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New palletes Table for branched class, module and RAW CODE

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Hello guys, i was just testing the branched class patch from icecube, and it was awesome, it made a promotions three based on items, sadly, there was no pallete changing at that time and many animations looked bad with same palletes, so he did a new pallete table to give different palletes to each char according to their class, like it was possible in FE8.

Bad thing, it was oonly the thumb assembly code, so how do we noobs get that in our Rom? It is quite easy, we just reverse the bytes of the assembly code, and we have our RAW code.

Then, when i saw it worked, i needed a Nightmare Module....So, there was also no Nightmare module either, so i made two XD, each one usses a different offset, you choose where your table is gonna be. Also, you need to change the pointer if you wan to use other offset. I think i am a bit clearer in the readme.

So, here is the Deal. Ill give you a link to the raw code and to the nigthmare modules i Made, I hope it helps you :D if you have any cuestions leave a comment.

NOTE: For this code and this Nightmare Module to work, you need the patch for branched promotions that where made by Icecube too.

All credit goes to Icecube, i just translated it to raw code and made the Module :D


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you forgot the link

Yeah, i noticed that the same day i posted this, but i lost my internet conection when i tried to edit it :P sorry about that, now we have the link in the first post XDD im so stoopid

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