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Cipher Trading/Selling Thread


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Here is my list of cards.

Keep on mind that I'm living on France so the shipping cost could be higher.

You can make an offer if the price of one card is too high.

I'm searching for cards from Tellius(mostly Mia SR/SR+)


010SR Soren 13€

025R Marcia 2 €

040R Ranulf 3€

043R Tibarn 1€


044R Naesala 1€


045R Reyson 1€


046R Leanne 1 €

062R Kana(H) 1€

063R Shigure 1€
069R Mitama 1€

076SR Corrin(H) 6€

086R Kana(F) 1 €

091R Nina 1€



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Hey guys ! ^w^

Cards I'm looking for:


série 3:
B03-004SR Elincia
B03-021SR Mia 

Série 5:
B05-051SR Micaiah
B05-054SR Sothe
B05-054SR+ Sothe
B05-086SR+ Sanaki

Série 9:
B09-076SR Skrimir
B09-078R+ Lethe
B09-085SR+ Ena

Cards I have for trade/sell:



B01-002ST+ Sheeda
B01-003ST Jagen
B01-004ST+ Ogma
B01-007R Cain
B01-009R Abel
B01-016SR Ogma
B01-022SR Nabarl
B01-028R Merric
B01-030R Minerva
B01-035R Linde
B01-036N Linde
B01-038R Palla
B01-040R Catria
B01-042R Est

S02-004ST+ Miriel
B01-070R Lon'Zu

B03-043R Tibarn
B03-062R Kanna♂
B03-091R Eponine

B04-009R Mamori Minamoto
B04-013R Yashiro Tsurugi
B04-029R Julian
B04-035R Feena

B005-007R Alen
B05-022R Shanna
B05-038R Tate
B05-046R Juno

B07-024R+ Rebecca
B07-032R Raven
B07-041R Jaffar
B07-047R Ursula

B09-056SR Tiena
B09-015R Faye


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Looking to sell some of my unwanted cards due to a loss of interest in collecting



S2: Sr+ Corrin F, Sr Elise

S4: Sr Minerva, Sr Hardin, Sr Lon'qu, Sr Cordelia, R Julian, R Sirius, R+ Sirius, R Merric and R Hardin



Really want Paypal right now but also willing to trade for

B04: Sr lucina

B08: R or R+ Lucina, Sr F Robin


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Won't be buying boxes until the december set but looking to add some favorites to my collection. Willing to buy some cards depending on price but I take preference to trades. Can also mix trades and money

B09-004SR Celica
B09-005N Celica
B09-033R Delthea
B09-039HN Sonya
B08-045SR Aversa
B05-086SR+ (alt art) Sanaki
B07-062R+(alt Art) Kagero

B07-004SR Hector
B07-093R and + Sumeragi
B05-029SR Rutger
B05-034SR Fir
B07-010SR Ninian
B03-051SR  Corrin
B03-078SR Azura
B07-051SR Ryoma
B07-056SR Takumi
B07-058SR Sakura

Also have the Christmas Camillia Marker card and the Marth marker card with his army behind him (can't find the proper name)

And a bunch of R's from sets 7, 5, 3 if interested


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Updating with some new R+ cards for sale

Right now I'm looking for most promo and marker (preferred) cards and would like to trade or sell only (Located in Ontario, Canada). I'm not looking to buy. Thank you so much! 

Looking to SELL/TRADE:


B01-059R+ - Lissa

B04-47R+ - Michaelis 

B06-70R+ - Felicia

B08-39R+ - Tiki (To be shipped)


B01-059R - Lissa

B04-47R - Michaelis 

B04-070R - Gaius 

B05-007R - Allen

B05-022R - Shanna 

B05-046R - Juno

B09-015R - Faye

B09-099R - Dheginsea

N and HN



P01-002PR - Corrin (F)

P02-002PR - Corrin (F)

P03-002PR - 

P04-001PR - Roy

P05-001PR - Sigurd

P06-002PR - Ryoma

P07-002PR - Seliph

P08-001PR - Alm

Looking for:

Most promos and marker cards

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Been out of the loop for quite a while, looking for a few things.

Willing to buy/trade for what I want (prefer trades) and sell/trade what I have.




Series 8:

B08-002SR - Chrom

B08-051SR(+) - Seliph

B08-054SR(+) - Julia


Series 9:

B09-025SR - Mae



Heroes playmat

Blue cipher binder

Many promos, preferably in lots.







