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Revelation: What REALLY happened

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WARNING: This thing has Revelation spoilers all over it. ALL OVER IT.

Meet Eve.


Don't let appearances fool you. Behind those adorable pigtails and puppydog eyes lies a stone cold killer. Xander isn't listening to her because he's smart. He is not fooled by her diminutive stature and honeyed words laced with lies.

Eve is a devious little princess of Valla, and is here on a mission. A mission to lure both the Nohrian and Hoshidan royal families to their doom when they meet her lord and liege Anankos in Valla. She has succeeded on rescuing Azura, a fellow conspirator, from the clutches of the Hoshidans, as well as fending of both the Hoshidan and Nohrian forces to secure an escape route and now has to flee to Valla for a time to lay out her proper plans. For the time being she is going to keep Jakob alive. After all, she needs someone to heal Azura's wounds. Because Eve is invincible. Or so she thinks.


Clad in heavy armour, she hopes to be an impenetrable and slowly moving wall of death to her foes. Just hope she doesn't run into any Diviners. Best of luck with that, Eve.

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When last we left Eve and her devious schemes, she was retreating with the plan of returning to Valla to plan her next move. Unfortunately, Jakob couldn't take a hint and decided to try and stay by Eve's side. When Eve's attempts to shake off the clingy butler failed, Azura stepped up to get rid of him.


Well... she lied.


Finally. Now Eve can finally speak freely about not only her homeland of Valla without vanishing, but also of her plans for Hoshido and Nohr's royalty without being overheard by someone who might give away her plans. Or perhaps not. Either way, Eve laughed as Jakob cast himself into the wrong side of the Bottomless Canyon in misplaced trust. Sucker. The Vallite princesses then made their way to Valla, by jumping into the correct side of the canyon.

With their plans... planned, Azura and Eve next aim to go to Hoshido, where the weak-minded and soft-hearted royal family would be more likely to buy into their lies than Nohr. Seriously, Xander. Stop being so suspicious of your adorable little sister! Just as they were planning on how to stage their approach, they were interrupted yet again, this time by Vallite soldiers who apparently missed the memo that Eve and Azura were not only on their side, but probably even their superiors. After a long and tiring battle through narrow corridors and darkness...


Oh no. OH NO. Not you. Eve thought that she was rid of Gunter when Hans knocked him into the Bottomless Canyon. Looks like the old man got lucky... this time. Best to keep up pretenses for now. Reunited with fake cheer and thinly veiled disdain, Eve decided to make the most of Gunter's strength (which, of course, paled in comparison to her own) and the mobility of his horse to make quick work of the remaining Vallites who thought that they could just up and kill Anankos' chosen champion.


Tired, annoyed and just fed up with all these clingy retainers, Eve took out her anger on the last Vallite soldier, a Berserker who wasn't smart enough to move out of the fort he was holing up in... or wield a weapon that could hit outside it's walls. With an incredible fury, Eve threw spear after spear at the fool, and with a lucky hit that pierced him through the chest, he was defeated. At last, Azura and Eve could leave Valla, and set their plan in motion...

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Having left Valla and made her way to Hoshido, Eve, Azura and the clingy leftover retainer came across a village being ransacked by Faceless. Why the Faceless were attacking a Hoshidan village and not being held in reserve should the 'traitor' Eve show her face was beyond our little Vallite princess, but in the destruction Eve saw an opportunity. If there were survivors, she could convince them to join her cause and fight for Lord Anankos.


As luck would have it, Eve arrived just in time to see one of the Faceless murder an elderly villager, leaving who Eve could only assume was her daughter distraught, alone and surrounded by Faceless. A perfect opportunity. When someone is at their weakest is when they're most likely to turn to some higher power to get them through, and Azura knew just what words would convince the girl to devote herself to Anankos and join their cause. However, to persuade the villager would require her to survive the horde of Faceless surrounding her, and for that Eve would have to cut through them and run as fast as her heavy armour would allow to reach her in time.


No she's not, but playing the pity card is the first step. With that, Mozu gratefully accepted Eve's protection, the princess' wide shield ensuring that no Faceless could land a death blow on her potential ally. Faceless dropped like flies before Eve's mighty lance, and before long the desecrated land of the village was littered with more bodies than just Mozu's friends and family.


