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leaf of the lake

Another SRWJ Draft

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I didn't see any rules about not being able to start a draft for a game with a draft already running, so let's see where this takes us. Normally, there probably wouldn't be enough interested players; I wouldn't have started this thread if I hadn't already recruited a few people. We're looking for 1-2 more players to start the draft.

- This draft is for 4-5 players
- New game (no NG+)
- Puzzle Robo allowed
- You may only deploy units you drafted, unless forced to by the game
- Battleships and Banpresto Originals are free to be used by everyone
- You may not select the Vorlent as your starting unit
- Deploying a unit that you did not draft and were not forced to deploy incurs a 4 turn penalty for that map for each additional unit deployed
- This means that forced deploy units are considered free, but only until they can be safely withdrawn to a battleship
- On map 34, if you did not draft one of the forced deploy units, you may select one free unit for this map
- Drafting will follow a pattern of 123 321 123 321 etc until all units have been drafted
- If fewer units remain than the number of players in a drafting round, the remaining units will be considered free for everyone
- The player with the lowest turn count at the end of the game will be declared the winner

1. Leaf of the lake
2. Frozen Wrath / Scarlet Flame
3. Seraphim
4. Excellen Browning

Unit list:

Aestivalis - Akito
Aestivalis - Hikaru
Aestivalis - Ryoko
Aestivalis - Izumi
Aestivalis - Gai
Aestivalis - Akatsuki

Mazinger Z > Mazinkaiser > Mazinkaiser KS
Great Mazinger

Aphrodite A > Venus A
Boss Borot
Million Alpha

Lonesome Supers:
Combattler V
Voltes V
Zeorymer > Great Zeorymer
Dancougar > Final Dancougar

Blue Earth
Tekkaman Blade + Pegas
Sol Tekkaman 1
Sol Tekkaman 2
Tekkaman Rapier

Brain Powerd:
Nakki Brain
Kant Brain
Brain Child (Kanan)
Brain Child (Higgins)

Yu Brain > Nelly Brain
Hime Brain
Nanga Brain
Lasse Brain
Iiko Baronz

SPT Layzner:
Layzner > Mk.II > Enhanced

Gundam SEED:
Strike Gundam
Freedom Gundam
Justice Gundam
Buster Gundam
Duel Gundam
Moebius Zero
Sky Grasper 1
Sky Grasper 2
M1 Astray
Strike Rouge Gundam

Full Metal Panic!:
M9 Gernsback > ARX-7 Arbalest = Bonta-kun
M9 Gernsback (Mao)
M9 Gernsback (Kurz)

G Gundam:
Shining Gundam > God Gundam
Rose Gundam
Maxter Gundam
Dragon Gundam
Bolt Gundam
Rising Gundam
Nobel Gundam

Excellen: Mazinger Z, Layzner, Dancougar, Buldy, Tekkaman Blade, Blue Earth, Boss Borot, Lasse Brain, Nanga Brain, Brain Child (Kanan), Brain Child (Higgins), Kant Brain, Iiko Baronz, Bloodykaiser
Frozen: Aestivalis - Akito, Aestivalis - Ryoko, Aestivalis - Hikaru, Shining Gundam, Aestivalis - Izumi, Rising Gundam, Nobel Gundam, Aestivalis - Gai, M1 Astray, Million Alpha, Aestivalis - Akatsuki, Greimkaiser, Baronz - Jonathon, Moebius, Tekkaman Rapier
Sera: Strike Gundam, Combattler V, Freedom Gundam, Voltes V, Yuu Brain, Strike Rouge, Gundam Rose, Gundam Maxter, Duel Gundam, Buster Gundam, Baybull, Eternal, Bolt Gundam, Sol Tekkaman #1
Leaf: Zeorymer, Great Mazinger, Justice Gundam, Skygrasper no.1, Arbalest, Hime Brain, Dragon Gundam, Aphrodite A, M9 - Mao, M9 - Kurz, Skygrasper no.2, Nakki Brain, Sol Tekkaman #2, X-Aestivalis

"Free": Greimkaiser

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Will you adopt the forced deployment rule (if a unit can't retreat, it's considered free until it can)?

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I went with Granteed, doing Touya route because it's only like 1 or 2 turns slower in the first two maps, but I expect Accel to more than pay for itself later on. (No, really, it takes way too long to kill two katonbo with only the Nadesico on calvina's map 2, despite her map 1 only being 3 turns). I went with Originals, Zeorymer, and Mazinkaiser as starred series.

Map 1: Possibly the only time this run I will be able to use Mazinger without penalty. RIP. Mazinger moves in, being careful to not use anything that costs more EN than rocket punch (15 EN) so it has enough to clean up the reinforcements. Touya spawns, leave him in his corner to take out the batta. Mazinger moves downward and cleans up the mecha beasts. 5 turns.

