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Hello, here's the story that I made for the SFS 2016 which I'm going to turn into a series.

Basically, I made the first and will post future chapters here.

So here's chapter 1 (a more corrected version this time). There's also a lot of reference from games/animes, try to find them all if you can :). I'll post all of them in the feedback thread.

I'll also edit if I find mistakes or if someone find one


Chapter 1 (rewritten): Battle of Alucia



Surrounded by two neighboring countries, the country of Alucia is a country so little, it is composed of only one single town and a large forest. While the sound of of broken bones and steels can be heard in both Syrid and Asher, the tiny country is not spared of any troubles either...


Inside the town...

It is quite early in the morning and most of the population has just woken up. Countless of houses with only a few shops are the buildings of this tiny town. Inside a slightly bigger house that is placed outside of the main streets live a happy family composed of a wife, a husband and a young boy and a toddler girl. However, due to personal reasons, only the mother is present in the house for now.

In her bed, Rezzy just woke up. The mother is not used to be able to sleep this much time without being woken up by either her cute children or her husband; who takes too much space in her bed and sometimes, snore.

She gets out the bed to look at the mirror; her red hair is a mess. After taking care of that, she changes from her pyjamas to her sage's outfit which is a green robe that matches her green eyes. She's lucky that ''they'' decided to attack a few days ago, otherwise she would have to be much faster than that since her work requires her to always be ready. Unlike most mages and sages, she doesn't wear a hat.

She goes to the kitchen, with no feeling of ''rush'' to make breakfast for her children unlike normal days.

''Hum, hum, hum.'' hummed Rezzy; happy to take her time for once.

However, she realizes very quickly that doesn't want to eat breakfast alone. Instead of cooking directly, she goes outside first.

The area has only a few houses unlike downtown when there's load of them. The reason why Rezzy choose this area is because most houses has a backyard that goes with the house, perfect for raising children even if it's a little more expensive.

Rezzy knows it's pointless to look to see if ''he'' is in his backyard. At this hour, he's probably still in his bed.

The person Rezzy is thinking about is Nym, a young blond man who isn't born in this village. One day, he came to the village and asked for a place to call home. However, the authority of the town and the villagers themselves are very harsh when it come to outsiders. However because of his knowledge on the basics of magic; his will and curiosity on the subject and the good timing of his arrival because Rezzy was pregnant of her second child at that time and she couldn't do her duties without her husband's assistance, he was quickly accepted among them. He was given the title of ''Apprentice'', a job and became Rezzy's pupil and friend, despite Wolf's protest.

Rezzy also suggested that he would live in the same area which he accepted and with a lot of help, they built a tiny house for him beside Rezzy's house . It wasn't much compare to the couple's but it was something.

Rezzy goes to the door and she knocks gently.

She waits for a few seconds but no one answers. She knocks again but this time a little more powerful.

''Nym, it's me, Rezzy!'' shouted Rezzy in front of the door.

Still no answer, but Rezzy is sure that he's in here. She quickly goes to her house and bring a tome on the way back to Nym's door.

''Open Sesame!'' said Rezzy as she opens the tome.

A magic mist comes out of the tome and goes through the door. After a few seconds, the door opens itself. Rezzy enters the inside of the house.

The house isn't exactly in order: there's a few tomes on the floor; handmade plushs on one side, food on the kitchen table. Rezzy said many times to clean this up but he always answer: ''Yes, mom.'' in a sarcastic way.

After wandering for a few minutes, Rezzy found Nym in his bedroom. His bedroom is as much as a mess as the rest of his house is but at least she can walk inside the room.

''ZZZZZZZZZZ'' snored Nym; his pyjamas only consisted of a shirt and a pair of damaged shorts. They were all he had after all.

Rezzy hesitated to wake him up; however she really needs to talk to him. However she also wants to prank him, so she gently grabs his nose.

The sudden action woke up Nym immediately.

''Reffy!'' said angrily Nym, half-asleep and can't speak properly because of the prank.

''Good morning, hihihi.'' laughed Rezzy. '' ''Reffy'' you are cute sometim--''

She didn't have time to finish because Nym throws a pillow at her face.

''Ha! Whose is laughing no--'' said Nym before being interrupted by the same pillow being thrown at his face.

''I am!'' said Rezzy happily a grin on her face. ''I was about to make breakfast, want to join me?''

''Sure!'' said Nym as he removes the pillow. ''I'll change my clothes and I'll be here in 5 minutes! Oh and next time don't use that tome, you almost scared me.''

''Ok... ''Mom''.'' said Rezzy sarcastically, as a reference to his usual comment when she gives advices.

He goes to another room with his clothes and hat while Rezzy leaves the house.


A few minutes later...

Inside Rezzy's kitchen, the two friends are eating their breakfast composed of eggs, fruits and bacon.

''There's something that I need to talk about.'' said Rezzy.

''Yes?'' asked Nym as he finishes his breakfast.

''We need to get rid of those brigands, once for all.'' Replied the red head sage.

Nym doesn't react at first, then he bursts out laughing.

''Ahahaha, funny Rezzy.'' said Nym. ''For a second, I though you were...” However he interupts himself once he sees Rezzy's serious face, ''You are serious!? shouted Nym, shocked. ''It's impossible, Rezzy!''

''Nym, with all the foods and gold that they forced us to give, we barely have something to feed our families and we have no money.'' The sage explained calmly to her apprentice . ''We cannot let that happen again.

''I don't want to sound pessimistic or anything but...'' Nym replied with a worried tone. ''With Wolf gone for the moment, we are the only ones in the town that know how to use a weapon that aren't part of Lord Daniel's personal guard. If only that selfish prick...''

''... would do something about it, I know. You said that almost every single day.'' finished Rezzy, also worried but she tries to say positive . ''However Nym I have a plan; trust me,''

''Rezzy... there's no way that two people can beat over twenty men armed with axes.'' replied the young man. ''Even if I would as experienced as you are, there's no way that we would be able to beat them, even with Wolf's help.”

Rezzy doesn't answer, she knows that he is right in some way. She wondered if they could get the high ground...she stopped her thoughts right there are she had to leave. She replied to Nym,

''For now, I would like that you continue to study the D class tomes. We will talk about this conversation later on. After all, they won't come until next month.'' said Rezzy as she brings Nym to the door.



Inside the forest, the camp of brigands is hiden between trees and a huge high ground. While the brigands were busy doing the party after their last successful raid, a woman, hiden on top of a tree, is watching them from afar.

So this must be the camp of the bandits that attacked that village. Looks like that old man didn't lie. thought the blonde woman before getting down off the tree.

This is some good information, I should take a note of how to get there before searching for this isolated village. thought the woman while taking out her notebook.


An hour later...

Nym arrives at the shop, ready for another shift after a little bit of study.

''About time!'' said Anna who is holding a box full of items. '' Get ready, we open soon and be quick! Time is money after all.''

Nym changes his black cape, grey shirt and his blue hat for a work outfit: a green shirt with a little brown hat with the shop's emblem on it. He brought something and places it on a table . Anna notices it at once.

''Is that your training dummy again? I thought you repaired it yesterday?'' asked Anna as she picks up one piece of the broken dummy in her hand.

''I did. Before it was broken it could resist a blow from my Wind tome. Now though it can't. It's strange because it could last week.'' explained Nym as he scratches his head, still confused over his dummy.

Nym looks at his left hand. Since last week, his magic is acting... ''weird''. But he cannot describe what exactly. Or maybe it's just that the dummy is of bad quality, however Anna told him before that this dummy is the one that mages buy for their training so something Nym decided had to be off.

''Bah! You should ask your master for details, I'm just a simple shopkeeper.'' responded Anna as she puts the piece with the rest of the broken parts. ''Just make sure to repair it after we are closed.''

Nym puts the pieces in a corner and goes in the back store, it will probably be another busy day today.


Meanwhile, around the entrance of the town.

Rezzy is guarding the entrance; her job. While most of time very calm and a little bit boring on occasion it does require her to always be on her guard. That doesn't stop her to slack off and sit on a chair while reading a book. An amazing job for the mother.

However, today is different; while Rezzy is reading she notices that a silhouette appears out of the forest and headed directly towards the entrance of the town.

After a few seconds Rezzy notices the person. She puts her book aside and grabs her Arcwind tome.

While the person is approaching Rezzy waits patiently and takes a good look at them; it's a woman, a petite woman to be exact. She's blonde, has glasses and wears a very strange robe that makes the sage slightly uncomfortable due the strange marking. Rezzy cannot tell if she's a mage or not as it is unclear to Rezzy if the blonde woman is armed or not. Rezzy stopped her thoughts there as the stranger had arrived to the very limit that Rezzy could allow her to approach.

''Halt! Who are you and what do you want?'' asked Rezzy as she quickly stands up; tome in hand, on her guard in case the stranger has some hidden weapon.

The woman doesn't answer at first; as she seems to take a look at Rezzy before answering..

''I'm a simple mercenary... a tactician mercenary to be precise.'' The woman explained calmly ''I'd heard that this village has been attacked frequently by a group bandits and I would like to offer my services to whoever is your leader.''

''Sorry, but the situation is under control. We have no need for you.'' Rezzy responded slightly sharply as she wanted nothing more than to get rid of the small woman. Rezzy felt that she couldn't trust this “tactician”. Especially since she was a stranger.

''Under control? They are still in the forest as we speak.'' replied the woman, surprised and concerned by the Sage's quick rejection.

''We know that and we have a plan to get rid of them.'' justified Rezzy.

''And what plan? I'm curious, tell me.'' asked the blonde woman as she raises an eyebrow in disbelief.

Rezzy still had no plans in mind. She decided that she would make one up on the spot. However it was clear that the stranger was not convinced as could see that Rezzy was nervous. The anxiety was all to clear to the blonde tactician.

''Sorry but that plan not only lacks a clear strategy, it would also put you and your comrades in unneeded danger. It in short is a plan that has a very low chance for success, I'd hesitate giving it a five percent even.'' Replied the tactician with concern. She knew now that the sage was lying about having a plan,

''Listen here you little--'' shouted Rezzy. She wasn't only frustrated that she'd not been able to get rid of this so called “tactician” but that this complete stranger had the gall to tell her that the plan she'd made essentially sucked. Rezzy was interrupted by a familiar voice,

''What's the meaning of this, Rezzy?'' asked the familiar voice.

The person who said that is a man on Rezzy's left and the woman's right. He wears fancy  black and purple clothes and also has a tiny purple long hat. The man is quite small  and has a moustache.

''Lord Daniel!'' Exclaimed Rezzy relieved to see him, ''It's this girl, she doesn't get the message.''

''You must be the leader of this town, I suppose?'' The small tactician asked the lord.

''Indeed I am and you are quite persistent, I'll give you that.'' the lord replied as he touches his moustache.

''Well, she didn't put much a fight in the first place.'' The tactician replied casting a quick glance at the now angry Rezzy,

''In normal circumstances, I would say the same thing as Rezzy.'' explained Daniel to the woman. ''However, because something needs to be done, I am willing to do an exception for you by allowing you to stay for a period of time. But only if you assure me that you will able to take care of them before they comeback next month.''

''Wait, Lord Daniel, you aren't serious are you!? Allowing a stranger to stay here!?'' The red haired sage cried in shock, not expecting the lord to say something like that.

''Rezzy, you know that most of the population complained about me. This is my way to show them that they have nothing to worry about.'' explained the lord to the sage.

''With that much time this job will be fairly easy to complete, I can craft a one hundred percent successful strategy in that time'' assured the blonde tactician. ''Of course, assuming that I'll need to get the right equipment and maybe a few recruits for the job,”

''Very well then, you are hired. I'll give you a place where you train you future recruits.'' Lord Daniel said before leaving. ''Oh Rezzy, I name you second in command. Make sure to assist Miss... ?''

''Chloey!'' responded the blonde tactician, with a slight smile.

''... to assist Miss Chloey in whatever task she needs.'' said Lord Daniel before leaving and entering the town.

However after he left, an awkward silence settles between the two women. Chloey was at first uncertain what to say to Rezzy, in the end she settles on a question,

''Ahum euh... Rezzy was it?” The tactician looked to the Sage, “Before I do anything, I'll need to buy a weapon, I broke my sword not too long ago. Is there... a shop somewhere?” Chloey asked as she worked out the best way to break the ice with the sage.

''... There's a weapon shop close to the central place, you can't miss it.'' informed Rezzy before returning to her book.

''... Thanks.'' Chloey said before entering the town, not wanting to upset Rezzy more.


A few minutes later...

This must be the shop. thought Chloey as she enters the shop.

Inside, there are only two persons and they seem to work here. The first one is, surprisingly for Chloey, an Anna.

The second person is a young man, Chloey notices something strange but familiar about him but she decides not to say anything for now.

''Welcome!'' said Anna, back on her before turning around to see who is the customer. ''Ouhhhh, a new head in town! We don't see someone new every single day.''

''Tell me more about it... everyone in town is so cold. I had to fine the central place myself.'' Chloey said in disbelief having gotten used to Ylisse's friendly townsfolk.

''Welcome to Alucia... but don't worry this shop is a little bit special since Nym and I were outsiders before.'' Anna replied calmly.

Nym doesn't say anything, he's too busy repairing a broken chair. However, he notices a black ''aura'' around the tiny woman. He keeps an eye on her just in case as the aura puts him on edge.

''So, how may I help you today?'' Anna asked in her “business tone”.

''Apparently you sell weapons for what the red haired Sage told me.'' said Chloey. ''If you have a steel sword that would be most appreciated, but I'll take what I can get,''

''I'll check in the back if I still have one; I'll be back shortly!'' Anna practically sung as she always loved having a customer.


After she leaves, Chloey doesn't know what to do while waiting at the counter. The only noise inside the store inside is the sound that Nym makes with his hammer. After a short moment he stops; the chair is no longer broken.

''Sorry about that.'' said the young man as he approaches Chloey.

''About what?'' asked the blonde tactician; confused by his apology.

''The sage at the entrance, she's my master.'' explained Nym as he offers a chair for Chloey to sit down.

''So you're a mage then?'' Chloey asked before she noticed an outfit that seemed to be a mage's on another chair. She sat in the chair that Nym offered her.

''Yup... well I have much to learn from her but still.'' the blond mage said. ''Rezzy's normally sweet. It's just that for security purposes, everyone in town is very hostile about outsiders.''

''And you?'' asked Chloey, who raises an eyebrow as she notices Nym's strange glare.

''It's something different... something weird that I can see around you'' justified Nym without losing his serious tone.

''You aren't the only one who sees something ''weird.'' It's a s--'' replied Chloey before interrupting herself.

Anna just came back from out the back of the store, sheathed steel sword in hand, unaware of the discussion between the two.

''And one steel sword! That will be one thousand gold please.'' said Anna as she arrives at the other side of the counter.

After paying and getting the sword, Chloey has an idea.

''I would like someone to give me a tour of the town, would you mind if I borrow your worker for a little while?'' Chloey asked Anna.

''Huh? But I'm in the middle of my shift, I can't just--'' explained Nym to Chloey before being interrupted.

''Three hundred gold!'' Anna said, happy to get more gold and from what appeared to be a wealthy customer at that.

''HEY! I'm not an item!'' Nym shouted at Anna clearly annoyed with the red haired woman. ''And I'm less worth in gold than a sword!?''

''Sold!'' said Chloey as she throws the gold and takes Nym out of the store.

''I hate you, Anna!'' screamed Nym, as he was dragged by Chloey.

''Have fun!'' Anna yelled back with a giggle. She certainly loved an opportunity to make gold; with a wide grin on her face she waves at Nym


Alucia, time before the next attack : 26 days

Cleaning is far from being Nym’s favorite task but a request from Rezzy is an important request. She was gone since this morning to arrange the final details of the camp with Chloey and she asked Nym to clean her house before going. After everything was done, Nym closes the door behind him and goes to join his 2 friends for lunch before they all go to the camp for the afternoon.  Nym feels ready for a big adventure even thought the adventure is just training... for now.

Upon arriving to Tristan’s house, Nym could smell the delicious food of Harve. Nym hope he can manage to convince Tristan to join the camp, Harve already agreed.

‘’Hey! What’s up you two?’’ asked Nym to his friends.

Harve is busy eating with his chopsticks whileTristan is only playing with a dagger.

‘’Oh hey!’’ said Tristan happily.

The long black haired young man, a villager that likes to steal, was waiting for his friend to arrive.

The room is very small but it's enough for three young man.

As for his friend Harve,  he does a gesture with his left hand that means ‘’Yo!’’. Nym will never understand how he can sits comfortably with his two swords attached on his back. At least the young ninja with short black hair is very dangerous in battle between his shurikens, his 2 swords, his strange light armor and he can even climbs walls very fast!

‘’Say’’ asked Tristan ‘’I’m not still not sure about that camp, I still want my freedom you know.’’

‘’Aw come on! you will still be able to sleep, just not as much as before.’’ responded Nym. ''And you always wanted to be something else than a simple villager.

‘’Ha! I wish that was only about sleeping’’ said Tristan. ''You know I hate doing exercises.''

‘’Come on, just do a little effort, we need as many person as possible if we want to beat these brigands’’ responded the mage ‘’Right, Harve?’’

Harve who hasn’t completely done eating his rice balls yet.

‘’If you want peace, you must prepare for war.’’ responded the young ninja calmly as he continues to eat his meal.

‘’See? Even Harve agrees!’’ said Nym to Tristan ‘’And I beat these brigands has a ton of stolen gold that you can steal back from them.’’

''Pff, if I wanted to steal gold, I would steal it from that idiot that is ''lord'' Daniel. replied Tristan to Nym, not very interested by Nym's idea.

''Come on, come on, come on!'' begged Nym to his friend.

‘’Fine whatever, I just hope I’ll be able to stay in one piece.’’ responded Tristan, annoyed by his friend.

Nym takes a look outside and see that it is time to go.

‘’Speaking of which, I think we should go. Rezzy told me to be here early.'' said Nym as he takes his equipement.

He is soon joined by his 2 friends and they go to the camp outside of the town.


At the camp...

Upon arriving in the camp, the 3 friends noticed there was already a few peoples waiting. He doesn't know any of them personnaly.

A few minutes later, Chloey and Rezzy came out of a tent and went to greet the recruits.

‘’Welcome, welcome!’’ said Rezzy happily.

‘’I would like everyone to sit down because I want to have your full attention for a few moments’’ said Chloey in a more serious tone.

And everyone sits down on the ground.

‘’Very well, as I explained before to each and everyone of you when I talked to you, this is no laughing matter.’’ explained Chloey.

‘’As you all know, these brigands force us to give them a part of our crops and profits otherwise they will slaughter every single of us’’ continued Rezzy ‘’And in less than one month, they will comeback again.’’

‘’However, that was last time that they will do that ever again.’’ said the blond tactician ‘’But they are too many for the two of us which is why we need your help.''

‘’We know that most of you probably never went into an actual battle before but this is why you are all here today’’ said the red haired sage.

‘’Yes,’’ said Chloey ‘’I trained and fought alongside many friends before I even end up in this country, training all of you will not be a difficult task, I assure you.’’

‘’Now, I would like everyone to form a circle’’ requested Rezzy ‘’It will be easier for everyone to introduce themselves.’’

Now, the tiny group of recruits become a circle.

‘’Say your name and something about yourself’’ said the sage happily ‘’For example: Hi everyone I’m Rezzy and I’m a sage. I’m also married and have two wonderful children.’’

‘’As for me I’m Chloey, your tactician’’ said the tiny tactician happily ‘’I’m also married and the mother of three children’’.

Nym is surprised, he didn’t know that Chloey was also a mother. He didn’t have time to think much about it because it was his turn.

‘’Oh hey I’m Nym! As you can see, I’m a mage and Rezzy’s pupil. I look forward to be uh, stronger with you guys.’’ said the young pupil happily.

‘’The name’s Tristan. the young man said. ’’Looking forward to work with all of you.''

It was Harve’s turn but everyone had trouble seeing his face because he wears a strange mask that only covers his face, according to Nym and Tristan, he cannot take it off at all cost.

‘’Greetings,’’ said the young ninja as he bowed ‘’My blade is yours.’’

Then the rest of villagers introduced themselves: a blonde short haired girl named Light, a brown long haired girl named Mugemin, a green long haired named Flona, another blond haired guy named Knil and his sister, a dark long haired girl named Aryl.

With all the introductions done, it’s time for the first training session!

‘’Here’s what you have to do: Rezzy and I have made exercises that you will need to do’’ said Chloey ‘’ but I don’t want that you do all these exercises only one time, I want you to do them until your body is screaming you to stop and trust me, I WILL see when you will be unable to do the exercises no more. But to motivate you, I’ll sing a song while Rezzy takes notes but for now… GO!.

Every recruit start to do the exercises while the tactician and the sage are preparing to do their respective tasks.

‘’Wait, you never told me about that last part.’’ whispered Rezzy in Chloey’s ear.

‘’It will be fine, I know what I’m doing’’ whispered back Chloey to Rezzy.

Rezzy doesn't like when she make new things on the spot, but she doesn't want to ruin their training session over a simple detail like that.

Chloey starts to sing:

‘’Let’s get down to business

To defeat… the brigands’’

‘’Yes!’’ said every recruit.

‘’Do we have cowards

When we asked... for braves

You’re the noobest bunch I’ve ever met

But you can bet before we’re through’’

She stops singing for a second because she sees that Tristan is slacking off outside the training area. She quickly grabs him by the colt and before she throws him back in the training area.

‘’Mister I’ll… make a soldier… out of you.’’

Rezzy tried to hold her laugh as she is taking notes.

‘’Tranquil as a forest

But with fire magic… within

Once you find your strength

You are sure… to win’’

She stops singing again because she sees that most of them were already tired.

‘’You are a fragile, weak and clueless lot

And you haven’t got a clue

Somehow I… will make a soldier… out of all of you.’’

‘’I’m never going to catch my breath.’’ said Mugemin

‘’Say goodbye for those who knew me.'’ said Tristan

‘’Boy was I fool for not training enough with Rezzy.’’ said Nym

‘’This girl is gonna train us to death.’’ said Knil

‘’Hope she will not be too hard with me.’’ said Aryl

‘’Now I wish I know how to swing.’’ said Light

‘’Be a soldier.’’ said all the recruits

‘’You must be swift as a Pegasus.’’

‘’Be a soldier.’’ said all the recruits

‘’With all the force of a Bolganone.’’

‘’Be a soldier.’’ said all the recruits

‘’With all the strengths of a raging warrior.

 Mysterious side of the warrrrrrrrrrr.’’

‘’Time is racing towards us.

Til the brigands arrive.

Heard my every order.

And you will… survive.’’

‘’You are all unsuited for a war.

You could go give up and go home.

But I’ll promise… I’ll make a soldier… out of all of youuuuuuuuuu.’’


Alucia, 20 days before the attack.

Nym is busy reading one of his book inside his tent, there's almost nothing to do at the late evening aside from relaxing or sleeping early.

Suddently, someone knocks on the tent.

''Nym, it's me.'' said a whispering Chloey ''Can I come in?''

''Euh... yeah.'' replied the mage, surprised by her visit.

She enters inside the tent, with a book in her hand.

''What is it, Miss Chloey?'' asked Nym

''Just call me Chloey.'' said a smiling Chloey as she hands over her book to him. ''Here, I let you borrow this.''

''What's that?'' asked Nym as he takes the book.

''Remember that conversation that we had at the shop before Anna showed up?'' asked Chloey as she sits beside him. ''The weird thing, the aura that you can see, I also see one for you. 

''... Is that some sort of... power?'' asked Nym, confused.

''Well, as you know, some class have normal skills that you learn from them like Locktouch for a theif for example. However some individual are lucky enough to be born with special skills. They are called ''Skills'' with a capital and this is a book of all the ''Skills'' that exist. They are all represented by a different aura color.'' explained Chloey to the confused mage.

''What is mine?'' asked Nym, now curious and happy to have a special power.

''Yours is Aptitude. It gets you stronger and stronger every time you defeat a foe... and you have a light yellow aura around you.'' explained the tactician.

''Awesome!'' shouted Nym before realizing it shouldn't shout at this hour.'' Euh I mean... what's yours?

''Shadowgift, I can use dark magic without the need to be a dark mage which explains the black aura around me.'' explained Chloey before noticing that after she says that, Nym's face goes from amazed to horrified for a split second. '' Is everything ok?''

''I euh... why do you want me to learn all of them?'' asked Nym as he tries to change the subject.

''Because if you see an enemy with an aura before I see them, I would like that you warn me immediately.'' explained the blonde tactician.'' It could make the difference between live and death.''

''Alright, I suppose I can do that  for you.'' Nym replied while he opens the book, full of Chloey's notes.

''Oh and before I leave, you and I will soon do a special training to activate your Aptitude.'' said Chloey, about to leave.'' I would suggest preparing yourself because I can be quite brutal.

''I have been trained by Rezzy... so I know everyting about brutal.'' joked casually Nym.

Meanwhile, they don't know that Rezzy is behind the tent, listening to their conversation.

Screw you Nym, that wasn't funny. thought Rezzy. I'm not THAT brutal.


Alucia, 17 days before the next attack.

Everyone had to wake very early, apparently Chloey and Rezzy have a special announcement.

''You have all worked and trained well so far.'' said Chloey to the recruits. ''But you will need to be more than villagers to be able to fight the brigands, which is why today is the day when those who don't have a class will promote today.''

''I would like that you all come to see one by one, we have a few presents for you.'' said Rezzy, happy to see the nice progress.

One by one, the villagers got promoted one after the other: Light became a knight, Tristan has promoted to the thief class, Flona promoted to a cleric since the army needs a healer, Knil became an archer, Mugemin promoted to a mage just like Nym and Aryl became a dancer.

Everyone is happy to get their newest gears, while Nym and Harve are watching from afar since they already promoted before today.

Of course, the training wasn't done but this event gave a lot of energy to all the sleepy heads.


Alucia, 5 days remaining before the next attack.

While  he gets the usual training from the camp, Nym also has a special training from Chloey, allowing his Skill to activate after each session. 

Tonight, it is Nym and Harve that are on guard duty, Nym decided to patrol in the dark forest, while Harve took care of the camp.

Nym is patrolling the dark forest for quite a long time now. He decides to take a break and sits under a tree. Everything was alright until his left foot made contact with something… hard. It was too dark for him to see at first until he founds that the hard thing was the handle of an axe. It didn’t took too long for Nym to find a body close to the axe.

Wait a minute...  thought Nym, surprised and shocked. That’s one of the brigands!

Nym couldn’t believe his eyes, the man is dead on the ground, killed by … an ice shard? But he is not alone, Nym found another dead brigand a little while later but something is different: there’s no ice shard but the brigand seem to be... cut at one place.

What in the world. thought the mage, very confused.

He pulls out a Warp stone out of his pocket:  it allows the user to warp elsewhere, useful for running away but it has a single use. He then creates a fake bird and sends it to Harve. A few moments later, Harve joins his friend inside the dark forest.

‘’Go and tell everyone about this discovery’’ asked Nym to his friend. ‘’I think something is going on inside the brigands' camp, something... weird.

The ninja nods and then jumps from tree to tree. Nym starts to run towards the brigands' camp.

As Chloey said, their camp was a gigantic camp because their numbers were like twenty to thirty men. On his way to the place, Nym found even more dead brigands. Upon arriving, Nym notices something strange: it’s calm, too calm. Nym expected to find a battle but the only thing he found is more dead bodies.

Nym sneaks inside the camp, he didn’t realize sooner but the time of the death for all those brigands has to be recent: there’s no odor. He finally arrives at the center of the camp, which is followed by a scream from a man. He can also hears two voices, Nym decides to take a look while he hides behind a barrel.

He is shocked: the man is the chief of the brigands since Chloey explained that he’s a berserker. He is tied on the ground, surrounding him is two women wearing… maid uniforms? One has red hair and the only one has blue hair, both short haired.

Why are there maids here. thought Nym.

What surprised Nym even more is that they don’t carry any knives or staffs. Instead, the blue maid has some kind of spiked metal ball attached to a chain with a handle. The red maid doesn’t have a weapon.

The berserker screams something incomprehensible because the blue haired just covered his mouth with an adhesive.

‘’Shut up!’’ said the blue haired maid as she strikes vigorously the berserker with the chain of her weapon ‘’How much time before you are done, Sister?’’

‘’A few more moments,’’ responded the red haired maid to her sister.

The red maid is busy doing some kind of magic ritual to the man. Nym wonders what those two maids are doing. However, he takes a closer look at the berserker, he notices something: he has a ‘’Skill’’! And so are the maids since Nym could also see an aura around both of them.

After a few seconds, the red haired maid stops doing her ritual and suddenly, Nym sees the man’s aura going out of his body. Then the red haired maid moves her right hand and the aura goes inside the blue haired maid! Now, the man has no aura anymore and the blue haired maid’s aura is slightly… different in color.

‘’It is done, kill him, there must be no witness.’’ said the red haired maid.

The blue haired maid then quickly strikes the berserker again, but this time with the main part of her weapon, killing the man in an instant.

‘’Let’s go now, Sister’’ said the blue haired maid.

But as she was about to leave in the opposite direction of Nym’s, her sister grabs her shoulder.

‘’What is it?’’ asked the young woman to her sister.

‘’I can see someone.’’ responded the red haired maid.

‘’A brigand that we forgot to kill?’’ asked the blue haired maid.

‘’No,’’ responded her sister ‘’it’s a mage hidden behind a barrel.’’

Nym was wondering why she was standing still with her eyes closed. Look like her ‘’Skill’’ is Clairvoyance. Nym starts to run for his life.

However, in an instant, the maids jump over him and block his escape route.

‘’How in the world?’’ said Nym, very shocked and scared ‘’Are you maids or ninjas?’’

‘’Your mother should have tell you to mind your own business’’ said the red haired maid as she prepared herself to use an attack.

‘’Sister, Sister... this boy, it remind me of someone. Could it be?’’ whispered the blue haired maid to her sister.

It seems they had some kind of private discussion, Nym could swear that he could hear their names, something that starts with a ‘’r’’.

‘’No matter’’ said the red haired maid. ‘’ You are nothing more than a nuisance to us… Paralyzia!

In an instant, Nym can't stand up, he got paralyzed! He can’t even move his arms or his legs. 

‘’WHAT THE HELL!?’’ yelled Nym ‘’Since when can maids use magic and also, without tomes!?’’

‘’Please kill him quick’’ said the red haired maid to her sister ‘’I can’t stand him already.’’

‘’Al Huma!’’ said the blue haired maid while also opening her left hand.

Four ice shards appear and fliest towards Nym’s direction. But unfortunately, there was nothing he could do to stop them.

‘’Ikuzo!’’ said a familiar voice.

In a blink of an eye, two shurikens destroy two ice shards. Harve lands close to his friend and took out his little sword.

‘’I am ready.’’ said Harve calmly.

With precision, he deflects with his sword the last two ice shards back to the maids! Surprised, the red haired maid casts a wind spell that quickly destroys the remainning ice shards.

‘’No way…’’ said the red haired maid.

‘’Our battle is only beginning, ladies.’’ said the young ninja calmly.

He takes out a Restore Potion out of his pocket and gives it to Nym. The mage, now able to move again, gets up and picks up his Elthunder tome on the ground.



