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Interesting Emblem 8 - The most interesting hack you'll play this year

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download patch (fe8)

interesting emblem 8 is a new hack i made and i can safely say that you have never played anything like this and it will blow your mind




"wtf is interesting emblem tho
i'm so confuuuuuuuused" - RisingSolaris

"interesting emblem
is interesting" - Mekkah

"Interesting" - Ukelele

"very interesting" - Darrman

"oh fuck yes
it is interesting" -Mystic

"im enjoying it so far" -Lodestart_LTF

"I liked this" -Dr. Letha, M.D. in Thracialogy

"Why I Thought this was RWBY Hack :(" - EvilElectro

"what the fuck circles" - Pixel

bitch" - Blaze

OOOH" - Glacoe

"reply soon" - Zane

"i've never played this hack, why are you asking me" - SgtSmilies

"10/10 blows every other game out of the water" - circleseverywhere

ok that's all thanks for playing

Edited by circleseverywhere

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hello is this proyect dead or no ?

if so i can use the new characters for hack ,yes ??

                                               -plis reply soon, galcoe

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Ummm...how to beat the first chapter? It keeps saying game over when Ephraim dies and i can't do anything, its like all the characters are berserked???


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Definitely interesting lol

Yeah, I can't seem to figure a way to win this one, but the skill learning and the skills themselves are amazing. Keep up the good work circles!

Edited by urug99

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