With the last of the undead monsters defeated, with hardly even a dent in Eve's armour and a grateful survivor saved, there was time to rest. And for Azura to target Mozu and get her to turn to Anankos in her darkest hour. At first, Mozu was utterly inconsolable, with the immediate threat of her own death out the way, the death of her mother, family, friends and home hit her like a Faceless' fist... was too soon? Regardless, she was a sobbing mess for a good hour before she could even say anything comprehensible. The first thing she managed to get out between sobs and sniffles...


Bingo. That was Azura's cue to chime in, although carefully as to not mention the ties the Silent Dragon had to Valla, lest she disappear and have all their struggles thusfar be for naught. "You could join us," she said, voice soft and comforting. "Anankos can bring you a quiet peace, and we could be your new family." That was enough, with Mozu's fragile emotional state, she decided from that moment on she would be as a servant to the Silent Dragon, and would accompany Eve and Azura into whatever battle they would face.

With their new ally in tow, the party of three plus the clingy retainer continued on towards the heart of Hoshido, where they hoped to meet the Hoshidan royal family... and convince the soft-hearted nobles to trust and follow them to Valla where the truth would be revealed. The truth that Eve was setting everyone up to die and- wait, no the truth that Anankos is the true enemy. Yeah. It just won't do to give away the plan to the Hoshidans. Stick to the script Eve. You're a good lair, but you can't make use of that if you fail to lie completely.

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At long last Eve, Azura, Mozu and the glorified backpack arrived at Hoshido's Fort Jinya, the first true hurdle in getting the Hoshidan's trust. Alas, they were met with the skeptical (and rightly so) Yukimura who was flat-out rude in his declaration that Eve and Azura were traitors. Oh, if only he knew the truth of the matter. Eve tried to explain that she was there not to fight the Hoshidans, but to unite them against their true enemy, Yukimura didn't believe a word of it. He quickly tired of Eve's lies and ordered the guards at the fort to attack.


The battle, while long, was not particularly difficult. Of all people, Mozu lead the charge, Eve trailing behind and blocking the occasional blow or landing one of her own. The little villager that both Eve and Azura had assumed was just a meek girl revealed a ferocity that neither of them expected. With Eve's support, a great many of their foes failed to even scratch Mozu, and all that faced her fell, often being told that they smelled like goats.


This Mozu intimidated Eve somewhat, but any fear there was replaced by admiration and pride when she realised just how valuable an ally she had found. On top of finding a valuable ally, raiding one of the supply chests left foolishly where invaders could get at them yielded a rather nice lance. Why the Hoshidans had a lance in that chest rather than a naginata like one would expect was not something that really crossed Eve's mind, as she was far too busy admiring the craftsmanship and how well Mozu could wield it. As soon as the villager got her hands on that weapon, there was no stopping her.


Not even Orochi, retainer of the late Queen Mikoto, stood a chance when Mozu decided to attack. One would think that someone who directly served the queen would be better suited to battle and thus defending said queen, but all things considered Eve wasn't that surprised. After all, where was Orochi on the day that Mokoto died? Absolutely useless. Eve made a note to herself that if she were ever to have retainers of her own, they would have to be at least competent. Not able to be defeated with ease by a commoner that someone picked up on a whim. For shame Mikoto, for shame.


With the battle won and all of the Hoshidans occupying the fort 'defeated' (Eve unfortunately had to spare their lives for the sake of keeping up appearances), one of the defeated thought it was a bright idea to blow everyone up. Even though his allies were standing right next to him. At least he had dedication, and that was something that made Eve think. If only she had someone on her side that would be so willing to sacrifice his own life for her cause. Perhaps even Saizo could be convinced... provided he didn't blow himself up first.

Fortunately, Sakura and Kaze heard the commotion and came running. Kaze managed to calm his twin down by assuring him that Eve was trustworthy because she spared his life back in Nohr (aaah, what a classic stunt to pull of to gain trust). Perhaps there was a chance yet to convince Saizo to join her cause yet. Leaving the fort to continue their journey, Eve was rather satisfied to have left that encounter with two new allies in tow.


