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Fe8 Palette Association Editor Question (Solved)

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I'm relatively new to nightmare and how to use it effectively, i figured i'd preface this because it might be a simple fix.
I was curious as to how i could edit Eirika's base class to be a mage so the Recolor i did of her palette could put inserted.

Even if i can't edit her (if it messes up the game a little too much she can just deal) some other characters like Gilliam for example don't have an option to be changed to a social knight (what he randomized into).

Franz on the other hand i can change into a myrmidon for his base class so changing his colors should be easy. Am i missing something obvious? or is it more complex?
I'm going to apologize ahead of time if this has been solved before and i just didn't find it in the 5 pages of searching i did.

Edit: I'm dumb my bad, you can't scroll when its engaged but if you just have it as regular you can scroll when its not open


2017-02-20 (1).png

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