Series 1:

B01-080SR - Tharja


Series 2:

B02-060SR - Leo

B02-080SR - Jakob


Series 3:

B03-053SR - Azura


Series 4:

B04-005SR - Toma

B04-065SR - Robin


Series 5:

B05-051SR - Micaiah

B07-002R+X Eliwood


Series 6:

B06-047SR - Arvis

B06-058SR - Elise

B06-097SR - Anankos


Series 7:

B07-001SR - Eliwood

B07-004SR - Hector

B07-041R+ - Jaffar

B07-051SR - Ryoma

B07-054SR - Hinoka

B07-056SR - Takumi


Series 8:

B08-001SR - Chrom

B08-028SR - Cherche

B08-091SR - Altena

B08-097SR - Julius


Series 9:

B09-007SR - Gray x2

B09-021SR - Clair

B09-051SR - Al

B09-056SR - Tiena x2

B09-073SR - Zephiel

B09-085SR - Ena x2



Pretty much any rares/commons/uncommons from any set




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Figured I should do one more post of cards I need/have before the next box set comes out, since I'm only buying one booster box this time around.

Looking For:

  • B06-054SR (Camilla)
  • B07-015SR+ (Florina)*
  • B08-001SR (Chrom)
  • B08-054SR (Julia)
  • B09-001SR (Alm)

*Lower priority

Available to Trade:

Series 1

  • B01-030R (Minerva) x1
  • B01-035R (Linde) x1
  • B01-038R (Palla) x2
  • B01-040R (Catria) x2
  • B01-042R (Est) x1
  • B01-059R (Lissa) x1
  • B01-070R (Lon'qu) x1
  • B01-073SR (Gaius) x1
  • B01-078R (Nowi) x1
  • B01-083R (Olivia) x1
  • B01-084R (Cherche) x1

Series 2

  • B02-004R (Aqua) x2
  • B02-014R (Saizo) x1
  • B02-024R (Oboro) x1
  • B02-026R (Hana) x3
  • B02-028R (Subaki) x1
  • B02-043R (Asugi) x1
  • B02-045R (Caeldori) x1
  • B02-047R (Rhajat) x1
  • B02-054R (Aqua) x2
  • B02-064R (Laslow) x2
  • B02-070R (Selena) x1
  • B02-072R (Odin) x1
  • B02-93R (Forrest) x1
  • B02-095R (Soleil) x1
  • B02-097R (Ophelia) x1

Series 3

  • B03-025R (Marcia) x1
  • B03-032R (Nephenee) x1
  • B03-036R (Jill) x4
  • B03-044R+ Naesala) x1
  • B03-046R (Leanne) x2
  • B03-053SR (Aqua) x1
  • B03-63R (Shigure) x1
  • B03-069R (Mitama) x1
  • B03-083R (Silas) x1
  • B03-086R (Kana (F)) x1
  • B03-091R (Nina) x1
  • B03-095R (Velouria) x1

Series 5

  • B05-007R (Alan) x1
  • B05-009R (Lance) x2
  • B05-017R (Dieck) x1
  • B05-025R (Lugh) x2
  • B05-038R (Shanna/Thany) x1
  • B05-057R (Edward) x1
  • B05-077R (Nephenee) x1
  • B05-080R (Lucia) x1
  • B05-084R (Sigrun) x1
  • B05-098R (Kurthnaga) x1

Series 6

  • B06-008R (Eldigan) x2
  • B06-031R (Raquesis) x1
  • B06-036R (Sylvia) x1
  • B06-038R (Erin) x1
  • B06-040R (Bridget) x1
  • B06-062R (Beruka) x1
  • B06-064R (Niles) x2
  • B06-66R (Effie) x1
  • B06-070R (Felicia) x1
  • B06-072R (Flora) x1
  • B06-092R (Garon) x1

Series 7

  • B07-002R (Eliwood) x1
  • B07-015R (Florina) x3
  • B07-022R (Lucius) x2
  • B07-032R (Raven) x2
  • B07-041R (Jaffar) x2
  • B07-044SR (Lloyd) x1
  • B07-047R (Ursula) x3
  • B07-051SR (Ryoma) 1
  • B07-058SR (Sakura) x1
  • B07-060R (Saizo) x1
  • B07-062R (Kagero) x2
  • B07-068R (Hana) x2
  • B07-072R (Jakob) x1
  • B07-076R (Silas) x2
  • B07-084R (Shiro) x3
  • B07-093R (Sumeragi) x2
  • B07-097SR (Anankos) x1
  • P07-001PR (Chrom) x3
  • Holofoil Marth Marker x2

Series 8

  • B01-001PR (Alm) x1
  • Holofoil Marker (Ike, Sigurd, Roy, CorrinM, CorrinF, Marth, Lucina) x1
  • B08-033R (Owain) x1
  • B08-081R+ (Aless) x1
  • B08-084R (Leen) x1
  • B08-085 (Tinny) x1