Aaah, Sakura. Quiet, softspoken... and possibly the most fanatic of Anankos' followers. Having been taken to Valla on several occasions by Azura in her childhood, Sakura grew up with a devotion to Anankos that was only fed by the recognition of her own weakness. Being the quiet girl she is, it was easy for Sakura to keep all this to herself. After all, it wouldn't do to have a follower of the Silent Dragon do around and be all noisy, would it now? It's not like Eve is noisy in all tha- Okay, maybe that's not the point, but Sakura was quiet about it nonetheless. And now, finally free from her siblings and and guards as well as reunited with the one who introduced her to Anankos, she was ready to serve. Well, almost. Just when she thought that she was free of her retainers, Hana and Subaki decided to show up and follow her. That just wouldn't do. Soon... soon she would prove her loyalty to Anankos once and for all by permanently silencing her own retainers.


While Sakura was normally so very quiet and secretive about her devotion to the Silent Dragon, there was one man that she had confided in. After Eve and Azura fled Hoshido, Sakura told Kaze what she could about Anankos. At first, the ninja was rather skeptical of Anankos, but when Sakura made the logical leap of Anankos being the Silent Dragon and Kaze being a ninja who thrives in darkness and silence, Kaze accepted this theology and decided to follow Sakura. As soon as he joined up with Eve and her ever-growing army, he picked up the sword and the axe. Wreathed in cold, silent flame, Kaze is now a fighter who would certainly instill a sense of dread in all he fights.

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With our merry little band headed to... Izumo, apparently? Whatever. Only three things stood between them, and their destination. Hana, Subaki and the Eternal Stairway. Sakura's retainers were, unfortunately, not privy to Eve's grand plans of luring royalty to their deaths and as such had to be silenced should they be prone to leaking secrets.It was sad, really. Sakura had truly found friendship with Hana and Subaki, but sometimes sacrifices have to be made in the name of the great Anankos. It was done silently, during the night, and neither retainer woke from their slumber.



With the two liabilities out of the way, Eve's band was free to continue on and climb the Eternal Stairway. It was exhausting, especially for Eve who had to lug all that heavy armour up there with her, but hey. You can't be a wall of death if you cease to be a wall. Gritting her teeth, she continued to climb and only stopped when Kaze told her to be quiet. Eve had been about to make a snarky retort to that comment, but when she stopped moving enough to hear something over the clanking of her armour she realised just why the dread fighter had asked her to stop. There were people... or things nearby. Heavy footfalls and growling gurgles left nothing to the imagination as several hulking figures lumbered into view. Faceless. How cute.

Without breaking a sweat, Kaze and Eve dispatched the undead monsters. Seriously, whoever sicced them on Eve was not the smartest person. Except... once they were defeated, the bodies were not those of Faceless, but of Wind Tribe warriors. On any other day, this would not have bothered Eve in the slightest. Killing a few people before breakfast might even make for good exercise, but today this was nothing but trouble. She had hoped to pass through the Wind Tribe's territory quickly, so she could continue on to Izumo where Ryoma and Takumi were reportedly heading towards before they went missing. Now more fighting was inevitable, and wind and sand is a horrible combination, and coupled with sun and heavy metal armour... this was not Eve's day.


Brought before Chief Fuga, Eve had to use her incredible talent once again. What, you thought that was being invincible? No, her greatest talent is lying and making the most ridiculous of stories believable. Fuga had heard that she had betrayed both Hoshido and Nohr, and just jumped to the conclusion that she was out to destroy them both, without even thinking that perhaps that was a choice too much for her small heart to bear. Granted, the conclusion he jumped to was correct, but that doesn't excuse foolishness.


Seriously Rinkah, you too? Actually, no. Rinkah was not a believer in the 'Eve wants to destroy everyone' theory. And due to the life-sparing trick that Eve had pulled weeks earlier. That decision was looking better and better every day. With the Flame Tribe's daughter supporting Eve, Fuga finally caved and decided to test Eve in battle. That was a big mistake, for as we all know Eve is an unstoppable wall of death. Not even the winds pushing her back were enough to stop her slow and inexorable advance. Many of the Wind Tribe were knocked aside or cut down as she made her way to Fuga while Mozu and Kaze finished off anyone left behind in Eve's wake... including Rinkah. The Flame Tribe woman had been a useful distraction, but she was now unnecessary and would certainly not agree with leading royalty into the waiting jaws of the Silent Dragon. She had to die.