Map 2: Granteed placed as far left as possible. Granteed goes left and starts off with a cheer'd kill on a moebius, granting a level, then kills another on enemy phase for another levelup. Nadesico goes up, takes out a moebius with gain active and kills enough moebius on that turn to levelup. The levelup gives Yurika enough SP to cast cheer again, so Touya gets it again when he kills... whatever the name of the other federation unit is that spawns in this map, I forgot to check. Four more federation unit kills going over to Touya gives him lv5 and accel, which lets us rush over to where the batta spawn. Touya and Nadisco one-shot the batta and *eventually* take down the katonbo. Unfortunately, I'm two attacks short of being able to end it on turn 6, enemy turn, so this map was 7 turns. Total turn count: 12

Map 3: Granteed placed as far down as possible. Granteed accels its ass down to take out the enemies on the bottom side of the map, while Nadesico hangs near the middle. Ended up taking 4 turns to kill them before getting reinforcements to spawn, which feels longer than it should be. Took another 3 turns to clean up the rest of the enemies on the map, for a 7 turn clear (19 total). I might will redo this one. Just found out I can save two turns by going straight for Gale here. Lose out on a lot of cash by doing so, but it's worth. I might even be able to save 3 by getting Granteed to hitch a ride on the Nadesico instead of sending them completely separate ways.

Intermission: +10 EN and Booster on Nadesico, +6 EN on Granteed

Redone map 3: Granteed is placed as far down as possible. Granteed accels its ass down to force Gale to retreat, picking up as many kills as possible on turn 1 enemy phase with both Granteed and Nadesico. Turn 3, Granteed loads up on Nadesico and high-tails it to the top half of the map. I manage to kill the upper-right corner boss enemy for a chobham armor, and the whole thing gets cleaned up by turn 5 enemy phase. Total turn count: 17

Intermission: Propellant Tank on Nadesico, no further upgrades. Subpilot swap to Katia for the Bless bonus.

Map 4: The map where regardless of whether you agree with saving Gale you have to anyway. Granteed starts northwest in the outer ring, accels forward twice, landing a hit on gale. Nadesico likewise makes its way up to Gale, but goes off toward the left to cover more units. On turn 3, blesskill Gale (since I don't have any reliable katonbos to blesskill on this strat) and have Nadesico move up to intercept the reinforcements so they don't blow Gale's brains out. There's a couple katonbo left alive, but they'll follow me anyway, so I'm not worried about them. Granteed advances with its primary focus on damaging the unhurt katonbos. Nadesico counterattacks everything in sight, pops the propellant tank and a couple vigor, and with two very lucky counterattack hits against the boss, we manage to clear this map in 5 turns. Also, Yurika manages to get her Ace bonus this map. Total turn count: 22

Intermission: I finally remember to spend my PP, distribute modules, and slap the HE Radar on the Granteed. Subpilot swap to Melua since there's no boss in this level and I need to get Melua deploys up to 20 because I forgot to draft Enable.

Map 5: Another basic Nadesico and Granteed split up and kill things map. Between Melua's +1 move, the HE Radar, and Accel, Granteed barely reaches one of the tentacle mooks T1 and blows it up... which, while cool, isn't enough to save anything on turn count, unfortunately. Took a solid 5 turns to clear, and Touya gets his Ace bonus. Total turn count: 27

Map 6: Kira runs his ass to the Nadesico, N and G trounce mooks, more mooks spawn, Archangel gets in on the action, and Crueset goes down on turn 4 player phase. Total turn count: 31

Intermission: Nadesico gets a second Booster and its own HE Radar, Granteed gets a Repair Kit (which I don't even end up using), and Archangel just sorta cries in a corner since it lacks Accel and thus will primarily be acting as an additional source of income this map. Oh, and I finally remembered you can switch Nadisco pilots and put Ruri as the commander of the Nadesico. ...after a whopping 87 kills had already been poured into Yurika. Better late than never, I suppose. Also, +2 weapons on Granteed because it was *just barely* missing one-shots on the mooks early on in map 7, and +1 weapons on Nadesico because apparently a gravity blast leaves Miguel with literally 83 HP and I want his items dammit (which was actually unnecessary, since I messed up my strat and ended up using two rounds of missiles on him in the end).

Map 7: Load up Granteed in Nadesico, Nadesico accels straight up. Nadesico casts alert (to reduce EN consumption) and accels up again to meet enemies, deploy Granteed who accels off to the right to intercept the soon-to-spawn gundams. Nadesico mops up most of the mooks, gundams spawn, and next turn Granteed walks up with Wall to take a potshot at Duel gundam. Granteed kills Duel on EP with O Slave, and also knocks two other gundams for a loop. Nadesico pops alert, snipe, and I scan each of the gundams to reduce their evade, moving close enough to counterattack the blitz while also shooting down miguel with missiles on player turn; Granteed casts trust and wall on itself, then takes a huge chunk out of Buster. On EP, Nadesico avoids using gravity blast until the Blitz suicides on it, then Aegis suicides on Granteed, and the Buster suicides on the Archangel, which has just been slowly moving up-right this whole time while occasionally killing enemies. Miraculously, manage to finish on turn 4 enemy phase. Total turn count: 35

Intermission: Chobham on Nadesico, Chobham on Granteed, Apogee+Sniper Scope+Stable OS on Archangel. +10 EN to Archangel. Subpilot swap to Katia, for delicious Bless against battleship.