Chloey is running as fast as she can with the rest of the army inside the dark forest. After Harve woke them and told them about the discovery of the death brigands with the ice shards and cuts, he immediately went back inside the forest. Unfortunately, the preparations for moving out took longer than expected for Chloey.

Upon arriving, the brigands’ camp was completely destroyed and there was smoke all over the place. Rezzy uses her Arcwind tome to clear out the smoke, they find out what was going on: Harve is busy in a close combat battle with a blue haired maid while Nym is busy throwing spells at a red haired maid who throws sharp wind spells at him.

‘’Everyone!’’ yelled Chloey ‘’Stop these two women.’’

The two maids soon realized that enemy reinforcements has just arrived. They both jump out of their respective battle to be close to each other. They soon got themselves surrounded between the two friends and the rest of the army.

‘’Look like the cavalry is here.’’ said the red haired maid.

‘’You are going nowhere.’’ said angrily Chloey in a very serious tone.

Upon repositioning her left foot on the ground, the blue haired maid feels something on the ground.

The Warp stone that Nym brought with him.

She quickly takes the stone, grabs her sister’s arm with her left hand and lifts the stone in the air with her right hand.

In an instant, they got teleported out before anyone has the time to react.

‘’S-shoot.’’  Nym said weakly before collapsing.

He was soon imitated by Harve, who despite using his sword for support, also collapses.

Rezzy, Chloey and Tristan rush to their side to see if they were okay. They were both alive but Nym has many, many cuts and Harve has a few bruises and his left arm is wouden.

The rest of the army stand there, in silence.


A few days later…

Chloey is in her tent, with a strange stone in hand. After a few moments, the stone starts to slightly shine.

‘’Chrom?’’ said Chloey, softly.

‘’Chloey!? Gods… do you know how much time we all waited?’’ said the voice inside the stone ‘’We thought something happened to you.’’

‘’I know, darling.’’ said sadly Chloey.  ‘’But I bring dire news, I’m afraid.’’

‘’What do you mean?’’ the voice asked anxiously.

‘’Naga…’’ responded Chloey. ‘’She was right, there’s a threat in this world and I’m afraid they are already more stronger… than I anticipated.


To be continued



Edited by Nym
Added Chloey's corrections

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Chapter 2: Memories

After the battle against the Maids, Chloey asked everyone in the army to keep the existence of the maids as a secret. The next day, Chloey and Rezzy informed everyone in town about their ‘’victory’’ over the bandits. With no threats, the town is at peace… for some time.


Since the threat, the next day, Chloey dismissed the army temporarily for a ‘’deserved’’ break. While the Maids could still be around, the blond tactician thinks it’s better for everyone to stay close to the town just in case. As for Nym, he recovered really fast from his wounds thanks to Rezzy and Chloey (since the latter learned a few tricks about healing when she was a cleric).

However, there’s no time for rest for Chloey. After splitting the tiny army into multiple garrison for the town’s defences, the tiny blonde tactician and the blonde sage have to take care of the wounds of the careless, but brave mage. Luckily, thanks to Rezzy’s heal staff and Chloey’s knowledge (since she was a cleric for some time), he recovers pretty quickly.


Later that day…

While Rezzy was busy cleaning her own house for the arrival of her husband and her children in a few days and Nym had to work, Chloey is busy inside the room that Nym let her have for the time being. If there’s one thing that she wants, it’s silence when she thinks of strategy while she’s reading a map of the town on her bed.


‘’Um… no, no, this is not a good move.’’ thought Chloey, holding the map in one hand and her hair on the other.

The door of her room opens, it is Nym who just came back from work.

‘’Hey Chloey, it’s me, what do you want to eat for dinn-


‘’HEY! What was that for?’’ yelled Nym while placing his right hand on his red cheek ‘’Both Rezzy and you already gave me one slap for last night, I don’t need anothe-’’

But a quick glance to Chloey’s death stare followed by her strong grasp on his collet make him panicking.

‘’AHH HELP ME, REZZY!’’ screamed Nym ‘’I’M TOO YOUNG TO DIE!’’


Meanwhile in Rezzy’s backyard

The red haired Sage, who wears old clothes, is busy cleaning the stable (for her horse Gabby) when she hears Nym’s screams.

'’Nope, not helping him this time’’ thought Rezzy ‘’It didn’t learn the first time so he has to learn the lesson.’’ as she continues to clean.


Back inside Chloey’s room

Realizing Rezzy didn’t come to save him, Nym has only one option.

‘’H-hey Chloey, you are beautiful today, you know?’’ said desperately Nym with a smile. ‘’I, I forgot again so… please?’’

‘’Don’t try to sweet talk your way out of this.’’ responded back Chloey to Nym ‘’Maybe a punch directly on the head will help you remember not to walk into a room of a lady without her permission!’’

‘’There’s already one idiot that walked into me when I was naked’’ thought Chloey ‘’I don’t want this to happen again.’’

As she was about to punch him, Nym uses his last resort.

‘’Wait, wait Chloey! Don’t punch me please, please!’’ asked desperately Nym.

‘’Give me ONE reason not to punch you?’’ responded back Chloey angrily.

‘’Y-you see C-Chloey’’ responded back Nym.

‘’Yes?’’ asked angrily Chloey.

‘’I said confident, not nervous

‘’Because… I’m the only one here… that could help you if anyone found out… your secret?’’ responded Nym with little confidence.

‘’What… secret?’’ asked Chloey, with less anger this time.

‘’That you came from another world.’’ replied Nym ‘’Through that… strange door.’’

‘’Ok… and how did you found that out?’’ asked the tiny tactician as she keep holding his collet.

‘’Ergh, well remember when you left the house after I walked inside your room this morning?’’ said Nym as he was moving his two index finger on each other ‘’Well, Rezzy suggested me to bring you a gift as an apology for my mistake, which I did:  it’s a yellow mouse plush who has red cheeks and a lightning shape tail... for one of your kids. Anyway, I looked all over the town for you, and when I finally found you, you were inside the forest close to… the door and…’’

‘’Annnnnddd?’’ said Chloey as she was staring as his eyes with anger.

‘’And… I saw you talking to a tiny stone that you had, a tiny stone tha-’’

‘’Did you eavesdropped me, you moron?’’ shouted Chloey as she increases her grip on him.

Nym’s hat falls off of his head after that quick movement.

‘’C-Chloey, I swear on both my parents’ graves... that once I saw what you were doing, I immediately left.’’ said Nym in fear.

‘’*sigh* What did you heard?’’ asked the blonde girl to him as she let him go

‘’Only someone’s name... Chrome was it? And also that you miss all of them and that you want to come back to your world… someday.‘’ answered the young mage as he was touching his throat.

‘’So you basically heard all the important parts… great.’’ responded the tactician with little enthusiasm ‘’Also it’s Chrom, not Chrome.

‘’Chloey, I’m sorry!’’ said Nym as he knelled on the floor ‘’Can I do something for you, please?’’

‘’You should start by giving the plush and the chocolate that you obviously hided inside your hat.’’ suggested Chloey without even looking at him ‘’As for the actual punishment for your eavesdropping, I’ll see for that one later on, out of my room after that.

Nym gives the two gifts and leave the room with a little bit of sadness on his face, his plan to make friend with the blonde tactician didn’t go just as planned.


In the next day…

Chloey just come back from eating her lunch when she sees Nym and Rezzy talking. However, Nym seem to have something attached on his back.

‘’But Rezzy…’’ said Nym.

‘’No ‘’but’’, I need as much help as I can possibly have for shopping and this is punishment for your little ‘’hero’’ moment from the last time.’’ responded Rezzy severely to her pupil ‘’Plus, you should be used by now and you also like her, so what’s the problem?

‘’But she spites or drools on my shirt every time I hold her, it’s like a habit for her.’’ responded back the pupil to his teacher.

‘’Hi Rezzy, hi… Nym, what are you two talking about?’’ asked Chloey

‘’Oh hi Chloey’’ greeted Rezzy ‘’let me introduce you to my little treasure.’’

As she smiles, she shows her baby, Est, to Chloey. Red hair just like her mother, although in small numbers, she has a pink baby costume from the neck to the feet.

‘’Awwww, she’s so adorable’’ said Chloey happily while touching her head ‘’aren’t you a cutie with your littles eyes and little hair? She looks a lot like you, Rezzy.’’

''So Wolf is here?'' asked the pupil to the tall woman.

''Not yet.'' explained Rezzy ''There's something that he wanted to do with Leo but Est would have been alone so he sended a letter that asked me to bring her back earlier than expected. And all that was possible thanks to Gabby, who is resting right now.''

 Meanwhile, Est is really not paying attention to Chloey, but is looking around and at her mother and Nym.

 ‘’Do you want to hold her?’’ asked Rezzy.

‘’Oh yes!’’ said Chloey as she was preparing her arms for the holding.

As she was being hold by Chloey, Est is distracted by the tactician’s blonde hair and she tries to catch as many hairs as she can with her little fingers.

‘’This sensation…’’ thought sadly Chloey ‘’This remind me of Lucina when she was little and also Morgan… who is still waiting for me back home and… Am-’’

‘’Chloey, is everything alright?’’ asked Rezzy, worried by Chloey’s tear on her right eye.

‘’Oh, sorry’’ replied Chloey as she wiped her tear off her face ‘’I just got lost in thoughts all alone, ergh... I mean just lost in thoughts.’’

‘’Her family…’’ thought Nym.

Suddenly, Est is moving her arms towards Nym.

‘’All right, then.’’ said Rezzy as she picks up her daughter and bring her towards the young mage ‘’We need to go anyway, want to join us, Chloey?’’

‘’Yes, but by the way, Rezzy...’’ asked Chloey ‘’what’s that on Nym? I’ve never seen this before.’’

‘’Oh, that’s a special bag that you can buy at the baby shop.’’ responded Rezzy while giving Est to Nym. ‘’See, the bag allows you to transport the baby close to your chest without having to actually hold her with your hands, it’s very practical really.’’

‘’I can see that’’ said the blonde tactician ‘’I bet Anna would love to sell some of those.’’

‘’Actually, Anna IS selling some herself, but I find them a little… too expensive for my taste.’’ responded casually Rezzy while making sure that her baby is comfortable.

Oh, so there’s another Anna in this world too? thought Chloey.

‘’ *sigh* I suppose I can’t sweet talk my way out of this one?’’ asked Nym, who wish they would just be happy with the slaps that they gave him earlier.

‘’No’’ said Rezzy ‘’and look, Est just fell asleep!’’

Est, her head on Nym’s chest, also start to dwell a little in her sleep.

‘’Of course she didn’t do that when she was on Chloey. ‘’ said the young man as she sighted ‘’As smart as her mother, I see.’’

Both Rezzy and Chloey laugh a little, and then grabbed one of his arm each.

‘’It won’t take too long, Nym’’ explained Rezzy as they were on their way to the market ‘’maybe two hours, or three… or four.’’

‘’Oh for the love of Naga…’’’ said the pupil ‘’And my hat is is my room, *sigh*.’’


A few hours later…

‘’Why did you have to visit EVERY shop in town?’’ shouted Nym as both Chloey and him were entering his house with of course,  Est that is still on him but fully awake now.

‘’Well... ‘’ said Chloey in self-defence ‘’there was A LOT of deals, I bought quite a few nice things. Oh... and, thanks for helping me with the bags.’’

‘’Urgh, you welcome. You would not believe how difficult it is to carry bags when there’s a five month old that tries to grab your nose constantly.

Est tries to grab his nose again, Nym drops the bags and frees Est from the baby bag. He then sits on his coutch and plays with the baby in his arms.

‘’And you!’’ said Nym with his best impression of ‘’baby talk’’ ‘’Whose nose do you think you’re grabbing?’’

Nym then slightly touch Est’s nose with his index.

‘’Boop!’’ said Nym happily with the same voice

Est does the same thing.

‘’Beu!'' said Est.

Chloey can’t help but smile at this cute interaction.

‘’You know…’’ said Chloey ‘’you act more like you were her... big brother.’’

The moment she said that, Nym stopped playing with Est.

‘’*Ahem* No idea about what you are talking about’’ said Nym with a smile on his face ‘’I need to change my shirt and prepare the baby bottle… eugh keep an eye on her while I’m gone.’’

He left the room as fast as a blue hedgehog.

‘’What’s up with him?’’ thought Chloey ‘’I meant that as a compliment, nothing else.’’

She sits on the couch and plays with the baby for a while.

‘’This… bring me back memories’’ thought Chloey.

‘’... Again?’’ asked the mage who is holding a baby bottle.

‘’I… I got carried away again.’’ said the blonde tactician as she wiped out the tears

‘’You know… if there’s anything I could do…’’ asked Nym while sitting close to her and also taking Est in his arms and giving her the bottle.

‘’... If I tell you my past, will you reveal yours? asked back the tiny tactician

‘’Sure…’’ responded the mage ‘’You’re lucky that Rezzy had to go to see Lord Daniel, otherwise we wouldn't have this conversation.’’

And so, Chloey explained the adventures that she had with the Shepherds to Nym. From the Gangrel’s arc to Valm’s attacks and Grima’s short return. However, she did not mention that Chrom is her husband and the whole ‘’time travel’’ thing about Lucina and her friends.

‘’And then one day, Naga requested my presence and asked me to investigate a new dangerous threat in another world.’’ concluded Chloey.

‘’I thought the two maids were some kind of known enemies of yours.’’ said Nym.

‘’No’’ replied Chloey ‘’I know about them as much as you do right now, which why I was hoping the two countries would have answers to my questions, but they are too busy bringing war on each other to answer me. And then I arrived here.’’

While listening to her, Nym cradles Est, she fell asleep during the story.

‘’Your turn now’’ said Chloey. ‘’Did Rezzy… adopted you?’’

The question was so unexpected, Nym had to hold his laugh with his right hand because he didn’t want to wake up the baby by accident.

‘’What?’’ asked Chloey. ‘’What’s so funny about that?’’

‘’First I act like a big brother, now I am Rezzy’s adopted son? You have a lot of imaginations, Chloey’’ said Nym.

‘’What?’’ asked Chloey, embarrassed by the remark ‘’it isn’t... the case?''

‘’Of course it’s not!’’ responded Nym. ‘’I only know Rezzy for a year and almost five months.’’

‘’But both of you seem… so close.’’ insisted the tiny woman.

‘’That’s just the result of spending time learning and training with her and also helping her when she needs it, nothing else really.’’ explained Nym.

Suddenly, he looks at the ceiling.

‘’I already have a family… but they are no longer here, I’m afraid.’’ said Nym melancholy.

Oh… thought Chloey. He did mention his dead parents earlier…

A whole minute of awkward silence pass by without anyone saying anything.

‘’Anyway…’’ said Nym while looking back at her ‘’let’s put these sad feelings aside from now because I have a question: have you seen my hat?’’

‘’Your hat?’’ responded Chloey surprised ‘’I thought you left it in your room.’’

‘’I did… but it wasn’t there anymore when I came to change my shirt and I checked all over the house except…’’ said the mage.

‘’... My room?’’ guessed Chloey.

‘’Maybe the wind made it flew inside your room. After all, it is not that far from mine.’’ suggested Nym.

‘’Fine, wait here.’’ said Chloey.

Upon arriving in her room, Chloey didn’t find his hat. However, she notices something odd: the bag where she put all her tomes is wide open.

I am one hundred percent sure I didn’t open that before going outside. thought the blonde tactician.

She put her hand inside the bag and take out both Thoron and the Book of Naga. However, both Arcthunder and Arcfire are missing!

What the… thought Chloey.

She looks around and find her wardrobe also open, one of her spare robes is missing!

What happened here… thought Chloey.

She comes into Nym’s room to find the mage looking at his wardrobe too. Est is lying on his bed.

‘’Did you find it?’’ asked Nym without looking at her.

‘’No, but something is wrong here’’ responded Chloey in a serious tone. ‘’two of my tomes are missing and my wardrobe was open, one of my spare robes is also missing. Did you check your wardrobe because…’’

‘’Yea, I didn’t saw it when I looked for my hat earlier but my wardrobe was also open, one of my spare capes is gone.’’ responded the blond mage.

‘’Thieves?’’ asked Chloey.

‘’What kind of thieves steal tomes and clothes?’’ responded back Nym.

Knock! Knock!

‘’Who’s there?’’ shouted Nym towards the door.

‘’Both of you, surrender and come out with your hands up!’’ said a voice behind the door.

‘’Huh?’’ said Chloey. ‘’Nym… who’s that?’’

‘’That’s… officer Hawknose’’ responded Nym.

Outside of the house, many men are surrounding the house. Officer Hawknose, who uses bows, is waiting for them. Chloey comes out of the house with her hands up, followed by Nym who is lifting only one because he’s holding Est with the other but he gives back the baby to Rezzy, who is also here but she looks both worried and confused.

‘’What’s the meaning of this, officier Hawknose?’’ asked Nym whose hands are being attached by a man just like Chloey’s.

‘’Nym, both the girl and you are under arrest for attempted theft.’’ responded the man. ‘’You have the right to remain silence. However, what will happen to both of you will be known after you spent at least one night in prison.

He turns around and with a gesture of the hand, signal the men to march towards the prison. As they started to walk, Nym looks at Rezzy with a confused look, who responds the same way. With all that agitation, Est woke up and starts to cry on her mother’s arms. He then looks at Chloey who is right beside him.

‘’... Look like we got trouble.’’ said Nym before looking at his feet, in silence.


To be continued

Edited by Nym
Removed the ''inside out'' part, was too dumb to keep.

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The writing and narrative style comes off as a bit ... juvenile. The characters' dialogue sound very simplistic and a bit exaggerated. You should also never put actions in dialogue such as "*cough* [Insert character saying something here]". Nor should you really use asterisks to describe action in narrative in general. Descriptions of various characters sound clunky, like they were fit in where they were not necessary or where they do not flow well.

Breaking out into random singing (no matter how good "Make a Man Out of You" is) also makes me take this less seriously. Also, the random "Inside Out" reference is not really funny or sensical, nor does it seem well thought out or well placed.

I'd suggest not using things like "The next day ..." to indicate scene breaks. Either put in a dash or some other symbol (~, ^, -) to indicate that two scenes are not the same, or use an extra narrative paragraph to describe that time has passed. There are a few run-on sentences, where there really should've been a period or at least a semicolon but it just runs on. Also, there are some errors with punctuation around dialogue. There are some instances when there are no punctuation, like the below example:

‘’Oh, sorry’’ replied Chloey as she wiped her tear off her face ‘’I just got lost in thoughts all alone, ergh... I mean just lost in thoughts.’’.

There should be a comma after "sorry" and "face". And there should be only period at the end of "thoughts", and it should be inside the quotation mark. Punctuation marks always go inside the quotation in dialogue if the character in question is speaking.

Another example of punctuation being used wrong in quotation marks is the following:

‘’A few more moments.’’ responded the red haired maid to her sister.

The period at the end of "moments" should be a comma. If you are using a word such as said, responded, whispered, screamed, etc., you use commas in place of the period.

Now, here is the more important part. I really have no idea what kind of story you are going for. I can't tell whether you want to make an epic adventure story or if you want to write a comedy. If you mean for this to be very non-serious and comedic, then you can get away with some of the things I've mentioned here (aside from the grammar stuff. Always use correct grammar). If you mean for this story to be taken seriously and to come off as being more epic, then this really isn't working.

Most of characters don't sound very distinct from one another enough, a lot of them seem to have the same emotional and somewhat melancholy but generically determined tone of voice. The descriptions feel a bit clunky, and sometimes there isn't enough description when you need them (such as descriptions of emotions). If you want me to go more in depth, then send me a PM. I'll select a random section from your story and show you how I would write it, and you can let me know if this advice has been helpful or not.

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Chapter 3: Out of This World!

After a sweet discussion between Nym and Chloey at Nym’s house, they have both been arrested by officer Hawknose for ‘’attempted theft’’. With no idea of what is going on, they are both being escorted to the town’s prison.

 Alucia’s prison was a very small prison, Chloey visited that prison around a month ago and that’s when she learned that the prison only has one cell because the person who build it didn’t expect to have prisoners too often.

 The cell was very, very small but surprisingly clean for a prison cell. The walls, ceiling and the floor are all made of stone for both preventing fires and any chance for a prisoner to do an escape. The only not made of stone are the door and metal bars. There’s also a hole in the middle of one of the wall with also metal bars, allowing you to see outside but it’s too high up for anyone to reach it.

Chloey doesn’t know what to do now, stuck in a prison cell with a boy that she barely knows. This is like a bad scenario of a fanfiction. Luckily, the officer didn’t find her personal  notebook that she hid inside her coat so she has at least something to entertain herself for the time being.

‘’Can you stop?’’ asked Chloey, annoyed by the noises that Nym is making.

Nym is moving all over the cell, trying to find some kind of flaw inside the cell. A broken bar, a hidden door, anything can help!

‘’I’m not gonna sit there and wait for some kind of miracle.’’ replied Nym without looking at her while also touching one of the wall with his hand. ‘’If I can find something, than we get out and talk this out.’’

‘’You are delusional.’’ responded back Chloey as she puts away her notebook and walks towards him. ‘’I checked this prison myself, there’s no way I would leave any kind of way to escape, I was very careful when I did my inspection.’’

She continues to walk around him, Nym is starting to less believe in what he is doing.

 ‘’I don’t know what you are trying to do, but if you are trying to impress me -- which let me tell you, you are will not succeed with this kind of last resort -- it's both a complete waste of effort and of time.’’ continued calmly without looking at him.

 She doesn’t want to get angry at him, this is not the moment to lose the only person who can help in her struggle.

 ‘’By the way…’’ said Chloey seriously as she sits down to his right and forces him to look at her. ‘’Even if we could escape, it would be the worst option to do of all that would be available to us. Do you understand why?

 ‘’... No.’’ admitted sadly Nym who grabbed Chloey’s hands to make her understand to let go while also keeping eyes contact with her.

 ‘’Because right now, nobody in town believes in the accusations.’’ responded Chloey as she grabs his left shoulder shoulder. ‘’If we would run away, then that would like basically saying to everyone ‘’Hey, the accusations are true! Now, fear and hate us!’’ See what I mean? We would basically shoot an arrow in our own feet.’’

 Nym doesn’t say anything, but his eyes make Chloey realizes that he understands now.

 ‘’Then, what really happened?’’ asked Nym who couldn’t stop thinking about it.

 ‘’I don’t know… it’s really weird.’’ responded back Chloey while also bringing her right hand off Nym’s shoulder. ‘’But for now, we should sleep. Maybe we’ll get our answers tomorrow.’’

 ‘’Right.’’ said Nym as he stands up and grabs Chloey’s hand to help her  to stand up. ‘’I’ll be going to bed, good night.’’

 But right as he was about to move, Chloey angrily grabs his right shoulder.

 ‘’Excuse me, mister.’’ said Chloey suddenly while increasing her grip on his right shoulder. ‘’Are you not forgetting something?’’

 Nym doesn’t understand at first why she was angry at first, and then he realized why: there was only one prison bed. He turned around in panic because he knows he’ll probably not be

the one who will have the bed.

‘’... Sharing is caring?’’ said Nym desperately, forcing himself to smite and putting his hands together as a way that says ‘’Please’’.

 ‘’There are no worlds or even universes where I’m sharing a bed with you.’’ responded back angrily Chloey, while also pushing him out of the way. ‘’And the fact that you even suggest sharing a bed with a MARRIED woman is even more pathetic.’’

 ‘’Sword, Lance and Axe then?’’ asked even more desperately Nym, with sweats rolling down his forehead while doing a gesture with his right hand.

 ‘’Good night, Nym.’’ responded back Chloey without even looking at him and ignoring his last statement.

 She lies down on the bed, it isn’t very comfortable because it’s a prison bed. But by facing left, which is where the wall the bed is attached too, she finds a good position to sleep. However as she was about to close her eyes, she forgot that she still has her glass on. She turns around so she could put them on the floor close to her but she sees Nym, lying on the floor and facing in her direction meaning that he was probably staring at both her back and her butt for a full minute.

 ‘’Look. The. Other. Way.’’ said Chloey angrily with a death glare, who knows he did that on purpose.

 Nym turns around, he can’t even have a little bit of victory today.

 ‘’Anything else?’’ asked sarcastically Nym.

 ‘’If I see your head facing in my direction when I wake up, you are dead to me.’’ threatened Chloey as she puts down her glass on the floor and turns around to get to sleep.


Later that night…

 Unfortunately, despite having the bed, Chloey wakes up first. She would choose Nym’s couch over this prison bed any night. She puts her glass on and look outside through the ‘’window’’, it’s still night but the dawn is on its way. She doesn’t feel tired anyway so she won’t try to get back to sleep.

 She stands up and quietly moves next to Nym, he wasn’t facing in her direction-- good thing for him-- but he was in a weird position: he’s sleeping on his belly while using his arms as a pillow.

 It was probably the best position that he could find although Chloey was a little jealous that he could sleep that well while being on the floor.

 She gently touches his cheeks, they were a little bit of cold. It wasn’t that surprising: the nights are not extremely cold, but they are still cool night. And unfortunately for Nym, his mage’s cap wasn’t enough to protect him from the cold. With quick thinking, Chloey takes off her tactician coat and uses it as a blanket for Nym. It wasn’t much but it would be enough and she didn’t really need it right now but before sitting on the bed, she takes her notebook out of her coat’s pocket and leaves the mage alone in his sleep.


 A few hours later…

 Where am I? thought Chloey.

 She opens her eyes but… the place where she is now is not the prison. She stands up and looks around.

 This place… I know this place. thought happily Chloey with a big smile from ear to ear, who couldn’t believe what she was seeing. This is… Ylisse! But how?

‘’Chloey…’’ said a voice behind her.

 She turns around and sees Chrom close to her.

 '’Chrom!’’ shouted Chloey, who couldn’t contain how happy she was to see him after to see after so long.

 She notices that he wasn’t alone, there’s a very large amount of people a little farther behind him: the member of the Shepherds, the Future Children, Tiki, Anna, Say’ri, Flavia, Basilio and even some unexpected guests like Gangrel, Aversa, Yen’fay, Walhart, Emmeryn, Priam, Mustafa and Cervantes.

 As she was looking at everyone, Chrom grabs her right hand. At that moment, she remembers Chrom’s warm hands every time he used to grabs her hand all of sudden, but romantically.

 ‘’Come, Chloey’’ said Chrom happily while smiling with his usual look while still holding her hand. ‘’Let’s go home, there’s a young lady and a very young boy waiting for their mother to come back!’’

 ‘’Lucina… Morgan.’’ replied Chloey with tears rolling down her face as she begins to walk alongside Chrom towards her the rest of the group.

 ‘’Euh… Chloey?’’ asked a voice behind her.

 She turns around to see Nym, who is stopping their march by grabbing Chloey’s shoulder.

 ‘’Where do you come from?’’ asked back Chloey, unhappy that Nym ruined their reunion. ‘’And how did you manage to come here in the first place?’’

 ‘’I ‘’followed you’’, you know?’’ responded Nym with a strange tone, almost as he was whispering in her ear.

 ‘’Great, well then good luck because I’m not helping you.’’ replied Chloey while taking his hand off her shoulder. ‘’Now, can you leave us alone and fuck off to your world?’’

 ‘’So you can swear too, amazing. Come on Chloey, you know I won’t ‘’fuck off’’ unless you force me too… you know? ‘’ responded Nym with the same tone.

 ‘’Fine, listen to this you little piece of shit: fuck off to your own world with your problems and leave me alone.’’ yelled furiously Chloey while grabbing him by the collet ‘’You little… shameless adopted pervert with no respect whatsoever to my personal space.’’

 But Nym doesn’t say anything, instead he smiles and before she has time to react, Nym quickly pinches her and she screams.


 ‘‘AHHHHHHHH’’ screamed Choey as she suddenly wakes up. ‘’Where… where am I?’’

 ‘’A piece of shit, adopted and shameless pervert, huh?’’ said a familiar voice.

 She looks on her right to see Nym, who is not looking at her, sitting beside her on the floor with his back turned on her. He is not happy.

 ‘’Huh? What are you saying?’’ said Chloey with hope that Nym didn’t hear what she was saying in her dreams.

 ‘’You talk in your sleep, Chloey. I woke up and I hear you talk shit about me, this is not cool. I thought we were cool back in my house.’’ replied Nym angrily, without still looking at her with his hands on the ground. His right hand becomes a fist the moment he says that.

 ‘’I’m… sorry.’’ apologized Chloey.

 ‘’Look, I know I did a quite a few stupid things but calling me by those names just for that? That’s… immature and not necessary. I’m not a perfect young man, I know that, but you aren’t perfect either and nobody isn’t either in the end. By the way, I’m not adopted for the last time.’’ responded back Nym with less anger while also turning around.’’

 Chloey did not respond to that comment, she’s only looking at her feet. Nym understand that she really feels sorry.

 ‘’Also I’m not the one who took your coat off.’’ said Nym with a quick smile as he stands up and give her coat back.

 Chloey looks at her open coat that the young man is hanging in front of her. She gets out of her bed and puts it back on.

 ‘’I’m sorry… again. I know my behaviour is not appropriate considering our current… situation and I need your help as much as you need mine.’’ said Chloey with a mix of serious and sadness. ‘’But I hope you understand that I only act like this… because I miss my family… so much. So… sorry for you calling you names, especially pervert.

 ‘’Water under the bridge, am I right?’’ asked the young mage who wish to finally be friend with her.

 As he was ask for a handshake when Chloey hugged him without warning.

 That’s not what I had in mind, but I’ll take it. thought Nym with a smile on his face.

 He never realizes how small Chloey is compared to Rezzy, he always had to look a little bit down to look at her sure, but Chloey barely reach his chest with her head.

‘’Take that as an apology for my earlier… death threat.’’ said Chloey as she let go while also smiling. She knew he didn’t expect that by the look on his face.

 ‘’Speaking of earlier, I thought about something when I was uh… struggling to sleep: there’s actually a way out of the prison, legally. It completely slipped out my mind earlier.’’ explained the mage to the tiny tactician.

 ‘’Really!?’’ screamed Chloey while jumping in place. ‘’What is it?’’

 Suddenly, they both hear someone’s laugh. It is Hawknose on the other side of the bar, outside the cell.

 ‘’Officer Hawknose, how long have you been there?’’ asked Chloey who did not expect him to be here this early.

 ‘’Haha… I just… arrived… actually.’’ responded with difficulty the officer. ‘’But Nym… you… hahaha… you are not serious, are you? He will destroy and humiliate both of you!

 ‘’There was only brigands here before.’’ replied back with optimism Nym ‘’They lacked brain cells to do this, unlike us.’’

 '’Even so.’’ said Hawknose while slowly regaining his serious ‘’He… he can even beat with his eyes close!

 What the fuck are they talking about? thought Chloey, confused.

 ‘’Duh, you don’t need eyes for this… at least for the thinking part.’’ said Nym to the officer.

 ‘’Ha! I like you, I always did. You are always full of ideas, even if they are sometimes a little bit too crazy for your well being…’’ responded back Hawknose who is always proud of his people.

 ‘’Can someone PLEASE tell me what is Nym’s idea?’’ asked Chloey, annoyed by the two men’s little chit-chat.

 ‘’We must ask and do a trial.’’ replied Nym who completely forgot that she didn’t know about that.

