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[FE8] Lute Emblem: The Sacred Lutes

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This is a great hack, but the game is way too easy overall. I'm playing on Hard Mode and seeing enemies with laughable stats at chapter 7. That's my only real complaint; the rest of this hack is charming and refreshing. You might want to increase the enemy stats a bit.

Lute is also extremely frail against everything; even her res is incredibly low. I understand her low def, but not her low res. Her res should be higher imo.

Overall, the hack is still very fun; I appreciate your efforts.

Screenshot (187).png

Screenshot (188).png

Screenshot (189).png

Screenshot (190).png

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I'd also like to add that the Wishblade and Daedalus are extremely game-breaking, especially the Wishblade. I don't mind that Kyle and Dieck wield them in Chapter 15 at all; Caellach and Valter were supposed to be threatening bosses but were pathetic in vanilla FE8. I appreciate that you managed to make them much more competent.

However, the player's ability to obtain them merits some reconsideration. Their infinite durability and weapon stats are incredible, and they aren't even S rank weapons. Farina in particular becomes the ultimate death machine who will ORKO everything or even OHKO everything 60% of the time due to the Halberdier's innate crit and the massive 35 crit on the Wishblade. Its mt is 17, so it's just as strong as Siegmund while possessing 1-2 range and 10 more hit, not to mention self-healing abilities. That lance is ludicrous; any decent lance user such as Farina or one of the cavaliers or wyverns can simply chug a pure water and tank basically everything outside of the Creature Campaign. 

Daedalus, while not as ridiculous, is also a stupidly good sword. It is the undisputed best melee sword and only faces competition from ranged swords such as the Runesword or Light Brand. Its lack of durability and awesome stats trump every other melee sword in the game. I'm not sure if it has self-healing abilities too, but even without it Daedalus is still the best 1-range sword in the game by default and will allow any decent sword user to ORKO almost everything in the game or OHKO thanks to its massive crit bonus.

VisualBoyAdvance-100% 6_6_2018 6_21_19 PM.png

VisualBoyAdvance- 99% 6_6_2018 9_47_09 PM.png

I'm currently on Chapter 18, and noticed a bug regarding Hugh's weapon ranks. Despite having an S rank in both anima and dark magic upon promotion, Hugh's S rank in dark magic disappeared after chapter 17. He was using Nosferatu, and his dark magic weapon rank reverted to A after chapter 17. The same bug might also apply to Lute's promoted class.

Additionally, some description boxes and events are glitched; Karel's unit description and the flashback during the introduction to chapter 17 are such examples. I'm sure that you're already aware of them; I'm just reporting what I've seen.

 Also, please don't be offended by these criticisms; I genuinely love the hack and appreciate your efforts. I may sound harsh when I don't mean to.

Edited by Nimbus
Noticed some new glitches

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@Nimbus Next time, edit your post instead of making two posts. Also, this wasn't meant to be a serious Rom Hack, so a game breaking item isn't that big of a deal. I think this was meant to be the creator's personal Joke hack and he decided to post it on a whim.

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@Legends di Angelo

Growths are unknown since the author never published them. Based on the supports that I've seen, they're mostly identical to those in FE8 with subtle name changes.

Here's the complete roster. The first character is replacing the latter from vanilla FE8. The supports should correspond to those in vanilla FE8; for example Lute will have supports with the characters who replaced Eirika's support partners in FE8. 



Lute - Eirika

Hugh - Ephraim

Hector - Seth

Clarine - Tana

Klein - Innes

Lilina - L'Arachel

Ephraim - Rennac

Fargus - Dozla

Eliwood - Garcia

Roy - Ross

Fee - Vanessa

Saul - Moulder

Florina - Neimi

Sain - Colm

Dart - Gilliam

Lugh - Franz

Etul - Lute

Zephiel - Artur

Cecilia - Natasha

Farina - Joshua

Franz - Cormag

Chad & Raigh - Forde & Kyle (not sure which is which)

Seth - Orson

Pyrrha - Amelia

Glass - Gerik

Lethe - Tethys

Sigune - Marisa

Karel - Saleh

Guy - Ewan

Perceval - Duessel

Idenn (Idoun?) - Myrrh

Rutger - Knoll

Camilla - Syrene


If there are any errors in this list, please let me know.

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I'm currently at chapter 8 and I hesitate a lot:

Sain: 26 HP, 14 str, 9 skl, 16 spd, 14 lck, 5 def and 1 res at level 11

Dart: 33 HP, 16 str, 8 skl, 16 spd, 6 lck, 8 def, 3 res at level 11

Should I early promote Sain into a Rogue, or wait until later and promote whoever gives the best utility to my team (walking on water like Jesus vs preserving steal ability as a promoted unit)?

Roy; 25 HP, 13 str, 14 skl, 11 spd, 10 lck, 9 def, 3 res (but 2 more Con than Lugh for heavier weapons) at level 8

Lugh: 25 HP, 9 str, 15 skl, 16 spd, 6 lck, 10 def 7 res (but points lower Con and slowed down by steel swords and any blade or killer weapon or reverse weapon triangle maybe too).

I was thinking of promoting Lugh into a ranger for lighter weapons, mobility, flyer kills (I benched Zephiel immediately becasue 18 levels of bow lock without Colm-Neimi-s offensive support was unapealing) and Roy hero (also hero has more balanced stats and lower spd cap than ranger).

Cecilia is god with 7 def 10 res, 2 perfect level ups in a row...

Elliwood gave me 2 level ups of only hp, he's sitting at 12 str, 13 spd, 11 def for now, not really engaging for a frontliner (slower Oscar). Maybe I'll replace him with the soldier girl (hallberdier is my love).



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