With all of the Wind Tribe minions out of the way, it was time for Eve to finally face Fuga in battle. However much she may have not wanted to, she had to know restraint and not just up and kill the bald man, for much the same reason that she had to spare Yukimura. Eve had to keep up the facade of being innocent in order to properly carry out her plan. Still, that didn't dull the satisfaction of knocking him to the ground and holding a lance to his throat. If it weren't for Sakura's quiet presence, Eve might have killed Fuga just for fun. But she didn't, and Eve later thanked Sakura for her help.


With the battle won, Fuga finally bought Eve's lie-filled tale. Or perhaps Fuga always had believed in her, as he turned our to be a terrible judge of character and awful at sensing another's motives. Blind trust is one thing, but to trust Eve when you're not fighting on her side is quite another. Perhaps Fuga is going senile and the Wind Tribe needs a new chief.


With that mess cleared up, Eve's merry little band was ready to continue their journey, but Fuga had one last surprise in store for them. Apparently he thought that the group was weak enough that he needed to send one of his own to help them. Given that he and his tribe were soundly beaten by only five people, one of whom didn't even have a weapon, Fuga was in no real position to think this, but insisted anyway. However, as soon as Eve met the boy, she understood. Fuga just wanted to be rid of him, and pawning him off on Eve was the easiest way to do so.


So be it. You won't be going home any time soon. Or ever. Hayato was completely unaware of what he was getting himself into, and that he would likely be dead within a week, whether because his whiny insistence that he's a man and not a boy got on Eve's nerves, or because Sakura thought it time that yet another liability should be silenced. Regardless, the young Diviner was not long for this, or any other, world.

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And off to Creative with you. This isn't the place for a story playthrough, and since you're not showing off actual gameplay, this reads more like a comic strip.

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At long last Eve and company arrived in Izumo. After all that they'd been through to get there, if felt good to have finally reached their destination. With any luck it might even prove to be a fruitful venture, if Ryoma and Takumi were in Izumo as what little information they had seemed to indicate. Much to their surprise, they were greeted some distance from the castle by Izana, Archduke of Izumo, blah blah something about hair blah. Or perhaps not Izana. Maybe that one clingy leftover retainer was useful for something after all.


Apparently, Gunter is a pro at sniffing out magical illusions. The knight saw straight through the illusion of a glimmerous fop and to the rat-faced man beneath. Upon being revealed as an imposter, the Nohrian dark mage dropped the facade and immediately Eve knew why Zola had taken to illusion magic. If she looked like that, she would probably try to hide behind other people's faces to. Fortunately for her, she's completely adorable and has no need for such masks. Then again, it's what's on the inside that counts, or so the saying goes.


And after a lame joke like that, Eve was left with a burning desire to see said insides. To rupture vital organs with a well-placed lance to the chest. Unfortunately, that ice bomb was going to make Eve wait for punishing Zola for such cringe-worthy japes. The entire village was encased in ice. It was going to be another one of those battles, like the battle in Valla and the fight against Fuga and his minions. A long, slow fight with no real challenge. Yay. However, Eve had to start somewhere, and hacking away at the ice was the best course of action, occasionally hacking at the Nohrian soldiers foolish enough to think that hiding in the ice was a good idea. After longer than Eve would care to admit, the village was freed from its icy prison, the muddy ground was littered with the corpses of Nohrian soldiers and Zola was beaten and backed into a corner.


So being cornered as he was he lashed out at the weakest of Eve's companions and took Sakura as a human shield, threatening to kill her should anyone attack him further. How he planned to do that when the best he could probably do it hit her with some feeble spell was beyond Eve, but nonetheless she couldn't risk Sakura's life, not when she was the only healer the small band had and few were as devoted to the Silent Dragon as Sakura. Eve's thoughts of how to get Sakura out and still impale Zola were interrupted as the dark mage was engulfed in a familiar flair of magic, and the echoing sound of hooves on the hardwood floor caught the Vallite princess's attention.