 ‘’A trial? It’s…  interesting and… quite surprising actually’’ said Chloey before having an unpleasant thought. ‘’What’s the catch?’’

 ‘’Well… everyone that tried to get their freedom by the trial… always lost.’’ explained Nym to the tiny blonde. ‘’There’s no lawyer and only a prosecutor, the prisoners had to defend their cause by themselves.’’

 ‘’What? Is this a joke?’’ asked Chloey who couldn’t believe how risky his idea actually is.

 ‘’No, it’s the true.’’ responded back the officer to the girl ‘’So much so, it became some kind of entertainment for everyone to watch.

 ‘’That’s… not reassuring to hear at all.’’ said Chloey, worried. ‘’Are you sure about this, Nym?’’

 ‘’As I said, the former prisoners were not really smart. I’m not that smart but you Chloey, you are used to think a lot and to think outside of the box. I’m pretty sure that together, we can do it!’’ said Nym with even more optimism and confidence.

 ‘’... Fine, you sold me on that one. We don’t have much of a choice anyway. ‘’responded back Chloey with Nym’s optimism influencing her judgement. ‘’Officer, do ask for the trial.’’

 ‘’Very well, I’ll be back in a few minutes with the answer.’’ said Hawknose as he’s leaving the room.

 ‘’I hope whoever is suppose to accept our request, will.’’ said Chloey with a smile, her fears now destroyed by Nym’s reckless confidence.

 ‘’I hope too.’’ replied back the mage to the tactician.


 At Lord Daniel’s house…

 The lord is busy counting for the seventeen time in one day, the amount of gold that he currently has in his possession. At that moment, a soldier knocks on his door and goes inside his room.

 ‘’Sir, I bring news of the population.’’ said the soldier.

 ‘’Ah! Do tell, do tell.’’ said the lord who is still counting his gold.

 ‘’I went around town and for  what I heard, they are a little bit of suspicious of your claim about Nym and the girl but they don’t want to ask questions. However…’’ explained the soldier with a little bit of anxiety.

 Hearing ‘’however’’ made the lord stop counting his gold and made him a little bit upset.

 ‘’However what?’’ asked severely Lord Daniel who hates complications especially when his money is involved (and it always is).

 ‘’However… the army is not believing a single word. Despite their ''leader'' seeing them doing the act just like you did.’’ replied the soldier with fear since Lord Daniel can be very scary if he’s too upset.

 He gets off his chair, it helps him think.

 ‘’Umm… this is quite a bad new.’’ said the lord Daniel while scratching his chin. ‘’ I thought Rezzy would manage to convince them of the truth.’’

 ‘’Unfortunately, she is as confused as everybody else right now.’’ replied the soldier.

 ‘’Um…’’ mumbled the lord while moving back and forth.

 This is bad. thought Lord Daniel. If I don’t have the cooperation of the army, they could try to free them by force and I wouldn’t  have enough forces to counter that. And I just need these 2 to stay in their cell until they arrive.

 At that moment, someone knocks on the door and enters, it’s officer Hawknose.

 ‘’Ah! Great timing, Hawknose. I need your help for something, my friend.’’ asked Daniel to his friend.

 ‘’Later Lord Daniel because I got a request from Nym and Chloey: they want to get a trial.’’ said Hawknose.

 Lord Daniel couldn’t believe what his ears were hearing.

 ‘’A-a trial? Are they out of their mind? I can understand the girl doing something as stupid since she’s an outsider, but Nym too!? Hahahahaha, this is quite funny.’’ shouted Lord Daniel with a powerful voice.

 Actually, this may be exactly what I need! thought Lord Daniel. He regains his serious and cleared his throat.

 ‘’But as a dumb request as this is, I’ll accept.’’ said Lord Daniel with conviction.

 ‘’Are you sure?’’ asked Hawknose, surprised by the quick answer.

 ‘’If I am sure? It’s been so much time since the last trial, I’ll gladly accept. Nothing more entertaining that watching two idiots struggling in a courtroom. And what’s more, he never lost so there’s nothing to be scare off.’’ explained Lord Daniel and he remembers something that he got in a letter. ‘’Speaking of which, he is suppose to have arrived today, no?’’

 ‘’Yes, sir.’’ said the soldier. ‘’He arrived this morning with his son.’’

 ‘’Very well, I’ll let him have his day off with his family but the trial will be tomorrow.’’ said Lord Daniel.

 ‘’Hawknose, go tell the prisoners that I accepted their request’’ ordered the lord. ‘’And you, go tell him that he has work for tomorrow.

‘’Yes, sir!’’ said both Hawknose and the soldier as they both left the room.

 As they left, the lord looks at the window. He only hopes that they don’t take too much time to arrive.


 In the prison

 Nym and Chloey were busing chatting when Hawknose enters inside the room.

 ‘’So?’’ asked both prisoners at the same time.

 ‘’It was accepted, however it will be for tomorrow. I wish you good luck to you both.’’ said the officer before leaving the room.

 Nym and Chloey have both a smile and do a high five.

 ‘’Yes!’’ said Nym. ‘’We have a chance!’’

 ‘’Yes, but now we should sit down and think of what happened  and who did it.’’ suggested Chloey as she sits on the bed.

 Nym joins her and they begin to discuss.


The next day…

 Inside the waiting room, both Chloey and Nym are discussing. There’s an officer with them, waiting for the bailiff to tell him to open the door.

 ‘’I won’t lie, I’m a little nervous.’’ admitted Nym to his partner.

 ‘’Me too.’’ admitted Chloey. ‘’But this is not the moment to be chickens.’’

 ‘’It’s time’’ said suddenly the officer who just got the signal from the bailiff.

 He opens the door and both Nym and Chloey walks inside the courtroom.

The courtroom was not extremely big, in fact it is quite small for a courtroom. There’s four tall wooden desk at the center: one for the defense, one for the prosecution, one slightly taller for the stand and a bigger one for the judge’s which is the most faraway one while the stand is the closest to the exit. The prosecution’s desk is on the judge left while the defense’s is on his right. There’s also a large number of sieges for anybody to sit down that are located close to the door that both Nym and Chloey went through.

 ‘’There’s only members of the army on the ‘’balcony’’.’’ whispered Chloey to Nym. ‘’Look like Lord Daniel made this one private.’’

 Rezzy was both excited and a little bit sad upon seeing her two friends behind the defence’s wooden desk. But she couldn’t help but smile with Est on her laps while Leo is on Flona’s.

 After making sure that the duo is behind the desk, the judge strikes his little hammer on his desk. Despite his old age and becoming bald, the judge still has a lot of energy in him.

 ‘’Court is now in session for the trial of Nym and Chloey.’’ said the judge.

 He looks down to see who was on the defense’s desk.

 ‘’Well, look how young you both are! You remind me of my grandchildren.’’ said the judge with a sweet smile.

 ‘’Uh… thanks, you honor’’ replied Nym who didn’t know what to say about that. ‘’Anyway, the defense is ready, right Chloey? … Chloey?

 He looks on his right but can’t find Chloey, he looks down to see that she’s too short to see over the desk but she’s too upset to say anything.

 ‘’... Actually, can we bring some kind of stand-up box or something. You know… for the Smurfette.

 Chloey gives a death glare at Nym, she told him many times not to make fun of her height.

 After the bailiff brought her something to stand up, Chloey can finally see everything. She is now slightly taller than Nym.

 ‘’Now the defense is ready, you Honor!’’ said Nym with enthusiasm while avoiding Chloey’s death stare.

 ‘’Very well.’’ said the judge.

 He now turned on the other side to look at the prosecution.

 ‘’Is the prosecution ready?’’ asked the judge.

 Chloey looks at the man on the opposite side, she cannot see his face because he has his back to them. He wears a strange coat and is as bald was the judge but he is not as old.

 ‘’Nym, who is this man?’’ asked Chloey with curiosity.

 He was about to answer when the man on the other side suddenly speaks.

 ‘’Nym-dono...’’ said the man.

 Huh? Nym-dono? thought Chloey.

 ‘’Wolf…’’ said Nym with the same tone.

 ‘’Wolf? I think I’ve heard that name somewhere.’’ said the blonde tactician while keeping her eyes on the bald man.

 ‘’You did.’’ explained Nym. ‘’He’s Rezzy’s husband.’’

 At that moment, the man stands up a little bit and turns around to face his opponents when we can finally see the face of mustached, bearded and blue eyed man.

 ‘’I am gone for a few months and what do I hear from my wife? That you suddenly stopped being a wimp and finally became a man and that you even got yourself hurt for the sake of everyone, impressive. I didn’t expect you to be my first opponent, let alone be here at all, I’m a little disappointed.’’ said Wolf while staring at Nym.

 He smashes his left forearm on the desk and looks at Chloey.

 ‘’And you even made yourself a girlfriend, about time if I may add.’’ added the prosecutor with a strange smile.

 ‘’Um no, no. I’m already married to another man, thank you very-- ‘’said Chloey before being interrupted by Nym.

 ‘’Stop Chloey’’ said suddenly Nym while grabbing her shoulder while also keeping eyes contact with Wolf ‘’Don’t fall into his traps, one of his favorite tactics when facing multiple opponents is to cause discord between the members.’’

 ‘’Tsh, it is not as fun when one of my opponents know my tricks.’’  admitted Wolf before regaining a little bit of serious ‘’But nonetheless, just like in battle, I’ll be merciless. Steel yourself, Nym-dono and Chloey! And yes the prosecution is ready, your Honor.''

 ‘’... Why is he calling you by that name?’’ whispered Chloey to Nym out of curiosity while trying to not laugh.

 ‘’... Rezzy’s fault.’’ responded the mage who didn’t want to get into any more details of how that even happened.

 ‘’Very well.’’ said the judge. ‘’Your opening statement, if you would kindly.

 ‘’It will be my pleasure, your Honor’’ said Wolf while pulling out a sheet of paper.

 He clears his throat and begins his opening statement.

‘’Two days ago, in around late evening, Lord Daniel was the target of an attempted theft. He and another witness were discussing important matters when they heard strange noises outside of his outside. They went to investigate and found two persons that were trying to break a lock and want they realize they got found out, one of them tried to retaliate without success. They ran away after that but not before leaving some key evidences behind.’’ read the prosecutor.

 The bailiff bring four items wrapped in a strange material. One of them is a hat, one is a robe and the other two are tomes. The members of the army began to whisper slightly upon seeing the hat and the robe. Nym and Chloey are very surprised while Rezzy is a little bit sad inside.

 ‘’By hearing whispers and by also looking at both the defendant's faces, I suppose everyone recognized these items. It is indeed Nym’s hat and a robe that highly belong to Miss Chloey.’’ concluded Wolf.

 So this where my robe went… thought Chloey. I’m pretty sure Nym is thinking the same thing about his hat.

 ‘’Umm… this is quite troubling.’’ said the old judge. ‘’Do you have any witness to call at the stand, Prosecutor Wolf?''

 ‘’Unfortunately, because of personal reasons, Lord Daniel cannot...  hum...‘’honor’’ us with his presence but fear not because the other witness that was here when the crime happened is sitting at the balcony as this very moment.’’ responded Wolf.

 ‘’Then call this person to the stand at once.’’ asked the judge.

 Wolf turns to the balcony and does a movement of the head that means ‘’Come’’.

 Rezzy picks up Est and hands her to Aryl.

 ‘’Here, hold her for me when I give my statement to the court. Don’t worry, I fed her and change her diapers so she shouldn’t cause too much trouble.’’ asked Rezzy with a smile that hide the little bit of sadness that she holds inside her.

 Everyone in the army is surprised that she’s the witness but prefer not to ask questions since they would probably be answer soon enough. Aryl obeys despite not being very confident about this.

 This is kind of weird and new. thought Rezzy as she arrives in front of the stand. I never expected to be a part of a trial, especially where Wolf is here, not that he can do anything about it anyway…

 ‘’Witness, please state your name and occupation.’’ asked the judge.

 ‘’Rezzy, I’m a Sage who is charged in protecting the town. I’m also the mother of two wonderful children. ‘’ told Rezzy to the judge.

 ‘’Of course, who could forget the efforts and determination that you always have to defend our little town of dangerous threats, just like my old friend that was you master once.’’ said the judge. ‘’Do you have anything to say before you give your testimony?’’

 ‘’Yes…’’ said sadly Rezzy while keeping eyes contact with the judge. ‘’While I’m still confused about what happened, I would like to mention that both sides are people that I love and care about and for this reason, I’ll try to be and stay as neutral as possible for the trial.’’

 ‘’I have no objections for this request, Miss Rezzy.’’ said the judge while doing a yes movement with his head.. ‘’All you need to do is to tell us what you saw two days ago.’’

 ‘’Yes and don’t leave any details, hone-- euh I mean Miss Rezzy.’’ said Wolf who completely forgot he cannot call his own wife by a nickname in a trial.

 This is now or never. thought Chloey. I hope Nym pays as much attention as I am.

 Rezzy also clears her throat before speaking.

 ‘’Like my hus-- prosecutor Wolf said, I was at Lord Daniel’s house, discussing of important matters with him like the future of the army.’’ explained Rezzy while playing with her hair. ‘’However at some point, we hear a very loud noise coming from outside. We decided to investigate, Lord Daniel brought a lantern and I brought my Arcwind tome, just in case.’’ said Rezzy.

 She takes a break to breath and continues to speak.

 ‘’Lord Daniel’s backyard had no lights whatsoever, It was difficult to see anything even with a lantern. However I saw two silhouette close to a door but I couldn't tell who they were and if they had any weapons. We ran at them and I told them to surrender and lay down your weapons if they had any. But here’s the difficult part…’’ continued the mother.

 She takes another break, you can feel that she doesn’t feel comfortable about telling that story.

 ‘’When the light of the lantern showed who was in front of us, I… I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t see their face clearly because one hiding most of his/her face with a hat and the other one, with a hood. And of course I immediately recognized this hat and this coat. But the strange part is that one of them, which the one that that looked very similar to Nym, tried to attack me with the Arcthunder tome but the person actually missed me by a long shot, like they didn’t know use to it properly. When they realized they were no match for me, they tried to ran away by jumping on the other side of the fence. I wasn’t fast enough but I did use my Arcwind tome to try to knock out one of them before they jump out. I didn’t know if I actually hitted them of not in the dark but I probably did because the hat, the coat and the tomes were on the ground close to the fence.’’ finished Rezzy.

 There’s a silence in the courtroom, which the judge interrupt very quickly.

 '’Thank you for your testimony, Miss Rezzy. I’m sure it will be useful for both parties in order to find the truth.’’ thanked the judge with a sincere smile.

 ‘’Was it good, dea-- Prosecutor Wolf?’’ asked Rezzy who is unsure of her performance.

 ‘’Yes it was excellent, Miss Rezzy.’’ replied Wolf to his wife.

 Both Nym and Chloey don’t react because they are too busy thinking.

 ‘’The defense may begins its cross-examination’’ said the judge.

 ‘’Did you think of something?’’ whispered Nym to his partner ‘’Something feels strange.’’

 ‘’You are right and I think I found it!’’ whispered back Chloey to her partner before asking a question to the Sage.

 ‘’... I have one question for Re-- Miss Rezzy.’’ said the tiny tactician.

 ‘’Yes?’’ asked Rezzy.

 ‘’You said that one of ‘’us’’ attacked you earlier, is that correct?’’ asked Chloey to her friend.

 ‘’Yes this is correct, sadly…’’ replied Rezzy.

 But Chloey is staring at her while also smiling.

 ‘’That’s a lie.’’ said Chloey.

 ‘’Huh? What… do you mean?’’ asked Rezzy who didn’t expect that kind of reaction.

 ‘’I had those tomes before ‘’they’’ stole it from me.’’ explained Chloey. ‘’And I had yet to use them.

 She pulls out a paper out the desk.

 ‘’As you probably know, the papers that were given to us have informations related to the evidences such as if they had fingerprints or blood. However, they also contain informations of how they were found of the crime scene.’’ explained more Chloey. ‘’Which bring me to my key point, you told us that ‘’Nym’’ attacked you with the Arcthunder tome which is false for two reasons.’’

 ‘’Number one: according on this paper, which has the rapport of the detective who investigated on the crime scene, both tome still have all their pages that they can have, thirty pages to be exact.’’ readed Chloey and then she putted the paper back. ‘’And number two, as Nym’s teacher, you should know that he cannot use any tomes from the Arc line at the moment.’’

 Rezzy twitches her eyes and feels uneasy just like her husband.

 ‘’May I know why?’’ asked the judge to the young man.

 ‘’My current Tome level is D, Rezzy told me she would give me the C class eventually. And at the D class, I can only use the basic tomes and their El upgrades.’’ explained Nym to the judge.

 Meanwhile the balcony, the whispers transformed into loud questions.

 ‘’Order! Order in the court!’’ yelled the judge as he strikes his desk with his hammer a few times. ‘’Miss Rezzy, explain yourself to the court right now or I’ll charge you of perjury!’’

 ‘’I… uh… can explain.’’ said Rezzy desperately who tries to find an explanation. ‘’I actually… can’t, you Honor.’’

 ‘’And what about you, Prosecutor Wolf?’’ asked the judge.

 But Wolf turned around, his back against the desk once again.

 ‘’I have nothing to say, your Honor.’’ said Wolf without looking at anyone.

 ‘’What is going on here?’’ asked the judge. ‘’In tweny years, this is the first time I see a quick turn of events backfiring at the prosecution’’.

 ‘’Your Honor, I think they are hiding something’’ suggested Chloey. ‘’Their behaviour is not normal.

 ‘’I support of what Chloey is suggesting.’’ added Nym. ‘’Rezzy never lies, unless it’s for something of big importance.’’

 ‘’I agree, you two.’’ responded the judge. ‘’However this trial is about you two and considering that we found the truth, I believe a verdict is in order…’’

 He lifts his hammer.

 ‘’Nym and Chloey, you are both not guilt-’’ declared the judge before being interrupted by the sound of doors that are being open with force.

 Everyone looks to see who did that: it’s Lord Daniel escorted with two officers!

‘’Enough!’’ yelled Lord Daniel ‘’Bring those two back in their cell, they will be free when I WILL decide it.’’

 ‘’What’s the meaning of this, Lord Daniel?’’ Those two are proven innocent, you have no righ-’’ said the judge before being interrupted yet again.

 ‘’Yes I have the right, I’m the lord of this town after all.’’ responded Lord Daniel to the judge. ‘’The trial’s over! No discussion!’’

 He walks close to Wolf.

 ‘’I’m very, very disappointed, Wolf.’’ said the lord before leaving the courtroom.

 As Nym and Chloey were being escorted out of the courtroom, the balcony stays in silence while looking at them, powerless to do anything except for Est, who the sudden loud noise made her cry.


Later that night…

Back in the cell, Chloey, who is lying on the bed again, wakes up first and wakes up Nym. They planned to discuss important matters at a moment when nobody is awakes.

 ‘’I’m now one hundred percent sure it was Lord Daniel who is responsible of our little misadventure.’’ explained Chloey, whose frustration made her completely awake.

 ‘’I’m…’’ said Nym before yawning because he is not completely awake ‘’... also sure of it. But why?’’

 ‘’Good question! Glad someone ask it.’’ replied Chloey in a non-serious tone while lying on the bed. ‘’But I have no way to answer that question for now, if only…’’


Meanwhile, at Lord Daniel’s house

 Completely awake, Lord Daniel is looking at his window. He isn’t looking at something in particular, he’s only looking at it to entertain himself.

 Suddenly, his office’s door opens, two silhouettes enter his office without saying anything. One of them has a heavy bag.

 '’Took you long enough.’’ said Lord Daniel while he continues to look at the window.

 They walk forwards, both wear a black coat with a hood that cover their face. Both remove their coat, revealing a maid’s uniform for each.

 ‘’Did you do it?’’ asked the red haired maid.

The lord doesn’t answer or react.

 ‘’I do not take silence for an answer, Mister Daniel.’’ warned the red haired maid.

 The lord still doesn’t answer or even look at them.

 ‘’Relm.’’ said the woman to her sister.

 With amazing speed, the blue haired maid dashes from the door to the window, grabs the lord and smashes him on his desk without knocking him out. The lord lets out a groan of pain.

 ‘’Answer us.’’ asked angrily Ralm. ‘’Did you do it or not?’’

 ‘’I… did but things turned into unexpected events that I didn’t anticipated.’’ said weakly the lord with a lot of effort.

 ‘’What unexpected events?’’ asked Relm while pulling him on his chair with force.

 ‘’They… they were about to get a not-guilty verdict, I stopped the trial and asked the guards to put them back in prison.’’ explained Daniel to the maids.

 ‘’But last time, you even guaranteed us that if they try to escape prison by using your trial,  the man named Wolf would manage to stop them with relative ease.’’ said Ralm with more anger and while glaring at him.

 ‘’That’s indeed what I said but... it appears that being out of practice for so long made him a little rusty at his own job.’’ explained the Lord calmly who tries to calm them down.

 ‘’Bah, this is not our problem.’’ said the red haired maid. ‘’As long as we get the girl, if your people turned their back on you after we are gone, too bad.

 ‘’Give him the gold, sister.’’ requested Ralm to her sister.

 Relm lets the lord go, and picks up the bag that she brought with her and drops it on the desk.

 ‘’Ten thousand gold, as you requested for your cooperation.’’ said Relm while opening the bag full of gold.

 The lord, refreshed by the scent of gold, take out a few gold out of the bag and starts happily to count them.

 ‘’We need to contact our master, we will come back next night to get the girl. Do try to found an excuse for their absence for the next day.’’ said Ralm knowing that the lord is probably not even listening to them.

 Ralm walks first out of the room soon followed by her sister who quietly closes the door.

 ‘’Pff, what a pathetic man.’’ whispered Ralm to her sister as they are going downstairs.

 ‘’I know, right?’’ agreed Relm to her sister. ‘’He didn’t even ask what we are going to do with the girl or the boy.''

 ‘’Those avaricious and greedy people who are ready to sacrifice human beings for money, I really despite these persons in every single bone and muscle of my body.’’ said Ralm before opening the door’s backyard.


The next day…

 ‘’Come on Nym, hold me better than that. I think that I’m going to fall!’’ said Chloey.

 ‘’I know, but if you are heavy, Chloey.’’ replied with difficulty Nym.

 Both prisoners tries to apply plan B: escape by the window. However, before that you actually have to reach the said window which is why Chloey has to climb on Nym’s shoulder.

 ‘’Stop shaking that much.’’ ordered Chloey. ‘’Also I’m not THAT heavy, I’m petite already!’’

 ‘’Fuck off, you don't have the weight of a little girl.’’ replied Nym. ‘’I’m just scared that you will fall off.

 ‘’Hold my legs and I’ll be fine and DON’T look up or you are dead.'' reassured Chloey while also threathening him. ‘’Now let’s see…’’

 She tries to move the metal bars but they are not moving.

 ‘’It’s no use…’’ said Chloey ‘’Forget it, Nym. Bring me down.’’

 And after he did bring her down…

 ‘’Now what?’’ asked Nym.

 ‘’I’m honestly out of options, I don’t know what to d--’’ said before interrupting herself because she hears a door being open.

 Nym and Chloey look to see a familiar face.

 ‘’Tristan?’’ asked Nym to his friend. ‘’What are you doing here?’’

 ‘’There will be a meeting with the army and Lord Daniel, I think you have to see this but don’t follow me. Hide in the bushes close to the camp.’’ said the thief while using a lootpick to open their cell.


 A while later…

 Before hiding inside the bushes, Nym and Chloey took advantage that the rest of the camp is empty to ‘’borrow’’ weapons and potions from the weapon’s storage since the meeting is set to the middle of the camp where they usually light a campfire.

 Everyone is here including Wolf who stands alongside his wife and Lord Daniel, who is waiting for Rezzy’s signal to begin the meeting. At that moment, Tristan arrives.

 ‘’Sorry about that.’’ apologized Tristan. ‘’That was one hell for an emergency back home.’’

 ‘’It’s ok Tristan, just sit down with the others.’’ said Rezzy.

 He sits down and Lord Daniel begins his speech.

 ‘’As you all know since Chloey’s unfortunate misadventure, you will need a new leader which is why I have decided to promote Rezzy to that position and her husband Wolf will take her place as second in command.'' said Lord Daniel

 Everyone clapped, even tho they know that Lord Daniel was really suspicious yesterday. The couple is both happy and a little embarrassed.

 ‘’I don’t know what to say.’’ said Rezzy.

 ‘’No need to say anything.’’ said the lord ‘’Now, as for Nym and Chloey, I made a decision: if Nym shows good behaviour, I’ll let him free in a few days, I believe Rezzy will take care of the lecture part.’’

 But he wasn’t done.

 ‘’Unfortunately, as an outsider, I believe it will better for everyone if Chloey would be banned from entering this town ever again.’’

 Everyone stays in silence, Nym and Chloey couldn’t believe what they were hearing.

 He wants to kick me out? For what reason? thought Chloey.

 She looks for a short time at Nym and they nod, they then both jump out of the bush.

 ‘’I always thought you were an idiot, but this stupidity is out of this world.’’ shouted Nym.

 ‘’What you did yesterday was already suspicious enough, but now I’m sure that you are the one responsible for that. And I bet we are not the only one who had to suffer because of you.’’ said Chloey.

 Everyone turns around, surprised by their interruption.

 ‘’How!? How did you escape!?’’ said furiously Lord Daniel. ‘’Stop them, Rezzy!’’

 Rezzy looks at her husband for a split second then turns to face them.

 ‘’... Surrender, you are no match for us.’’ said Rezzy who is hoping they will listen.

 But both Nym and Chloey answer by drawing their weapons: a tome and a sword each.

 Nym didn’t want to attack Rezzy but because she gets in their way to have an interaction with The Lord of the Cowards, he has to use the hard way. He uses his Elthunder tome and a lightening bolt goes forwards, but bounce off when in contact with Rezzy.

 ‘’Your magic is not powerful enough yet to actually hurt me, Nym.’’ said Rezzy with great sadness in both her eyes and voice.

 ‘’This is why I also brought this’’ said the young man while unsheathing his sword.

 But as he was about to run forward, Chloey holds his arm.

 ‘’First lesson of fighting: look and observe, you just ignored that. Wolf is right beside her, he would have blocked your attack with his axe.’’ explained Chloey to the careless boy.

 ‘’... Sorry.’’ said Nym embarrassed.

 ‘’Anyway, we don’t have time for your shenanigans, out of our way.’’ said Chloey while her pulling her Excalibur tome.

 The attack is so powerful that both Rezzy and Wolf got knocked back by the blast, luckily with only minor injuries.

 ‘’Now that you see how powerful I am, I suppose nobody will try to be in our way, yes?’’ asked Chloey while looking at everyone except Nym.

 Everyone in the army said ‘’No’’ with the head, Lord Daniel starts panicking upon seeing the couple on the ground.

 Wow, I didn’t know she was this strong! thought Nym.

 ‘’Are… are you ok, dear?’’ asked Wolf while giving his hand to help his wife stands up even tho he has a hard time getting back up himself.

 ‘’Y-Yes, I am, don’t worry.’’ said with difficulty Rezzy while taking his hand.

 Seeing that nobody tried to stop them, both Nym and Chloey are walking towards Lord Daniel who cannot run away but suddenly, ice shards fly towards their direction which force them to dodge out of the way.

 ‘’Wait, I recognize those ice shards!’’ said Nym.

 ‘’Pff, must we do everything for you?’’ said a voice from behind a tent.

 Both maids reveal themselves, with weapon and magic in hand.

 ‘’You…’’ said Nym with contempt.

 ‘’You should’ve mind your own business, boy’’ said Ralm with also contempt to Nym. ‘’We had some nice projects for you.’’

 ‘’Nym, pair-up now!’’ yelled Chloey while drawing her sword.

 Nym runs to Chloey’s side and stay slightly behind her.

 ‘’Your little tactic is pointless against us’’ mocked Ralm as she threw her wind magic against Chloey.

 Chloey and Nym both block the attack together by using a magic barrier but out of nowhere, the blue haired jumps upward and use her weapon. The ball and chain approaches the duo very fast but they dodge it at the last second, but they didn’t dodge in the same direction.

 I have never seen such a weapon before! We cannot pair-up otherwise we will both get hit at some point. And I think that thing is so heavy, most basic weapon can’t even block it because of the gigantic ball, how can she wields this weapon with just one hand!? thought Chloey.

 She gets up and tries to join Nym but a magic barrier stops her in her track.

 ‘’Oh... you are going nowhere, Chloey…’’ said Ralm as she prepares another wind spell.

 Meanwhile on the other side, Nym is facing the blue haired maid.

 ‘’You are no match for me, surrender and I’ll not hurt you, I promise.’’ promised Relm to Nym.

 But as an answer, Nym uses his tome but his attack also bounces off her.

 ‘’You still have a lot of training to do.’’ said the blue haired as she uses her weapon forwards.

 Nym has barely the time to use his sword as a shield but the weapon is so heavy, the bronze sword doesn’t absorb most of the shock and Nym is knockback against a wall. He is slightly injured between his pain on the head and his wounded right arm, he cannot use his tome any longer!

 Rezzy tries to use her tome but Lord Daniel stops her.

 ‘’No, do not interfere.’’ said Lord Daniel.

 ‘’What?’’ asked Rezzy who couldn’t believe what he was saying.

 ‘’Nobody will help them, you all hear me?’’ shouted the lord.

 With great sadness, everyone else including the couple look at the battle. Some like Wolf, Tristan, Harve or Rezzy still hold their weapon with a very strong grip.

 ‘’Stop being stubborn and surrender!’’ asked with less severity Relm.

 But Nym doesn’t care, with a lot of difficulty, he gets back up and picks up his sword with his left arm and runs at her. But with relative ease, she sidesteps every single swing that he desperately does.

 ‘’Your sword technique is also really poor.’’ said Relm while dodging another swing.

 She then takes the handle of her weapon and strikes Nym’s chest with it. The sudden pain make Nym falls on the ground, unable to get back up and has difficulty to breath.

 ‘’It’s over, you surrender or I’ll kill you.’’ threatened Relm as she breaks his bronze sword with her weapon.

 Meanwhile, the battle between Chloey and Ralm is even.

 ‘’Surrender.’’ said suddenly Ralm who was behind a wall for cover. ‘’We already won that battle.

 ‘’Why should I do that?’’ asked the blonde tactician who was hidden behind a barricade, Nosferatu in hand.

 ‘’Look at your friend.’’ suggested the maid.

 With a quick glance, Chloey realizes that she was right: Nym was on the ground in pain, his sword is broken and the blue haired maid doesn’t even have a scratch unlike her sister.

 ‘’All we wanted is you, Chloey.’’ lied Ralm. ‘’But noooo, you had to drag a foolish boy into this and be all complicated. Now surrender or he will die.’’

 Rezzy would have a mental breakdown if not for her husband’s support.

 ‘’Fine, just let him be.’’ said Chloey as she drops all of  her weapons without looking at Nym because he starts to slightly bleed.

 But suddenly, a light blinds everyone present and after it fades away, Nym is suddenly gone.

 ‘’What!? Where is he!?’’ said both sisters, Chloey and Rezzy at the same time.

 Then suddenly, another light shows up and after it’s fades away, Chloey is also gone.