Map 8: Load Granteed and Aphrodite A(!) onto Nadesico, accel move twice, deploy Granteed and kill a bunch of stuff on enemy phase. Archangel begins the long trek toward Crueset's spawn (this is what the apogee was for). Nadesico Vigors twice, and we start chipping down the battleship with a support attack from Touya. Deploy Aphrodite and alert, then melee the battleship. Granteed self-casts Bless and tempest whatever kills it. Everything but one gundam dies on EP, which Granteed finishes off for the extra cash, positioned such that it draws fire from some of the enemy reinforcements as well. Archangel uses a ton of spirits (including guard, focus, and scan), and lohengrins crueset. Counterkill everything except like two mooks, and also counterkill crueset, clearing the map in 4 turns. Total turn count: 39

Intermission: Swap out Def+5 for Counter on Ruri and Supp Atk+1 goes to Murrue. Large generator goes to Archangel, EN chip and AA's apogee goes to Nadesico (dropping the chobham and HE radar).

Map 9: Also known as the second time Aphrodite A does something useful. Granteed handles right-most enemies, Nadesico handles left-most, and Archangel collects the forced deploys and heads straight up the middle. Dagger spawns on turn 2 EP. After getting everyone in position, Aphrodite A deploys to let Archangel support attack, giving just enough damage for Nadesico, Archangel (+Granteed supp), and Granteed to finish it off with bless. Everything else falls on turn 4, enemy phase. Total turn count: 43

Intermission: Subpilot swap to Tenia, because I need damage this map, and Fury is the only steroid I can get right now. Granteed swaps its parts for Dustproof and Repair Kit, Ruri gets Hit and Run to replace her Range+5, and Touya takes the Supp Atk+1 Murrue had. Nadesico gets +1 -> +4 weapons; this is needed to one-shot one of the pig-like enemies on this map.

Map 10: Granteed heads up to deal with enemies on the left, using the cliff terrain to minimize damage taken. Nadesico handles the right. Skygrasper makes a beeline right, while the forced deploys slowly work their way up-right to eventually reunite with the Nadesico. On turn 2 PP, Nadesico snipes to soften a pig it doesn't have the will to one-shot yet. On turn 3 player phase, Nadesico Hit and Runs the furthest back pig with a one-shot gravity blast to move into position to intercept the devil army, which spawns on turn 3 EP. A focus+wall'd skygrasper also meets the lower-right portion of the death army and softens them up a bit. We leave exactly 4 death army alive on turn 4 EP, which lets skygrasper finish one off on turn 5 PP for the devil gundam spawn. Shining Gundam flees to the right, all other forced deploys finally get loaded into the Nadesico, and we start setting up for boss killing, using Wall and Alert liberally. Turn 6 PP, a literally 60 HP Granteed pops a Repair Kit, Yurika Tires the boss, and Granteed and Nadesico start chipping it down. Next turn, Nadesico Vigors and Skygrasper+Aphrodite get in on the action, pulling supports from a Fury'd Granteed for a turn 7 kill flee. Also, Ruri gets her first ace bonus this map, and Touya gets his second. Total turn count: 50

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I started up the draft.

Favourite series:


Banpresto Original




Stage 1: 3/3 turns http://imgur.com/a/mVKLm

Stage 2: 4/7 turns http://imgur.com/a/tatip

Stage 3: 4/11 turns

Half the shots I took disappeared, unfortunately. Nadesico solo's the initial group of enemies, Belzelute heads over to intercept Costello. Mazinger and Layzner head north, Buldy and Blue Earth head east, to intercept the reinforcements. Julia and Gale are sent packing on turn 2 enemy phase, reinforcements spawn in. On turn 3 Calvina does Costello in, Eiji and Kouji damage their Katonbo, Blue Earth and Buldy do this as well. Nadesico moves over to support. Mop up happens on turn 4.

Stage 4: 5/16 turns http://imgur.com/a/EL5TU


Edited by Excellen Browning

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Route split time. Taking archangel route because I'm pretty sure it's gonna be faster. It's a little counterintuitive, given that I have two supers waiting for me on nadesico route, but... well, this:


Intermission: +3 mobility and +10 weapons on Skygrasper, 2 HE Radar on it, and the +10% and +20% crit items go to it, too. Archangel inherits the Nadesico's parts (modules too), and Granteed gets a chobham because it doesn't need anything in particular right now. Subpilot swap to Melua to get more deploys on her, and because I can't meaningfully use Bless this map. Kira takes reign of the Skygrasper, though the game might force him to deploy in the strike later.

Map 11: Load up, Archangel flies out, Granteed goes north to kill the starting mooks, Skygrasper goes south to kill reinforcements. Ends on turn 3 EP, with Kira gaining 5 levels in one map. Total turn count: 53

Map 12: Long map, and I'm including images for once, so gonna spoiler tag this one. Managed a 5 turn, somehow.


Intermission: Oh boy. Apogee + 2 Servo + Hyper Sensor on Blue Earth, Booster on Buldy, Booster on Layzner, Granteed trades its parts for one of the HE Radars and a Propellant Tank (which I didn't need, since the HE Radar actually saved me enough EN on its own), and Archangel gets Multi-Lock On Sys and Sniper Scope. Touya takes Hit and Run from Murrue. Granteed weapons +2 -> +4 (for guaranteed one-shot on mooks). Sticking with Melua because her +1 move is actually necessary this map.

