [6:06:05 PM] Lance Zenbiniar: ill fight- [6:06:06 PM] Lance Zenbiniar: oh uh [6:06:11 PM] *** Lance Zenbiniar cleans pavement *** [6:06:18 PM] Elyn: ._. [6:06:19 PM] Adrian ;p.: Look at what you did [6:06:27 PM] Lance Zenbiniar: it was a mistake [6:06:30 PM] Dr. Rudy Mjölnir: Oh my [6:06:31 PM] Lance Zenbiniar: I swear [6:06:51 PM] Elyn: "Anime was a mistake" - hayao miyazaki [6:06:57 PM] Elyn: i'm done memeing [6:06:59 PM] Elyn: I swear [6:07:18 PM] Lance Zenbiniar: i don't believe u
  7. [8:07:49 PM] Adrian ;p.: i want echoes just for the art [8:08:04 PM] Elyn: and seliph's voice for me [8:08:05 PM] Elyn: I mean wha [8:08:10 PM] Shadowfrost Zenbiniar: wow [8:08:12 PM] Shadowfrost Zenbiniar: wow [8:08:13 PM] Shadowfrost Zenbiniar: wow [8:08:16 PM] Elyn: lolololol [8:08:17 PM] Shadowfrost Zenbiniar: wow [8:08:22 PM] Elyn: pshhh [8:08:24 PM] Adrian ;p.: i wish i had seliph so i know his voice [8:08:26 PM] Elyn: he's seliph [8:08:26 PM] *** Shadowfrost Zenbiniar pulls out Falaflame *** [8:08:31 PM] Elyn: NUUUU [8:08:39 PM] *** Elyn pulls out book of naga *** [8:08:44 PM] Shadowfrost Zenbiniar: shit [8:08:52 PM] *** Adrian ;p. dives into the water ***
  8. Enuma Elish goes beyond blessed armor, since it's Anti-World. Enuma Enlish is designed to erase anything in its path. There's nothing in FE that could survive its wrath at all, even if Zelgius had his blessed armor or not. Like Ebony said, not even one of the Original Sins could survive Enuma Elish at it's full power(mind, with a Gilgamesh in his full, serious glory) in Babylonia. Unless by some bullshit, there's no possible way you can explain this.
  9. [6:46:43 PM] Shadowfrost Zenbiniar: of course emiya's side story unlocks last [6:49:04 PM] Adrian ;p.: that’s not emiya silly [6:49:09 PM] Adrian ;p.: it’s nameless [6:49:22 PM] Adrian ;p.: totally not the same person [6:49:26 PM] Shadowfrost Zenbiniar: i will kick you if you say that in my house boi
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