 ‘’What is going on there!?’’ asked Lord Daniel as the maid sisters asked the same question.


 A few moments later…

 Chloey wakes up, she had another dream about her family. But she wakes up in shock, she remembers everything: the meeting, the battle, Nym on the ground, bleeding and… the light.

 She turns to her right and she sees Nym, alive with no blood whatsoever, who is still sleeping. She was about to wake him up when a hand gently tapped her hand.

 ‘’Let him rest, young lady.’’ said an unfamiliar voice.

 She turns around to see who said that: it’s an old man, who wears a white Sage’s coat and has a Mend Staff. He also has an incredible long white beard and a few wrinkle along with a few white hairs. Chloey also see a Rescue Staff on the ground.

 ‘’Are the one who saved and healed us?’’ asked Chloey.

 ‘’Yes I think it was me, my dear, hohoho.’’ replied the old man.

 At that moment, Nym wakes up, relieved to see Chloey.

 ‘’Hi Chloey, are we… dead?’’ asked the blond mage to the tiny tactician.

 ‘’No, thanks to Naga, we are not.’’ responded Chloey to Nym with a smile.

 ‘’Ah this young Nym, always asking the funniest questions.’’ said the old man, amused.

 ‘’MASTER MERLIN!? Is that really you!?’’ shouted the young mage ‘’I thought you were dead…’’

 ‘’ ‘’You thought I was dead?’’ Hohoho, good one Nym.’’ replied Merlin.

 ‘’You… know him?’’ asked Chloey.

 ‘’Yes, he’s Rezzy’s master and teacher.’’ explained Nym to Chloey.

 ‘’Was, Nym, was. I’m suppose to be dead, remember? Hehehe. Although it is surprising that you remember when you saw me only three times.’’ said Merlin. ‘’But seriously, I can see you are in quite a pickle.’’

 ‘’Help us, Master Merlin please, I beg of you.’’ requested Nym as he bowed on the ground.

 ‘’Umm… but unfortunately, you know as much as I am that I must protect the Fire Emblem with my life. I only temporarily left my duty because I felt a disturbance in the for-- foyer.’’ explained the old Sage.

 But he gets an idea.

 ‘’You know, you should spend some times training… in some far away place. Or... how do you say that… a place… out of this world? It seems your friend had to the same idea, look. ‘’ said Merlin as he pointed Chloey who walks in the opposite direction of where they are.

 Nym quickly turns around to see Chloey and then immediately turns in his head to talk to Merlin.

 But he is gone.

 So cool, how does he do that? thought Nym, impressed.

 He runs the other way to join Chloey, he never went to this part of the forest before. When walking out of this trail, Nym is greeted by an amazing big place with a gigantic structure in the middle, Chloey is close to it, doing some things with her magic.

 ‘’What is that?’’ asked Nym who is very curious and also slightly scared. ‘’And what are you doing?’’

 ‘’That is a Outrealm, it what allows someone to travel between worlds and I’m try to activate it right now.’’

 The Outrealm looks like a big circle made of stone thought Nym.

 Then suddenly, the Outrealm has something that float inside the hole of the circle.

 ‘’There we go!’’ said happily Chloey. ‘’Ready to go in?’’

 ‘’Euh… ladies first?’’ said Nym, who is even more scared of that circle thing.

Without any warning, she jumps right inside and disappears.

 Nym is still a little bit scared so he touches the middle of the Outrealm with his hand but then get immediately get pulls off and also disappears.


 The first thing that Nym does is to throw up, his body was really upset.

 ‘’Don’t worry, I did the same thing the first time’’ said an amused voice. ‘’You will get used to it.’’

 Nym lifts his head and sees Chloey, looking at the horizon. She seems more happy than usual, he never saw her like that before. He wipes his face with his sleeve and joins her.

 The view is beautiful, the sky is blue just like at home but the smell is… different. Or maybe it’s just Chloey…  thought Nym.

 He then looks down to see a gigantic town, a town way bigger than his town. There’s also a big castle that cover a part of the sunrise.

 ‘’Where… where are we exactly?’’ asked Nym, amazed by the sunrise but turns around to see Chloey’s happy face.

 ‘’Welcome… to Ylisse.’’ said happily Chloey who also turns around to see Nym’s amazed face.


 To be continued...

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Chapter 4: Chloey, Queen of Ylisse

After a humiliating defeat, Nym and Chloey escaped the battle thanks to the help of the Sage, Merlin. Now that both the mage and the tactician know that they are no match to the maid’s sisters, they flee to Chloey’s world: Ylisse, in attempt to get some rest and hopefully… some time to be stronger.

Nym and Chloey were busy looking at the horizon when they heard many laughs behind them.

‘’Well, well… what do we have here, boys?’’ asked a male voice behind them.

‘’Look like we got ourselves a pair of lovebirds!’’ sneered another male voice.

Nym and Chloey turn around to see ten bandits, weapons in hand.

‘’I see that even this world is infested with bandits too.’’ replied Nym, not very impressed by the men before him.

‘’Hey, the mage! Give us the girl and we will let you run, we promise.’’ suggested a bandit to Nym.

Nym doesn’t even answer, being beat up by a maid with super enhance abilities is ten time more scary than a few ordinary bandits.

Because Nym had no weapons anymore, Chloey pass him Nosferatu.

‘’Use the tome itself, don’t open it and try to use it the way that we should normally use it.’’ said Chloey out of boredom before turning around to look at the horizon again, even less impressed than Nym.

A few moments later…


‘’Are you done yet?’’ asked Chloey who is getting tired of looking at the sky while she lying on the grass.

‘’Hey, this has to be the least effective way to fight, ever.’’ responded Nym who was busy blocking an axe with the tome.

He then step back, his tome now free of the axe and strikes the last bandit on the head with the tome.

‘’Pfiou! That was some good target practice and also by using an unusual weapon too. ‘’ said Nym, proud of himself.

But he doesn’t even have time to celebrate because Chloey was already at his side.

‘’Your welcome!’’ said Chloey as she takes her tome with one hand and Nym’s right hand with the other. ‘’Come on, hurry!’’

Chloey begin to run towards the city with a confused Nym holding her hand.

‘’Wait… wait... Chloey. Why are you… in such a hurry?’’ asked Nym out of breath, who has  a hard time to keep up with a woman whose tiny legs make her faster than he imagined.

But Chloey doesn’t answer, she is too busy looking around while running. Nym couldn’t believe it: Chloey was smiling... again!

They run for around ten minutes when Chloey stops, out of breath after running non-stop. They are close to the town.

‘’Finally… you stopped. What… is wrong with you?’’ asked Nym, even more out of breath then before as he let go off her hand.

‘’What… do you mean?’’ asked Chloey. ‘’I’m only feeling great! I will FINALLY see my family back after all these few months.’’

That smile… that smile. It’s… a beautiful thing to see. thought Nym.

‘’Seriously, that smile… just who are you and what have you done to Chloey that I know? jested Nym.

‘’You make me sound like I was always angry or serious.’’ responded Chloey.

‘’Euhhh…’’ said Nym, suggesting exactly that but he shows that it’s a joke with a smile on his face.

‘’Fine, I’m always angry and serious when the village idiot is close to me.’’ responded back Chloey as she begins to walk toward the town not before turning her smiley face to Nym, suggesting that she is also joking.

Nym doesn’t respond, only smile and quickly joins her.

As they arrive close to the town, Chloey reach her hood behind her back and put her head inside the hood.

‘’What’s with the hood?’’ asked Nym.

‘’Oh… that’s for... the sun.’’ explained Chloey, uneasy by the sudden question. ‘’It is quite strong suddenly.’’

I was hoping he wouldn’t ask any questions. thought Chloey. But I cannot show my face, otherwise everyone in town will recognize me!

‘’The… sun?’’ repeated Nym as he takes his hat off his head with his left hand. ‘’Your sun doesn’t seem that strong.’’

‘’Whatever, just keep following me.’’ ordered Chloey as they pass the main gate guarded by two guards.

After the tactician and the young mage entered the main gate, Virion and Stahl quickly take off their guard disguise. Virion shoot a flare arrow in the air while Stahl mounts his horse and helps Virion to get on it. They set off around the city. The flare arrow alert Cordelia, waiting on the castle’s roof with her Pegasus waiting nearby. Cordelia alert Sumia who was looking in another direction. They both mount their Pegasus and fly down to the castle’s backyard.

Meanwhile, Chloey and Nym are in the main street, Chloey knows it’s the fastest way to go to the castle.

I really wonder how will he reacts once he learns who I really am? thought Chloey. Is he going to be: angry? Um… no. Surprised? Absolutely, duh. Maybe even astonished or speechless? That would probably be funny to see.

As look at her left side, she notices that Nym is gone. She turns around to find the mage looking at the merchandise of a shop and while also talking to the shopkeeper who happens to be an Anna. However, the shop is quite a bit far from where she is.


‘’I would like to buy this ribbon’’ said Nym as he shows the said ribbon to the red headed shopkeeper.

‘’Ouuhh, you have quite the good taste, young man.’’ complimented Anna. ‘’That ribbon has a ten percent discount. That will be one hundred gold, please.

‘’There you go.’’ said Nym as he hands over the gold to Anna and put the ribbon in his pocket. ‘’By the way… do you have a sister? I swear, there’s someone that look EXACTLY like you in my town that also has the same name.’’

‘’Actually, I have a LOT of sisters and yes, we all have the same name.’’ clarified Anna. ‘’And I guarantee that is wasn’t me back in your town, I hate going into another world.

‘’Huh?’’ said Nym ‘’Wait, how do you know that I came from another--.’’

‘’NYM!’’ yelled angrily Chloey as she quickly grabs his hand. ‘’We don’t have time for that, you can do tourism another day.’’

Nym doesn’t have a moment to talk as he’s being forced to walk away from the shop by Chloey.

Oh boy, I almost spilt the beans. Oh well. thought Anna as she quickly closes her store and after that, change from her merchant outfit to the trickster outfit that she weared during the time that she was in the Shepherds.


‘’If I’ll have to hold your hand like if you were one of my kids to make sure you don’t do anything dumb, then so be it.’’ said Chloey as they walk very quickly between the swarm of people.

‘’Ow, ow, ow, please Chloey let go! I promise I won’t... go anywhere.’’ pleaded Nym in pain because Chloey holds his hand a little bit too strong.

‘’Do you swear it?’’ asked Chloey as she stops walking and turns around to look at his face.

‘’I swear on my mother’s grave.’’ sweared Nym.

‘’Fine.’’ said Chloey as she let go and keep walking.

‘’Sheesh, I thought you were in a happy mood today.’’ said Nym as he is following her.

‘’I still am, don’t get me wrong.’’ corrected Chloey. ‘’But sometimes, you can be such a pain in the-- I mean you can cause quite a few problems every now and then

‘’Hey, I’m not a pain in the--’’ said Nym before realizing Chloey is not paying attention at him.

The reason why she isn’t listening to him is because she noticed a huge crowd of people that block the entire main street. It seems that it’s a couple on a chariot that is causing this agitation.

‘’What happened?’’ asked an old man close to the chariot.

‘’I don’t know.’’ responded the man on the chariot ‘’I think something is broken.’’

With the amount of people and the chariot itself, there’s no way the tiny tactician and the young mage can go through.

‘’Come.’’ said Chloey as she turns left, where there’s an alley.

After seeing  Chloey and her companion both entering the alley, the man on the chariot take out a small bag full of gold.

‘’That’s for letting borrow your chariot.’’ said Gaius as he throws the bag of gold to the man who speaked with him earlier.

‘’Thank you, good sir!’’ replied the old man as he catches the bag.

Gaius jumps down towards the side that is not flooded with people, helps Olivia to jump down too and they both go to the castle. Their work is done is here.


Despite being a sunny day, the alley was quite dark. This long and very dark alley is one of many inside the town and Chloey hates every single one of them for obvious reasons. However, there always guards in these alleys.

As they were walking inside this alley, Chloey notices that there’s no guards in the alley for some reasons

Is something wrong? thought Chloey. Or maybe they are gone, trying to help that stuck chariot.

Little that she knows, there was a guard here in this alley but she didn’t notice him despite his big knight armor. The knight follows them ‘’in silence’’.

‘’Do you hear something?’’ asked Nym as he stops and turns around.

‘’... I hear nothing.’’ said Chloey as she continues to walk.

This is strange, I could swear I heard something thought a confused Nym.

They walk a few minutes inside the alley to finally get out to the other side, which is to another street where the castle is currently at.

This is huge! Lord Daniel’s mansion looks like a bunch of debris compare to THAT. thought Nym.

‘’Is this your first time seeing a castle?’’ asked Chloey upon seeing Nym’s face as she was also removing her hood off her head.

‘’Kinda: I’ve seen some pictures in books but this is the first time I see a real one with my own eyes.’’ explained Nym as they arrived at the gate.

There’s also two guards guarding the gate but upon seeing Chloey, they immediately let them pass.

Chloey couldn’t see any of the staff or her family or friends outside.

They are probably inside… maybe Chrom is doing a war council? thought Chloey as they enter inside the castle.

As usual, between the multiple chandeliers and the tapestry on the wall, nothing changed inside the castle. However… the castle is still empty of anyone beside Chloey or Nym.

They should be maids working right now, right? I don’t understand why no one is here to greet us. thought Chloey as they walk inside.

Nym is too busy looking around, astonished by the decoration to even realize that something seems wrong.

‘’Oh Miss Chloey! You are back!’’ said a feminine voice.

Nym and Chloey look upstairs to see a pink long haired maid with a uniform slightly different than the normal maid uniform and there’s also a blue gem inside her collar.

‘’Hi Felicia!’’ said Chloey. ‘’Do you know where Chrom is?’’

‘’Uhhh… I think he’s at the garden.’’ said Felicia.

Felicia… what a cute name! And she also has a cute face! thought Nym while looking at the maid.

‘’And who is this?’’ asked Felicia upon seeing the mage.

‘’He’s Nym.’’ said Chloey before Nym had any chance to introduce himself. ‘’He will have to stay here for quite some time so it would be nice if he had a room to sleep in.’’

‘’I’m on it!’’ said Felicia as she sprints out the entrance to a hallway.


‘’Hey, I don’t need help to introduce myself.’’ said Nym to the tiny blonde.

‘’With that look that you had on your face, you would have either look like a fool or an idiot if you tried to introduce yourself.’’ explained Chloey as she sighted. ‘’At least now, you got a good first impression on her… you're welcome, by the way.’’

But Nym didn’t have time to say something as she, again, walks without paying attention to him.

As they walk down a hallway, Chloey keeps looking around to try to found maybe another staff or maybe one of her friends. But she didn’t see anyone.

Where is everyone today? thought Chloey. Did something happened while I was gone?

They both arrive at the end of the hallway where there’s a massive door that leads to the garden.

Chrom… we can finally have some time with our beautiful treasures. thought Chloey as she opens the door.

‘’SURPRISE!!!’’ shouted a huge amount of people.

Chloey screams and Nym slightly jumps, they didn’t expect that at all.

Everyone that Chloey fighted alongside with during the war against Grima was here. Even those from Ferox came for the party. There also was a huge banner which on it was written ‘’WELCOME BACK AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHLOEY!’’

Wow, is that all of her friends? thought Nym.

‘’How… how did you all know that I was coming.’’ asked with difficulty Chloey since she had tears in her eyes.’’

‘’I saw the light coming from the Outrealm gate when I was patrolling last night.’’ explained Cynthia with her usual very happy behaviour. ‘’So I warned everyone that you would comeback soon.’’

‘’Knowing that, I knew it would be the perfect opportunity for a surprise ‘’welcome back’’ and birthday... even tho it's past the nineteen of October.’’ explained the older Morgan. ‘’I decided to take matters in hand and prepare to best strategy to make sure everything was ready for your arrival, Mother.

‘’Oh… so that chariot stuck in the middle of the street was part of your plan to slow us down? Clever kid, just like your mother.’’ said Chloey.

‘’Well, that was more of than that but thanks.’’ replied Morgan, happy that his mother acknowledged his strategy.’’

Wait… this guy is her son? But… he’s around my age… what the hell? thought Nym, confused.

Nym then sees a man with blue hair walking towards Chloey. He wears an armor where we can see his right shoulder. On his said shoulder is also a strange symbol that Nym never saw before. But he realises that this man is probably the man named ‘’Chrom’’ that Chloey mentioned back at his house.

However he didn’t take long enough for Nym to realize that Chrom is holding a baby in his arms. The baby doesn’t have a lot of hair but he could see a few blonde hairs. Nym could also see there’s a girl and a young boy. They quickly left Chrom’s side to rush towards Chloey to give her a big, big hug as their mother get on her knees.

No… no way! It can’t be!? thought Nym as he sees tears of joy coming down on Chloey’s cheeks as she embraces the two blue haired kids.

And once Chrom is by her side, Chloey stands up and take the baby. Chloey kisses her baby Amelia on the forehead. The baby let out a cute sound as her mother kisses her on the head.

‘’Welcome home, Chloey.’’ said Chrom.

Upon watching the couple giving a long kiss to each other, everyone in the party aside from the kids had the reaction to something along the lines of: ‘’awwwwwww’’ except for Nym because despite looking fine on the outside, he’s freaking out in the inside.


But as he has many questions for Chloey, he sees that the majority of Chloey’s friends have form a circle around the family.

I don’t want to come and ruin the party with my questions and my problem. thought Nym. ‘’Maybe I’ll be able to talk to her… tomorrow or the day after.

Nym turns tails and silently close the garden’s door.

However little do he knows, Chloey saw that but she decides to ignore that… for now.

Nym doesn’t know what to do as he walking to the same hallway that they did earlier. As he arrives at the entrance, he wants to see if he can find a stair that leads him to a window with a high view on the town.

Because the staff was also in the garden, Nym had to find the stairs by himself. He finally found one after a few minutes of searching. The view is amazing but despite that, Nym was slightly feeling sad.

‘’Oh hi, what are you doing there?’’ asked a voice behind him.

Nym turns around the pink haired maid from earlier.

‘’Oh hi… Felicia, right? Oh… I’m just… looking at the window.

‘’You seem a little down, is something wrong?’’ asked Felicia upon seeing Nym’s upset face.

‘’I-I well I mean, it’s difficult to explain.’’ said Nym as he tries to stay calm. ‘’I just well, it’s difficult to be here where my hometown is… elsewhere.’’

‘’I know how you feel, my village is also in another world.’’ said Felicia who recalls her having the same behaviour not too long ago.

‘’Wait, you come from another world too?’’ asked Nym, surprised by the answer.

‘’Yes! You see, my sister, who also works here, fell in love with a guy named Laslow… no wait it’s Inigo I think. Anyway, since he came to our world for a purpose, as he was about to leave, he asked my sister if she wanted to follow him to his world. She hesitated because she didn’t want to abandon me so I decided to follow them. But unfortunately, all I do is work constantly. Don’t get me wrong, I became better at maid stuffs but I also love to fight and to have big adventure!’’ explained Felicia.

‘’Yes but for me, I left everyone that I know and love under the hands of a bad lord and his ‘’two maids’’.’’ said Nym.

‘’Huh? What are you talking about?’’ asked Felicia who was a little bit confused.

And so, Nym explained everything that happened to Felicia.

‘’Waa, that’s horrible! Why would he do such a thing to his own people?’’ asked Felicia.

‘’I think, no I mean… we know he probably sell us out. But for the maids… I have no idea what they gain from all of this. The only thing that I know is that is probably won’t be good and I have to do something!’’ said Nym, stressed and worried.

‘’I know you mean well but I’m not sure if this is a great idea.’’ said Felicia with a worried face. ‘’If what you said is true that only one of them can defeat you… how do you think you’re going to be able to defeat the two with your own friends backing them up?

Nym doesn’t answer. He knows she is right in the end and feels even more upset.

Felicia knows she only managed to make him more upset so she tries something else.

‘’However, I’m sure that miss Chloey has a plan. It’s why you came here in the first place, right?’’ said Felicia with a more cheerful tone.

Nym smiles a little bit, this girl really knows how to cheer someone even tho it feels a little bit forced.

‘’You… you are probably right’’ said Nym before yawning.

‘’My, you seem tired, maybe you should rest inside your room.’’ said Felicia as she takes his hand and guide him to his room.

Nym is too tired to even try to contradict her, at least he can look at her hair while he follows her.

The castle has so many hallways (obviously since he’s so big) and Nym has a hard time guessing where they all need. They finally arrive at Nym’s room: a room with a big bed, a window, a wardrobe and plenty of spaces!

‘’You like it?’’ asked Felicia who smiled upon seeing Nym’s happy face.

‘’It’s twice the size of my own bedroom.’’ said Nym.

‘’I’ll bring a cup of tea, it always help for sleeping’’ said Felicia as she sprints to get the tea.

Nym didn’t even have the time to say ‘’thank you’’ as she left very quickly. She came back a few moments with a cup of tea in hands. With now more experience that she has when she was working for Corrin, she is more confident at giving cups of tea. She then leaves him alone in his room.

After drinking the tea, Nym is indeed feeling very sleepy. He takes off his hat and falls asleep in the bed shortly after.

Some time after…

When Nym woken up, he had no idea what time is it . Until he looks at the window.

Bloody hell, it’s night time. I think I slept a little bit too much. thought Nym.

He hears a same strange noise coming from his stomach.

Ughh, and now I’m very hungry. thought Nym.

But as he was about to leave, he sees a plate full of delicious close to his bed.

Felicia, you are the best maid ever! thought Nym as he was eating his late dinner.

After eating, Nym decides to go to the same window to see a night view of the city. However he couldn’t a lot of things, only the sky because there was almost no lights whatsoever at this hour.

'’Did you like your meal?’’ asked a voice behind him.

Nym expected to be Felicia at first but it was another familiar voice.

‘’If it isn’t her ‘’Majesty’’ herself.’’ said the mage sarcastically. ‘’Also I thought it was Felicia who brought the meal.

‘’Come now, I was in no obligation to reveal everything about me.’’ responded Chloey to Nym’s sarcasm as she comes to his left side. ‘’Plus it was a good surprise, wasn’t it?’’

‘’Yea... by the way, I have many questions. For example: why is this guy with blue hair called you ‘’mother’’. I thought you only had the two kids and the baby.

Chloey knows she had no choice but to tell him the truth.

‘’Yeaaaa… I think it will be confusing if I don’t explain everything.’’ said Chloey.

And so, Chloey tell Nym the time travel of Lucina and friends and how they came to help them in their struggle.

‘’Worlds travel AND time travel? Man, you are full of surprises, Chloey. said Nym who still couldn’t believe that was actually true.

‘’Hehe, well. I am indeed full of surprises... sometimes.’’ said the blonde tactician.

‘’And now your daughter, the future one, is part of the royal guard with her friends and her brother?’’ asked Nym who recalls seeing a blue haired chick with a fancy looking sword.

‘’With her younger sister the baby too, well the future one. She was to one who was playing with the ‘’kid’’ dragon who barely has any clothes on.

‘’Heh, you are surrounded by a lovely family and many friends… that’s for sure.’’ said Nym as he stops looking her and looks at the town.

‘’Nym… I know what you are thinking.’’ said Chloey. ‘’You don’t have to worry about them, I don’t think they intend to attack the population or everyone in the army.’’

‘’How would you know that?’’ asked Nym.

‘’Well if you remember, you told us before that they don’t want anyone to witness whatever they are doing here. It wouldn’t be absurd to assume they don’t want the town to notice them.

Nym has a hard time accepting that idea.

‘’Nym, believe me. I promise after a lot of trainings, we will be able to help them.’’ said Chloey as she gently touch his hand. ‘’But you’ll have to believe me and not question my orders, got it?’’

‘’... Got it.’’ said the blond mage as he looks at her again.

And for an entire month, Chloey and Nym trained side by side. Mostly to understand each other’s weakness and strength but also to activate Nym’s aptitude. When the kids or the baby were asking for their mother, either the young man rested, trained his magic with either Felicia or Laurent or practiced his sword play with Lucina (the future one).

‘’Look like this will be another beautiful day for training.’’ said Nym with one hand in front of his left eye as he looks at the sky.

‘’No… today is a different day’’ said a familiar voice.

As he hears Chloey’s voice, Nym turns on the side to see the tiny tactician holding something black in hand.

‘’After training for so long together, I think it’s finally time to save our friends.’’ explained Chloey. ‘’Between tomeless magic attacks, dark magic and tricks, I think you are prepared.

She gives what she’s holding to Nym: it’s a black clothing quite similar to those that the Dark Mages use. There’s also a round object wrapped inside it.

‘’You said you always wanted to be Sage. Maybe one day it will happens, but for now… you cannot change. You will have to do a special task here.

‘’So basically, you gave me that just to mess with me?’’ asked Nym.

‘’Kinda, ehehe.’’ replied the blonde girl ‘’But no worries, with your C class tome, C class sword and your tricks, you will have no problem against that blue haired maid.

Nym smiles, today was THE day. The day where he can finally show everyone how useful he actually is.

‘’Can I… join you?’’ asked a voice.

Both Nym and Chloey didn’t notice Felicia.

‘’Please Miss Chloey?’’ begged Felicia.

‘’Are you sure? It will be very dangerous, you know.’’ explained Chloey.

‘’I’m ok with that~’’ said Felicia as she takes out a staff and an ice plate out of nowhere.

‘’Fine, just tell Lucina to stay here and protect her father along with her friends, just in case they are more than those two. ordered Chloey

‘’I got it!’’ said Felicia as she sprints inside.

‘’I am ready.’’ said Nym. ‘’Do you got a plan?’’

Chloey also smiles, she’s as pumped as he is.

‘’I always got a plan.’’ replied the blonde tactician to her friend.



Two hooded figure are observing the tiny tactician and the young mage from a distance, on a tree. One of them has a few long silver hairs coming out of her hood.

‘’So it is true, she escaped Ralm and Relm’s vigilance. ‘’ said the hooded man.

‘’It doesn’t matter, as long as she doesn’t get in our way. That damn divine dragon… sending one of her pawns to try to stop us.’’ responded the hooded woman.

‘’Émilia… this guy with her… it couldn’t be him right? Ralm said he looked just like him’’ asked the man.

‘’I don’t understand, I thought my magic did the job done. Did that even scratch him after all? He looks fine to me. Whatever, maybe if he gets in the way too much, I’ll try to get rid of him in another way. Let’s leave, Rubasu. We have other matters in hand.

You… how did you not die… Nym. thought Émilia as they run towards their base.


To be continued...

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Chapter 5: Relm and Ralm

After an entire month of training, our two heroes make a comeback to Alucia, accompagnied of a maid of their own. As they cross to the other side, everything is quiet…

‘’Um… strange. I expected some kind of ambush or trap to trigger the moment that we cross the Outrealm.’’ said Chloey, surprised. ‘’Could it be possible that they didn’t scout the entire forest?’’

‘’Well, considering Lord Daniel’s lack of will in everything that is not his gold,  he probably asked Rezzy and Wolf to take care of that since I guess the maids aren’t exactly ‘’with him’’. explained Nym as he looks at both Chloey and Felicia.

‘’But since Rezzy and Wolf usually have better to do like working or taking care of the children…’’ said Chloey.

‘’... then they asked to do the scouting to the ONLY person in the army who has too much time in his hand.’’ continued Nym.

‘’Tristan?’’ asked Chloey as she remembers his behaviour from the training camp.

‘’...Yup.’’ confirmed Nym. ‘’And I would beat my entire house that he took the occasion to find a good place to take a nap instead of actually doing his job.’’

‘’For the one time that Tristan’s laziness actually help us!’’ said happily Chloey as she begins to laugh.

Nym also joins in, Felicia awkwardly looks at them with a strange smile on her face.

I don’t know why this is so funny but I suppose as long as they are in a good mood, it’s alright, I think… thought Felicia.

‘’But enough jokes, we must scout around ourselves if you want me to make the perfect plan in order to beat them.’’ said Chloey as she regains her serious. ‘’Felicia, since you don’t know the area, you will follow Nym around.’’

Ehhhh? I will be alone with him again? I did my best to stay the calm at the castle since I knew the place but now… thought anxiously Felicia.

‘’Roger roger, euh I mean… roger that.’’ said Nym he goes to the left, followed by Felicia.

Without a word, Chloey goes to the right inside a bush. And thus, the stealth mission begins…


Meanwhile inside Alucia.

‘’HOW DID YOU NOT FIND THEM, YET?’’ yelled Lord Daniel at Rezzy.

‘’I’m sorry Sir.’’ said Rezzy as she bowed her head. ‘’But the one I send to scout the forest was unable to find them.’’

Everyone in the camp could almost see smoke coming out of Lord Daniel’s ears as his head turns red out of anger.

‘’Who… who was the one responsible from this task?’’ asked Lord Daniel with anger.

But before Rezzy had the time to answer, one person stands up of the middle of the army.

‘’You got a problem with my work, Sir?’’ asked Tristan, confident as he plays with his knife.

‘’You… I know your reputation. Your ‘’work’’ was probably you napping on a tree somewhere in the forest.’’ accused Lord Daniel.

‘’Pfft, stop imagining things.’’ replied Tristan in self-defense ‘’Believe or not, I DID scout the area after the battle as requested by Commander Rezzy but they were nowhere to be seen, that means they left to somewhere else.

‘’Bullshit.’’ said Lord Daniel. ‘’Because of the war that is going on between Syrid and Asher, the borders are closed, they cannot go in neither of these countries. They are stuck inside the forest with barely anything to hide and eat.’’

‘’For once, I agree with your lord.’’ said Ralm. ‘’If you really did your job, the two of them would already be captured.

‘’First of all, no one asked for your damn opinion, witch.’’ replied harshly Tristan to Ralm. ‘’Also, I’m a thief. I can see in the dark better than anyone else here, I know what I’m doing.’’

And you also have a special ‘’power’’ according to what Nym said to me, but whatever. thought Tristan.

‘’Tsh, you’re lucky I don’t want to waste my energy on killing a worm like you. Otherwise, you would already be cut in half  by my wind magic.’’ threatened Ram as she lost interest in talking to him. ‘’Anyway, it’s guarantee that are still hiding inside the forest.’’

‘’Actually sister, there’s something that I need to tell you.’’ requested Relm to her sister. ‘’Émi-- euh I mean ‘’You-know-who’’ contacted me this morning about news that she had to share with us.’’

‘’Huh? What news?’’ asked the red haired maid to her sister.

‘’Well you see…’’ told Relm as she approachs her sister since she wants to whisper the information.

‘’You-know-who’’? thought Rezzy as she looks as her husband as they seem to think the same thing.

Their leader, perhaps? thought Wolf as he knew that his wife was thinking about.

Relm whispers something to Ralm.

‘’Really? Her… wow. So that’s why he couldn’t find them, he wasn’t slacking after all.’’ said Ralm as she listens to her sister’s whispers.

Everyone in the army realize that ‘’he’’ is Tristan. Did Nym and Chloey really escaped the country?

‘’They… trained? And they are coming back!?’’ said Ralm, surprised by the news.

Everyone else is as surprised as the red haired maid.

''For what reason would they comeback inside the jaws of the beast?'' asked the lord, half worried.

''Obviously to save their friends from YOUR corrupted reign, of course.'' explained Ralm as she casually points in the army with her thumb. ''Oh, and also try to beat us, not that they can in the first place.''