Map 12: All that meticulous setup lets us destroy all four jammers in two turns, without incurring penalties. *deep breath*  Blue Earth accels to the bottom-left jammer and Buldy moves up beside it, while Baybull casts focus and goes as far up-right as it can. Layzner accels to the bottom-left jammer, and Granteed accels straight up the middle. Next turn, Buldy moves to be directly below the enemy by the upper-right jammer and shoots at it, taking a hit in return; Blue Earth accels to the upper-right jammer, shooting down the enemy Buldy just weakened; Baybull moves in to kill another enemy south of Buldy. Layzner accels to the final jammer, causing Dagger to spawn and making the non-Granteed units no longer free. Touya fires off a 9 range O Slave to kill the enemy south of the upper-left jammer, then Hit and Runs to the tile just northeast of Dagger. Finally, Strike and Skygrasper load on AA, it accels directly up and Blade joins them. On turn 2 EP, the lower-most enemy in the top group and both enemies in the lower group target AA, and every single other enemy in the upper area targets Granteed, including a successful counterattack against the boss.

Here's the map setup at the end of turn 2, player phase:


And here's what's left at the start of turn 3:


With Granteed sitting on about 1k health, Melua self-Trusts twice and Touya Walls; Baybull boards the Archangel; Mu deploys and focus+walls, firing from max range to take Dagger down to about half health, then AA accels in and steals a support from Granteed, who finishes Dagger with a Hit and Run, heading north. We recover Blue Earth and Layzner, and the last mook left alive suicides on AA on turn 3 EP, causing reinforcements to spawn, which promptly kill themselves on Granteed and AA. We finally recover Buldy, AA vigors, then steals another support from Granteed, letting Granteed take the battleship down. Big long event, then we can finally move the Skygrasper down to intercept the new reinforcements. Both gundams take a solid hit, and because enemy target prioritization is unbelievably forgiving, the 600 HP Granteed is ignored in favor of the AA. The desert tiger falls to a Cheer+Luck'd AA with support from Granteed, then Granteed finishes off the last straggler on the north end. Skygrasper No.2 sits there and looks pretty, while Skygrasper No.1 dives even deeper into the fray to kill every single last one of those bastards to end the map on turn 5 EP.

Total turn count: 58

Map 13: Welcome to RNG hell. Another hard 5 turn.


Intermission: Kira gets Counter and returns to Skygrasper 1. Multi Lock-On Sys and Booster on Granteed, Apogee+Booster+Mega Booster+HE Radar on Skygrasper 1. Granteed weapons +4 -> +6 for the one-shot on grand chers. Melua is once again needed, this time for both move and armor. The MLOS is just to reduce RNG manipulation headaches against Jonathon.

Map 13: Yuu and Hime manipulate AI to both get 111 will by turn 3 PP. Yuu bless kills Shiela with a support from Hime, Hime moves up to avoid enemy fire and attacks Kanan. Enemy phase, one grand cher suicides on Yuu, and Hime gets a lucky countercrit against Kanan, causing reinforcements to spawn on turn 3 EP. Yuu and Hime get out of the way, Granteed and Skygrasper No.1 accel in, Skygrasper beats up some baddies on EP, and we enter turn 5. Granteed accel+walls and one-shots a grand cher without even having to crit, while Skygrasper accels in to put some hurt on Jonathon. The +4 move on Skygrasper is needed to reach this spot:


If I put the Mega Booster on Granteed instead, Granteed gets to see some turn 4 combat, but I can't reach Edgar with Schwert on turn 5, which is needed for the one-shot. The brains are moved down a bit, just behind Granteed, since on a previous run Jonathon decided to completely ignore both Skygrasper and Granteed in favor of moving toward them for some reason; he'll gladly kill himself on Granteed if it's in his way, though. From here, the map goes about as you'd expect; everything dies on turn 5 EP. I was lucky enough to not have to manipulate against a vital jump, too.

Total turn count: 63

Map 14: Currently unfinished. With my current strat, this is probably a 7 turn, though. I forgot that it's a rout, so I'm prob gonna have to go back and equip Granteed with a Water Jet, which might let me push it to 6. Did I say 6? I meant 5. With some insane finagling, I managed to get this map down to a sleek 5 turns. Feelin' real good about this one.


Intermission: Subpilot swap to Tenia, since I need Fury to nab the KO on Gale and the gundams. Granteed armor +0 -> +5, since it needs help against the gradosians this is actually a leftover from an old strat, before I added the Water Jet; it didn't cost me much and I'll need it eventually anyway, so I just left it. Archangel gets 2 Boosters, a Mega Booster, and a Cartridge; Granteed gets an Apogee so it can reach Karla's spawn tile, and a Water Jet because "yes"; Skygrasper 1 gets an Apogee, 2 HE Radar, and a Cartridge; Skygrasper 2 gets parts for +20 and +10 crit. I thought I was so clever with those Cartridges, but in the end, I didn't even use them. Kira borrows the Supp Atk +1, and I give Touya a Potential +1 as a consolation prize for now. I finally get to make use of the SP+10 module I got ages ago by putting it on Hime, but she'll still need a couple levels to double bless.

