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Skill optimization thread

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My target is to figure out how to train - mainly weaker - units more efficiently.

Which skill(s) do you give to whom in which chapter(s)?


Here are few examples from my side:

  • 1-4: Leonardo's cancel skill goes to Edward or Nolan because they can make better use of it and have a higher activation rate due to their high skill. Discipline on Aran to make him access to use Tauroneo's silver lance quickly.
  • 1-6: Resolve on Micaiah because she's the only first tier unit who has the capacity to use it. With sacrificing once she'll become into resolve-zone. With 1.5 speed she can maybe double the one or other opponent. Renewal on Volug or Zihark.
  • 1-7: Paragon on Micaiah for same reason. She's the only one who can gain serious experience. Inbue on Zihark because he has a good magic stat actually.
  • 1-8: Resolve on Micaiah to make life in 1-9 a lot easier. Paragon on Sothe because he'll do quite a lot in this chapter thanks to his better movement in the awkward terrain. Let him kill Radmin to get almost a full level up.
  • 1-F: It becomes tough for me. Idk which skills to give to Ilyana. On the one hand giving paragon to her is more efficient because in total the GM's have more chapters to make use of it, but on the other hand the DB members need way more experience due to their less chapters in part 3. Most skills should stay in the DB honestly.
  • Part 3: Vantage, Adept, Resolve + earth support for Zihark to make him invisible. However it only works, if a tiger attacks him first. If a cat hits him first, the taken damage won't be enough to reach resolve-zone. Beastfoe on Jill: With the brave axe or hand and short axes she can claim free kills in each turn. Renewal for Volug, inbue for Sothe and discipline to Micaiah.


This is only a little example for the DB chapters.

This skill set excludes Meg and Fiona... but maybe there's still a way how include them too. Iirc Fiona can't even take skills since she has only 5 capacity (?).


Furthermore I'd like to know about a good skillset for the non-royal Laguz since I'm not really familar in using most of them in longruns.

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DB Chapters:

I always liked stealing Tormods celerity and giving it to Micaiah (although resolve for chapter 1-9 really is very useful). Probably could be someone who could use it more though, maybe Ilyana.

Elincia Chapters:

I'm not 100% here but I seem to recall you can't change skills in chapter 2 I think? Maybe you can in the castle defense level but I'm pretty sure you can't during Geoffry's charge or Lucia's cave level. If so then these only apply to chapter 3-9. Taking Geoffry's paragon has always been a pretty obvious choice, pretty much always give it to marcia.  Gambles also pretty poor on Keiran, but theres not a whole lot to give it to (maybe DevDanveD). You also can buy an adept in the bargain bin which I like to give to calil, but could easily go to Geoffry or Keiran if you just want to run through the level.

Ike's Chapters:

Honestly, I usually just use these chapters to train up a couple characters I feel like using so I probably don't allocate my skills too optimally. Acutally, if you did give Ilyana the celerity, then I would 100% give it to heather in 3-5, so she can try to chase down that damn paladin if he runs off with your energy drops. As a more general rule I would say Disarm, while not a great skill, is pretty poor on Brom and can have some use on someone like Mia or Nephenee. Soren's adept could also probably find a better home, one someone like oscar, shinon or rolf. Oh and you should probably put Blossom on Astrid if you plan on using her because she is far and away the best character for abusing it.

End Game:

Skrimir does alright with resolve but honestly I don't like using him all that much, so I tend to steal it and give it to any number of recipients. Tibarn is basically unkillable up until the tower so I really don't think he needs pavise. I like to give it to some moderately bulky front line fighters, like Nephenee or Jill. Otherwise, you probably would want to go by a more character to character basis on what skills make them the best they can be.

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Wrath on Micaiah is a common use for the skill early on, particularly if Edward isn't being used much. It is less consistent than Resolve though, and both Wrath and Resolve in the long run are better on other units. Heck, even in Part 1, Zihark or Nolan might do better with Resolve and even Wrath, given Hand Axes and Wind Edges exist, plus their ability to likely have double and have two 50+ chances of critting to Micaiah's one.

Celerity should totally go to the GMs, as the DB's Part 3 is all defensive chapters (unless you shove so much experience into someone they can be a tier 3 juggernaut). In addition, the GMs do get some pretty big maps where the extra move will come in handy. Similarly, pass on Savior to the GMs, Haar/Titania/Oscar can then ferry Ike or another brawler to a cluster of enemies without crippling their own combat on the way there. I guess you can pass Pass for the same reasons, but 1-Final's cliff climbing might be easier with it. Do keep Paragon, Beastfoe (obviously) and Discipline for the DB though. The rest is up to you.

You indeed cannot remove and assign skills during Part 2, they didn't want us to pass two Paragons to the GMs. It is worth noting that 2-Final has a Nullify scroll on a General below the stairs in the southwest. Even if you're blitzing this chapter, I'd recommend snagging it. If you leave it with the CRK, Marcia can use it for 3-9 to fly north of the starting point and not fear the Sniper there. If you hand it to the GMs, Haar will appreciate the -10 damage from the plentiful Elthunder Sages and -22 damage from the five Wyrmslayer SMs he might face. And of course you can trade it to somebody else if Haar doesn't need it. Part 4 then sees Nullify useful on any non-dragon flier.

Any skill that has a Speed or Skill-based activation rate will be better on consistently doubling high Skill units, though units with less Skill and Speed but more enemy phase capabilities can also be considered. Daunt is best used on an already dodgy unit who would appreciate knocking down enemy hit a few more points.

As for Blossom, yeah Astrid uses it best, and Ena and Kurthnaga can Parablossom too. Any Laguz can use Blossom actually if you use BEXP to get them to ~90 before a battle. They already level quite slowly, so it won't make too much difference in the speed of their leveling.

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Give disarm to Bowgun Shinon. When used in conjunction with Heather's steal, funds and weapons become a non-issue.

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