''Stop ME!? But I did nothing wrong!'' shouted Lord Daniel.

''Come now, stop being delusional. Be a man and accept what you did.'' replied the red haired maid as she cannot believe how much of a coward that he is.

''Also, you still didn't tell us how you got the cooperation of those two.'' added Relm as she points to Rezzy and Wolf.

The couple stays in silence, the army notices their sadness.

''This is not your business, this is between those two and me.'' justified Lord Daniel as he turns his back on the maids. ''Now, if you will excuse me, I have more urgents matters to take care too.''

As he leaves, Ralm looks at her sister and without saying a word, turns around casts her wind magic at Daniel. But she miss on purpose, causing the lord to get scared as he realized he has been playing with fire.

''Now that you know who's really in command here, I expect you will be more... cooperative.'' said Ralm as she grins.

''And that's also affect all of you.'' said Relm as she turns her attention over the rest.

''And now...'' said the red haired maid. ''Here's what you will all have to do in order to greet proprely our future guests...''



Inside the town, Nym is ''borrowing'' food from the local merchants. He never thought that the stealing skills that Tristan showed him would be that useful. During that time, Chloey and Felicia are preparing a fire, a tiny one to make no smoke goes in the air while also preventing a fire.


The next day...

Hided inside some bushes in the forest with a clear view on the town, the tactician, the mage and the maid are revising their plan.

''Are you sure sure that this is the best course of action?'' asked Nym, unsure and a little bit stressed.

''There's no turning back now. Look...'' said Chloey as she points the town. ''Notice something?''

Nym doesn't answer since he has no idea of what she's talking about.

''The town... it's suddently so calm.'' explained Felicia. ''There's no one going in or out of the city.''

''Exactly, they probably found us out and are waiting for our move.'' explained the tactician.

''Remember, Ralm has Clairvoyance...'' reminded Nym.

But Chloey doesn't answer to that last statement, she instead picks up her gear. The young man does the same once he realises that it is time to go.

''Let's go.'' ordered Chloey as she looks at Nym first then Felicia. ''Good luck Felicia and be quick, please.''


As Chloey leaves the bushs, Nym do a quick wave and wink to Felicia before following Chloey. Felicia does the same despite the mage not being able to see her do it before she runs inside the forest.

Now on a plain field, both Chloey and Nym are walking towards the towm. As they approach, they see silhouettes walking in their direction. The person leading them has long red hair.

As I expected thought Chloey as they keep a safe distance from their opponent.

The army does the same but Rezzy walks slighly forward.

''This is the end you two. Surrender now and no one will be hurt.'' suggested Rezzy.

''Nice talk there Rezzy, did you practice all day for that one or did you--'' taunted Nym before being interrupted by a thrown Towhmahack onto the ground that flies back to Wolf.

''Mock my wife one more Nym-dono, and you will deeply regret it.'' threatened Wolf as he gives Nym a death stare.

Nym doesn't answer but Chloey uses her Excalibur tome, but Rezzy blocks the attack!

Tsh, of course she would find a ay to counter it this time.

Chloey then takes out a potion out of her pocket, Nym does the same.

What potion do they have? thought Rezzy.

In a instant, Nym casts a spell. In a flash, the battlefield turns from a plain field to a snowy field with a blizzard. Luckely, the town is not affected.

The potions that Chloey and Nym drank were cold resistance potions, they are immune to the sudden cold unlike their opponents.

''You like that magic trick, Chloey? It's someone special who showed that to me.'' shouted Nym in the blizzard.

Rezzy didn't have time to response since she was shivering because of the sudden cold, what's more: her feet are suddently stuck in thick ice! She tries to remove it but she can't.

''W-wolf, h-help m-me.'' plaided Rezzy to her husband before noticing the horror.

Wolf was in a worse situation then her: his whole body is imprison inside ice! And the army is also affected. Rezzy notices that only those with high resistances like Mugemin and Flora will only have their feet stuck in ice while the rest are like Wolf.

''That's... kind of pathetic now that I think about it...'' said Nym as he sees his friends being defeated so easily.

Chloey was about to answer to that last statement when a sudden metal ball flies towards Nym but she didn't have to warn him. The ball hits Nym, causing him to interrupt his spells and making roll on the snow.

''Are you okay!?'' shouted Chloey worried, as she rushs to his side and helps him to stand up.

''I'm okay, it's just a bruise.'' reassured Nym as he drinks a vulneary for good measures.

''How weak are you all ?'' yelled a familiar voice.

The 2 compagnions see that the maids have come to join the fray.

Look like they decided to show themselves, despite the population being able to see them. thought Chloey.

Indeed, from a high ground of the town, the population is able to see the confrontation in its full glory. Some people are relief to see Rezzy and others unharmed while others question who are these two women and how dare they scold Rezzy and her friends.

Suddently, a huge group of lance solidiers leave the town to help Rezzy's army and the maids, they are leaded by Lord's Daniel.

''Well, well, it looks like it's over for the both of you.'' claimed Daniel with a victorious grin.

''That's what you think.'' replied Nym angrily to the lord.

''Come now, you don't really think you can defeat us?'' asked the lord. ''We outnumber you.''

Indeed, between the Resistance, the Maids and Lord's Daniel personal guards, they were really outnumbered.

''You underestimate our strength!'' yelled Nym.

Rezzy knows exactly what he was about to do.

''Don't try it!'' warned Rezzy.

But Nym doesn't listen, he uses a spell that he learned from Rezzy: The Energy Ray.

The ray travels quickly towards Rezzy but she reflects hit with the help of an advance spell that she didn't teach to Nym. The reflected ray touchs Nym and Chloey, paralyzing them.

''All that tough talk only to be shut down by your own spell, how pathethic indeed.'' taunted Ralm with a sadistic grin as she approachs them to finish them off.

''I'm not even sure if that was necessary to interfere after all.'' realized Relm as she follows her sister.

Chloey and Nym were on the ground, their weapon scattered around them. Ralm grabs Nym by the collar.

''Any last words?'' asked Ralm with her sadistic face.

Suddently, Nym disintegrates into a cloud of smoke. 

''What?'' asked Ralm as she gets blinded by the smoke.

But then, Chloey also disintegrates into a cloud of smoke.

''What the... what happened to them?'' asked Relm, confused. ''Did you cast a spell, sister?''

''No I didn't... we needed her alive.'' responded Ralm.

Meanwhile, Rezzy is about to cry as she thinks they are dead but Wolf reassures her that they are not.

Suddently, the blizzard comes back again, however it's not as strong as the one before but yet different, almost as someone else is summoning it.

''What is going on here?'' asked Lord Daniel as he realized something is wrong.

The population is also asking the same question, as they see the strange blizzard freezing everyone on the battlefield.

''Wait a minute... could it be?'' realized Rezzy as she turns her head over the town.



''Finally, this is quite difficult to walk and control them at the same time.'' said the real Chloey.

''Sure is! That clone tome took me a long time to master, you did pretty good for your first time. I just hope that Rezzy won't be mad that I used one of the utility tomes without her permission.'' said the real Nym as they enter Lord Daniel's mansion.

As they enter the place, they don't see any guards around.

''That was sure a good distraction right?'' asked Nym to the tiny blonde, proud of his idea.

''It sure was!'' responded Chloey. ''I just hope Felicia can keep them in place as long as she can.''

They walk around the mansion to find a empty vault except for a shield.

''Wow, have you seen that shield!? It looks very nice to use!'' said Nym as he attachs the shield to his right arm.

''Nym, we didn't come here for that. We need to find him quickly before Felicia runs of energy.'' ordered Chloey as she goes in another direction.

After a few minutes, they hear the cry of a child.

''There he is!'' said Chloey as she tries to open the door.

But she can't, Nym then find the ''Open Sesame'' tome in the bag and uses it to open the door to find a chained Leo, crying.

''Leo!'' said Nym as he frees him from his chains with the tome.

''Nyny!'' said the young child as he hugs Nym.

''Don't worry, I'll bring you back to your Mommy.'' promised Nym to the child.

Chloey can't help herself but smiles but she remembers they are probably out of time.

''Nym, we have to run back to the battlefield, quick!'' ordered Chloey.

With now a shield in his hand and a child on his back, Nym follows Chloey outside of the mansion.

A few people try to get in their way but they casually shove them out of the way. Once they arrive to the battlefield, the blizzard is still going.

''Euh... I think you can stop Felicia.'' said Nym

Hided behind a barrel, Felicia stands up.

''Did I did it?'' asked Felicia. ''It was hard to be angry for a long time~.''

''Yes you were really helpful, thanks you.'' thanked Chloey to the maid.

In an instant, a metal ball flies toward their direction but Nymb blocks it with his new shield.

''Felicia! Take Leo to a safe place!'' ordered Chloey as she takes the child to Felicia.

''But...'' said Felicia before realizing there's no time for arguing.

''Nyny!'' screamed the child.

''Be good Leo!'' said Nym he blocks another attack.

Upon seeing their son safe from Lord Daniel's grasp, Rezzy and Wolf attack some soldier.

''The Resistance! Attack Lord Daniel's forces!'' ordered Rezzy as she attacks another soldier with her Arcwind tome.

Suddently, the soldiers are attacked from all directions. Between Rezzy and Mugemin's magic, Flora's heals, Knil romaing around on his horse, Harve unleashing his dragon blade, even Aryl is backstabbing a soldier.

Lord Daniel tries to run away, but Tristan, who was hided, stops him.

''Leaving the party already?'' asked the thief.

The maids realize that they lost this round and try to run away.

The idiot... he uses their child as a hostage for their cooperation? thought Ralm.

But before they can run, they are stopped by Nym and Chloey.

''Now!'' screamed Chloey.

 Between swords thrust and magic, the tiny tactician and the blond mage attack the maid sisters... together. Everytime Ralm attacks, Chloey blocks her magic and everytime Relm uses her weapon, Nym protects Chloey with his shield.

After a few minutes, Lord Daniel's forces have surrendered, no one is dead but plenty are wounded, including most of the Resistance.

The battle between the duos turned into Nym and Chloey's favor. They splitted to face one maid each: Chloey easily took care of Ralm, whose magic is not powerful enough to defeat her. Chloey finishs the battle with a Thoron spell that bounced between trees, causing a ricochet that strikes Ralm in the back who didn't expect that. She fells on the ground shortly after.

Now that's strategy! thought Chloey, proud of her victory.

Meanwhile, Nym is showing his new techniques of swordplay to Relm, who mocked him the last time. She's too wounded to swing her weapon correctly, leaving herself right open to Nym's attacks as he jumps or blocks her attacks. He finish her off by striking her belly with the handle of his sword. She also fells on the ground, too wounded to continue to fight after too many well placed hits.

After everything, everyone both in the town and outside celebrate their victory over the invaders. Some officers took care of putting Daniel in prison would just lost his title of lord.

As Nym and Chloey were celebrating, they didn't notice the two maids doing some strange gestures with their hands before being taken away by other officers.

Nym tries to see if everyone was alright until two hands of an worried Sage embrace him.

''I was so worried Nym!'' said Rezzy, relieved that her pupil is still alive.

''Reffy, no hu fo te las tim! Wolf is angry!'' said the pupil with difficulty since Rezzy's arms are im the way.

Wolf was indeed not very happy to see but he can't help to smile, just like his son who is happy to see his mommy and daddy back. Chloey can't stop laughing at Nym's blushed face. Felicia is a little bit jealous but she can't stop laughing either.

As he finally manages to free himself from Rezzy's hug, Nym is very happy and proud of his victory.

''Chloey, we won!'' shouted happily Nym to Chloey.

''Yes Nym, we did it... somehow.'' responded Chloey, as happy as he is.


To be continued



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Chapter 6 (special chapter): The Beach Outrealm

In another world...

An outrealm opens itself: Chloey, Chrom, their kids, Frederick, Gaius, Tiki and Anna have arrive from the other side.

It has been a long time since we came here. thought Chloey as she looks at the sky.

The sand, the grass, the palm trees, the few chairs and the water. This is the beauty of the Beach Outrealm.

''I'm not sure if that was a good idea for me to come here...'' said Tiki, uneasy about the different atmosphere around her.

''Come now Tiki, you are always sleeping inside. At least you will take some fresh air now.'' said Chloey as she adjusts Amelia's hat.

The baby is sleeping in her mother's arms, the hat is here for protecting her from the strong sun.

''Bubble's right, you know.'' said Gaius to Tiki. ''Nothing better than relaxing on the beach with the sun above our head... and with a few candies of course.''

''After all, everyone knows that you of all people deserve a little break.'' added Gaius, who now looks at Chloey.

The blonde tactician doesn't appreciate that Gaius still calls her ''Bubbles'' but she agrees with his statement. The last months were quite difficult for her.

''I'm not sure if I deserved it... really.'' responded Chloey who tries to be humble.

''I agree with Gaius, that day is for you, dear.'' replied Chrom while also watching Lucina and Morgan.

''See? Even Blue agrees!'' responded Gaius to Chloey.

''I agree too.'' said Tiki. ''I'm also very happy to be here after all.

''You worked very hard, milady. I'm very proud of you.'' said Frederick with his usual calm looking smile.

''Stop it all of you, you are making me blush.'' responded Chloey to all these nice comments, who is indeed blushing.

''Oh,  that kid deserves it a little bit too. Well... according to you, Bubbles'' remembered Gaius. ''What was his name again... Nymbo?''

''No, it's just Nym.'' responded Chloey. ''However he's busy celebrating in his own world.

''Aw, what a shame. Maybe next time...'' responded Gaius before noticing Anna who is far away. ''Say... It seems Anna is already ahead us.

A few minutes later, they found the entrace of the ebach with two Anna in the middle of a discussion.

''There they are!'' said the Anna from the Shephereds.

Chloey recognize the Anna in red and yellow bikini.

''Hi Anna! Still working here I see?'' asked Chloey to the young woman.

''Hehe, I'm the right woman or should I say, Anna, for the job.'' responded Anna. ''Also working in a place with constant sun has its good sides.

''But enough about me. For entering, it's twenty gold per adult, five gold per children and free for babies.'' explained Anna with the usual ''business tone'' that most Anna have.

While Chrom is getting the gold, Amelia, who just woke up, is trying to catch the butterfly that fly over her mother's head. The latter smiles upong seeing her baby full of joy but is to slow to catch the falling hat. Good thing Lucina was faster than her mother, who gives it back.

After paying Anna, they enter past the entrance's gate.

''Enjoy!'' said a smiling Anna as she leaves to her office.

They are all relieved to see that nothing changed about the beach aside from the lack of brigands. Lucina and Morgan, all excited, run forward.

They all scatter to different locations of the beach.


''Say Anna... you didn't listen to my suggestion from the last time?'' asked Gaius. ''You know... about the candy shop^ting?''

''Huh?'' asked the two Anna, both in red and yello bikini now. One that came from the backstore and the other one from the side.

''Wait... which one is the shopkeeper again?'' asked a confused Gaius.

Both women laugh at the question, a scenario that happens fairly often.


Meanwhile, Tiki is asleep under a few palm trees. She holds a melon close to her.


Frederick is removing as many objects as he can off the sand, he doesn't want the childs to be hurt by a beautiful day. He also doesn't wear his usual armor anymore, but a light blue jacket.

Umm... maybe I should pill the seashells somewhere... just in case the princess or the prince want to play with them. thought Frederick as he does just that.


On the other side of the beach, the royal family is resting. With only two beach chairs and one large towel, they have everything for having a good time at the beach. The large tissu is mostly for Amelia in case she wants to play with her toys. She's the only one not in swimsuit, but in a beach baby outfit that Chloey bought earlier.

Chloey prefers to hide her swimsuit under her tactician's coat, she's not very comfortable enough yet to show it yet to everyone else. She will only remove the coat if she wants to go in the water with Amelia for a bit.

Lucina and Morgan are busy doing a dans castle, not too far from their mother with Chrom assisting them. The latter is wearing the swimsuit that he got from Anna, the one with the many royal brands on it. Chloey was scared to let him help their childs at first, she thought he would break their castle by accident.

After that, he joins his wife and sits on the beach chair on her right.

''Do you like today so far, darling?'' asked Chrom to his dear wife.

''Yes I do, Chrom.'' replied Chloey as she approachs her lips.

They kiss but Chloey has to interrupt it since Amelia, who was on the huge towel, is about to have sand for dinner. Chleoy quickly grabs her, remove the sand from her hands and places her on her laps.

''I think we will need to have lunch soon, I'm quite hungry too.'' thought Chloey as she resumes the kiss. 

''Fine by me'' said Chrom after they finish to kiss. ''I'll go get it!''

''Lucina! Morgan!'' called the mother. ''Lunch time! After eating, let's do a beach plan together!''


Meanwhile, hided outside of the beach area...

Whatever I go, she's always here. What is this magic!? Why is she here!? thought a silver haired woman as she runs away with Rubasu. I think something happened to Relm and Ralm!

Have nice vacations and to be continued... of course :)


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Chapter 7: Internal Problems

The outrealm of Alucia opens itself, Chloey arrives from the other side. It is late evening currently on this world.

After a few minutes inside the forest, Chloey finds the open field that lead to Alucia. At the entrance, two men are guarding the entrance. Judging by their armor, it is quite clear for Chloey that they were part of Lord Daniel's little escort.

Chloey shivers just to think of this idiot. To think he would betray his own people for a few bags of coin, good thing he's in prison. She can only hope the next one will not make the same mistakes.

Chloey didn't take too long to find the others at the central place. The place is filled with candles and lamps, for what she can hears, Nym is telling to the townfolks how he managed to beat the blue haired maid. Chloey hopes that Nym didn't tell anyone about her being from another world, knowing that her relations with the townpeople is are still very shaky.

The tactician quietly joins Rezzy's family on the other side since there's an empty seat close to them. The red haired sage doesn't object but she is still not comfortable enough around her.

But Chloey isn't really listening to the story, she's more busy thinking about what to do next. She would like to question the maids to get any informations that she can get out of them but she also needs to promote Nym soon enough, there's not much experience that he can get as a mage anymore. But she knows that Rezzy will be in her way.

However while was she was thinking about all this, she is staring at the young mage, making both him and Rezzy uncomfortable.

After the event is over, Chloey went to this Nym and dragged him to a corner to talk in private. Rezzy notices them and she decides to act like she was busy reading while listening to their conversation from a safe distance. Of course, Chloey isn't fooled by the act.

''What is so important that you have to drag me immediately for a place to talk?'' asked the mage, slighly annoyed by Chloey.

''Nym, we still have much to do.'' Chloey explained calmly. ''It was great to take a few days off, but it's time to be serious again.''

Nym doesn't answer, he doesn't know if he wants the fight to be over or not.

''But first, we must talk about your future change of class.'' said happily Chloey, in hope that will be shocking enough to Rezzy so she will stop doing the act.

Which she does, not very happy to hear what she just hears.

''EXCUSE me Chloey, but I think you are going too far of your role!'' said Rezzy as she interrupts her.

''Oh? Is this your first time eavesdropping us or--.'' replied back sharply the tiny blonde before being interrupted yet again.

''Do not try to change the subject!'' justified Rezzy as she changes subject herself. ''I and I alone will decide when Nym will promote. He just learned the C tome class after all.''

''Exactly, there's nothing left for him to learn as a mage! B class and above are for sages only, have you forgot?'' Chloey replied, about to shout. ''Quit controlling him and mother him like he was one of your kids!''

''I neither control him or ''mother'' him, I'll let you know.'' the red haired sage said harsly to the tactician. ''Speaking of kids, shouldn't you be gone by now? You did your part a long time ago.''

Their argue attracted the attention of everyone in the plaza. Nym is in disbelief of what's he's witnessing.

''What's that suppose to mean?'' shouted Chloey, angrily. ''My kids are fine without me, I'll let you know!''

''What I mean is that you should be gone! Lord Daniel hired you to get rid of those brigands and yet you are still around!'' shouted back Rezzy, as angry as the tactician. ''I knew that the moment  that you stepped at the entrance that you would bring YOUR troubles into OUR lifes.''

Chloey didn't know what to answer at first. 

How ignorant can she be to not understand that this is not just ''my problems''. It's a problem that could affect every single existing world for all we know, not just mine. thought Chloey.

But before she had a time to answer, Nym gets in their way.

''Stop it you two! Chloey, calm down please. As for you Rezzy, quit being so agressive, you are better than that!'' said Nym as he gets between the two of them.

''You protect her!?'' cried Rezzy in shocked. ''I thought you were on my side!?''

''I'm the side of everyone here, that includes you.'' explained the pupil to his master. ''I'm just stopping you from making a critical mistake, please understand that--''

He didn't have time to finish before seeing Rezzy's very upset face. Before he could say anything, she joins her family and soo nafter, they leave the place.

''Urghhh...'' grunted Nym, sad to have upset Rezzy but he knows it's for the best.

Chloey didn't know what to say at first, then she gets an idea.

''Nym! Why not do something different that I planned for your evaluation...'' whispered Chloey as she begins to explain her plan


To be continued...


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Chapter 8: Seed of doubt

Tristan and Harve are the first to arrive inside the empty camp. They are making a little fire since it's a little bit cold today.

''That wasn't really pretty last night.'' said Tristan as he starts the campfire.

''Hum, it was indeed quite the event.'' responded the ninja to his friend.

A few minutes later, the rest of the army arrived, including Rezzy, who is still upset but tries to hide it as much as she can. They from a circle around the fire.

''I uh... apologize for what you have all witness last night.'' the sage said, embarassed.'' I usually never get this much upset but...''

''Was it because of ... Nym?'' asked Flona, unaware of how risky it would be to ask such a direct question.

Even tho she didn't like to be ask that question, Rezzy still feel the need to inform them on the matter.

''No, it's because of Chloey.'' explained the red head woman. ''Since she arrives here, she did nothing but to bring her own problems here. And on top of that, she dares put her nose where it doesn't belong.

Everyone got a little bit uncomfortable with that last statement.

''S-sorry about, I'll be right back...'' said Rezzy as she leaves, embrassed that everyone noticed that she's still upset.

She takes a few moments to take a deep breath, calming herself.

Meanwhile, the seed of doubt is starting to grow between the members.

''I wonder why Nym was so quick to defend an outsider.'' asked Mugemin, who was looking for an answer from the ninja or thief.

''Well, he was an outsider before.'' explained Tristan. ''What's more, unlike us, he had the opportunity to know her for an entire month.''

Mugemin was dissapointed by that answer, she expected some deep reason or secret.

''I can confirm for that first part'' said Rezzy calmly as she sits down. ''Nym was always against our rule, as a ex-outsider himself. That would explain why he defended her, to my surprise.

''So... what now?'' asked Aryl. ''Those  two girls are creeping me out, even if they are in prison.''

''Yeah, I agree with my sister. Those two chicks aren't normal if you ask me.'' replied Knil. ''And who knows if they are only two.''

''Does the commander knows anything about them?'' asked Light to Rezzy.

Everyone looked over towards Rezzy, hoping for an answer.

''For what Chloey told me, she had no idea either.'' Rezzy responded.

Everyone shows the dissapointement aside from Harve, since he has his mask.

''However...'' said Rezzy.

The young members are surprised by that word.

''There's something that Chloey has... something that we don't have.'' the sage explained. ''And for some reason, she seems to have gifted Nym with that ''something'' and apparently, the two women also have it. I... don't know what this is exactly, but there's one thing for sure: this is not something normal like a weapon, something... out of this world.''

Most girls were shocked, others were surprised. Harve doesn't react aside from a few grunts.

''What... what do we do?'' asked Tristan, almost afraid of the question.

''There's one thing for sure: Chloey is the cause of all the ''weird'' things that have happened. All we need... is to get her out of the picture. I have a plan, listen carefully all of you.


A few minutes later...

''Are you sure about this, Captain?'' asked Harve in a very serious tone. ''This is not something that Nym will approuve, he will surely try to stop us.''

''Oh don't worry, I know that.'' reassured Rezzy ''But I have the perfect idea to prevent him from getting in our way.''

Rezzy turns around, everyone are both worried but excited at the same time.

''We don't have much time, they both are gone for now but Nym told me this morning that they would comeback this evening. Get moving! For Alucia!'' screamed Rezzy.


A few hours later.

The outrealm opens itself, first come Chloey followed by Nym and mutiples outsiders from Ylisse.

''Are you sure this will work, Chloey?'' asked Nym, worried about the plan.

''Relax, once she gets words of both Lucina and Laurent praising you, she will probably accept that you are ready to promote.'' said Chloey calmly.

Yea... but she's going to be mad that you bring three outsiders to the village. I know her well... mumbled Nym.

''What? I didn't quite hear that.'' asked Chloey.

''I mean... why did you have to bring a little girl?'' asked Nym as he looks at the said little girl.

''I am NOT a little girl for the last time.'' replied Nah, annoyed while giving a death stare to the mage. ''I'm a dragon, okay!?''

''You look like one though.'' mocked Nym.

''Enough, Nym.'' said Lucina. ''Do not tease Nah like that, she just... grows slowly.''

''Indeed, do not underestimate Nah, she could beat you in a heartbeat,'' said Laurent as he adjusts his glasses. ''She isn't part of the royal guard for nothing, you know.''

''Yea, yea I know. Sorry. I just hope everything goes well.'' said Nym as he looks at the sky.

Over the sky, some dark cloud are here. Without that they know, the party is being watched by a masked ninja.


To be continued...



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Chapter 9: Outsiders

As they arrive close to the town, it's starting to rain. Surprisingly, there's no one guarding the entrance.

Until Rezzy shows up, opening the doors.

''Quick! Enter before it rains too much!'' shouted Rezzy, holding a part of the gate with Wolf.

While they run for shelter, Nym explains to the group that this region has sometimes massive rainstorms.

Inside Lord Daniel's mansion, now used as a supply storage, everyone is waiting for the storm to pass.

''This town is quite smart compare to Ylisse but it seems to have its charms.'' said Lucina softly, charmed by the city's calm atmosphere.

''Oh, if you think that's charming, wait after the rain stops.'' replied calmly Rezzy before noticing Chloey's face and Nym's face.

''What?'' asked the sage, annoyed and uncomfotable by their face.

''You didn't get angry over new outsiders? asked Nym, still surprised. ''Who are you and what you done with the Rezzy that I know?''

''Come now, you make me sound like I'm groumpy. I'm a little strict for the town's sake. The lovely woman replied to the jest while smiling at her pupil. ''But I considerated your words, and I decided to be less strict towards anyone that either you or Chloey bring.''

''Really!? That's amazing, I knew you would change your mind someday!'' said Nym, very happy.

''Yea... amazing indeed.'' replied a not so convinced Chloey.

Lucina, Laurent and Nah were indifferent, but happy to not have any trouble with the town's autority.

After a few minutes, the rain stops. Chloey then proceds to the next part of her plan: getting informations. Of course, the only way to do that is by questioning the maids. With Nym following her, they head up to the prison, the same prison that they were stuck inside not too long ago.

However along the way, Nym notices that Chloey seems to be lost in thoughts.

''Something on your mind?'' asked the mage, worried but also tired of this silence.

''Oh!'' said Chloey, realizing that she was distracted. ''Ergh, yes! But it's nothing you need to worry about.''

''You must be happy right now.'' replied the boy that doesn't notice Chloey's worried face. ''After all, Rezzy will probably stop being so hostile towards you.''

Oh Nym... I wish I could trust her as much as you do. But I'm afraid I can't for now, that change of mind was too sudden and poorly justified for me. thought the tactician.

''Yes I am!'' lied Chloey as she forces a fake smile. ''I hope we will finally be able to work together!''

But she doesn't help but feel that something's amiss. Since their last battle against the maids, she feels... empty yet she doesn't feel tired or sick.

''Nym?'' asked Chloey while holding his arm, to get his attention.

''What?'' replied Nym before noticing Chloey's worried face.

''Did you... feel empty since the last battle?'' asked Chloey, very seriously.

''Empty? I euh... maybe? I don't know, I don't feel tired or sick tho.'' answered the mage honestly.

''So I'm not alone, it's... good to know.'' said Chloey, a little relieved.

''What caused this tho?'' asked Nym, now as worried as she is.

''I think we are about to find out.'' replied the tiny tactician as they approach the prison. 

They enter inside the prison. Inside the same cell lies the two maids. Of course, Chloey had to do a few modifications on the cell itself, such adding stronger materials to make sure that they do not break the cell in a few hits of their bare hands.

''What do you want?'' asked Relm, surprised by their visit.

''I want informations.'' explained calmly the blonde tactician. 

''Pffft, like we would give any to the likes of you.'' replied harshly Ralm, not even looking at them. ''They would kill us if we did.''

''They?'' asked Chloey as she quickly takes her notebook to write something.

Realizing she gave information by accident, Ralm strikes the wall in anger.

''Me and my big mouth!'' shouted the maid, frustrated.

''Well, well, so we have a ''they'', huh? Interesting.'' said Chloey as she writes another note. ''Perhaps you would like to give more details? Or maybe you, Blue.''

''It's Relm.'' replied harshly the blue haired maid. ''And I won't say anything either.''

Chloey at first was frustrated not to make them talk more until Nym approachs her ear.

''Chloey... there's something weird, their aura...'' whispered Nym to her ear.

Chloey didn't see what he meant at first, their aura were fine. Until she notices an odd change.

Their color... the color of their aura has changed. Now Relm's aura is slighly yellowish while her sister is darker/purplelish.

Damn, Aptitude and Shadowgift,  so that was what this hand gesture was for. I can only assume her sister did the same to Nym. They snagged our ''Skills''. thought Chloey.

Chloey turns her head over the mage. Just like her, he realized that they were fooled: the maids actually held back in the last battle, losing on purpose so they would have time to channel their spells that snag their ''Skills''. Last time, they got saved by Merlin before they could use their spell but now...

''Oh, you seem to have noticed your mistake.'' mocked Ralm. ''Thank you for your... contribution, we will make good uses of your powers.''

''Not like I will allow you to use them.'' replied harshly Chloey to the maid. ''You are not going to see the daylight anytime soon, trust me.''

''Are you sure about that?'' asked the blue maid, almost as she hints something.

Before the blonde tactician or blond mage could say anything, a powerful explosion destroy the prison. Everything is destroyed, including the cell. Relm and Ralm are not really surprised, it was according to plan after all.

''Were you successful?'' asked a voice to the maids.

The person who said that is a hooded woman whose silver hairs shine in the dark.

''Miss Émilia!'' said both maids.

''Yes we were successful, as always.'' replied Relm to her question.

''Good, then we will take the girl. Maybe we could also have some use for Nym.

But as she looks over the rumbles, they realized neither of them were there.



They thought they were dead at first, but then they both open their eyes.

''How? I thought we were done for.'' said Chloey before realizing who is their saviour.

''Hehehe.'' giggled Flona, holding a Rescue staff.

Rezzy is also holding a Rescue staff, relieved to see them, but especially Nym safe.

''How did you know?'' asked Chloey as she stands up, still confused.

''Your friends saw a dangerous magic user in the forest heading towards the town, and they quickly warned us.'' explained the sage. ''And of course they were after you two.''

Chloey doesn't answer but smile upon seeing Lucina's relieved face. Nym hugged Flona, thinking she was the one who saved him before realizing it was Rezzy between his master's angry face and Flona's embarassed face, resulting the laugh of the rest of the group.

