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Lord Tullus

Suspicion of Magic in Gaiden. (Mostly Nosferatu)

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Ok, so, upon replaying Gaiden, I noticed something with the magic hit rates, and I want to get something cleared up, in-case I'm wrong.  As far as I know, all the Magic in FE 2 have their own special hit rate system, where only the luck stat factors into avoiding a magic attack, not terrain, or anything else. (Other than the Magic shield, obviously.)  Meaning, if an enemy has 0 luck, the hit rate for magic is fixed.  Like Angel has 80% hit and Nosferatu has 50% hit.  And skill does not effect magic, I'm told.

However, I noticed that the further I get in the game, the Nosferatu spell, most notable against high level enemies, seems to reduce its hit rate from a 50% to 40%, then 30% and so on.  I may be seeing things, but against Zombies, the hit rate for Nosferatu and other magic spells like Thunder and Aura seems to be as accurate as is stated, with the hit rates like 80 and 70 and so on.  Inversely, on other enemies like Later Draco zombies, Heroes, and even shamans, the hit rate seems to go down, despite there being no increase in luck.  I find that Nosferatu is even more effected by this phenomenon.

 Where something like fire seems fine against Dread fighters on a fort,  Nosferatu, when it is supposed to be a set 50, seems to be around 25 or 30.  I can tell because the bar goes down below half, where it is obviously not me mis-reading the bar.  Even with the high knights in the lost woods give me this problem, and investing in skill on healers or giving them normal weapons (because the star lance is hard to get) does nothing at all.  If I have been reading or hearing things wrong, please tell me.  However, if this is some sort of glitch that I'm not aware of, it'd be nice to know.  Maybe Nosferatu just works differently than other magic?  I don't know what to believe anymore.  I'm not an expert on Gaiden, so any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

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