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  1. I totally forgot I made an English patch for this, but it only translates the menus, weapon names and class names. Everything else is on Spanish. Here is it.
  2. After a long, long, loooooooong time, I bring you the final demo for the FE7 version of this hack. Download And this is the final version for FE7 because I'm planning to move everything to the FE8 engine. Luckily it won't take me to much time to reach the same progress as in FE7. As a reminder, tThe project is in Spanish, we're planning to translate it to English. If you want to collaborate in the translation, send us a email here: dyugdrah@gmail.com. Please, enjoy it.
  3. Wow, it's been ages since the last time I was here. The hack is kinda alive, we won't give up on this. But I've been very busy with my internship, my friends are busy too with college, and we are planning to make a new game while we're working on the hack (It still is just a concept, we'll need little help when we take it seriously) As for updates, most of them are mechanics, some slight graphics updates and some bug fixes. Here is the list of characters in the next demo: Blue: Playable Green: NPC Purple: Enemies that become NPC or you can't fight (yet) Red: Enemies There are 26 chapters made, I'm working on Ch. 27 and some Trial Maps. Obviously there are more characters in the hack, but must of them are the same from FE7/FE8 or are simple cameos. Well, most of the lords are sword users, and I don't want to change their clases or their weapons. But I'm going to give a secondary weapon to some when they promote (Ex: Ephraim using bows, Eirika using staves [We thought this months before the revealing of the Bride class on Awakening], etc.) or a little bonus (Ex: Roy, Marth, etc.) We already fixed that. That's a reference to FE4, it's the Silver Sword that Alvis gave to Sigurd. Also, he functions as a kind of Oifey for Lyn's Story. It's an alternate timeline, it's Lyn's Story, but with some slight changes. Sora is trying to keep the timeline like in the original, but in some point he no longer can handle the drastic changes, resulting in a new separated timeline. Sora doesn't need an special dialogue. And for Ike, he can't meet with Soren at that time. Robin and Lucina are in the story. We already have an story for Robin that involves Marth, because he isn't the Robin from FE13. Ixion is a very valuable bow because of its properties, especially for armoured and mounted enemies. We're thinking about nerf it to range 2 or other kind of nerf. And before someone mentions Fates, the whole team agreed on not include a character from it as playable. We don't like Fates that much... but at least we agreed on adding a cameo character, it would be either Leo or Aqua, it even can be other or none. As for the release of the new demo... I just hope that I can finish it before the year ends, but I'm not good with release dates.
  4. I found a bug: Alec's Sword disappeared after the Ointment was consumed.
  5. If you wan't to ask something in spanish, ask here (the spanish site) or in Facebook. As for the hack, we're still working on it, but we can't reveal nothing yet.
  6. They're sorta new, because they were modified some time after the second demo.
  7. I said this before, a full english version is planned after the spanish release. As for progress, we've made some new animations, classes, weapons, and also we've been adding some other things. And we made a Twitter for this project, I'll be posting semi-diary pics about the progress there. @SeregonTeam A demo will be avaiable as soon I finish the testing-fixing process.
  8. They share commands, I tested it and this is the result: 0x14 Heavy vibration of screen 0x15 Slight vibration of screen 0x16 Nothing (Apparently) 0x17 Nothing (Apparently) 0x18 Makes this: http://oi57.tinypic.com/2lcv0vq.jpg 0x19 Play bow pulling SFE 0x1A Normal hit 0x1B Play quick "heavy step" SFE 0x1C Play light horse stepping SFE; pitch decreases 0x1D Play light horse stepping SFE; pitch increases 0x1E Similar to 0x1D; a bit louder 0x1F Play hit SFE (sounds like Eliwood with sword's hit. Will be normal hit sound during normal attack and critical hit sound during critical attack) 0x20 Play hit SFE (sounds like Knight Lord with Durandal's hit) (see previous note) 0x21 Play hit SFE (sounds like Knight Lord with sword's hit) (see previous note) 0x22 Play short sword swinging SFE 0x23 Play shorter sword swinging SFE 0x24 Play sword slashing air SFE 0x25 Play wing flap SFE 0x26 Freezes the game 0x27 Freezes the game 0x28 Play electrical charging SFE (Used by Shamans) 0x2B Play armored unit "leaping" SFE 0x2C Freezes the game 0x2D Makes this: http://oi57.tinypic.com/2lcv0vq.jpg 0x2E Makes this: http://oi59.tinypic.com/jgrz7q.jpg 0x2F Makes this: http://oi59.tinypic.com/jgrz7q.jpg and plays Sage's critical rune sound. 0x30 Freezes the game 0x31 Freezes the game 0x32 Freezes the game 0x33 Play battle cry SFE (REALLY stupid) 0x34 Play heavy stepping SFE 0x35 Play longer wing flapping SFE 0x36 Play sword unsheathing SFE 0x37 Play sword clicking SFE 0x38 Play heavy spear spinning SFE 0x39 Pauses the attacker, makes them flash white and makes the screen flash white Essentially makes it look as though the attacker was hit, but without blue sparks 0x3A Play dancer magic release SFE 0x3B Play bard song SFE 0x3C Play sword "whooshing" SFE (done by Nomads; sounds like wing flap) 0x3D Makes this: http://oi61.tinypic.com/2jajevt.jpg 0x3E Play burning SFE 0x3F Play alternate arrow firing SFE? 0x41 Play short axe swinging SFE 0x42 Play long axe swinging SFE 0x43 Play weapon stance SFE (Clicking noise) 0x44 Play short "light emission" SFE (I seriously don't know a better way to describe this) 0x45 Play horse neighing SFE 0x46 Play dropped axe crashing onto ground SFE 0x47 Adds a second sprite? (At least that what it seems: http://oi58.tinypic.com/24wh7k8.jpg) 0x49 Play sage's magic firing SFE 0x4A Play valkyrie's magic charging SFE (Pretty much the same as the shaman's) 0x4B Play monk's magic casting SFE 0x4C Play Athos' magic casting SFE 0x4D Play Athos' critical glint SFE 0x4E Freezes the game 0x4F Play druid critical charging SFE 0x50 Nothing (Apparently) 0x51 Show brief white flash animation 0x52 Makes this: http://oi57.tinypic.com/2lcv0vq.jpg
  9. Well, C1A and C1F are used in the same way for both modes, so it's possible.
  10. C000014 (Heavy) and C000015 (Slight) are the commands for shake the screen, just like in battle animations. I wonder if there are other effects that can be used...
  11. I know there is a command for battle animations, but it isn't in CSA:
  12. Crimson Eye from FE8 now in FE7: Anybody knows how to put a screen-shaking effect?
  13. So, the final dates to submit and show are...? According to this the show dates are 29-31 August, but is there a delay in the submit date?
  14. Well, due some personal issues, I only will submit a video, I'll release the demo a few weeks after that.
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