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Series 3, 4, and 5 Card Preview


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Dammit! I wanted Titania to be a SR+ so bad haha

Me too. :< I knew it was kind of long shot since none of the other "Jagens" got SRs, but... dammit, Titania is special.

Am I the only one that finds the Series 4 cards horrible looking? You can't even make out the FE characters...

I think the art itself is nice-looking (I'm a sucker for connected cards) but I'm kind of on the fence about the character designs. They're "inspired" by FE characters at best (when we saw the Famitsu leak about Navarre, I thought it was Sanaki at first >_>), and I still dunno what I think of the game either. If S4 was entirely SMTxFE I would probably skip it, but it's more FE:A and FE12, and those cards at least I'm very excited for.

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Ah, so awesome! I especially love the rest of the Reclassed Royals cards and Priam (and basically all of the Tellius ones...). I paid for my order today but with my luck I won't be getting it until January or so... so long... ~_~;

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Is it just me, or does Sakura really looks good in a Knight's armour?

Am I the only suprised by how good she looks in it? Seriously, I never imagined Sakura as a Knight, but I might try a Knight Sakura in the actual game just to see how she looks in it.

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Oh wow it was Priam then! Never thought he would be here!!

Finally the cards, good Kisaragi has his promotion card... But some of the childrens really didn't have promotions :/? Mmmmm... Oh well, at least Kisa-baby have one (but sadly is not Golden Kite awww) ! And good that Siegbert promotion card looks actually good, as I find his normal card very... weird

Btw... Shigure is really a Disney princess


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That lonely blue Priam card.

I still don't get why #FE is getting its own starter deck when the cards are marked blue and red. Hope they don't plan to give it 50 out of 100 booster pack cards (how will they even stretch that?) and leave Mystery and Awakening with 25 each.

It's to create hype for #FE and because it's more interesting this way (rather than having another Red or Blue Starter Deck).

Don't forget #FE borrows from Shadow Dragon and Awakening, which Series 4 is all about (replace Shadow Dragon with Mystery of the Emblem).

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Black Knight can only die to 3+ cost enemies, and flips 2 for 1-2, +20, double orb until end of opponent's turn.

I quite like the two Genei cards so far. They'll probably be good for the game, since they internally support eachother, and are supported by blue and red.

Makes me wonder why the "Union skill" cards didnt just get this similar treatment instead.

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Izuka also posted his Ike & BK mural illustration.


And strangely enough, Resident of Demon World just posted the illustrations of Cherche from Series 1.



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