Series 9

  • B09-010R (Tobin) x1
  • B09-015R (Faye) x1
  • B09-029R (Saber) x1
  • B09-033R (Delthea) x1
  • B09-041R (Zeke) x1
  • B09-046R (Berkut) x2
  • B09-054R (Roy) x1
  • B09-056SR (Tiena) x1
  • B09-058R (Lilina) x1
  • B09-062R (Kilmar) x1
  • B09-065R (Raigh) x2
  • B09-071R (Jemmie) x2
  • B09-078R (Lethe) x1
  • B09-095R (Zihark) x2
  • B09-099R (Deghinsea) x1

Other things I'll trade:

  • D4 Series Fire Emblem Fates Rubber Strap Collection
    • Ryoma
    • Leo
    • Elise
    • Corrin (F)
    • Jakob
    • Ryoma
    • Hinoka
    • Sakura
    • Corrin (M)
  • B09 Clear File Sleeves (shown here) x1 per design

I'm absolutely willing to sell rather than trade; I would love to cut down the inventory I have on hand, so I'm more than happy to make a deal. I also have a huge mess of N/HN cards if you need or want anything there, 5 cards for $1. Let me know if you're interested in that, too, I can provide a list and/or search my boxes for whatever it is you're looking for.

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Hi all, 

Looking for several cards that I am missing and I am also looking to sell a bunch of cipher cards and sleeve packs as well. 

Shipping from Singapore. Shipping price will varies depending on amount of items being bought. (Will discuss the details over PM)

Feel free to send me a message if you are keen in any of the cards for trade/sale.

Looking for : 

Series 8 

Looking for all SR+ (Except for Chrom)

B08-059R(+)    Astral Heavens-Dancer, Larcei

B08-085R(+)    Maiden of Purifying Lightning, Tinni

B08-087R(+)    Gallant Divine Marksman, Febail

Series 9

Looking for all R+

Looking for all SR+ (Except for Ai, Celica and Grey)

B09-004SR Heiress to the Goddess’s Blood, Celica


Series 1

B01-007R     The Bull, Cain

Series 3

B03-025R     Worried Sister, Marcia

Series 4

B04-029R     Pining Pickpocket, Julian x 2

B04-035R     Wandering Dancer, Feena

B04-038R     Successor of the Sacred Magic, Merric X 2

B04-045R     Wolfguard of the Plains, Hardin

Series 5

B05-025R     Child of Anima, Lugh

B05-057R     Lively Master Fencer, Edward

B05-080R     Eternal Sword of Loyalty, Lucia

Series 6

B06-038R    Blizzard Flier, Erin

B06-064R    Pleasure Professional, Niles

B06-082R    Daybreak Prince, Siegbert

B06-092R    Corrupt Nohrian King, Garon

B06-051SR    Unifier of the Kingdom of Nohr, Xander

Series 8

B08-002SR    Undead King of Despair, Chrom

Series 9

B09-097SR    Sincere Dragonlord, Jill 

B09-007SR    Composed Prodigy, Gray

B09-043SR    White Guardian Knight, Conrad 

B09-062R      Twin-Bladed Falcon, Kilmar 

B09-010R      Bow Knight of Close Friendship, Tobin

B09-029SR   Peerless Guardsman, Saber

B09-046R     Delusions of Supremacy, Berkut

B09-071R     Super-Severe Searer! Jemmie

Marker/Promo Cards

Hana, Oboro, Setsuna, Ryoma - Tournament Marker Set

Sleeve Packs



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Updated with SERIES 10!

Right now I'm looking for set 10 and most marker (preferred) cards and would like to TRADE/SELL ONLY (Located in Ontario, Canada). Once Serenes Forest updates the card list, I'll be sure to update my list with character names. Thank you so much! 

Looking to SELL/TRADE:


B10-027R - Asbel

B10-029R - Shiva

B10-033R - Mareeta

B10-044R - Diarmuid

B10-046R - Ced

B10-066R - Asugi

B10-095R - Bruno 

P05-011PRr - Felicia

P10-001PR - Eirika x 2


B01-059R/R+ - Lissa

B04-47R/R+ - Michaelis 

B06-70R/R+ - Felicia


B01-059R - Lissa

B04-47R - Michaelis 

B04-070R - Gaius 

B05-007R - Allen

B05-022R - Shanna 

B05-046R - Juno

B09-015R - Faye

B09-099R - Dheginsea

N and HN



P01-002PR - Corrin (F)

P02-002PR - Corrin (F)

P03-002PR - 

P04-001PR - Roy

P05-001PR - Sigurd

P07-002PR - Seliph

P08-001PR - Alm

Looking for:


Promos that are NOT Felicia and Eirika from this set

Most marker cards

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