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How to cheese Conquest's endgame on Lunatic?

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I gave up beating that fucking chapter, never in my life I hate a map so damn much in FE. The main bullshits is these staff fucking users, they can stack debuffs. Then there that asshole in the back cutting down my unit's health to half of it maximum amount. I tried bringing in extra staff users to silence these fuckers but  Felicia is death weight on anything else. Is there easy way for me to do this? I am stuck on it for a year already. Literally any method, I don't care, I just want to be done with that.

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  1. Go to the My Castle found at address 03704-69497 78588-23755.
  2. Recruit literally any character from their team.
  3. Give the character you recruited at least one weapon they can use.
  4. Bring only your chosen character plus your MU to the chapter.
  5. Have your MU hide in Guard Stance behind your chosen character.
  6. Enjoy having, on a game-mechanical level, literally no chance of failure as you absolutely destroy everything on the map in a single round of combat apiece.
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