Map 14: Granteed, Layzner, Skygrasper 1, Skygrasper 2, and Hime Brain load up into AA and it uses 13 move to go to this precise tile:


This sets up our position perfectly, which will let both Kira and Touya wreck havoc next turn. Turn 2, AA accels and moves directly up as far as it can go. S1 deploys (focus+accel) and takes out this enemy:


Granteed deploys and - very importantly - dives into the water, moving to a very specific tile (3 tiles up, the rest left), casting wall, accel, and fury. This is Karla's spawn tile, which will place Granteed in range of every single reinforcement except two of them (fun fact: if you occupy a spawn tile, the enemy will instead be placed to the right, and if that's occupied too, I believe it goes counterclockwise from there). S1 kills the initial wave on turn 2 EP, and Granteed kills most of the reinforcements on turn 2 EP as well (including Karla and Gale), forcing the scripted event to play.


I haven't healed in this screenshot; after a few kills, Granteed was taking literally 10 damage from the mooks. From here, there's two stragglers left alive, which are easy to take out. Granteed accels, then Hit and Runs one of them to return to our battleship. We deploy S2 to take a chunk out of the other with a crit Beam Cannon, and finish it off on EP. Yeah, we're leaving S2 behind. It doesn't have any upgrades yet anyway. Bye Cagalli. 

More importantly, AA accel+lucks and moves down to the exact max range of both Katonbo, deploying Hime to pick up a support from Kira, who chunks the upper Katonbo. The panel Kira needs to move to is just out of reach without accel, so Kira accels down to here and crits the other with a 6 range Beam Cannon:


(Not pictured: The other Katonbo, two tiles above Hime)

AA kills both Katonbo on EP, Cagalli picks up the straggler on the other side of the map, and we get turn 3 EP gundam reinforcements. Kira also manages to counterkill one of the reinforcements from that position on EP with a Long-Range Missile.


This is why we needed to use the max range Beam Cannon last turn; that extra panel lets us reach this tile on turn 4, where we can chip down the Assault Shroud with another max range Beam Cannon.


Hime boards the Archangel, which then accel+guards here and Igstellungs the Zn0 on the shore. This position avoids range 7 with any of the Goohns and lets Granteed get into position to kill the bosses.


Granteed uses accel+wall+fury and makes a mad dash to this position to pop the Assault Shroud, avoiding the counterattack since it counts as a kill. This lets it comfortably deal with the gundams on EP, while also getting in a vital counterattack against the western battleship. Buster survives an O Slave with 523 HP, so even if I upgraded weapons it wouldn't be enough for the one-shot (not that it especially matters).


While it wasn't part of the plan, Yzak decides Skygrasper is a better target than Granteed, so he stays alive as well. Hime is perfectly okay with this, however. After casting Trust+Cheer on Touya, the AA accels down here, where it Igstellungs the Buster dead. Hime deploys, casting bless on Touya and self-casting cheer+focus, nabbing the kill for the sweet boss exp. She gains two levels, bringing her to exactly 90 SP, which means she'll be able to double bless starting next map. Somehow, Skygrasper only got attacked by 2 water enemies on the last turn, so it still has one missile in stock (which it won't be using, either).


Touya makes some sweet cash, then moves to the exact position the AA was previously. Yeah, that's right. Granteed's gonna finish this map right here, right now.


Okay, maybe not right now. It'll gladly do it after Kira softens up the battleship a bit, though, when we end the turn. It's a bit annoying, but we manipulate for a countercrit here on Tempest Lancer, which brings it down. The enemy damage starts to look a little scary, but Prevail kicks in and suddenly they're doing peanuts. Everything else suicides on Granteed for a clear on turn 5 enemy phase.

Total turn count: 68

Map 15: Final map of the split, and definitely the most annoying one. Every position here had to be incredibly precise, otherwise the enemies would just straight-up ignore me. What's more, to save a turn, I had to manipulate for an absurd number of crits. 0/10 would not recommend. Done in 3 turns.


Intermission: This is where I'm glad I forgot to spend PP on Hime until now, and just hadn't bothered spending Natarle's; I really need the extra power for this map. Hime puts 10 points into melee and Natarle puts 11 into range, taking command of the AA. Hime gets a Melee+5 and Ability+5, Natarle gets a Range+5, Touya gets an Ability+5 to go with his Hit and Run, and Mu gets a Melee+5 (this softens the non-crit ohko threshold). Hime Brain weapons +0 -> +6 so she can one-shot mooks with crit 2HBB, and two-shot with her non-Will weapons regardless of crit. We've gotta re-equip everyone for this map, so Skygrasper takes HE Radar x3 and a Booster; Granteed equips two Boosters; Hime Brain takes Mega Booster and two Apogee; and AA equips a Flight Module and +40 crit from 3 crit parts. Subpilot swap to Melua for the bonus move.