Leo had just finished Zola off and freeing Sakura from his clutches, the already wounded and beaten mage hardly even got the time to let out a death gurgle as Leo's magic robbed him of his life. At first Eve was confused, but Leo quickly cleared things up by calling Zola a disgrace to the Nohrian army. As powerful as he was, Eve decided then and there that Leo could not be trusted with the secret of her true intentions. He would have to be handled with care, to ensure that the fate that had just befallen Zola did not happen to any of her true comrades. Regardless, Eve had to try to win him over, because her plan was to lure him to his death after all. Unfortunately, Leo was smart enough to not believe a word of Eve's lies, although the seed of doubt had been planted. Now all they had to do was wait for it to take root and grow into something more.


After Leo's departure, the hostages being held in the banquet hall were freed, including one Archduke Izana and one Prince Takumi. While Ryoma was nowhere to be found, at least they had been reunited with one of the Hoshidan princes. Now all they needed to do was convince Takumi to join their cause. Easier said than done. Even with Eve, Azura and Sakura all trying to persuade Takumi to trust them, Sakura's stubborn brother refused even though they had just saved his life. On that day it was discovered that 'trust' and 'Takumi' do not belong together in the same sentence. Izana, seeing how Takumi was refusing to join Eve, decided to step in and take matters into his own hands.


Theatrics ensued. Whether or not Izana truly saw the future or he just really wanted Takumi to join Eve to his death at Anankos' claws, he claimed that he had communed with the ancient gods (read: Anankos) and that they had told him that Takumi should side with Eve. Just to make sure that there would be a heavy cloud of guild following the Hoshidan prince if he refused, the eccentric Archduke staged an elaborate death, claiming that the price of the message was his life. Pfft, as if. But Takumi bought it and chose to follow Eve if only to make sure that Izana's 'sacrifice' was not in vain.

At last, Eve had one of her targets in tow, and it was the one that she predicted would be most difficult to persuade (aside from Xander of course, and his keen sense of intuition). From here on in, it would be a simple matter to get the others to follow her. It was just a matter of time. But first, there were other things to attend to, namely Takumi's retainers. They would, of course, insist on following their lord wherever he went, and that just wouldn't do. While they were around, tongues would have to be more closely guarded than usual and things would have to progress slower. Their time would come though, as it had for Hana and Subaki. Eve would make sure of that.

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Continuing on their journey through Hoshido after Izana's 'death' and the recruitment of the first of the royals slated for death, Eve and her companions arrived in Mokushu. Again hoping for an uneventful pass through apparently neutral territory and again being denied this luxury, an unexpected turn of events forces Eve deeper into Mokushu territory.


A rising plume of smoke in the middle of the forest boded ill for any travellers, but Kaze cleared up any suspicions of a forest fire when he said that he recognised the smoke as a signal from his brother. At first, Eve assumed that the plume of smoke meant that Saizo really had gone up in flames, like he had planned to back at Fort Jinya. While this smoke signal was not a sign that Saizo had blown himself up, the implications weren't much better. Saizo was deep in enemy territory, and surrounded by those who would try to kill him. Eve was not about to let Saizo die, not when she saw in him such potential as a valuable ally. Without hesitation, Eve lead her small army to assist Saizo.


Fortunately, Eve managed to reach Saizo before the aggressive Mokuhu ninjas did, especially as the body of another ninja that Eve would later learn was Kagero lay dead on her way there. Perhaps Kagero would have made a good ally, but no-one is useful dead and Eve had no reason to move the bloodied corpse. There is no use dwelling on what could have been. Upon seeing his brother in Eve's ranks, he was easily convinced to join Eve and fight at her side. After Eve gave Saizo a black feather that called one of Nohr's trained dark pegasi, Kaze's brother grabbed a tome and a lance and took to the skies to exact his revenge on Kotaro.


