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Cipher Series 4 Discussion - Apr 14: Guidebook Cover + Itsuki Promo


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To facilitate discussion and information sharing, I've decided to put together a separate thread for Series 4. I aim to keep the OP updated with new information as it is shared. Enjoy!

Fire Emblem Cipher Series 4 - Kirameki Gensou
Release Date: March 17th. 2016
Info section on the FECipher Official Website (Japanese)

Booster Series - Kirameki Gensou (Shimmering Illusions)

Full Official Set List
Booster Pack Image
Boxes available for order on AmiAmi
bookofholsety's post explaining the pun in the title
Image of the Promo Sleeves included in the Booster Boxes

Featured Games:

  • Mystery of the Emblem (Red Cards)
  • Awakening (Blue Cards)
  • Illusory Revelations #FE (Red/Blue Cards)

Structure Deck - Genei Hen (Illusory Revelations)

Full Official Deck List
Deck Packaging & Featured Card Art Image
Single decks available for order on AmiAmi (Also 6-deck boxes)
Image of the stickers included with the deck as a promotion

Featured Game(s):

  • Illusory Revelations #FE (Red/Blue Cards)
  • Mystery of the Emblem (Red Cards)
  • Awakening (Blue Cards)

Miscellaneous Related Cards/Merch:

New sleeves to be released alongside the series release are now available for pre-order on AmiAmi: Tsubasa, #FE Tiki, Severa, Lucina

Series 4 Tournament Pack Promos can be viewed here

Series 4 Guidebook cover & Itsuki promo can be seen here

Revealed Cards:

The full, official set list has now been posted up to the FE Cipher official site! You can see it here. It contains images of all cards including + varieties, except for the "mysterious" alternate art HNX Blue Tiki.

Pre-Release Cards & Artwork:

Now that the set is out and all cards have been officially revealed, I'm putting all of the pre-release info into a single spoiler. For card images and info, check the official site above. Translated information is available at the Serenes Forest Wiki and at Aubergine's World of Cipher.

[spoiler=All Pre-Release Cards & Art]
[spoiler=Mystery of the Emblem Cards]



Marth - %5Btranslation%5D


Sirius - %5Btranslation%5D

Julian - %5Btranslation%5D

Samto - %5Btranslation%5D

Merric -
Michalis - %5Btranslation%5D

Marth - %5Btranslation%5D

[spoiler=Awakening Cards]



F!Morgan - %5Btranslation%5D

M!Robin - %5Btranslation%5D

Lon'qu - %5Btranslation%5D

Severa - %5Btranslation%5D

Lucina SR - %5Btranslation%5D

Lon'qu -

Cynthia - %5Btranslation%5D

Lucina - %5Btranslation%5D

[spoiler=#FE cards]


Alternate Art #FE Tiki?

#FE Tiki - [translation]

Tsubasa - %5Btranslation%5D

Yoshiro & Navarre Mirage - %5Btranslations%5D

Kiria - %5Btranslation%5D

Eleanora - %5Btranslation%5D

Toma & Cain Mirage - %5Btranslation%5D

Itsuki - %5Btranslation%5D

Mamori & Draug Mirage - %5Btranslation%5D

ST Deck Tsubasa - %5Btranslation%5D

ST Deck Itsuki - %5Btranslation%5D

Tsubasa & Caeda Mirage - %5Btranslation%5D

Itsuki & Chrom Mirage - %5Btranslation%5D

[spoiler=Series 4 Tournament Pack Promos]


Matthis (new card)


Miriel (new card)


Tsubasa (alternate art)


Catria (alternate art)


Itsuki (alternate art)


Severa (alternate art)

[spoiler=March Prerelease Livestream Card Images]
Sedgar, Yashiro, Inigo

Toma SR+

Marth, Yumina, Eleanora, and Yubello







Cordelia SR

M!Robin SR

Lucina SR+

Yashiro R+

Tsubasa SR+

Mamori R+

Nyna SR

Eleanora R+


Kiria R+


2 Inigos

3 Donnels


Feena R

Hardin SR

Small shot of all #FE signed cards

[spoiler=Cards revealed during the Winter NicoNico stream on February 13th]
Marth and Lucina

Minerva and Lon'qu

Hardin, Roshea, and Wolf

Yubello and Yumina

F!Morgan and Cynthia

Say'ri and Basilio


Michalis (artwork only)

Revealed Artworks:

All pre-release artwork images are now combined into one spoiler since we're getting actual card reveals now.