However, their little party gets interrupted by a gigantic dark binding cloud where Ralm, Relm and a silver haired woman emerge from.

Tsh, so they didn't take too much time to face us. thought Chloey.

All member of the Resistance along with Nym, Chloey and Wolf are ready, weapons in hand in case the outsiders want to battle. But Chloey knows that they don't stand a chance now they lost their ''Skills''.

''Should we crush them?'' asked Ralm to Émilia.

''... No, we will get for what we came from later, there's no need to stay here any longer.'' said Émilia before turning over to their opponent.

''You are smart Chloey, I'll give you that. But unfortunately, I, Émilia, am smarter than you.'' mocked the silver haired to the tiny blonde.

''You do not scare me.'' replied harshly Chloey to the woman.

''You can act tough all you want, but now both you and Nym lost your ''Skill'', you are now both as threatening as an ant... just like your pathetic group of rookies that thinks that they are an army.'' mocked even more Émilia.

Almost everyone grinned their teeths or twitched their hand, including Chloey. Rezzy is angry, both at Émilia and at Chloey, the latter for hiding the truth.

''I would order your death right now, for being in our way for so long. But I think I'll let you live... for now. I wouldn't want you to miss the big show.'' said Émilia, turning around before turning around again because she forgot to say a final detail.'' Oh and... feel free to invite any friends that you want but I would like Nym to be there, he and I have some unfinished business together.''

After she finishs, all three goes inside the smoke. Suddently it dissapears, leaving sight for the clear blue sky.

Chloey shealthes her sword, everything went downhill all of sudden.

The big show? thought Chloey.

''We would like some explanation.'' said Rezzy to Chloey and Nym, now tired of not knowing of what is really going on.

Chloey turns around to see the whole town surrounding them. She sighs but accept.

''Very well, so be it.'' agreed the tactician.

And so, she explained the whole concept of ''Skills'' to everyone in town, clearing the reason why they were so different from the rest of the army.

''The only I don't know is... how Nym got his and what is his relation with... that woman.'' explained Chloey before turning her head to him, expecting an answer.

But Nym was looking at the horizon, acting like he's not paying  attention before also sighing.

''It's... difficult, let's just say we are... related.'' explained the mage.

That answer shocked most people, but particularly Rezzy, Chloey, Wolf, Tristan and Harve.

''But... you said you had no family!'' said Rezzy in shock. ''You... you lied to us?''

''I didn't have any choice, I'm sorry but I needed someone to teach me... how to fight.'' justified the young man, knowing it's pointless.

''What is true or not doesn't matter, what is important that we make a plan to--'' said Chloey, trying to calm the atmosphere before being interrupted.

''No.'' replied harshly Rezzy. ''This is your problem now.''

''What?'' asked Chloey, even more in shock. ''You are ditching us now!?

''There's not a lot of things that I hate, Chloey. But being lied in front of my face by two people, one that I gave my energy, trust and time to them is something that I don't hate, I LOATHE IT.'' cried the sage in anger, her hands trembling in frustration. ''And I bet most people here feel the same way.

They both quickly look around, everyone seems as upset. Wolf is especially death staring at Nym.

''I know it's pointless to argue with you now.'' justified calmly Nym. ''But I swear I had the best intentions... even if I had others deep down.''

''You... you are not worthy of being my pupil anymore!'' shouted Rezzy, angry towards the blond mage.''

''Rezzy...'' said Nym, very sad and calm.

''Get out, please both of you and the other three, get out! Do not come back, ever!'' cried Rezzy as she turns around to not look at them. ''And you Chloey, we were planning to kick you out but... I guess this will do. You are the one mostly at fault, Chloey. If you wouldn't have brought your problems here, nothing would have happen.'' she said, even more angry.''And... if you comeback, we will not hesitate to strike you down, after all, you lost what made you different from us.''

Without a word, Chloey, Nym, Lucina, Laurent fled from the village. They departed to the forest and the Outrealm to finally comeback to Ylisse. For sure, today the tiny tactician and the blond mage lost both their power... and valuable allies.


To be continued...








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Chapter 10: Plans

''... And that's why we came back here.'' finished to explain Lucina to her friends.

Gathered around a huge table inside a room of the castle, Lucina explained everything that happened to the rest of the royal guards as some kind of private war council.

''That's... quite the story there, Lucina.'' said Severa, uneasy by what she just listened to, making her uncomfortable on her chair.

''And it all happened in less than a day?'' asked Kjelle who is not sitting on a chair.

''Yes, the woman in charge, which is apparently Nym's close friend euh... was, got quite mad especially at poor Nym.'' Lucina explained.

''I reckon lying about his past wasn't a good idea tho.'' said Brady.

''I am quite certain Nym had his reasons to lie, Brady.'' replied Laurent to that comment. ''However, me must keep in mind that this woman overreacted because of shock.''

''Yea I got it Laurent, but I still think that didn't help his case.'' insisted Brady who still wants to prove his point.

''It doesn't matter.'' said a very deep voice.

Gerome, who is in a dark corner of the room, is fixing the handle of his steel axe.

''What does matter is that these villagers choosed to hide like cowards from a matter that concern them.'' continued Gerome in his usual harsh tone.

''To be fair, Émilia mentionned that they had no more business there, Gerome.'' justified Lucina despite not ever wanting to defend them in the first place.

''Tsh, then they are greater fools than I imaginated.'' replied harshly Gerome.'' Whatever fate has in store for them, they will certainly not prevent it by hiding behind their walls.

''Right...'' said Nah who is eating a snack.'' Those three girls look quite stong and are very... very arrogant.''

''I have a great idea for a plan!'' suddently said Morgan, happily, who is trying to cheer up everyone.'' How about we send Inigo as a distraction against them? Once they are embarassed after he all afk them for tea, we jump on them!''

Most of them chuckle a little bit, the plan gets approuve by Cynthia. Only Gerome stays silence while Inigo is embarassed.

''Ha. Ha. Ha. Very funny, Morgan.'' replied a very embarassed Inigo, so much so that he blushs. ''I mean come on, I know I am a lover, but even I know my limits.''

''Say the guy who hitted on a girl thief once... or almost died trying to ask for tea an enemy squad composed of mostly girls.'' mumbled Noire.

''I'm sorry Noire, I didn't quite catch that.'' said Inigo upong hearing her mumble.

''Oh um, I was also wondering how strong these girls are.'' lied Noire with her usual calm tone.

All of a sudden, Owains gets up off his seat.

''Har, my sword hand twitches at the mere phazing thought of crossing steel with beings beyond the strength of common mortals.'' shouted Owain, while holding his ''sword hand'' with his other hand.

An arkward silence sets in.

''Ugh... traduction, Lucina?'' asked Severa, as confused as almost everyone else.

''He said that he is looking foward to meet those three girls in battle because of their special powers that make them stronger than normal humans.'' explained Lucina, happy to still understand Owain's way of talking.

''Yikes, not me!'' screamed Yarne. ''If I ever meet them, I'll go extinct!''

''Um... I agree with Yarne, it's too dangerous.''

''Tsh, you two have no sense of adventure.'' mocked Owain to the taguel and sniper.

''Maybe, but at least we have sense of intelligence.'' replied Yarne to the comment.

Everyone, including Owain, didn't expect that.

''Ohhh, sick burn Yarne!'' applauded Inigo.

''Quiet, rabbit!'' shouted the swordmaster. ''Unless you wish to taste the full might of my new attack: Shadows of Valentia!''

''Y-you don't scare me!'' replied Yarne as he tries to act brave. ''I got sharp pointy teeths!''

''Oh?'' Then perhaps I shall use my Tobin stri--'' said Owain before being  interrupted.

''Enough!'' ordered Lucina before realizing there's was no need to shout. ''I mean... let's not fight when we are in a critical situation, ok?''

''Sorry, Lucina.'' apologized Owain , soon followed by Yarne.

''It's alright.'' said Lucina before turning her attention to everyone else. ''Everyone!''

They all pay close attention.

''My mother gave me one last order before going to bed with the kids: if you see someone suspicious, run, do not fight.

Most of them were surprised and dissapointed while Yarne and Noire are relieved.

''I know most of you want to fight... but I suspect my mother wants to prevent them to steal a ''Skill'' from us.'' explained calmly Lucina. ''Losing something like Galeforce, something that we got from birth, would be quite the bad omen.''

''Why not put our ''Skills'' aside like Chloey did?'' suggested Gerome calmly.

''Then you would be more vulnerable to their attacks.'' replied the young swordwoman.

He doesn't like to flee, but he has no choice.

''Cynthia, I would like that you inform both Cordelia and your mother that we will gonna need air surveillance and support every single day and night.'' ordered Lucina to the energitic falcon knight.

''You got it!'' said Cynthia before she leaves the room.

''Morgan, Mother asked you to prepare the traps... for ''the big show''. '' said Lucina to her brother.

''Ok, but I gonna need another pair of arms.'' said Morgan.

''Did someone called me?'' responded Kjelle.

''As for myself, I'll prepare Nym for his promotion.'' said Lucina. '' That will be all, dismiss and be safe everyone!''


A few minutes later...

Felicia knows that Nym is still in his room right now. Four hours since he arrived and he's still in there in late evening, he didn't even come down to eat. Her heart broke in two when she saw his very upset face, she immediately asked Chloey what happened. However, the tactician was too tired to give her a proper answer, only: ''Something bad happened.'' and ''He will have to stay here.'' and also ''Now's your chance to... you know.'' Felicia blushed when she said that last part. She remembers that when Nym was here for the month, both Chloey and Flora wouldn't stop teasing her how '' You give him special treatment.'' or '' I can't even train him when you are around because he's looking more at you than the wooden sword.''

She admits that MAYBE she was distracting him but that doesn't mean anything.

I like him... very much yes and maybe he is too but it's not THAT kind of like. thought Felicia before she arrives to his room.

She quietly opens and closes the door, Nym is asleep in his bed. Felicia feels relieved to see him sleep so peacefully despite what he may have suffered. However, what is surprising is that his room... is not a mess. In fact, there's even a plate of delicious food and Nym's mage clothes hae been both cleaned and repaired.

Flora! That's my job! thought Felicia, frustrated.

But in her frustration, Felicia forgot of her clumsiness, causing her right foot to trip on her left foot and she falls on the bed.

''AHHHHHHHHH!!!'' screamed Felicia before the inevitable impact.

Nym woke up because of the scream and the impact, he thought something heavy fell on him. He opens his eyes to see an embarassed Felicia on him. Her uniform is a complete mess after the fall.

''H-hi Nym.'' said Felicia who failed drastically failed to hide her embarassement as showed by her very red cheeks.

Stupid clumsiness, why now!? thought Felicia.

''This is suddently the best day of my life.'' said nym, knowing the irony of that statement.

''However, nothing happens. They are both staring at each other.

''Euh Felicia, either do something or walk away. You are the one on me.'' said Nym while keep staring at her face, trying really hard not to look down.

But she still doesn't react, instead she makes him understand what she wants by slighly approaching her head. He understand in a flash.

He slowly grabs her by the hip with his right hand, lieing her on the bed with him. Then, with his left hand, removes her maid headband off her head before touching her left red cheek. It's very soft, meanwhile Felicia is doing the same. After that, they both kiss. Her lips felts amazing but Nym had the impression of kissing an ice cube, he only had that thought for a split second, for some reasons. Meanwhile, Felicia is very happy and pleased.


The next day...

Inside the dinning room, Chloey is having breakfeast while also writing a few things on her notebook while Flora is serving and cleaning the place.

''You don't look very happy, Flora.'' noticed Chloey. ''You agreed with this plan, you know?''

''I was... until I saw her room empty this moring.'' explained Flora, not very happy of her discovery.

''Come now Flora, why wouldn't she sleeps with her new boyfriend?'' said Chloey, amused by Flora's upset face and behaviour.

''It,s not her sleeping with him the problem, but he did more than just kissing and cuddling, I'll...'' threatened Flora.

''Don't worry, Nym might be a little bit silly sometimes but he's not an idiot.'' the tactician replied before smiling because of a thought.''Besides, you can't freeze him now.

Flora forgot about thar. Just like Inigo when they kissed, Nym has been blessed with the ''ice village's gift''. Something that can only happens if someone who is born outside of the village is in a not forced relationship with someone who is from the village.

''Just... how far ahead do you think?'' asked Flora before leaving to go upstairs.

Chloey doesn't answer but write a note.

Nym = No more skilless

To be continued...




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Chapter 11: Stories

In the sky above Ylisse, two pegasus knight are patrolling.

''Can't believe I'm stuck with you.'' said the blue haired pegasus knight, Lilly.

''Not my fault if you got caught for sleeping on the job.'' replied her rival Kelli, a slighly older light blue haired dark flyer.

They fly around for a few minutes.

''What are we suppose to find anyway?'' asked Lilly, already bored.

''Nothing, we just need to keep our eyes peel for any danger.'' responded the dark flyer.

''BO-RING! Even more boring with you.'' responded the young pegasus knight.'' At least not as boring as school, I hate school.'' she added.

''Like it or not, Cordelia's orders are absolute.'' said Kelli

''Yea, yea I know but I'm already bored.'' said Lilly.



Inside his room, Nym just wokes up. He looks on his left side to find Felicia, still asleep. Not wanting to wake her up, he put a spare shirt and pants and goes out of the room before closing the door behind him. He walks for a few minutes inside the corridor before meeting someone unexpected who grabbed his hand, annoncing their presence.

''Oh!'' said the mage as he gets on his knees. ''I didn't notice you there, Lucina.''

He was more concerned about the little girl being all alone but she's as happy and playful as her aunt Lissa.

''Mummy want to see you!'' little Lucina said happily.

He still feels weird when interacting with the little one after adult Lucina, they are the same person but in different timelines, just like Morgan and little Morgan.

The child is telling him to go downstairs, he had to hold her hands to make sure she doesn't hurt herself while going down the stairs. He is of course greeted by Chloey waiting for them.

''Bravo!'' said Chloey as she gets on her knees and hug her Little Angel.

''I suppose there's a reason to all of this.'' said Nym.

''Well... it was either my Little Angel or your new sister-in-law'' explained Chloey as she stands up while holding the child.

Behind her, Nym can see Flora staring at him while sharpening a knife.

Nym didn't feel as well all of a sudden.

''Come inside, you must be hungry.'' said Chloey as she enters without paying attention to Flora.

The mage has a hard time simply going through a door, scared of being backstabbed by Flora.

''Chloey, I swear I didn't do anything wrong, Felicia--'' tried to justify Nym before the tactician interrupts him.''

''I know you did nothing wrong Nym, now eat.'' said Chloey as she sits on a chair with her daughter sitting on her knees.

He didn't notice that this tiny room is a dinning room, there's already food on the table. He didn't get HOW she knows that he did nothing wrong.

After eating, Nym notices that Flora is still staring at him which make him very uncomfortable.

''There's another reason why you are here, you know.'' Chloey said.

''Does this have to do... with what happened?'' asked Nym, who still can't let his guard down.

''According to Flora, it's apparently not about that...'' the blonde tactician said without being so sure herself.

''Huh?'' said Nym, now more confused.

Flora didn't want to have to do this but since Felicia is now in love with him...

''Chloey, if you would please.'' asked calmly the maid.

''Alright, alright, I'm leaving.'' the tiny blonde said, forced to ''obey'' to her request. ''Here Little Angel, Mummy will bring you back to your room, ok?''

She didn't wait for her daughter's answer before picking her up and leaves the room, leaving Nym alone with Flora.

The maid sighs but it's part of her tradition.

''Flora I swear...'' said Nym, still worried.

''Huh? Can you leave that to rest already, I would never murder you.'' replied Flora, annoyed by his little subject. ''I would break Felicia's heart if I would ever do it.''

''Then?'' asked Nym, now more relieved.

''Listen, I'm about to share with you something so important that you must never, NEVER share it to someone else aside to maybe your future... children. Got it?'' the maid explained to the mage while making sure to stare seriously at him to make him understand how important it is to respect that rule.

Nym silentely nods. Flora sits on another chair.

''Very well.'' said Flora before closing her eyes.''Do pay attention because I'm only telling this once.'' she said before she begins her story.

''Felicia may have told you a little bit about us but the story of our origins is something that we never share to outsiders, aside from those who are linked by love with someone from our village like you or Inigo, as I explained.'' she explained calmly.

''Once, there was a dragon that lived in our world. She was strong, beautiful and lived in a beautiful ice palace surrounded by blizzards but she had one problem: she was alone. Where she was, blizzards were always there as some form of barrier and they were as vicious and merciless like wolfes when they found their preys. No one aside from small animals would dare challenge the furious winds. However one day, after sleeping for so long, the dragon decided she didn't want to be alone no more. She first had the idea to find a random male dragon so he could offer her children. Unfortunately, the dragon waited too long, millennias have past and she realized that she was the last of her kind.

Sad and depressed, the dragon flew back to her palace with the intention to sleep until she pass away. But once she returned, she found a group of human travelers that were lost, they were fighting the bites of the cold as much as they could. Scared, the chief pleaded for their lifes to the dragon. But the dragon offered them a deal:

''I shall spare your lifes, humans, but in return, travel no longer. You shall all plant your roots here and stay by my side. Be my children.'' requested the dragon.

They accepted, but the dragon realized very quickly that humans don't live very well under constant blizzards. She offers them a gift: a natural resistance against the cold, the rash blizzards now transformed into fresh breeze for the humans. But the spell costed too much life energy for the dragon but before she goes to the other side, she had one last thing to say:

''At last, I must slumber eternally, my children. But remember... that my blessing will always be there for you, for this land and your future children. Farewell...''

''And thus...'' said Flora as she opens her eyes ''The dragon goes to sleep but never wakes up.'' she finished but she notices that Nym is sniffing ''... But remember that the spirit of our eternal mother, Glacies the ice dragon, is always within us.''

She throws a tissu to the mage.

''S-sorry *sniff*, sad stories always give me tears.'' said Nym while blowing his nose inside the tissu.

''It's not a sad story, mother Glacies is all inside of us... including you.'' corrected Flora.

''... Say what? I wasn't born in your village.'' responded Nym to that comment, slighly confused.

''There's actually something that mother Glacies didn't mention: if someone not born from the village has a not forced relationship with someone from the village, they will ... ''receive'' the blessing upon... physical contact.'' explained the maid. ''It happened before, Inigo is an example but he put Glacies aside for better ''Skills''.

Nym remembers that when he was kissing Felicia, he felt that she was really cold for a split second before not feeling that sensation anymore.

''But then, how do I not see some kind of aura around you or Felicia?'' asked the mage, still confused.

''Glacies is not something on the same departement as what you had or Chloey has, it's only a natural cold resistance and a little bit of magic resistance.'' explained calmly the chief's daughter. ''But...''

''But?'' asked the mage, now curious.

''A mage affected by Glacies COULD use Ice magic, a type of magic that doesn't require tomes to use but require a special training to become... an Ice Magician.'' she explained very carefully.

''A... promotion? A promotion other than Sage or a Dark Knight?'' asked Nym, very happy to hear that. ''How do I become that?''

''Only the chief and the eldest child know the method.'' Flora explained.

''Huh, and you are the one who came out first... so you are the eldest.'' realized Nym.

''That's right, and for now, you don't deserve such a gift.'' Flora said, now putting a sarcastic smile. ''And don't try to complaint to Chloey or Felicia, only I know. And you will have to impress me first.''

''And how do I do that?'' asked Nym who couldn't hide how annoyed he is.

''By maybe not acting like a crying little spoiled child that constantly need help of mommy Chloey to help his little problems.'' replied harshly Flora upong hearing the tone of his voice.

But before they had to continue this conversation, the door slighly opens and the head of a random soldier shows of.

'' 'Scuse me sir Nym, but you have a visitor for you.'' said the soldier.

A visitor? thought the young man.

''Good luck Nym, you will need it.'' said Flora coldly before leaving, resuming her duties.

He really didn't like her attitude, what was the point of telling him all of that if she will not help him at all? Especially since a promotion could be a great help for Chloey. But nonetless, he put those unpleasant thoughts aside and goes out of the room to meet the visitor to the main room.

He is greeted by a familiar face

''Anna!'' said Nym, very happy to see her.

''Hello there,  long time no see!'' the merchant said as they exchange a hug.

''What are you doing there? I thought you were still in the village.'' asked Nym, confused and happy but deep in him, he didn't want to hear the answer.

''After your depart, everyone gave me one of those suspect looks for a couple of days. I couldn't make anymore money, no one was visiting our store.'' explained Anna. ''Not wanting to cause more conflits, I asked Rezzy to kick me out and she did, quite gladly if I may add.'' remembered Anna.

''Tsh, she still doesn't understand.'' the mage said, dissapointed in his master.

''Nonetheless, I was working on this idea for quite some time: how about I kick some butt WHILE making money at the same time.'' Anna said happily as she pulls out of a Leif's axe out of her bag.

''Wait Anna you...'' the mage said before realizing something that he overlooked.

Anna has now a very bright yellow aura, a gold aura. She hided some ''Skills''!

''Profiteer and Spendthrift? So... typically you Anna.'' teased Nym to his friend.

''Hehe, a dangerous but profitable combo if I do say so myself.'' Anna said while laughing with him. ''I would just need Chloey's permissi--''

''SOLD!'' said Chloey, surprising both of them.

The three of them end up having a blast to laugh and to talk. What they do no know, is that one injured pegasus knight and dark flyer have arrived to the castle.


To be continued...



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Chapter 12: Broken ties

''Excellent job, Wilhed!'' complimented Émilia as the butler joins them.

''Flying enemy or not, I can always reach my target.'' replied calmly the old white haired butler, shealting his sword.

''Will that be enough, Crusch?'' asked the silver haired maiden asked to the drak green haired woman standing beside her who is using her Clairvoyance while looking at the town.

''Well it warned them for sure, they probably never saw that before. I can see that the blonde tactician and Ny-- our target have arrived to see what is going on.'' said the tactician while adjusting her ponytail. ''However I still think that a sneak attack would have been--''

''Quiet Crusch, do not question miss Émilia's orders.'' replied harshly Ralm.

''Tsh, you didn't change a little bit I see.'' replied Crusch, a little bit annoyed by her comment.

''But Crusch... you need to be strong and much smarter than her, otherwise we will have no chance to tal-- euh to take out Nym.'' said calmly Relm while gently patting her back.

Crusch sighs, so much pressure on her shoulders. God thing she always has her tactician coat.

''Looking from the Outrealm gate that we came from, I can see that your husband, Reinhart, Felis and Béatrice are on route to our position.'' Crusch informed to Émilia.

''Perfect, once they arrived, we may begin the operation.'' ordered Émilia.

A few moments later, Rubasu the dark magic user, Reinhart and Béatrice have arrived.

''Hi love!'' said Rubasu, embracing his wife as she embraces him back.

''Hi Grandpa!'' said the red haired swordman to Wilhed.

''Hello there, Reinhart.'' greeted the old man to his grandson.

''Why do I have to be there, I suppose?'' asked Béatrice, annoyed to not be in her rightful place.

''Because you have a contract with me, remember?'' asked Émilia.

''Fine, I'll just wait to whatever you want to do, I suppose.'' the very tiny blonde woman said, adjusting her tiny hat.

''Nyaa, Béatrice really need to go outside more!'' said Felis, the cat looking male healer happily.

''Gnnnnn'' mumbled Béatrice, who can't stand his very constant happy behaviour.

''Anyway, everyone...'' said Émilia as she claps her hands to get everyone's attention.'' Today, we are about to fight for an important operation.'' she explained. ''I know some of you still like him but I do not accept this kind of behaviour in our group. For this reason... he must die.''

Everyone stays in silence.

''Someone wants to volunteer to be the one to kill him?'' asked Émilia.

''Me.'' said Crusch without letting anyone else have a chance to speak.

''Why you?'' asked Rubasu. ''You are the tactician, not an assassin.''

''I can't see it right now, but if she decides to place him out of the battle, it's probably in an area that is protected by guards or traps or both. And Ralm...'' Crusch explained before stopping to her last point, trying to say it in a way that won't upset the red haired maid. ''Well let's just say that Ralm is not very known fror her stealth approachs.''

Even so, Ralm is still upset but she doesn't say anything. 

''Fine, you can have that part Crusch.'' approuved Émilia before beginning the operation ''Everyone else, follow me!'' she ordered before moving out to the gigantic field that is close to Ylisse.


A few moments later...

Crusch is still looking at the town, waiting for Chloey's next move.

I sure hope too this isn't true too, lord Roswaal. thought Crusch.

She then notices agitation.

Look like they noticed everyone else on the field...



Excellent! YES! Oh... inside the castle. I hope there's not too much defences, I don't want to hurt anyone.

She marchs toward the side of the town, it will take quite some time to reach the castle itself.



Marching slowly towards the town, they are greeted by an army. Quite small in numbers, but lead by a blonde tactician.

''We meet again!'' said Émilia.

''Why are you here for?'' asked the blonde tactician.

''I have some business with a certain person, please be a nice little girl and step aside.'' mocked Émilia.

That comment only made her more angry.

''You asked for it... TROOPS, ATTACK!'' yelled the tiny tactician.''

Look like the diversion will be great. thought Émilia.

She notices that the enemy is in a weird formation.

''What are they doing?'' asked the silver haired woman.

''Pair-up, it seems to be her favorite strategy. We cannot attack the one hided behind the one in the front and the other can attack or block for his partner... except for me of course.'' Relm explained.

''Then please be my guest to... you know.'' her leader asked.

In a few seconds, Relm swings her weapon around her before swing it forward. But the impact is stopped by an invisible force... somehow?

''Ouch'' said a voice.

The woman then orders something, a brown hair guy in armor, on a armored horse with a Silver lance and a blond man with an axe prevent Relm for recalling her weapon before the man with the axe severs the weapon's chain.

''Tsh, look like she found a way to counter that.'' said Émilia, not even impressed.

''She is more clever that I expected.'' said Relm, indifferent about her weapon.

She notices that the blonde tactician is grinning at them, mocking them.

Oh trust me, it won't matter soon enough, blondie. thought Émilia.

Indeed at that moment, Relm's weapon repairs itself which make Chloey pretty upset since she thought all night on that strategy.

''Thanks, Béatrice'' thanked Relm as she turns her head over the tiny blonde.

''Don't let that happen again, I suppose.'' said Béatrice, too focus to even look at her.

''Anyway, we should stop fooling around.'' said Émilia as she fires a massif blast of energy forward, hitting Kellam.

''She... she noticed me!?'' said Kellam before falling on the ground, too wounden to move.

That attack surprised Chloey, having no idea she had to power to snipe someone from that far like a Mire tome.

''Don't you see, blondie?'' mocked Émilia. ''Our world has better magic, you are no match for us.''

''Maybe.'' said Chloey ''Firepower doesn't mean anything.''

Émilia grins now.

''Then show me what you got, blondie!'' yelled Émilia. ''CHARRRRRGGGEEE!''

In an instant, Relm and Ralm jumps together, using their attack together against Chloey's army. Their attacks that get quickly negated by heals from Felicia and Flora.

Chloey and Chrom battle up against Émilia and Rubasu, couples rivalry.

Reinhart engages in a sword fight against Owain, while his grandfather battles Owain's father, Lon'qu.

Felis is running away from Sumia who thinks he is a big kitten.

Béatrice is using all form of support magic, while using a barrier to protect herself from incoming focus fire.

Relm and Ralm are attacking the backline, some like Virion and Miriel fall to their attacks while others like Lissa and Maribelle take cover behind nearby trees.

The children are attacking whatever target they can.

Some ''Skills'' activate:



















Same for Émilia's side:








''I suppose...''


Meanwhile inside the castle...

After dodging a lot of traps placed by Morgan, Crusch is trying to find Nym inside the castle.

Why is this castle so goddamn big!? thought Crusch, until she hears voices in a room.

Inside a big room, Nym is having a hard time babysitting a young girl, a toddler and a baby at the same time.

''Ergh, if only I was good at multitasking...'' said Nym before leaving a sigh.

He hears someone chuckling in front of the door.

''Crusch!?'' said Nym, surprised and about to grab his sword.

''Peace Nym.'' said softly Crusch, not wanting the childs to panic. ''I just want to talk... even tho Émilia ordered your death.''

''Then why--''

''Lord Roswaal wishes to see you safe.'' she explained.

''How... is he?'' Angry?'' the mage asked.

''No, just a little bit stressed since you went missing two years ago.''


''Nym, Émilia said she saw you steal a book from the forbidden library that night. Is that true?'' the tactician asked to her former friend.

''What? That's ridiculous!'' Nym claimed ''How could I even do that... Béatrice is always in there!''

''Um... you have a valid point there.'' Crusch confessed. ''Even Lord Roswaall had a hard time believing that.''

She then hug him, something that he didn't expect.

''As your former teacher and friend, I'm happy to see you again. Look how much you have grown! You look an adult now and probably made ton of friends!'' said proudly Crusch.

''Thanks Crusch... but what now?'' asked Nym, worried. ''You still need to do your mission, otherwise...''

''Lord Roswaal gave me a nice item that could help you if I judged that you were innocent. Here, give me your hat...'' she asked.


On the battlefield, most of Chloey's army has retreated, only the children with Chloey and Chrom are still standing, but most are tired or wounden.

''Is... is that all?'' asked Émilia, who can't even hide how tired she is ''I could do that all day.''

But before she has a chance to say more, Crusch appears out of a white light.

''It is done.'' said Crusch very seriously to Chloey and everyone's else confusion.

''Show me'' ordered Émilia.

Cruschs shows her Nym's hat, covered in blood.

''Finally!'' yelled the silver haired maiden ''After all this time, he is gone. We can depart now!'' she said before mocking Chloey one last time. ''We won't need to comeback here anymore, see ya!''.

But when she and Rubasu turns around, Crusch gives a quick wink to Relm first then Chloey before leaving the hat on the ground.

I knew something was off. thought the dark green haired tactician while following her leader.

Chloey didn't know what to think of that battle, but she has more pressing matters... like talking to a certain someone about his hidden past.


To be continued...








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Chapter 13: The Sentinels

''Ow, ow, ow'' said Felicia, crying in pain.

''Don't move Felicia, it's almost over.'' replied her sister before giving another order to Nym. ''More bandages please.''

Assisting Flora, he tries his best to help her but can't help himself to tease Felicia.

''Next time, don't try to jump like them. Not worth... breaking your second left foot.'' Nym said, trting to hold his laugh.

''I said I tripped, okay!?'' Felicia replied, both embarassed and angry at the mage for making fun of her, her cheeks turning as red as a tomato.

Meanwhile, after running around like a headless chicken for a few hours, Lissa is finally able to take a break after helping so many patients. At least she's happy that Chloey transformed the dancing room into a gigantic hospital, wouldn't be that smooth in a tiny room.

''How are things, Lissa.'' asked Chloey, who has just arrived of an urgent war meeting with Chrom and Cordelia, followed by her eldest daughter from the future.

''Well... some of our friends only have scratches and bruises but others are in reallt bad shapes.'' Lissa explained. ''Especially those who got hit by that metal spikey ball, they have at least one broken limb each.'' she said before sitting on the floor before letting out a very long sigh.

''Aunt Lissa, are you okay!? You look  so exausted...'' asked Lucina, concerned over her aunt.