Map 15: Kira and Mu load up on the AA which accels directly up. Touya and Hime move to these exact positions, respectively:



This positioning allows Touya to counterkill three enemies on EP while Hime chunks out two. I had to manipulate for three crits to let Granteed OHKO without any additional weapon upgrades. Next turn, Touya fires off an O Slave to avoid having to manipulate for yet another crit, and Hit and Runs here:


(Not pictured, where the cursor is: a dead enemy)

Hime kills this one:


On EP, the top enemy in Hime's trio suicides into a crit 2HBB and the other dies to a non-crit Brain Bar Cut, while Granteed kills off the far upper-left enemy. But first, we need to move the AA and deploy S1 (AA casts accel and spirit):


This Schwert actually doesn't KO without a crit. Mu needs just a *little* bit more Will to do that, which he'll get by the time EP rolls around. On EP, Mu's trio all suicide on him (no crits needed). AA crit kills its first enemy and mortally wounds the other two.

Enter turn 3, go big or go home.


This is why the Skygrasper needed those three HE Radar. Mu moves into position to intercept the last full-health trio, and simultaneously finishes off the straggler from Granteed's.


AA casts cheer on Touya and themselves, casts luck because why not, then moves to finish off what they started. These oinkers will both suicide on EP.

Hime casts bless on Touya, both Melua and Hime cast focus, and Hime moves in to steal a support from Granteed. Granteed accels, then H&Rs Dagger for the kill, and moves into position to intercept the gradosian reinforcements here, exactly 4 tiles away from Karla's spawn:


Blade gets the hell out of there, the pigs suicide on S1 and AA, a bunch of grados soldiers suicide on Granteed (doing about 10 damage a piece lol), and finally Karla kills herself all on turn 3 EP (without even needing a crit).

Total turn count: 71

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Stage 5: 4/20 turns http://imgur.com/a/s6vaE

Stage 6: 3/23 turns http://imgur.com/a/48Opz

Stage 7: 4/27 turns http://imgur.com/a/sn3NO

Stage 8: 4/31 turns http://imgur.com/a/0VUSh

Stage 9: 4/35 turns http://imgur.com/a/IK2Ft

Stage 10: 5/40 turns http://imgur.com/a/iWOxJ

Stage 11A: 3/43 turns http://imgur.com/a/shZW6


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ALRIGHT, it's TIME for me to POST my RESULTS for PHASE ONE of my draft.

I chose Banpresto Originals, Mobile Fighter G Gundam, and Martian Successor Nadesico as my favorite series. (Hey, they really are, unlike that heretic SERAPHIM.) Like Leaf, I went for Granteed Touya, in the hopes of Accel pulling through (and also that hair bob). Besides, the upcoming maps will be easier to do with Gaistivalis and Touyanteed. ANYWAY.

Stage 1: Mazin-GO! Mazinger casually strolls down, and deals with those pesky Batta. Of course, Koji won't be able to eliminate them all in one turn, as there's just one pesky little arse that's far off the pack. Still, Player Phase 2 is good enough, and Granteed appears. I'll need to position Touya right in the middle, so he gets all the attention that much quicker. (When I think about it, though, maybe Sayaka could have taken a few hits to conserve time.) Well, during Enemy Phase 2, Touya's finished killing Wave 2, meaning Wave 3 happens! Sadly, Mazinger Z and Aphrodite A take the glory here, finishing on Enemy Phase 5, but I do get a Repair Kit and Propellant Tank. 5 Turns

... okay, FOR NOW, I shall leave just Stage 1 in here. Some... things happened today, so I won't be able to play further. Stay tuned for more updates, though! (And cheer me on, will you? I'm an underdog here.)

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With the teams reunited, I'm gonna start a new post.

Map 16: Fairly standard 5 turn. Took a bit more messing with turn 3 than I had expected, since Rose kept tagging my other deploys with its 8-range attacks until I opted to just use S1.


Intermission: Kira gets Supp Atk+1 and Melee+5 and takes back the S1. Granteed takes a Mega Booster and an Apogee, while the AA loads up on +4 move. Melua is still needed for her move.

Map 16: Phase 1 of this map is pretty much the Granteed Show. It takes 11 move to get us get into position to counterkill three enemies, pulling in the player reinforcements during EP. This doesn't save on turn count, but it is flashy, and it means we can send away the forced deploys without having to worry about them getting attacked.


While it only takes 11 move to get into range of the initial enemies, it takes 12 to get where we want to go, hence the Mega Booster. Granteed pops accel+wall again and casually walks around the blockade of enemies to put some hurt on Shiela. Yes, as a matter of fact we *are* in range of Jonathon here. In fact, we're in range of every single enemy unit.


Domon and the reject brains hitch a ride on the Nadesico (except Nanga, who boards next turn). Hime gets to ride with the cool kids in the AA (with Skygraspers, Zeorymer, and Great Mazinger).


Granteed counterkills everything in sight, except Jonathon, who survives with 2398 HP - far too much for upgrades to fix. One bless later, he's dead, and we spawn the gundams at the start of T3 PP. Granteed H&Rs, traversing a full 12 tiles.

Nadesico moves here, which is exactly 12 tiles away from Granteed's new position:


Meanwhile, AA rushes over to the gundams and unloads S1, zeorymer, and S2. S1 takes a chunk out of Bolt with a crit Schwert.