New Artwork from March 2, Pegasus Trio & Mallesia (Source Unknown):

[spoiler=Revealed Artwork Images]
Brady From Series 3 Artbook:

Cipher Festival 2016 Artwork Displays:

Marth (Mystery of the Emblem)

Itsuki (#FE):

Lucina Marth (Awakening):

Ogma (Mystery of the Emblem):

Hardin (Mustery of the Emblem):

Tsubasa (#FE):

Aug/Sep NicoNico Stream & Ema/Shade Column:

Dismounted Minerva (Mystery of the Emblem) & sketch of Cynthia (Awakening):

Artwork shown during the November NicoNico Stream:

Hardin & Mallesia (Mystery of the Emblem)

Cynthia & Donnel (Awakening)

Itsuki Aoi & Chrom Mirage (Illusory Revelations #FE)

Tsubasa Oribe & Caeda Mirage (Illusory Revelations #FE)

Toma Akagi & Cain Mirage (Illusory Revelations #FE)

Eleonora Yumizuru & Virion Mirage (Illusory Revelations #FE)

Artwork shown near the Fire Emblem booth at Comiket 89:

Samto (Mystery of the Emblem)

Say'ri (Awakening)

Mirage Tiki (Illusory Revelations #FE)


Now that the set has been released, this is probably the last time the OP will be updated.

Discussion & Speculation

Feel free to continue to use the thread for any further S4-related discussion!

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Alright, now that I've got the thread up and had some time to breath without posting, here's some of my personal speculations for S4:

Character Speculation:
Marth & Lucina - I had already figured we'd at least be getting another Marth card, and that's more or less confirmed now that he's on the pack, too. I was waffling on Lucina until I saw the pack image, but now I'm pretty sure she'll be there, too. I think the other pack character is the #FE guy, so we already knew about that.
Kris & M!Robin/F!Morgan - M!Robin got a promo card, but I think they'll give him a booster printing considering his popularity, and F!Morgan hasn't been seen at all. Similarly, I think we'll see Kris, too, probably using his/her default artwork/class. I'm not sure if we'll get just one gender or both, but I'd lean towards both.
New "New Mystery" Characters - We've already seen Mallesia; I think at least most of the others are a shoe-in, especially the Prologue ones and Katarina. I'm also betting we'll see Frey since he canonically survived the decoy mission and is now actually in the game.
Sirius & Nyna - Nyna's a pretty important person in both SD and NM, and since she was actually a (barely) playable character in FE12, I think we'll finally see a card for her. Camus did get a card in S1, but I think we'll see him again as Sirius, too.
Emperor Hardin - He'll be villain SR of the set, like BK and Camus.
The remaining Awakening kids - We've seen Cynthia already; they'll probably finish up with the others, similar to how we got a bunch of kids in S3 that were missing in S2.
Flavia/Basilio - If we're getting Say'ri, I'd be really surprised if we didn't get these two, too, preferably with a joined card.

Aside from the people I actually feel have a very good shot at being included that I listed above, I'm also hoping we'll get at least Wolf and Sedgar from the Wolfguard. I'd also love to see Michalis and Etzel get cards. Maybe a 3-image card set of Robert, Belf, and Leiden? There are so many New Mystery characters, it's very hard to whittle down the numbers.

There are comparatively fewer Awakening characters that are missing, so I think we're more likely to see repeats here.