''I'm okay Lucina, it's just very difficult to have many emergencies just after a battle when it's just Maribelle and me. Flora just help us soon but...'' the princess explained.

''Don't worry Lissa, I sended a soldier to a church, hopefullt he will comeback with help.'' Chloey reassured but her daughter notices her upset face.

''Mum?'' said Lucina. ''Are you okay, you look upset.''

''I am upset Lucina.'' her mother responded in anger.'' Not even Grima gave us that much trouble.''

''I can understand what you mean Mum but... it was different. All he had aside of itself was undead puppets to try to stop us.'' the blue haired woman said.'' We just faced real peoples that also use a different kind of magic that we don't even know.''

''It's not just that Lucina, I am also upset at myself. I made both the mistake of underestimating them and forgot an important detail.'' the tiny tactician replied.

''Mum, no one here is going to blame you for that. You are human, you make mistakes like all of us.'' her daughter said softly, who doesn't like to see her mother upset.

''Well said Lucina.'' said her father as he enters the gigantic room. ''You are not perfect Chloey, you made mistakes before too. What is important is that you learned from them so that you won't repeat them.

''I euh... thanks dear.'' said Chloey, now less upset before a familiar face coughs behind her back.

''My apologies for interrupting such an important conversation but I must inform you that all patients have received treatments, all we can do is help them whatever we can.'' said Maribelle, as exausted as Lissa.

''Thanks Maribelle, without you and Lissa, well...  it would be a greater disaster. Chloey complimented before noticing that she's also upset. ''Maribelle, is something wrong?''

''If you would allow me, I would like to have a private chat with the young man from that faraway village.'' she asked, having a hard time being calm.

''Nym? asked Chloey, knowing exactly what she wants.

''Yes, I am now very certain that he hides something important from us.'' she explained.

But instead of answering, Chloey bypass her and shouts at Nym. She too, was eager to know the truth.

''Nym! Can you come here? We need to talk.'' Chloey shouted.

She went through that scenario multiple times in her head, she knows that Nym has his reasons to hide his past but she needs to know. The problem is that if Nym is truly from another world, then maybe he's hiding some hidden tricks. 

He takes one step back, Flora pulls out her knife, just in case he tries to run away. But instead of running away, he walks towards Chloey. 

''Nym...'' said the tactician quitw loudly so everyone can hears her. ''Since Rezzy kicked you out, I closed my eyes on your past but now...''

''It's... ironic in some way you know.'' said Nym in the same tone, ignoring her sentence. ''Rezzy always blamed you for bringing trouble but little that she knew... I was... I was the one to be blamed.''

He sits on the floor, droppign his tomes and hat.

''You should... probably do like me, it will take quite some times.'' he suggested.

Chloey sits in front of him, with Lissa, Lucina and Chrom sitting beside her. Everyone else beside them sits around the room, listening to what he has to say.

''I need to explain a few backstories before explanning mine.'' he said before taking a deep breath.

''These people come from a word called Lugonica. Despite having the same technology, it is quite different. Just like yours, this world has many countries but all of you need to focus to the kingdom of Lugonica. Anyway, twenty years ago, the king of this country had a hard time protecting his people from anything threatening sources other than normal brigands like magic users. So much so that the knights were useless against them. For this reason, he gave his autorisation to his best officer to create a special team that would deal with those kind of opponents. The Sentinels were born on that day.'' he explained. ''What makes this team very different from the knights is that they leave no prisonners. He added.

The Sentinels... not as cool as the Shepherds tho but interesting nonetless. I'm not sure what to think of that last part... thought Chloey.

Nym then summons some kind of special magic that shows an image, proof that Nym knows magic that no one else here does. Chloey is quite... uneasy by the man that sees on the image: a purplish dark hair dude wearing a tiny hat and... purple make-up on his right eye for some reasons. She notices by quite a lot of faces that she isn't alone to think this.

''Please, I know his make-up habit is... weird.'' Nym defended. ''But don't be deceived by his apparence, this is Member one: lord Roswaal. The King's best officer and the greatest magic user of all Lugonica. He could even give Laurent a run for his money.''

''An interesting claim.'' said Laurent as he lifts his glasses. ''It will have to be prouved tho.''

''Legends said that he killed a dragon by himself! said Nym, very proud.

Chleoy notices that he is quite proud to tell that, did she finally found his father figure?

''Meh, depends what kind of dragon we are talking about. If it's as strong as Nah then...'' teased Owain.

''Are you calling me weak, Owain!?'' shouted Nah, very angry over her little tease.

''Shut it, you two'' said Brady. ''I'm trying to listen here.''

Not hearing them, Nym switchs the image to two familiars faces.

''Member two and Member three: Relm and Ralm. Twins, they were abandonned and adopted by lord Roswaal and are his maids. Relm is sweet but very strong while Ralm is harsh but her magic packs quite a punch. 

He then switchs to another image.

''Lord Roswaal cannot be always on the field, for this reason, he needed a second in command. Which is why Member four: Émilia is here. She's a noble from her own house who asked to join the team. She only got accepted because her magic is as much as strong as lord Roswaal, she's a powerful witch whose magic is extremely brutal as you noticed.'' he explained. ''And the fifth member, her husband Rubasu, is a dark magic user who has many dirty tricks behind his sleeve. The two of them together are known as the ''Dead Couple''.

Chloey has a chill running down her spine, maybe she and Chrom played a little bit with fire.

''But of course, pur brute strength is pointless alone. That's why lord Roswaal called Member six: Crusch, a noble who studied tactics and war strategies at university while Felis, Member seven, is a cat looking healer who is always working for her. He explained more before switching to the imagine of quite an old person.

''After Émilia and Rubasu, their butler Wilhed, joined the team as the eight member. He's quite skilled with a sword, his passed wife was  known as a legend of the sword.''

''And finally, lord Roswall has a private library where he keeps all his important books and documents. As her duty as a preserver of magic in our world, Béatrice was forced to join the team as the ninth member but she's always inside the library, guarding it at all cost. She also always say ''I suppose'' at the end of each sentence for some reasons.'' he finished.

Chloey didn't know what to think of that information, but there's one thing for sure: it didn't answer anything. She notices that Lissa lifts her hand in the air.

''Yes Lissa?'' noticed Nym.

''Uh, I think you forgot someone.'' The Falcong Knight pointed out. ''Once that Crusch person came on the field, I counted ten members, yet you mentionned nine.''

''There's a reason for that'' justified the mage.'' You see, in each team, there's always that one special member. Reinhart is that special member on this team. Care to guess why Chloey?

''Don't tell me that he...'' Chloey said, having an idea in her head.

''Yup, he's the one who found the Outrealm. In fact, Reinhart was never part of the team originately, he was part of the knights. He was a good knight since he is Wilhed's grandson after all, but he wasn't anything too spectacular until he discovered the Outrealm by accident during a trip around the world. And somehow he managed to harvest a few ''Skills.'' Once he came back, he became from a decent fighter to a ''god'' according to the public. His matchs at the arena were so one sided, it was very fast to watch. Not only did he hitted even more harder, he could attack before his opponent even had a chance to make a move.'' the blonde mage explained.

Vantage? thought Chloey.

''I can confirm.'' said Owain. ''He's the only one of them to have five ''Skills'', and if Lucina and Inigo didn't help me then I would be... I don't even have the words to describe such an opponent.''

''He was so good that the King had to transfer him to the Sentinels. And so he became the Member ten, but lord Roswall didn't let his discovery go to waste. If there was a day with no jobs, he would sent two or three members on a trip to the Outrealm. Acting as some kind of mercenaries, they would ask to the villages that they rescued if they could learn more fighting techniques instead of money. And so, sometimes they would comeback with ''Skills'', but that would happen at best once per year. Why would Roswaal would do that and how did they find a way to use a stealing spell, I still don't know which bring me to my next point... my past.

About time thought the blonde tactician. Finally she will know the past of the young man that she helped multiple times. No more hiding, no more secrets. Bring it on!


To be continued...






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Chapter 14: The Member eleven

''It all started after Reinhart's transfer,'' Nym slowly explained to make sure everyone understand. ''The new spreaded like wildfire. This of course, scared the troublemakers that decided not to act for quite a while. For this reason, lord Roswaal saw a great opportunity to explore another world called Altarais. He leaded the operation himself with his two young maids Relm and Ralm while the others guarded the mansion...''


Eighteen years ago...

''Look like we have arrived!'' cried of joy Roswaal in his usual singing talk, not noticing a huge amount of debris  on the ground.

Eight years old Relm is carrying a bag twice her weight, fulled with books and documents with only one hand while her sister is concerned about her.

''Are you sure you don't need help?'' asked her sister. 

''I'm fine!'' said the blue haired maid happily

Ralm sighed, of course she is fine. Why would she ask such a pointless question in the first place? She then notices Lord Roswaal dancing and singing around the debris and broken weapons.

''Lord Roswaal... we are too late.'' pointed out the red haired maid.

''Oh my, but you are right!'' realized Roswaal, snapping out of his dance ''I guess that guy named Ike won't be very happy huh.''

''Yes Lord Roswaal,'' said Ralm, a little bit annoyed by his pointless question. ''Most normal people aren't happy all the time.''

''Ah ah ah, this is where you are wrong, dear Ralm,'' the lord said before booping her nose. ''I can get upset, you just need to do a lot.'' he added before also mumbling ''Or if you ruin my make-up like that dragon did.''

Ralms quickly cleans her nose with water. Three years that this strange person adopted them and she still can't stand his personnality. She would prefer Felis over him by a long shot and she also hates his personnality of him too!

''Lord Roswaal if I may...'' said Relm calmly. ''We should inform that mercenary that we were too late.''

''An excellent idea! approuved the lord full of hoy. ''And maybe once we get home, ou can make me a few croque-monsieur! he suggested, touching his belly just to think of the satisfaction of eating those.

Ralm rolled her eyes and her sister lifts her shoulder once her sister glances at her. Hopefully they can go home so Ralm can destroy another pillow to take out her frustration.

But as they were about to leave, they hear a very weak cry surprise them.

''Did you hear that?'' asked Relm who tried to find from which way it was from.

''This way!'' said the lord as he quickly sprints towards one direction. The maids have a hard time following because of their tiny little legs until Roswaal stops at one particular isolated house. He puts his head directly on the door instead of checking at the window like someone with common sense. But they hear the same sound, this time a little bit louder.

''I think it comes from this house.'' mumbled the happy lord to his maids.

''You don't say, Sherlock.'' mocked Ralm, who is whispering.

Relm drops the bag and opens the door. But instead of opening, the door flat out falls on the floor.

''Aww, such a shame that Béatrice isn't here, she would repair that door in a flash!'' said Roswaal.

''Lord Roswaal... you know every single spell in our world. You don't need Béatrice to do that.'' reminded Relm, chuckling a little bit.

''Oops! I forgot about that.'' the lord realized, embarassed. ''Althought it wouldn't be worth, there seems to be no one is living here anymore.''

Indeed, the entire house is ravaged. Walls destroyed, the floor is dirty, the roof has a massif hole, a table is broken along with a few chairs and there's glass and blood everywhere.

''What a mess.'' said calmly Ralm. She can only imagines what happened here. 

Roswaal takes sometimes to get inside, he's quite tall.

The cry can be heard again only this time, the trio notices it comes from something under a tiny blanket with a little bit of blood on it. It's not a lot of movement but it's something. Relm being the closest remove the blanket to reveal a baby on a pillow.

The baby, surprised by the new faces at first, seems to be rather curious at first until then start to cry. Instintively, Relm picks up the baby and try to calm it without success.

Roswaal finds a elephant plushie on the floor. It's tear apart and dirty.

''Oh oh, maybe fixing your little friend will help.'' the lord said before using his magic to restore the plushie to its original state then giving it to the baby. The latter is now no more upset and quite happy and he sucks one ear of his plushie.

Now outside of the house, the baby is trying to catch a butterfly, comfortably sitting in Relm's arms.

''What are we gonna do with him?'' asked Ralm ''We can't leave him for sure...''

''Maybe there's family waiting for him at that town.'' suggested the lord.

Once they come back, they inform the blue haired mercenary of the tragedy and ask if they know if someone  asked for a missing baby. But after a few verifications, no one did and no one is planning to adopt him.

For their efforts, they were given a big room to rest and a small reward in gold. Since this currency is useless in their world, they use all that money to buy diapers, a cradle, baby clothes, a baby bottle and a few toys.

They now know a few things about the baby: it's a boy, is blond because of the few hair on his head and surprisingly, has a ''Skill''!

''What are we goig to do with him now?'' asked Relm as she feeds milk to the baby using the baby bottle.

''At first, I was planning to simply give him to an orphanage but him having a ''Skill'' change everything. It would be too good to go to waste,'' the lord explained before announcing his decision. ''Which is why... we are bringing him back with us to the mansion as the eleven member of this team!''

''Whaaat!? screamed both maids.

''Wait Lord Roswaal, you should ask everyone about this before--'' said Ralm.

''Ralm, I am the boss. I can do whatever I want and yes I did say they would be no more members but I changed my mind justified the lord.

Ralm sighs, she doesn't hate babies but she hates it when they cry.

The next day, before going through the Outrealm, Roswaal had to use his more powerful magic barrier to protect the baby not knowing if the trip could hurt the baby. The latter being hold by Ralm while her sister carry a now much much bigger bag. Luckely, the baby is unarmed once they are back to Lugonica.

Of course, once they come back to the mansion, not everyone was pleased to learn the news. In the lord's office, everyone was arguing while the baby was playing and crawling on the carpet, just cleaned by the maids.

''EXCUSE ME, lord Roswaal.'' said a very angry teenager Émilia ''I don't remember approuving this.''

''Of course you didn't.'' replied Crusch calmly. ''You are not the leader.''

''We are not leader Crusch but we definately have the right to not be bothered by a worm'' replied harshly Émila's boyfriend, Rubasu.

''Hey, mind you manners.'' said Felis.

''Shut up, cat.'' mocked the dark magic user.

''CALM DOWN!'' said Roswaal, taking all the attention to make sure they don't argue anymore. ''Émilia, while I know you all have an opinion, this baby has a lot of potiential and I alone can decide if he lives here or not.''

''What's more...'' added Crusch. ''Having a baby with us could make us less scary to the eyes of the public.'' reminded the tactician, who had to deal with the Knights before.

''Eh, and that baby has indeed a lot of potiential.'' said Reinhart as he gets on his knees and picks up the baby.

''Wilhed!'' screamed Émilia, looking for back up.

The brown haired butler gruns a little bit, he hates to be involved into something that doesn't matter anyway.

''I agree with miss Émilia'' said Wilhed.

In a corner of the room, Béatrice is looking at the baby in silence. She's happy that finally someone in this mansion is smaller than her for a change. But she knows the lord will ask for her opinion next.

''I don't mind as long as he doesn't get in my way, I suppose.'' she said.

''See? Almost everyone approuved him!'' said Roswaal happily ''You will just need sometimes to get used to him... and some hours of sleep gone too.''

Émilia stormed out of the room, angry to have this fool as their leader.

I swear one day, you will pay for being such a selfish prick, ''lord'' Roswaal thought Émilia.


''What should name should we give him?'' asked Relm

''How about Roswaal junio--'' suggested the lord.

''NO!'' said everyone else in the room.

''How about said simple like... Nym.'' suggested Crusch.

''That... sounds quite nice.'' said Ralm.

''You are a genius Crusch!'' said her sister.

''Eh, it was just a name.'' she said, embarassed.

''Well, I still think my idea was better but okay,'' he said before picking up the baby from Reinhart and turning him over to him and touching his forehead. ''Your name shall be Nym.''

The baby let out a sound out of his mouth, still as happy as ever.

''And so, those people became my family. I learned how to walk and talk from Relm and Ralm. Once I was older, Crusch became my teacher, she showed me how to read, write, count and more. Reinhart taught me how use a sword since I was four. I would sometimes trespass into the forbidden library, only to be brought back to my room by Béatrice... good times.'' said Nym, all nostalgic.

''However, that night two years ago. I was inside the garden all that moment when suddently... all black,'' he explained. ''I then end up in another world and finds a random village to call home. The rest of the story, you know it Chloey.''

Chloey could tell he was telling the truth. There's one thing that is sure now: that silver haired woman is very suspicious to hide something, something big.

To be continued...







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Chapter 15: Familiar Shadows

It was quite early in the morning when Nym hears someone calling his name from outside of his room. Judging by the feminine voice and low voice, it is probably Felicia. Once he opens the door, it is indeed the pink haired maid in front of the door but after a quick embrace, Felicia explains why she is here this early.

''Chloey ordered me to bring you outside because apparently there's something that you should see.'' the maid explained to her boyfriend.

Outside, Nym could that there seem to be a lot of people working on something inside a building quite far away from the castle.

''What's that all about?'' the mage asked to the tiny tactician.

''A way to make sure your old family doesn't pay us another little visit.'' Chloey explained calmly, taking notes on her notebook.

''I'm not sure if that's necessery,'' Nym replied, uncertain of her idea ''She only came here to kill me, for whatever purpose that I don't even know.''

''Unfortunately Nym, I cannot take a vague or unsure thought as an answer when there's lives on the line here,'' she responded giving him a serious look while ignoring his annoyed look. ''The Lockdown will make sure nothing will pass through.''

''The ''Lockdown''? What's that?'' he asked, now curious because of the name.

''I can't tell you much right now, but don't be surprised if you don't see Miriel, Ricken and Laurent as much since they are busy administrating the scientists for me,'' Chloey vaguely explained. ''I need to ask them for a report actually, you should take some time with Felicia, maybe she has some questions about yesterday.'' Chloey suggested before leaving.

Nym wanted to argue with Chloey on her decision. Yes they did wounded most of the Shepherds but that was on Émilia's orders, they are not bad people. If only Nym could try to discuss with Émilia. But at last, all he could for now is be upset.

After eating breakfeast with Felicia, a soldier requested his presence outside. Again? However this time around, something seemed out of place. Most of the non-wounded Shepherds have surrounded a particular tall man who wears fancy clothes, a tiny hat and strangely of all, purple make-up on his right eye. The long dark blue haired man doesn't even seem to mind them because he thinks it's some kind of tradition in this world. It looks like Chloey had a hard time trying to discuss with him because he was so tall, she lost her temper trying to make him notice her.

''Lord Roswall!'' said Nym, happy to see the lord after so much time.

''Nym! LONG TIME NO SEE!'' the lord screamed, even more happy to see him. ''Come here for a big hug!'' he said as he warped to the blond mage.''

''Arrgh! Lord... Roswaal. That's not how you... hug.'' Nym struggled to say as he tries to break free from his embrace and then manage after a few seconds.

''OOPS! So sorry dear Nym! I always forget you are as frail as a... butterfly! Yes that's right...'' Roswaal said, embarassed.

Almost everyone else cannot already stand his annoying personality

''EXCUSE me sir.'' said Chloey who tries to not lose her temper of this clown. ''But who are you?''

''OH OH! But I thought Nym introduced myself already unless you all have short memories?'' the lord asked, surprised.

''Wait... how do YOU know that Nym did that?'' asked Chloey, raising an eyebrow.

Realizing on he brought himself into, he tries to change subject.

''So Nym,'' said the lord, turning around and ignoring the little tactician. ''How do you like it here, do they treat you well?''

''Euh well... they... did?'' responded Nym who didn't expect such a question. ''Lord Roswaal, I need to know: what is going on?''

Roswaal hesitates to answer at first, almost as he tries to hide something.

''Nym I... I just came here to make sure everything was alright since I DO care about you,'' he explained calmly before adding ''Because well... like it or not... you are no longer a member among us.''

That sentence mostly shocked Nym along with everyone else around them.

''But... I explained to Crusch that I couldn't sto--'' Nym justified before the lord interrupt him.

''No Nym, that story was made up from the start. I told Émilia to make whatever story she pleases so she can use that as an excuse to...  force the team to track you down.'' he explained as oddly calm as before.

''For... what reason? I didn't do anything wrong!'' yelled Nym, tried to hide how upset he is.

''I'm sorry Nym but I already said too much. Please remain with your friends, you will have a happy life. This is all that I can offer you as a last gift.'' Roswall responded to the mage but as he was about to warp, a magical chain restrain him to do so.

Chloey doesn't know what type of magic are this chain, but one thing for sure: it isn't one of the Shepherds that casted it. She looks to see Nym ''holding'' the chain.

''Lord Roswaal... the spell did not work, I clearly remember.'' Nym explained vaguely.

''Yes I can see that, you aren't suppose to remember any kind of Lugonica's spells yet you...'' realized the lord.

Chloey realized that apparently, Nym yet again didn't say everything.

''Lord Roswaal... it wasn't me. I swear it wasn't--'' the mage vaguely justified.

''Quiet Nym.'' ordered fermely Roswaal. ''Your pathetic excuses are lost upon me, you are lucky that I had pety on you that day, otherwise I wouldn't have reduce the damage of Émilia's spell when it was about to kill you. Or that I had to cover you yet again because you were too dumb to realized that I gave you a second chance by throwing you in a random world from this Outrealm. Now everyone including Crusch knows.'' he said before adding ''I don't know even know why I'm even doing this in the first place. Perhaps it's because I also feel guilty because I made the big mistake of bringing you into our life... and ruining the couple's life in the process.''

He broke the chains by himself, to Nym's surprise.

''Farewell Nym. I hope next time we see each other is not in Lugonica.'' he said while also implying him to not comeback before warping away.


The silence, it was something that Chloey was looking for. But Nym's sad face didn't help to calm the atmosphere.

''It wasn't me... someone setted me up. I didn't... kill... Lora.'' said slowly the mage, crying in pain, the memories slowly infesting his mind.


To be continued...


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Chapter 16: A rash memento

''I'm sorry I... *sniff* didn't mean to react like that.'' said Nym, very embarassed and still shocked, lying on his bed with Chloey sitting beside him.

''It's ok Nym, you have to right to cry,'' responded softly the tactician before asking ''But Nym... I need to know what is going on. We keep going around in circles with your past.''

''No, everything I said is true... to some degree.'' he responded, unsure how to explain that proprely.

''To what degree exactly?'' Chloey wasn't sure if he told the truth before or not.

''There was this girl named Lora, she's Émilia and Rubasu's daughter. During all these years, well... everything that I got: food, my bedroom, toys, education and magic training was to a minimum while Lora was the spoiled child. In fact, I never got any proper magical training from anyone unlike Lora. I would spend most of my days outside playing when I'm not in school or inside in the forbidden library reading spell books under Béatrice's watch,'' he explained before going to the main point ''But one day, I got fed up of all of this, my future was cloudly as a raining day. I was not even considered to be part of the team, I was only keep as a substitude in case something happens to Lora. The lack of love that I got for being the underdog and replacement caused me to sometime wonder on my own inside the forest nearby to the mansion and I found an Outrealm nearby one day. Coincidence? I think not, maybe Roswaal ordered to bring it here. Nonetheless, I had my perfect plan: I would sneak out of the mansion at night with all the stuffs and foods that I could bring and escape this miserable life. That night, two years ago, was that night but of course, everything never goes as planned is it?'' Nym said before telling who was him that night.


Two years ago, at Lugonica, in the garden close to Roswaal's mansion...

''Pretty night, is it Nym?'' said a brown haired girl wearing a coat looking at the sky from a destroyed tree.

''Lora...'' said Nym ''You are not here by a pure luck, I know you to well.''

''Right, I was wondering what you were mumbling about the other day and I guessed you would try something funny like this,'' she replied, chuckling a little bit ''You always were a funny one.''

''It's nothing funny Lora, I'm going to meet my future... in a better place than this hell.'' said Nym calmly.

''What are you saying? Nym, this is far from being he--'' Lora replied before Nym interrupts her.

''Speak for yourself, spoiled child. You have no idea how hard it is from my perspective.'' replied harshly Nym to her comment.

''Yes I know... but let me some time, I promise I'll try to convince Mom and Dad.'' she said, trying to calm him before she notices he rolls his eyes.

''This is a complete waste of time, you are as delusional as ever.'' the teenager said in disbelief before going on his way.

But Lora quickly catchs up to him and hold his right arm.

''No Nym! You can't leave!'' she said, empowering her hold on his arm.

''Let go Lora!'' yelled Nym, almost in pain.

''No! I need you Nym... you are my only friend!'' cried the girl teenager.

They struggle for a few minutes before Nym had enough ''LET ME GO!'' screamed Nym as he shoves her out of the way.

But she doesn't give up, she hugs him and cast a binding spell on Nym and herself. Nym struggles in vain to try to escape her embrace

''Nym... you don't understand.'' Lora whispered to his ear ''For all these years, this is all I wanted, this what they wanted... I need to harvest you. 

''H-Harvest?'' said Nym surprised then she whispers him ''You are nothing more than a sacrifice, I need to harvest one particular human to be stronger!''

She then begins to whisper a unknown spell.

''Please, do not struggle. It won't be long...'' said the young witch.

But Nym had other plans ''Blasto!'' he screamed, causing her to be knockback into tree.

''Creepy bitch, just like your parents.'' insulted Nym, free to move again.

''Playing hard to get huh? It will be fun~'' she said before casting another spell ''Avadacadabra!''

The green glob of death almost hits him, he counters with another spell.

No one seems to have the upper hand but Nym has limited options unlike her.

''It's no use, little lamb'' mocked Laura ''I know more powerful spells that you read in those book, Avadacadabra!''

Nym blocks the spell with a barrier then in a flash counters with another fusion spell

''Hugify! Mind Control!'' the mage casted, on a tree.

The combination of the two spells, caused a tree nearby to use his roots to imprison the girl, unabling her to cast spells or move.

''Nghhh, noooooo! Let me go! LET ME GO!'' cried the girl again.

''SHUT UP!'' screamed Nym before repeatedly punching her on the face, until she feels unconscious with a broken nose.

Not waiting for anyone from the mansion to pass by, Nym took his stuff and ran away.

''And after that,'' the mage finished to explain ''Once I got to the Outrealm, Émilia had time to cast a spell just before I enter, I would have died if not for lord Roswaal's help... Then I got to the other world, a little bit injured. You know the rest Chloey...''

''Wait hold on, Roswaal wanted her to harvest you... but he also saved you?'' asked Chloey, confused.

''I don't think Émilia was supposed to hunt me down, I think she was angry because of what I did to Lora,'' he explained ''On and, don't try to understand Roswaal's plans, he can get a little bit crazy sometimes.''

''Unfortunately, I suppose I'll have to if they keep trying to ''harvest'' you.'' Chloey said calmly, lifting her glasses. ''One question thought: why were you sad when Roswaal said that Lora was dead?''

''Actually, I didn't want to cry, you didn't notice but Lord Roswaal is a master of tricks. He whispered a spell that forced me to be sad, he also was the Crusch that went to see me in the last battle.'' said calmly Nym, who can't believe he got tricked by him.

''But... why?'' asked Chloey, now even more confused.

''I don't know, this guy is really twisted sometimes.'' said nym before letting out a sigh.


''What are you doing?'' asked Chloey.

''I'll show you something nice...'' said as he takes out a white uniform with reinforce armor on it ''This is what I had at Lugonica... Melangio!

The uniform was Nym hold suddently mixed with what he was wearing, his usual clothing has a little bit of white now with the additional armor on it.

''Like it? I fusionned this old uniform, I have additonal protection and I have more freedom for casting my mana now.'' asked proudly the blond mage.

''Yes but... that spell...'' Chloey asked, concerned of what she just saw.

''It's Lugonica's magic: we have more freedom when it comes to spells but they are directly linked to ourself, doing too much will put on the unexperience ones unconscious or worse.'' Nym explained.



''And that's everything'' said Chloey and Nym, who explained the rest to the others.

Most people were relieved while others really wonder what is going on over there.

''One thing for sure, they are up to no--'' said Chloey

''Hi Nym~'' said a familiar voice.

''What the...'' the mage said, looking everywhere before looking over his head. ''Lora!'' he said once he sees the witch who wears a black uniform and is hoving in the air, her face full of scars.

''I wanted to say good-bye Nym, I got someone way better than you but Roswaal allowed me to give a parting gift...'' she said before vanishing.

''A... parting gift?'' said Nym, really concerned.

'The Lockdown really needs to be complete soon' thought Chloey, annoyed by them visiting their world.

Suddently, the sky is no longer clear and is full of dark cloud.

''What the...'' said Chloey.

In the sky, Roswaal and Lora are summoning.

''Awaken... and gather to us!'' said both Roswaal and Lora before vanishing after leaving the circles behind them.

In a few seconds, a gigantic dragon is summoned. ''Oh, Ravadreus...'' realized Nym.

''You... know it?'' asked Chrom, very concerned and worried.

''Yea, it's the dragon that Lord Roswaal deafeated single handedly according to local legends,'' explained calmly the mage ''I thought he killed him but looks like he captured it.''

Chrom notices that Chloey is already working on beating the dragon, but Nym doesn't seem afraid or worried.

''Nym!'' yelled Chloey ''We need YOUR help, this is a BIG emergency!'' pressed Chloey.

''There's no need, look.'' said calmly Nym.

In the sky, Ravadreus seems to be affected by something before it completely dissapears by the same circles as before. The sky is clear once again.

''What did you do?'' asked Chloey, now even more, and more confused.

''I banished him using a Lugonica spell, now he's trapped in another dimension... for eternity... hahaha...ha.'' said Nym before collapsing on the ground ''I... used all my mana... don't worry, I'll recover.'' he said before losing conciousness.

Now was one confusing for Chloey, that Lugonica magic is some strange stuff.

To be continued...



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Chapter 17: A harsh return

''It has been a long time since I last saw you in that room'' said Chrom as he enters the room. ''What are you doing?'' he asked while seeing a Ylisse's map on the table.

Inside the room that serves as Chloey's personal room for working, the tactician half-awake is working on the map, her blonde hair scattered around her back.

''Oh... hi dear,'' said Chloey, rubbing her face with her hands due to her being still a little bit asleep once she realized she was lost in thoughts. ''I'm... I'm trying to find a solution for our well... mage problem.''

''Them? Chloey, you don't need to lose your head for that. All we have to do is prevent from entering ever again--'' said Chrom before his wife interrupts him.

''Chrom... this is not possible, the Lockdown will break eventually it's only a temporary measure.'' Chloey explained calmly, Chrom was about to say something else but her wife guessed exactly what he was about to say. ''And no Nym won't be able to stop them, apparently the spell he used was one of the powerful that he had to offer and he knocked him out for the rest of the day. We cannot depend on him.''

''What do you suggest we do?'' asked the Exalt before jesting ''Should we charge forward, invade them and hope for the best.'' he said, hoping to make his wife chuckle but her reaction end up surprising him.        

''Yup exactly Chrom.'' the tiny tactician replied to him very seriously.

''Wait Chloey, I was jesting.'' explained Chrom.

''And I am serious,'' replied his wife ''But we obviously gonna need more that we have at the moment, something that Roswaal won't seem coming... ummm...'' Cloey explained before thinking of something.

''Do you have a plan?'' asked Chrom, who sees the light in her Chloey's eyes.

''What a silly question, I always have a plan Chrom!'' responded the proud tactician ''But we gonna need someone's help, someone that we didn't see for quite sometimes now.''

''And who would that person might be?'' asked the blue haired Exalt, curious to know the answer.


