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  1. Any +Hit is great to chuck on stuff like Hurricane Axe, which will obliterate enemy Wyvern Knights in one hit even on Maddening mode AND even with the damage penalty.
  2. Just wanted to chime in here - Wootz Steel is really not that limited. You get at least a few from Ignatz/Raphael's paralogue, and more from Byleth's if you hang around for just a little bit. Even more from Marianne's paralogue in Part 2, which is really when you'll start getting more Brave weapons. Gauntlet Byleth is super useful in earlygame! Especially for niche situations like ORKOing the Dark Mage in Chapter 3 so you can clear the fog.
  3. I think hybrid builds work really in late Part 1 and early Part 2, to a certain extent. Cavalier Hubert with Fiendish Blow and Frozen Lance is really fun and he will 1-shot just about everything that he looks at with a Magic Staff until the later CF chapters, at which point he can switch over to Dark Knight and provide battalion support through his monstrous Charm stat and Resonant Flames/Ice/Lightning whatever, as well as occasional Banshee and Dark Spikes. Same goes for Pegasus Knight Annette with Lightning Axe. I can see Dark Knight Sylvain running into some significant speed issues in the lategame, however, so what is he going to be able to do other than chip magic damage? The same goes for everyone else - they're not going to be able to ORKO anything so they just end up being kinda crappy at everything. I can see a good case for Holy Knight Bernadetta, although you already addressed the fact that she's likely sacrificing some good stuff to get to A Faith unless you're in NG+.
  4. Honestly, this is wild. I always felt like the support conversations were weirdly well-aligned to the narrative but I didn't realise there were so many variations in support conversations. Thanks for putting this together! I have always treasured the support system in 3H but now I love it even more (fite me 3Haters)
  5. Assuming Maddening mode... Caspar/Mercedes is absolute horseshit. Most of the other ones can be done without investing into the featured character - even Marianne is safe for a few turns if she just stays still in her paralogue, but Caspar and Mercedes will just get downright wrecked by everything around them. You can't even send wyverns over to come help, because that'll trigger reinforcements, and if Caspar and Mercedes move off the ledge, it triggers different reinforcements. You need both of them to meet at least one of several benchmarks so that they can kill the Giant Wolf and the Dark Mages coming at them. Really easy for this one to catch you off-guard and you're most likely going to nope out of it until Caspar can at least fly. Manuela and Hanneman's is actually pretty hard on Maddening - or, at least, keeping Manuela alive against the 7-move pegasus knights is. I always have to class change Manuela into pegasus knight just so she can sit out and survive. I always leave Hilda's and Cyril's for later so that I have the resources to deal with it. Stride + Warp = easy. Ferdinand/Lysithea's is also pretty dumb but at least it's easy to cheese.
  6. You could say that pegasi and wyverns fill these roles pretty well since, while there aren't any scouts, there's definitely times when you need a speedy unit to get ahead to reach a village, or shop, or hit that chest, etc.
  7. Uh... you do realise you get a free Charm+5 from dance practice, right? Combined with stat ups... it's honestly pretty hard to not have a character with a Charm stat of 13 at that point...
  8. So it's just a 6-move class? Changing growth rates isn't going to help rebalancing anything. Your characters have like, 10-15 levels at most in the class? A 5% growth isn't even a stat point at that rate.
  9. Mortal Savant mostly just needs a higher speed base to make it worth choosing over Gremory for females and not screw over males. GK: Haven't actually played Maddening with GK but I imagine the defense is not high enough to tank properly Wyvern Lord/Falcon Knight: Avo+10 and Alert Stance is busted af. This one absolutely should have gone to one of the foot classes. Nerfing move by 1 would give a strategic reason to pick Paladin over the fliers. Holy Knight: Why does this class even exist? At least give it Lancefaire so that physical units with good spell lists (looking at you, Bernadetta) are justified in choosing Holy Knight. War Master & Gremory are probably the most balanced Master classes. I would have loved to see Assassin and Hero as 6-move Master classes with both Bowfaire/Swordfaire and Swordfaire/Axefaire, and for Hero to not be gender-locked.
  10. The Advanced lord classes are fail-safes for newcomers/n00bs who didn't invest into their lords for whatever reason, or went with a weird build and ended up with a suboptimal lord.
  11. My point was that most of the complaints levelled at Wyvern Lord's combat are pretty easily fixed with Brave Axe+. Between Str +2, Death Blow and Axefaire you're already stacking an extra 26 damage in one battle without taking a counterattack, and that's not even including battalion bonuses and the unit's stat. Even units like Gilbert become suddenly useful by turning into flying Brave Axe wielders. Your character does not need a single point of speed to do this. Sure, they're heavy, but that's what Canto and Trade is for. Also, you won't get hit on EP if all the enemies are dead.
  12. Seriously, do none of you use Brave weapons or something?
  13. Oops, I got KOG mixed up with some other skill. It probably is a bug, and I would guess that units, when outside of battle, probably have a "current value" assigned to their HP which the KOG coding detects as being less than or equal to 50% and is therefore active.
  14. It's not a bug. The class change screen includes bonus stats from cooking as well.
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