For SRs... it's a difficult pick. Probably Marth and Lucina. Emperor Hardin. Katarina. Probably some #FE characters, too, but I don't really know or care much about those cards compared to the others. I'd love a Minerva SR, but I doubt I'll get that lucky. M!Robin and/or Kris might get SRs too. Awakening's harder to guess because the most popular/biggest characters have already been printed as SRs.

Something that I'd really love to see in this set, inspired by S3, is reclassed characters. In S3, you got to see all of the royal siblings in classes from the opposite country, and both New Mystery and Awakening featuring reclassing, so it seems like that's a prime opportunity for some fun, amusing artwork. And we already know they're likely to reprint a few characters anyway, so they might as well do something new with them.

EDIT: If it's Mystery of the Emblem (FE3) like the site says and not New Mystery (FE12), then I guess that cuts out some of my predictions there, most notably Kris and Katarina. Also no Etzel, awww. :<

Edited by Kirie
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Oh boy... the Cynthia one xD I would never understand, why would anyone design her posture like this... :/ I was about to say it would be censored in the west, then I remembered the series have yet to come here... --.--'

But I'm glad we have more amazing cards. The quality is getting better and better, however, it's a shame for character reprints after 3 packs :p If they'll come so early what will happen after pack 6 ?

Edited by J.D. King
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Why does everyone list Malicia as an FE12 character when she's from FE3? I think the only relevant FE12 characters are Katarina and MU. (And they might not be included)

Edit: Ok i had to look it up. Aside from a bunch of characters who were in FE1 but not FE3 (and were re-added in FE12), there's Frey, Etzel, Nagi and technically Michalis. (Though all of those were also characters in Shadow Dragon)

I missed a few, but these are the ones with any relevance.

Edited by Tuvillo
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Why does everyone list Malicia as an FE12 character when she's from FE3? I think the only relevant FE12 characters are Katarina and MU. (And they might not be included)

I was actually under the impression that the red cards in the set were based off of FE12 the way the S1 red cards were based off of FE11, but looking at the site again, I guess they do specifically refer to the SNES version instead of the remake. I'll update the OP to reflect this. Thanks!

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Oh, yeah, I don't doubt that at all, and it's still possible we'll see FE12 characters tossed in (or whoever else), just explaining why I personally had those characters marked as FE12 ones instead of FE3. :p And I do think it's best to have the OP updated with as accurate of information as possible. Until we know/hear otherwise, might as well stick to the facts.

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IS has already said that there will be dismounted cards in this series, so I expect a lot of repeat characters like the Whitewings to go with the Minerva they showed off. As for new Archanean characters, I expect at least Wolf and Roshea to join up with Hardin, Malice to appear as the token BSFE card, and either Michalis (who we know is getting a card sooner or later) or Gharnef to appear if Archanea gets a villain.

For Ylisse, there actually aren't that many characters waiting for cards, so I could see all the outstanding characters getting their due. Perhaps even Validar could be the villain of series 4.

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Next, they can print a griffon rider Minerva!

you say that as a joke but i would be so very okay with that. after all, ridiculous reclass cards are probably the best part of the tcg! christ, i love reclass cards

Booster Series - Kirameki Gensou (poorly translated as - "Sparkle Illusion"?)

might as well clarify this one. basically, it's a pun. it's pronounced the exact same way as 幻想 gensou, meaning "illusion" or "fantasy", but it replaces the second kanji with 奏, which refers to the performance of music. the best way to translate the pun is something like "shining illusong" or "shining fantasong", which both sound like shit but you get the idea

Edited by bookofholsety
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I never realised we already had a release date for this pack. Sweet.

As for speculation, if the Mystery of the Emblem section of the pack refers to FE3 only, our SRs... will probably... be Marth, Hardin... someone else important maybe. Gharnef?

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Had to justify another Minerva card somehow.


