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No idea how to use the Spell Association module.

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I have absolutely no idea how to use this thing.

I'm making a hack in which almost everything and everyone uses magic so I wanted to add some magic items with low durability and accuracy bit high power.

Here's an example:









Weapon Rank:E

But...I literally don't know what does what in this module, if someone can guide me step-by-step to turning the Emblem Sword into this thing I'll gladly listen to them.

UPDATE: Thank you everyone for helping me out, with some experimenting and reading I managed to make the Dandelion work properly.

Now how do I tag this as answered?

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Have you tried looking it up in Blazer's Ultimate Tutorial? I'd recommend having a read of that first and coming back with any questions you have.

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The online version has it in Chapter 9. If the information you're looking for isn't in the Ultimate Tutorial, then please elaborate on what exactly is confusing you.

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