Upon rescuing Saizo, Eve called her loyal allies to battle. Oboro, however, was suspicious of Eve's motives when she kept Takumi away from battle and refused to take no for an answer when Eve told her to leave the battlefield. Following Oboro's example, Hayato also insisted on joining this battle, after all he didn't leave his home with the Wind Tribe just to sit on the sidelines of someone else's army. Too bad for them. Sakura the silent killer saw this as an opportunity to 'accidentally' push them into one of the many spike-filled pit traps of the Mokushu forest, and no-one was any the wiser that the meek Hoshidan princess was responsible for two more deaths.



Being reunited with his twin gave Kaze a new vigour to fight his hardest. Many Mokushu ninja fell at his hand as he exacted vengeance for them even thinking about killing his brother. Leading the charge with Saizo and Eve at his side, Kaze cut through his enemies like wheat.


Having finally cleared a path through the trap-filled forest that Kotaro had chosen as an ambush location, Saizo finally reached his true target. The self-serving daimyo of Mokushu, and the man who had murdered his father. With a righteous fury, Saizo demanded that Kotaro answer for his actions, but when he hardly even remembered the name of Saizo's father, then proceeded to insult both his memory and his son, Saizo decided that it was time to speak louder than words.


Revenge had never tasted quite so sweet as when Saizo ran his newly acquired lance through Kotaro's throat, cutting off any last words he might have had in a pitiful gurgle as blood filled his mouth and lungs. With Saizo's father avenged and the battle won, there was a moment where Eve could take some time to plan her next move. According to Saizo, who had managed to speak briefly with Kagero before her untimely demise and had learned that Ryoma had been headed to Cheve to meet up with an anti-Nohr resistance group, and was likely still there. With that knowledge, the next step was simple. Make their way to Cheve and meet with the Hoshidan high prince.

All this newfound experience and conditioning had left Eve with a sense of strength and capability that she had not known before. Her armour which once weighed her down almost to the point that she couldn't fight now felt light and natural, and the lances she wielded felt like a rather long extension of her arm. Perhaps it was time to don something yet heavier and pick up a new weapon to compliment her skills.


With a towering shield and impenetrable armour, Eve felt ready to take on the world.

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With Cheve far away and within Nohr's borders, Eve was faced with a decision. Should she take the land route and cross the Bottomless Canyon yet again, or should she take the long way round and take a boat to Nohr. After Azura's vehement insistence that they take to the seas, Eve and company found themselves on the open ocean, headed for the Nohrian shore. Eve was rather glad she listened to Azura's choice, there was something calming about seeing nothing but sea and sky and... ice? Oooooh no. No no no. Not more delays. Eve could only sigh when a familiar wyvern and her rider landed on the deck of the now stilled ship.


Camilla. Ever the doting older sister, and now was no different, even if what she said was also laced with death threats. Hah, like the Nohrian princes could even get past Eve's shield and armour. Unfortunately, the one thing that Camilla did have that Eve didn't was mobility. After a brief greeting, the malig knight took to the skies again and returned to her own ship where the one responsible for the sea freezing stood, blue hair whipping in the chill wind. Flora. Eve had liked the maid from the Ice Tribe, but this was it. She was sick to death of all these delays and was ready to do some killing. Sooooo much killing. Unfortunately, with their ships stopped and no way to get down to the frozen sea below, all Eve could do was wait as her mood got worse and worse until she got fed up enough to push Hinata into the icy waters below. Good thing that none of the non-loyal were there to see that little stunt. At long last a Dragon Vein made itself known. Nothing was going to get in her way now.


Not even Camilla. While it was unfortunate that the wyvern rider had to be hurt so badly when Eve really wanted to lure the woman to Anankos and let the Silent Dragon have the honour of slaying her, there was no choice. At least Camilla would live... for now. Too bad the same couldn't be said for her wyvern. All well. Too bad. That's what you get for being the bringer of more bad news and delays. Don't underestimate an angry Eve. Not even Nohr's most ferocious berserker could quell Eve's rampage, not even when he somehow managed to find weaknesses in her otherwise impenetrable defense and land a few rather painful blows. If anything, it served only as fuel for Eve's anger, and from that anger she drew strength.


