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Rend Keaven

Voice Actors for a FE4 remake

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With a remake of FE2 of all things coming soon, it's only a matter of time that a remake of Genealogy of the Holy War could be arriving in the future (please be on the Switch). With voice acting being a common element in the modern FE games and if the off chance the FE4 remake is voice acted which voice actors would you like to see portray the roles of the characters? Here is a few for the first gen characters I have come up with and I'll admit some of these choices won't please everybody but this topic is for everyone to post their ideas for voice actors.

Matt Mercer as Sigurd- Bit cliche but I honestly couldn't think of anyone better and he could suit the role fairly well. Preferable a portrayal like in Fist of the North Star, especially at a scene where he and Eldigan clash.
Cam Clarke as Arvis-  I can't help but picture Liquid Snake voicing this guy, but if they can keep the villainous overtones to a minimum, it will be a great portrayal of a tragic character. Also if Cam can pull of an aged Arvis in Gen 2 it will be amazing.
Todd Haberkorn as Dew- I always see Dew as a cocky, friendly, energetic and curious thief and Todd is a personal wild card for me.
Quinton Flynn as Levin-  This was between Quinton or Robin Atkin Downes. For some reason I picture Levin having a Irish accent kind of like Henry in No More Heroes.
Patrick Steiz as Arden- A rough voice will fit his rough exterior and his physical appearance.
Carina Reeves as Raquesis-  It could fit her royal role if she pulls of a voice similar to Fiora in Xenoblade.
Steve Blum as Manfloy or Reptor- This guy can pull a good cold and sinister voice as seen in Peace Walker.
Robin Atkin Downes as Quan- He can be a great role for a character who is involved with alot of war based struggles.
Caitlin Glass as Fury- She can portray a clam yet fierce feminine character very well imo like Elma in Xenoblade X.

Might add more to this post if I come up with any.


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I always had Cam Clark in mind for Alvis too.

I always pictured Troy Baker for Adult Shanan since the design of Shanan and Yuri have some similarities like the long black hair, being sword fighters and implied big brother figures. 

Johnny Yong Bosch would make a good Seliph if he does a slightly more manly version of his Emil voice. Its soft enough to fit for Seliph who seems kind of shy at the start and who looks very feminine. 

Whoever voices Lex simply must have the same voice as Hector might get in the future. The two share so many similarities that its a given. I'd suggest Cam Clark for them to but with a more rougher edge to his voice. 

As for Japanese voices, I think Naomi Shindo would make a good Azel due to her playing another shy boy with close ties to a morally dubious man. 

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It's funny you list the Chrom's eng va for Sigurd because when I saw the thread title I instantly thought Tomokazu Sugita (Chrom's JP va) would be a perfect fit...if we're doing that may as well get Kobayashi Yuu (Lucina) for Seliph too, heh.

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I can totally see Bryce Papenbrook as Seliph. I think he needs a masculine voice so people know he isn't a girl. Seliph is a lot like Arslan(from the Heroic Legend of Arslan) too when you think about it...

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