Ooooh, I recall seeing that new Minerva art at some point, but I forgot about it until now. Thanks! I'll add it to the OP. Do you happen to know/remember where/when that art was released so I can credit it properly? Based on the double art image, I'm guessing it was one of the NicoNico streams, but that's just a guess.

might as well clarify this one. basically, it's a pun. it's pronounced the exact same way as 幻想 gensou, meaning "illusion" or "fantasy", but it replaces the second kanji with 奏, which refers to the performance of music. the best way to translate the pun is something like "shining illusong" or "shining fantasong", which both sound like shit but you get the idea

That's pretty cool; thanks for the info! I do remember in my Japanese class back in college that we had a whole lesson about Japanese puns. I'll update the name and link to this post for anyone who's curious about the details.

Also, I totally agree with you about the awesomeness of reclass cards. The reclass cards from S3 are some of my favourite cards from Cipher in general, and I really, really hope we get more of them.

Edited by Kirie
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I'd personally translate 幻影篇 as "Illusory Arc," but that's just a personal preference haha. The lack of の makes me wary to grammatically present it as a possessive in English.

As for cards, I'd love to see SRs of both male and female Robin.

A Yashiro Tsurugi/Navarre card would be nice, too...SR, of course. With that in mind, something tells me the six SR blues and the six SR reds are going to be of the #FE characters/mirages. This would mean they'd have to skip on giving one of the main characters an SR representation, unfortunately--but I wouldn't mind not having a Mamori/Draug SR. So for SRs, what I'd think they would do/what I would like to see is:
Itsuki - Chrom
Tsubasa - Caeda
Toma - Cain
Kiria - Tharja
Eleonora - Virion
Yashiro - Navarre

As much as I'd love to think we'll get SRs of not #FE characters, something tells me that won't happen with how much cleanup there is to do from it's less than stellar release.


[spoiler=#FE Spoilers]Maybe have the final battle version of Itsuki (Marth Itsuki) as a promo card?

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I don't really think they'll do all the SRs as #FE characters. Previously all of the series' chosen games have gotten equal representation, and although they might change it to give #FE a bit more of a boost since it's the only "new" batch of characters represented, giving them all of the SRs would be huge. I expect a breakdown of either 4:4:4 of all sets (equal SR numbers for all 3), or at most 8 #FE and 2 each for FE3/Awakening. (I thought about maybe a 3:3 red between FE3/#FE and 3:3 blue between Awakening/#FE, but the problem with that is that #FE characters seem to come in pairs (character + mirage) so an even number is more likely.)

That said, if they do end up doing all 12 SRs for #FE, I think Shizuun's list above is pretty good. If it's only 4, it'll probably be Itsuki/Chrom and Tsubasa/Caeda. I don't really know enough about the game and character popularity to guess which 2 extra pairs they'd pick if they end up doing 8.

I do admit, though, that part of this is wishful thinking. I'm not really super keen about the #FE cards, so if they take up all the SR spots (or even a significant portion of them), my excitement for the set will be pretty diminished.

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We've already seen a Toma and Cain that I think was super rare (two parts), that means #FE is getting at least half of the SR cards. Hopefully that will be all of them, then Awakening and Mystery of the Emblem can each have 3. (Personally, I don't think it makes much sense to have more than Itsuki, Tsubasa, and Toma as SR, they are supposed to be the main characters. Everyone else is more or less secondary; that's what the game tries to say anyways).

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Could you provide an image or anything for the Toma/Cain SR cards you saw? The only one I've seen so far is the artwork that's shown in the OP and since it's just artwork you can't tell rarity of card it is.

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It doesn't say the rarity, but because it is in two parts like the fates royals and Ike/BK (all of whom were SR), I assume Tsubasa, Itsuki, and Toma are also SR. I could be wrong (probably am).

Edited by wumples
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Yeah, that's the same image that I have in the OP (though smaller). However, there are lots of other connected cards that aren't SRs. The Pegasus Trio from S1 are connected in both their R and N cards. Bord/Cord/Barst are connected N/HN cards. Leanne and Reyson are Rs; Oscar, Boyd, and Rolf are HNs. There are probably even more that I'm forgetting. So, yeah, it doesn't necessarily imply rarity just that it's a connected art.

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