At last it was time to finally kill the one directly responsible for the delay, the Ice Tribe woman cold and stoic as ever. Not that it saved her when Eve crushed her skull with a club that may or may not have belonged to the dead scion of the Flame Tribe. That just made victory all the sweeter as Flora fell and her icy magics began to fade. Finally. With her out the way, they could finally finish their seabound journey to Nohr.


Although... perhaps this delay had its advantages after all. Defeated, Camilla begged Eve for death. However, killing Camilla was not Eve's job. Not yet. Instead, the Vallite princess took the opportunity to officially declare Camilla as part of her group. Not her true army, consisting only of those loyal to Anankos, oh no, but her army that she planned to lead to their deaths. This had been a very convenient delay indeed.

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After a rather convenient delay at sea, Eve and her slowly growing army and collection of victims arrived in the port of Cyrkensia... at least what was left of it. The city was in ruins, the houses empty and the streets devoid of life... mostly.


A Kitsune on his last legs stumbled out from around a corner, dragging his nearly unconscious Wolfskin companion with him. Even that small bit of exertion was enough to cause the Kistune to collapse, breathing ragged and shallow before he stopped breathing entirely. Having failed to assist one potential ally Eve urged Sakura to hurry up with healing the Wolfskin who while in worse shape hadn't been walking and was still clinging stubbornly to life. His wounds healed and no longer in immediate danger of dying, Keaton told his saviours just what had happened to Cyrkensia.


Well, at least as far as he knew. A feeble explanation, but to those unfamiliar with the semi-invisible Vallite army that is what an assault would appear to be. Now that the immediate area was quiet, Eve could hear the sounds of battle in distant streets, topped off with cries of "NOHRIAN SCUM!". Perhaps the Nohrians were echoing a similar sentiment, but if they were the sound was not loud enough to carry over the din of battle. Seeing that there would be no leaving Cyrkensia to continue on to Cheve with a battle raging, as well as itching to smash some more skulls, Eve decided to intervene.

When Eve arrived on the scene, she grinned. There was no longer any need to journey to Cheve, and after a series of horrible delays it was a rather pleasant surprise to see Ryoma leading the Hoshidans in battle, a red-clad wyvern rider flying behind him. And... oh? Could this day get any better? Prince Xander was heading the Nohrian charge himself! Although, by the looks of it neither prince was showing any signs of being in a listening mood, both blaming the other for Cyrkensia's destruction. That just wouldn't do. Eve needed to lure both of them to Valla, and that wouldn't be able to happen if they were going to fight to the death over one neutral city. Was it really worth that much to them?


There was only one way to stop the blame game that Ryoma and Xander were playing was to defeat and make clear the true culprits of the destruction. Seriously what was with these moronic Vallite soldiers and messing with Eve's plans at every opportunity they got? Someone had clearly not been informed of the situation, and Eve was fed up with having her carefully laid plans messed with by someone too incompetent to leave her be. So the natural course of action was to slay the offending soldiers. After all, there was no reason for them to be left alive if they weren't fit for their job anyway. Said soldiers posed no challenge at all to Eve and her trusted team of now seasoned warriors, and soon Eve was finally in a position to talk to her 'brothers'.


Too bad neither of them were in much of a mood to listen to her, Xander especially. Xander was too smart for his own good, and convincing him to join her was going to be the biggest hurdle Eve would face in her mission. Ryoma on the other hand seemed somewhat more receptive to her lies, if only a little. He said that he'd need time to think, and that was all Eve needed to hear. She let the Hoshidan prince head home to Castle Shirasagi, and with any luck when she met up with him again he would bring Princess Hinoka with him. Before she left the two princes to their own devices, she told them the day to meet her. A deadline. Time limits always forced rushed decisions, and if she was going to convince the most stubborn of royalty, then she would have to resort to extreme measures. If she wasted too much time, Anankos might grow angry and replace her, or worse. Shaking off such unwelcome thoughts, she gathered her army and those destined for death and continued on towards her next destination: Notre Sagesse. Eve had heard tales of the legendary Rainbow Sage who lived there, and perhaps he might have some clue to a way that she could gain more power, because she was sure to need it in the battles ahead.

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I wonder how the Rainbow Sage will react to Eve and her true army? It's safe to assume he'll know who Eve is, so I wonder if she'll force him to grant her power through force.

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