Start of turn 4:


Clearing out all those mooks just barely gives Kira enough damage from the Will bonus to make the crit kill on Bolt on EP. Maxter has 3760 HP left, Rose has 2447, and Dragon has 1834, all after crits (though most of them probably weren't strictly necessary). Great deploys, casts accel+wall+strike, and picks up a support from Kira to kill Maxter. Zeo kills Rose, and S1 finishes Dragon. Great and Zeo were cheer'd before landing their finishing blows, and Zeo was additionally bless'd.


Shows the lay of the land.

With Melua no longer needed for cheer, Granteed uses its 12 move to board the Nadesico, which then accel+snipes to pick up a support from S2 and start chipping down the Master Gundam. S2 fires another Agni, then Hime deploys and attacks as well. With Master Gundam down to about 25k, it's more efficient for AA to fire its MAP to weaken these guys for the EP:


Technically, I should have waited to deploy Hime, but it only has a 24% chance to hit her, so she dodges easily enough. Hime and Zeo take the brunt of the mooks on EP, but both manage it without too much trouble.


Start of turn 5.

Great picks up a support from Hime and throws a Great Booster at Master Gundam. Hime casts bless on Touya and gets out of the way of the Nadesico. Cast gain, cheer on Touya, cheer on Kira, then blow away the three other enemies here for a levelup:


From here, S1, Zeo, and S2 pile on the Master Gundam, AA lucks and shoots a random mook for some extra cash, and finally Granteed deploys to take out the Master Gundam with a Tempest Lancer to finish on turn 5.


Ah, the beauty of bless+cheer.

Total turn count: 76

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Map 17: I forgot I don't get Granteed for this map since I took Touya route. =( That said, I totally get to make bank this map, making over 150k from this map alone, with Zeorymer really getting to show its stuff. Standard 9 turn.


Intermission: Zeorymer +10 EN and +5 weapons. Propellant Tank and +4 move on the Nadesico. Aqua Jet on Zeorymer. Tossed two Apogee on the Granteed for next map, just in case. Counter and Potential+1 on Masato, SP+10 on Yurika.

Map 17:

Turn 1: Everyone boards the Nadesico, which approaches the enemies. AA begins moving as far away as possible.

Turn 2: Nad moves in closer, shoots a Missile at an enemy, and deploys Zeorymer to put some hurt on the bosses (with wall up). AA keeps moving away, but not too far away.

Turn 3: I finally remember to take some screenshots. Hime deploys and pops Yzak's AS with a cheer from Yurika, while S2 deploys and kills a random enemy. Zeo self-trusts, walls again, and picks off a far-off enemy. I send out GreatM, S1, and Dragon Gundam to weaken some enemies, and AA accels back in to help.


Nad pops its Propellant Tank, casts luck, vigor x2, and self-cheers, then lets loose a MAP:



Not bad.

On EP, Zeo gets up to 148 Will, and exactly two enemies remain alive outside of its Hades Attack range. Several enemies were intentionally left alive to maximize gains. Also, the AA levels up to lv13, learning Assault.


Turn 4: S1 softens Miguel so Great can kill him with cheer. And when I say "kill," I mean kill. Miguel finally dies here - for real. The northern enemy near the shore gets taken out by Dragon, bringing Zeo up to 150 Will at last. Hime casts Bless on Zeo, then moves out of the way, while Yurika expends her last cheer. Zeo casts strike, and with that, we're ready to bring the pain.



And thus Zeorymer began its ascent into godhood.

After that, we enter the boring part of this map. Blah blah, position stuff, blah blah. Eventually we get here on turn 9:


One stray unit managed to escape the MAP, but otherwise, every single enemy has been left alive for this purpose. The battleships put up alert, AA cheers, Hime blesses, and...


Zeorymer continues its ascent into godhood.

Kira finishes off the last enemy to put him cleanly at 50 kills, granting the ace bonus and clearing the map in 9 turns.

Total turn count: 85

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[Stage 2] Destination: Mars!

 The part where I get most of the characters in my team comp! With a Gain on Granteed, Touya bravely ventures on to take down the Moebius in the left! Meanwhile, the Nadesico and the two Aestivalis handle the enemies on the right. As they approach the Delphinus, they reunite, though Touya is majorly damaged. With the help of Gai and Akito, the swarms are easily dealt with, and I get to force Wave 2 out on Enemy Phase. Ryoko, Hikaru, and Izumi appear, and it's up to them to handle one of the Katonbos, while the others take on the other! Admittedly, I make a bit of a tactical error in this segment, failing to realize that a Break Tempest Lancer may have let me wrap up the whole deal a little quicker, and let me focus the second Katonbo. 5 Turns (10 Turns total)

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Map 18: Another map I don't get to use Touya. If only I had the movement to reach the bosses earlier, I could get him some action this map on turn 6 EP, but I don't think it's possible. 6 turn clear.


Intermission: Zeorymer +10 -> +15 EN, +5 -> 8 weapons. Zeo equips a Dustproof and Mega Booster, Hime gets 3x Apogee, Dragon gets HE Thruster (+15 mobility) and Flight Unit, S2 gets two Hyper Sensor (+10 mobility each), and GreatM gets a Super Alloy Z. Masato takes Hit and Run and the other SP+10 is given to Hime. After the last fiasco on map 15, I've elected to start upgrading only damage stats with PP, giving Masato full +range and Tetsuya full +melee.

Map 18: The M9s kinda just chill for two turns while the reinforcements arrive. Deploy positions:


Great and Hime deal with the lower-left, S1 takes the upper-right, and Zeo charges straight up the middle. The others follow Zeo's trail.


There's still a couple enemies left behind (offscreen), but they don't need to be taken care of right now.


Here's what's left. Everyone goes to town on Ashura, except Zeo and Hime, who target the ship instead.


Turn 6 PP, Zeo MAPs for the double boss kill with bless+cheer.


Huh. It's almost disappointing after last map.


Zeo H&Rs into the middle of the fray, and S1 follows to put a serious dent in Zaied. The green you see in the bottom-right of the screen is the movement range of an accel'd 2 booster+melua Granteed, which sadly cannot get nearly close enough to the action to be relevant this map. Before ending the turn, I pop a trust+cheer+bless on Zeo and a cheer on S1 to maximize gains on EP. Everything goes down on turn 6 EP.

Total turn count: 91

Map 19: Also known as the map where I get a 3 turn despite not having Valor yet. BOOYAH!


Intermission: Subpilot swap to Tenia. Ruri takes Hit and Run from Masato, who in turn takes Supp Atk+1 from Kira. Granteed equips Flight Unit and Propellant Tank, Zeo keeps its Dustproof, S1 equips 3 Apogee and an HE Radar, while Nadesico loads up on a Flight Unit, Mega Booster, and 2 Boosters. Zeo upgrades its weapons +8 -> +9. Also, it's not really intermission, but Masato got his ace bonus sometime near the end of last map.

Map 19:


Here's the deploy. In the final version, Granteed actually deploys two tiles to the left. The FMP and Mazinger folks are hitching a ride on AA; S1, Zeo, and Granteed are flying solo; and Dragon, S2, and Hime are riding with Nadesico.


This tile is as far forward as all of the grounded mechs would reach. As we can see, the AA has no need for +move parts this map.


S1 barely reaches this tile with accel to take out this enemy. This positioning won't be sufficient to spawn the reinforcements on T1, but it ends up not mattering.


Zeo puts a dent in this guy. This unit will actually run right past Zeo on EP, but the important part is the +Will from engaging in combat. Otherwise, Zeo won't be able to use Hades Attack next turn.

On T2, AA uses accel+assault+alert+spirit to get into position for a Lohengrin, pulling a Hades Attack from Zeo.


Zeo follows with another Hades Attack of its own, then S1 accels to this position to take out an enemy:


It may look like an enemy here will reach the city, but I've set it up such that reinforcements spawn before it gets to move.


And here they are now, in the middle of the EP. This setup wouldn't be possible without the +4 move on Nad, which just barely gets it to that position. I needed to deploy Hime here because otherwise one of the enemy units wouldn't get in range of a counterattack on its movement alone.



Granteed is pretty battered, so I pop its Propellant Tank and have Tenia cast guts+fury, while Touya casts accel+wall. Nadesico is pretty beat up, too, but it doesn't matter. Hime casts bless on Zeo and GM before hopping aboard the Nadesico, which casts accel+gain+luck, and Yurika casts tire on the boss.



Pop go the enemies~. I got an absurd number of crits without even trying to, though I think the only one that might have mattered was the one on the boss. The 4 mooks by Granteed were all low enough to die regardless.


Nadesico H&Rs out of the way and deploys Dragon to pick off this enemy. I also deploy S2 here for some free exp on the repair.


Granteed puts up another wall and inflicts a solid 7.8k to the boss here thanks to fury crit.

And with that, we're done with the southern front. Now, let's clean up those pesky Hakkeshu.


Mao deploys to drop Bryst *just* out of retreat range. AA gives Tetsuya a cheer, and also gives Touya a cheer now that he's finished his turn, then GM puts an end to it.




Venus deploys with alert and pulls a support from Zeo, bringing Gallowin well within kill range (seriously, Hades Attack did 9.7k on a *support attack*). Since we now have lethal, we can spend the other pilots' turns killing off random mooks before they retreat. We get three more kills this way before...


No cheer on this, but it wouldn't have done much anyway. A total of two arm slaves get away. For some reason, Hades Attack actually did *less* damage here (about 9.5k, presumably because of the potential lv3 on Gallowin). I thought that support attacks were supposed to have a damage penalty, but apparently they do their full damage in J. The more you know.

On EP, all the mooks suicide into Granteed, leaving only this:


And of course...


Obviously no bless/cheer, but this clears the map on turn 3 EP. Who needs Valor?

Total turn count: 94

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So I did stage 17 and 18, and learned Calvina needed to stay level 17 on stage 17 in order to get to level 20 on stage 18. So I had to do some replaying. Oh well.

Stage 17: 9/76 http://imgur.com/a/VxLs8

Stage 18: 6/82 http://imgur.com/a/o2Uur


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I return with more stages completed. I decided I'll try the imgur album thing the new forums allow for, let me know if it breaks something for you, and I'll revert it to links.

Stage 19: 3/85

Stage 20: 4/89


Stage 21N: 3/92



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