Meanwhile, at Alucia...

''Remind me why we had to come here again? asked Nym to the redhead who has just arrived just after him off the Outrealm.

''My, don't you want to have news about the village?'' asked Anna to his friend. ''Personally, I would want too and about my shop too.'' she added.

''I think you forgot the part when they see they would literally fight us.'' explained Nym to the merchand.

''Don't you have your ''Lugonica'' magic though? I'm pretty sure you could beat them all by yourself.'' asked the optimistic and also lazy Anna.

''No, I didn't master this magic perfectly unlike Roswaal or Émilia, casting too many spells will make me go unconscious.'' he explained calmly ''I'll only use it as a last resort.''

''Fine by me, but make sure to practice what Flora thought you this morning.'' Anna replied, sharpening her Leif Axe

''Yes...'' the mage said, looking as his left hand but remember Flora's words

'Since our time is short, I'll just show you how to use a basic ice spell: Freeze. Make sure to use it since you can comeback here safely for Felicia's sake.' she said.

Ice magic, it felt similar to Lugonica's magic, aside of the mage draining stuff. He hopes however that he won't have to use it for this mission.

Another person has just arrived out of the Outrealm.

''Why did you come, you?'' asked Nym a little bit harshly to another red head.

The person is the Shepherd Anna.

''My, don't be so rude to me.'' Anna said calmly ''It only natural that I would want to go something this amazing with my sister.''

Nym mumbles something that neither Anna catch.

''Aw Nym, don't be jealous.'' Anna said, patting his head ''I know we spend a lot of time together the last few days but can you really blame us? We are family after all!''

''But...'' Nym said before the other Anna add something to the conversation.

''And I'll be very useful since I'm a Trickster, I can use a staff!'' Anna said happily, showing him a staff to prove her good intentions.

''If I wanted a healer, I would have ask Felicia to come. Got it?'' replied harshly Nym again to the Trickster.

''Now, now Nym. I know you you love her but you spend the entire day together when you were knocked out.'' the other Anna replied ''Aw Nym, you are so adorable sometimes but you need to learn more about women. Give her a little bit of space, you are always on each other--''

''Quiet Anna! Quit teasing me!'' yelled Nym, all red.

''Huh?'' said the Shepherd who was lost in thought for a second and realized that once she heards her name.

''I wasn't talking to you, I was talking to MY Anna.'' Nym snapped to her.

''What do you mean ''MY Anna?'' I'm not YOUR Anna'' shouted Anna, offended by what he just said.

''Not that way, dummy.'' said Nym, this time much calmer. ''I meant that you are the Anna that I know.''

''Can we just go on without arguing anymore?'' asked Anna to Nym, she was also about to lose her patience with the mage.

''... Agreed.'' he said, going through the path.

Of course, the trip wasn't as pleasing as he thought it would be. Money this, money that. Nym couldn't wait until they arrive to the village so they will stop talking about gold. Along the way, they found Merlin's house but he seems to be gone.


Meanwhile inside the Outrealms...

''My, it seems I'll be very busy today!'' exclaimed happily the Gatekeeper Anna upon seeing Chloey and Chrom arriving from Ylisse. ''Ohhh, the Exalt and his wife themselves, what a honor!'' she said,  rubbing her hands on each other just to think of the amount of gold that she will get.

''Hello Anna.'' said Chloey, Chrom does the same. ''Has the team that I send to Alucia arrived yet?'' the tactician asked to Anna.

''Yes, my other sister has just arrived actually.'' Anna explained to the couple. ''Now let's get down to business shall we? What can I do for you today?''

''We would like to go to the world of Tellius.'' explained Chrom.

''Ohhhh, Tellius huh? To see your outpost perhaps?'' Anna asked out of curiousity.

''Anna... just shut up and open the gate. That's for what we pay you for.'' said Chloey who doesn't want to deal with her shenanigans.

''Alright, alright...'' Anna said, slowly opening the gate to Tellius.

The gate, despite being made from the same materials, looks entirely different from Ylisse's or Alucia's.

''There you go!'' she said.

Chloey gives her the gold before entering, followed by Chrom.

'Yesh, you would think she would be on her good behaviour after her preganancy but nooooope' thought Anna, still a little bit surprised.



This battlefield, it has been quite sometimes since Nym walked on it. He could see the village being closer and closer until they have to stop because someone is waiting for them.

Rezzy saw them coming from afar, her tome in hand. She didn't change since the last time Nym saw her, and she seems as upset as before. On the other hand, the red head Sage notices how much he has changed since the last time she saw him.

''So you decided to comeback here despite my warnings, Nym.'' said calmly Rezzy.

But before the young mage has a chance to talk, Anna speaks first.

''Rezzy, you remember me right? We are not here to fight, only to explain everything that you need to know.'' Anna explained, knowing very well Rezzy is probably order to attack at any moments if she isn't careful.

''I do not care Anna, we do not care. We have lived in peace since you were gone.'' Rezzy claimed.

''It's true Rezzy...'' said Nym calmly, on the edge of the Rezzy's limit ''But I was the one to blame, not Chloey. Yes I admit it... I tried to hide from my past but only end up hitting me in a greater spot.''

''...'' Rezzy lacked the words to say how frustrated and upset she is at the moment.

''However, the reason why I'm teeling you this is to make sure you don't live in fear anymore, to make sure all the villagers and all my friends that are waiting for your signal behind the door will not live in fear.'' Nym continued.

''I hear you Nym... but if you are the cause, we will have to make sure that you don't come to bother use once for all! Attack everyone!'' ordered Rezzy.

Of course he knew that what was going to happen. Suddently, Nym, Anna and Anna are surrounded between Rezzy, Wolf, Harve, Tristan, Flona, Light, Knil, Aryl, Mugemin and a few guards.

''Welp, there goes our only chance to not fight.'' said Anna, drawing her axe.

''Yup, I too was hoping to head directly to your shop.'' responded her sister, drawing her sword.

Nym had to draw his weapon, but they are vastly outnumbered.

''Need a hand?'' asked a voice beside him.

Nym got surprised by a man wearing a top hat and a knife.

''Where... where did you come from?'' asked Nym, still surprised.

''I'm an assassin, kid. Appearing out of nowhere is my specialty.'' the arrogant assassin. ''The name's Pengaius by the way but please call me Cres.''

''Ok Cres... but what would you help us?'' Nym is sure that he never met him before.

''I don't know, I'm new to this world you know? Would be good to make myself a few friends, and I swear this Sage right here,'' Cres said as he points Rezzy, who the later gets a little angry when she recognizes him. ''Legit kicked me out when I tried to say hello. That's rude you see and I don't appreaciate that so there's my reason. Accept my help, you will not regret it.'' 

''Fine, I don't think I have much of a choice anyway...'' Nym explained, when he sees a spell coming towards him...

To be continued...

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Chapter 18: The Second Battle of Alucia

Nym of course dodged that attack with ease.

Nym notices something: all of his former friends are now promoted. It seems that Rezzy didn't discard Chloey's training program after all. It also notices that at a second glance, Rezzy seems a little bit tired.

Both Annas pair-up. Together they fight members of the Resistance such as Harve,  Kris, Flora and Light.

The Shepherd Anna parried another sword attack from the master ninja ''Careful love, prices aren't the only thing I can cut in two!'' Anna said in hope to create fear in his heart, without much success since he counters with another attack only to be blocked by an Leif Axe.

''SOLD!'' said Anna before striking Harve with a blow of her Axe, then spins to protect herself from Knil's arrows.

Meanwhile Nym is trying to get a plan to get past all these guards protecting Rezzy and Wolf.

''Cres, we need to work together.'' suggested Nym. ''We need to make sure no one dies, I want to be on my best term with them once the battle is over.

''Nah, I prefer to work solo.'' replied Cres, adjusting his hat ''But I'll make sure to keep them alive for ya.'' he said before dashing towards the guards, attacking themin a flash using his knife and surprisingly, his hat as a weapon.

Rezzy and Wolf were watching them a little from afar.

'Defeating them will be difficult, they cover each other's weakness.' thought Nym as he walk past the distracted guards.

He cannot attack them from afar because Rezzy can block his attacks but he can't fight them with his sword because Wolf can protect Rezzy and he can throw his weapon at him.

'Think Nym, think. Think of what Chloey would do in this situation.' thought Nym.

He got an idea but he has to use his last card already. He acts normal to make them believe he is thinking about something...

But in reality, he is channeling a Lugonica spell that will imprison both of them into stasis.

''What is he doing'' asked Wolf as they both notice his strange behaviour ''I thought he was going to attack not just stand there.''

Rezzy doesn't answer at first and then she realizes why.

''Look out!'' his wife said as she blocks the spell with a familiar Outrealm barrier.

''Huh?'' said Nym upon realizing his plan failed ''That wasn't supposed to happen...''

'That barrier... did... did Rezzy just casted ''Protecta''? That's... impossible! How can she knows such a spell?' thought Nym.

He looks around him confused.

Cres, despite his previous attacks, is now having trouble. The mage did not notice a mysterious but familiar mist protecting them. The guards are not even fliching when they receive the assasin's blows.

Meanwhile, the Annas sister are also having trouble. They cannot defeat a bunch of empowered strong members by themselves.

At this moment Nym realized that he walked into the jaws of the beast. But a better question is what beast exactly?

With no hope to win this unwinnable battle, Nym uses his other plan:


He casts a spell, teleporting himself and the others safely.

His first battle without Chloey... and he lost.

Proudly to have repelled the invaders, the villagers celebrate... even Tristan or Harve who seems to have a different kind of mentality all of a sudden.


''Welcome back!'' greeted Anna as Chloey and Chrom reappear inside the main entrance between all the Outrealm.

''Thank you Anna, have a good day.'' say Chrom as he was about to leave with Chloey right behind him.


But Nym never casted directed the spell AWAY from the village. He casted the spell IN the village, inside one particular mansion.

The four of them appears inside the hallway of the mansion.

''That was close.'' said Nym relieved, happy to take a breather as he sets his head on the wall.

''What just happened, in all of a suddent they became so strong.'' noticed Anna ''I was having a blast and then suddently, there was no more funny business.''

''Yeah they didn't seem that strong at first.'' said Shepherd Anna.

''What nonsense was this? They resisted to my attacks like it was nothing...'' replied Cres who was very upset ''What is this magic, boy? You seem to know it.''

''It's... a long story. Let's just say it's some Outrealm magic... that this woman should not know.'' explained Nym to the assassin.

''Alright, but why did you brought us here? Should'nt we retreat or something?'' asked Cres.

''Not yet, the fact that she knows this magic is creeping me out. I think something weird is going on,'' The mage explained more while adjusting his blue clothes. ''If there's a place to find that out, it should be here.''

Without any more explanations, Nym opens the door that leads to the basement.

Inside said basement is a prison where the former Lord is keeped. However to another cell lies a red haired woman.

''What the it's... an Anna!'' said Nym while Cres uses a loothpick to open the door.

Both Annas are surprised to see another of their sister here, especially the one who has never heard of another one in their village.

''Anna, hey Anna!'' said Nym as he shackes the Anna.

''Huh?'' said the Anna as she wakes up ''Who are you?'' she asked as Cres now frees her from her chains.

But Nym doesn't have to answer. ''You!'' said the Anna as she points the Shepherd Anna ''I remember you, you are the Anna from the Shepherds are you!?''

''Yes... that exactly right. Have we met before?'' asked the trickster.


But Chloey prevents Chrom from going by using her arm to block him. ''Chloey?'' said Chrom surprised when she does that.

''One final question before we go Anna.'' said Chloey without turning around.

''Ergh, um yes?'' asked Anna who didn't expect that.

''How did you know about the outpost? It something that has been bugging me since Priam didn't use an Outrealm to go to Tellius but by using his Warpowder. No one and not even someone in our own army knows the existence of this outpost, yet you do.'' asked Chloey, very suspicious of this Anna.

''I urgh... one of my sisters from Tellius visited me and--'' explained Anna before Chloey interrupts her.

''But you DO know that there's no Annas in the Tellius world?'' asked Chloey even more seriously as she slowly draws her sword.


''Huh? You are the Anna that works in the Outrealm!?'' said Anna, Anna and Nym simultaneously.

''Did you not recognize me? I mean duh, I know we all have the same face but it wasn't THAT long since we met including you, young man.'' said Anna in disbelief.

''But we just saw you a few hours ago!'' said Anna.

''Yeah about that... last time I was working I saw an unknown Outrealm appears and then...black. After that, I woke up here, chained.''

All four realize what is going on, Nym has enough mana to cast another teleporting spell...


Chloey grabs the Anna by the collar and shoved her to make her fall.

At that moment, the Outrealm opens and the rest of the team shows up.


One hour later...

Everyone was gathered outside, the strange Anna captured on her knees.

''So in the end... we lost that battle but we got some valuable informations.'' evaluated Chloey.

''Yea... and we rescued Anna and captured another one... not you two.'' said Nym when he sees the other two turn their head to him.

''And what about Rezzy and the others?'' asked Chloey to the blond mage.

''I'm not sure what is going on but Rezzy has knowledge on Lugonica spells, it was the reason why she was tired in the first place.''

''Well... we have someone who could answer our questions.'' said Chloey as she looks at the chained Anna.

''I won't tell you anything...'' she responded.

''There's no need for that Chloey, we know who she is.'' explained the Shepherd Anna.

''You do?'' asked Lucina, surprised.

''This Anna...'' explained the same Anna ''She was the black sheep of the family.''

The chained Anna sighs and grunts to those words. ''In what way?'' asked Chloey, curious to know the story.

''While you all know that we Anna have a flair for gold, we also have well... a rule.'' explained Shepherd Anna.

''Make gold if you shall my daughters, but make sure to also act for the greater good,'' added Gatekeeper Anna ''Those were the words of our very wise mother.''

''But the Anna that you see before you broke that rule.'' explained Alucia Anna. ''She sold weapons to bad guys across words.''

''Nothing wrong with that as long as I make money.'' responded the enchained Anna, quite proudly of her actions despite the glares of her sisters.

''I see...'' responded Chloey.

''At some point, we had to take care of her but... she escaped from her prison at some point, since she's skilled with a Lootpick,'' explained Shepherd Anna ''Then we never heard from her ever again until now.''

''For what reason do tell.'' asked Chrom to the Anna without too much success.


''Because she was in busy in my world.'' explained Nym to everyone's surprise.

''Your world?'' asked Chloey.

''Yes, I remember her now. She was selling weapons and goods in the local market in tomn. Relm and I visited her quite a few times when I was younger.'' he explained. ''She also helped Lord Roswaal quite a few times; maybe they are working together now.

''I see you are still a traitor.'' mocked Anna.

He didn't really care, he wasn't very intimidated by a chained Anna.

''Anyway, I hope you have fun in my thief proof prison. Hope you like fun!'' said Chloey before ordering the rouge Anna be taken away.


To be continued...


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Chapter 19: Explanations and Preparation

Today is a special day since Chloey asked everyone to come for an emergency war council, outside of the castle since the room isn't big enough for over 20 people since most wouden Shepherds have now recover from their wounds.

''OK...'' said Chloey getting everyone's attention while beginning the war council. ''I feel that we need to clear uncertainties since the last few days were fulled of new surprises and  of new enemies that we didn't even know about until now. Nym, do you have a clue what is going-- Nym?'' said Chloey once she notices his embarassement.

''I euh... forgot a big detail.'' said Nym, almost mumbling because of his embarassement as he shows a curious piece of paper out of his personnal bag.

''And what's that supposed to be?'' said Chrom, curious to see what is this paper.

''It's a page from one of the books of the forbidden library.'' explained Nym while trying to hide his mistake ''I tear it apart from the book when I ran away.''

''Nym...'' said softly Chloey in disbelief, schooling the mage. ''You can't just forget how important things like that. Especially when you are the only one in the whole army who can know those informations.''

''I know, I know...'' said Nym

A few people like Lucina and Chrom sighs while others rolled their eyes but no one was really blaming you.

''Anyway, what is on that page?'' asked Lucina.

''It's the story of Amon, the cursed blade.'' explained Nym

''A cursed blade?'' said Chloey, surprised.

''You know how you have a Fire Emblem in your world right?'' asked Nym

''Yes?'' said Chrom

''Well, the Fire Emblem of our world are twins blade, and Amon is one of them.'' explained Nym ''The other one is Somon, a legendary blade.''

Nym takes a neaby stick and draws two blades on the muddy ground, one look like a beautiful blade and the other one is very thin but looks very malicious.

''It  is my favorite story that Relm uses to read me A LOT when I was a kid.'' explained Nym ''The story is that two god twins black-smith used to be around, however they never really like each other. One is still called ''The Good Brother'' since he cared about humans while the other one is called ''The Bad Brother'' since he mocked our existence.  One day, they decide to go to war on each other and both created a blade to get to their goals. The Good Brother created the Somon, a blade that any swordman would like: lightweight, very sharp, durable, powerful and easy to handle and the other one, Amon, is a cursed sword that is actually very weak itself but possess mysterious powers. Both gave their weapons to humans, in hope they would do their dirty job for them. In the end that only created a meaningless war between humans to see who would kill a Brother god first, but both side end up both winning and losing. The only Memento of their existence is their sword. Together, they are the Fire Emblem: a symbol of pure hatred and war.''

''And where are those two swords right now?'' asked Chloey before noticing her question seems to have trigger something on him.

''Well, Amon used to be sealed inside a heavy guarded room in the castle room while Somon used to be carried by the Captain of the Knights but...''

''Buttttt?'' said Chloey, realizing something is wrong by the mage looking away from her eyes.

''There was a rumor... that Amon was stolen by someone. How did he did that and who he is, no one ever knew but I had my own theory...''

''That being?'' asked again Chloey.

''Well, the blade being cursed, it infects his user, making them mad and more each time they use it. And there's one particular person in the Sentinels who really seems to have something off... while also used to be the King's right hand.''

''You think Roswaal is behind this?'' said Chloey, not really surprised by that.

''It's not that he is behind that, but he lost all goodwill. Just like... Relm and Ralm and--''

''What do you mean Relm and Ralm?'' exclaimed Chloey in surprise

''The blade... it has a powerful  banish spell withing it, similar to the one I used for the dragon. It also has another power: it has a unique stealing spell that steal techniques from another warrior. The thing is that this blade leaves a permanent mark on whoever touchs it: the person can still use that specific spell but their mind is corrupted and even more  each time if they keep using it.'' explained Nym, showing that he feels down just to think about it.

''So you believe that your two friends are corrupted too?'' asked Chrom.

''Not just them! Maybe all the Sentinels by now and worse... maybe Rezzy and the squad too. That would explain why she would have knowledge of something she isn't supposed to know... and why Tristan and Harve fighted us.'' replied Nym.

''By Naga, this is far a greater problem that I expected.'' said Chloey ''I'll have to work on a new strategy for sure... and the other blade?''

''In Reinhart's hands, a corrupted Reinhart.'' said sadly the mage.

''Great, now we have an enemy with a Fire Emblem on their side.'' said Chloey in disbelief. ''But still, my plan will not change.''

''Well... maybe Lucina could face Reinhart, her Falchion could match Somon.'' suggested Nym ''Amon will break if any weapons strikes it anyway.''

''Hey... what about me?'' said Owain ''I want my rematch with this guy! I'll even bring my own unique weapon!''

''I'll pair you up with Lucina for the next battle, you two will fight Reinhart and once Lucina disarms him, take Somon Owain.'' suggested Chloey to her daughter and nephew

''That... sounds like a good plan Mother but these guys will have more Skills and--'' said Lucina before someone yells at them from far away.

''CHLOEY! CHLOEY!'' said Priam while coming towards them

Chloey felt a sense of hope once she sees the man coming toward her ''Already finished?'' said Chloey when he joins them.

''Yea, my boys were excited to go face unique opponents so they hurried up to find what you needed.'' explained Priam as he points a huge convoy pulled by horses.

''Perfect!'' exclaimed Chloey in excitement ''Prepare yourself everyone because in two days... we will invade Lugonica and finish this once and for all!''

To be continued...


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Chapter 20: The last day

It was the last day before the army would move out to the Outrealms in order to go to Lugonica. Priam's boys constructed a little isolated camp near the castle so they wouldn't mix themselves with regular soldiers of Ylisse.

Chrom, Chloey and Priam are talking about Chloey's plan in the war council room.

''Are you still sure about this, dear?'' asked Chrom to his wife.

''Chrom, I know what I'm doing. It seems a little bit crazy I know but I'm betting on Roswaal not knowing what this is.'' Chloey knew that was pointless arguing but it was for a good reason  since it is a risky plan.

Chrom sighs ''To think you would put all on our chance on a plan like this, not even Grima made us in such a frail situation.''

''Roswaal is by far a scarier opponent, even if he isn't gigantic like Grima. Who knows what he can pull off out of his sleeves, that's the scary part.'' explained calmly Chloey but noticing Chrom's confused face ''Why? Because I doubt Nym knew everything about him. After all, nothing tells us that he hidden everything Inside that stupid library of his.''

''That is indeed something we should consider.'' Priam approuved.

''Yes but now we can only hope it isn't the case.'' Chloey looked over at the window,  a few Shepherds were training over at the garden.



Stahl, Lon'qu, Vaike and Sully were indeed training at the garden.

''Watch Teach!'' said Vaike as he leaps in the air, cutting a dummy in two before lending on his feet a few steps away from the dummy. ''Ahahaha, class dismiss!''

''The hell? You call that a move? You leave yourself while open in the air!'' replied Sully to his cockyness.

''Oh plwease, you gotta admit that was badass nonetheless!'' proudly said Vaike as he puts the axe on his left shoulder.

''Badass? Careless would be a better word to describe whatever mess that was.'' said codly Lon'qu.

''Tsh, you would think some folks would trust Teach but NOPE!'' shouted Vaike dissapointed.

''It's not we don't trust your move Vaike... but you shouldn't be overconfident about them.'' suggested Stahl.

''Oh plwease Stahl, do you really think a bunch of losers with unknown magic is going to be an issue?'' Vaike mocked that idea.

''Hey Vaike, you DO know that they beated the crap of us last time?'' reminded Sully ''And to add salt to the wounds, that weren't at their full potiential. What make you thin--''

''That didn't count! They caught Teach when his pants were down... literally.'' justified Vaike in a flash. ''I had to hurry up and take my gear, no time to prepare myself physically you know?''

''Whatever,  if you gonna spend the whole day talking bullshit might as well get back to training.'' said Sully. ''Just be serious for that next battle...''


''Sumia!'' said Lissa who get on her knees to help her ''Are you okay?''

''Yes, I just tripped... again.'' said Sumia as she gets back up.

''Your boots again?'' said Virion ''My my, it appears you would need another pair of feet.''

''I disagree...'' said Cherche ''That also remind me of SOMEONE who was a little bit clumsy back when he was a new duc.''

''Oh my, surely you must be mistaken with someone else, dear Cherche. The archest of archer would never do such a mistake.'' Virion tried to act innocent.

''... No it was definately you.'' confirmed Cherche ''If you lie, I'm gonna feed you to Minerva.''

Virion gulped.

''Or... we could use him as a meat shield for the next battle!'' jested Lissa.

Viron gulped even more with sweats going down his forehead.


''What are you doing Miriel?'' Ricken sees Miriel with a tome.

''My researchs have revealed the existence of an mysterious energy hidden inside this tome, how fascinating and interesting... scientifically speaking.'' she explained without even looking at him.

''Cool! Will you be able to use that energy for the next battle?'' suggested Ricken.

''No, I would require additional time to examine the object. The traditional way of battle is going to be the answer for now.''


''... And that's how Gregor became Gregor.'' said Gregor in his unique accent.

Nowi, Donnel and Cordelia were all intrigued.

''I reckon that was a nice story Gregor!'' Donnel was really hyped up.

''I agree!'' said Nowi before tapping Donnel's shoulders ''Hey let's go play! Thanks Gregor!''

''Woah wait Nowi!'' said Donnel before being drag by her.

''Ahaha, such a lovely sigh don't you think Gregor?'' said softly Cordelia.

''Gregor agrees.'' approuved the man.

''Say Gregor, would you ever get back to your life of merceneary?'' asked Cordelia who was a bit curious.

''Nonsense, Gregor has everything he wants here. He has no need to get back to be sellsword. All he needs to protect smiles and kill those who want to hurt smiles like Grima... and soon enough those bad guys.''


''What a cupcake!'' said happily Gaius as Olivia shows up with a bunch of them with Maribelle at her side.

''Um Gaius, that's not for you...'' said Olivia with her usual shyness. 

''Come on, just one. It won't hurt...'' pleaded Gaius who is on his knees.

''Tsh, I expected you to show up Gaius and I have a solution.'' warned Maribelle.

''Ohhhh, scary. What are you gonna do, hit me with your umbrella?'' mocked the thief.

''No.'' said grinned Maribelle before a shadow shows up in front of Gaius.

''Gaius, did you volunteer yourself for the front line in the next battle?'' asked Frederick.

''DAH! Oh look at the time, I need to go!'' Gaius ran away.

''Thanks Frederick... do you want one?'' asked Olivia.

''Why of cou--''

''No, he didn't eat his bear meat in the last meal.'' Maribelle stared at him.

''I um... have no idea of what you are talking about. If you would excuse me...'' said Frederick embarassed

''Man-spawns are still very strange sometimes.'' said Panna, watching from far away.


''A what?'' said Tiki, astonished.

''A themed street just for you and Say'ri!'' said the Trickster Anna.

''For what reason would you make that?'' asked Say'ri.

''Well... you said yourself you wish more people who know about your culture right?'' asked Anna just to be sure.

''Aye.'' Say'ri nodded.

''Imagine...'' said Alucia Anna ''A big street with stores, restaurents with decorations. All in a thematic of your culture Say'ri.''

''And in the end... the temple of the Voice! Who doesn't like dragons? Not a bad idea, you have to admit!'' said proudly Trickster Anna

Tiki and Say'ri couldn't escape the Annas when they talk about bussiness.




Huh? There's no one here?

''Hello, did you notice me?'' said Kellam ''I'm very happ--''

No one here, next!


''Basilio you oaf!'' screamed Flavia at the top of her lungs. ''I needed that sword!''

Basilio broke Flavia's favorite forged sword.

He backed only to realize he backed against a wall.

''Welp, don't try this at home...'' Basilio mumbled as Flavia was agressively approaching. ''And I suppose I can't play dead this time can I?''


''What are you trying to do?'' asked Tharja to Henry when she sees Libra lying on the ground.

''He uh... asked for my help.'' said Libra.

''For what exactly?'' Tharja frowned.

''I'm trying to see if I can turn him a yellow raven!'' said Henry happily as he checks on the ingredients.

''What!?'' shouted the War Priest ''But you said you needed my help for a good cause!''

''That's right, our CAWS. Nyanyanya.'' Henry was way to happy as Tharja sighs in disbelief.


''SHOPPING TIME~'' announced Lucina as she burst through the door where all the children units were hanging out. ''Who wanna come with me? I'll need a pair of arms.''

Everyone else including Morgan suddently looked away or try to act like they were busy like Owain sharpening his sword. ''Anyone?'' asked again Lucina.

''Kjelle!'' suddently screamed Owain out of nowhere. ''You have the power of a demon inside those arms, serve those arms justice to our fellow blue leader! My dark magic must be safeguarded for the future battle ahead''

''What? No!'' denied Kjelle. ''Oh I know, Morgan is her brother. He will go with her!''

''Amateur! I mean I... need to... work on a strategy for Mum... that's right! And... I can't go right now, Cynthia should go! Her pegasus will be a great help.'' responded Morgan.

''Nu-uh, my poor Pegasi needs to rest for tomorrow.'' said Cynthia before pointing Laurent. ''Laurent, you do it!''

''My apologies but I need to... make inventory for Chloey.'' Laurent adjusted his glass. ''But Mum did that yester--'' said Morgan before interrupting himself once he sees Laurent's glare. ''Perhaps should I suggest Noire going with Lucina?'' Laurent suggested.

''W-What? No I... I...'' said Noire before snapping out ''BLOOD AND THUNDER! I SHALL NOT GO, YARNE WILL GO!''

''Out of question... what if I go extinct if I go there!?'' screamed Yarne as he hides under the table. ''Severa, go!''

''Huh? You guys are dumb, what if I broke a nail trying to help her?'' said Severa angrily ''Brady, you always wanted to show how tough you are. Now's your chance!''

''Wha? I reckon you guys forgot I... need to help my Ma for... something. I ain't gonna be able to do that, Nah if you would...'' said Brady.

''You want me, a small little thing like me to help carry stuff? No way! Inigo is big and strong however so...'' justified Nah.

''So sorry but... I have to go to tea with a girl in a few minutes...'' justified Inigo.

''I thought your mother  said to you she was tired to do that Inigo?'' suddently said Owain which made everyone chuckle.

''Gaahh, damn you Owain!'' said an embarassed Inigo. ''I swear she isn't my mother. Let Gerome go, he got this!''

''Tsh what nonsense are you saying? Minerva asked that I... well that I stay by side this afternoon. I only delay this because I feel... generous today. Owain you...'' said Gerome before realizing something ''We have come in a full circle have we?''

Lucina being lost in thoughts because she was imaginating what kind of ''beautiful'' thing she would buy, didn't notice them arguing. ''Sorry I was lost in thoughts, who will come with me?''

''Actually Lucina...'' suddently said Severa as she walked toward her. ''Since we were all so EAGER to help you, we decided to choose who will go with you... by playing sword, lance and axe.'' she hinted to the rest that was their only option if they didn't want her to make upset which they all realized.

One tournament of sword, lance and axe later...

''Yes!'' shouted Owain. ''A dark hero, a justice avenger, the great dark Owain is once against victorious, both on the battlefield and on a game!''

''Congrats Owain.'' said Severa happily with a big smile on her face which made Owain raises an eyebrow because this isn't her normal behaviour. ''Since you are the winner... you will be the one to go with Lucina!''

''What!? But...'' Owain realized he got trick, Severa's smile turned from a gentle smile into a sarcastic grin. A sarcastic that everyone else beside him and Lucina had.

''Thank you Owain!'' said Lucina as she drags him with her. ''I promise I won't take too long... about at least two hours maybe.''

''NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!'' screamed Owain at the top of his lungs, Lucina completely ignoring his screams as they go outside while the rest are laughing like there's no tomorrow.


'Ahhhhhhhhh' thought Flora followed by a sigh 'Finally some time to rest... I'll try to Felicia and see if she wants something to eat.'

She passed through the garnison when suddently...

''Ow!'' said a familiar voice to Flora, it wasn't very loud since it came from a bedroom. 'Wait is that...'

She puts her ear on the door, she then hears the same voice saying ''Ow!''.

'Oh my god but that's... Felicia's voice!' thought Flora before noticing that the bedroom... is Nym's!

'Oh no, no, no, no that cannot be...'

''Ow!'' said Felicia's voice behind the door ''Nym... that hurt.''

''I know... hold on I think I'm almost done...'' said Nym's voice behind to door.

Flora started to panick but she wanted to make sure they are really doing THAT.

A few seconds past, Flora couldn't hear any paticular noise. What if she is too far away to hear them?

''OW!'' screamed Felicia. ''Don't you know how to do it correctly?''

''It might be my first time but I know how to do it correctly...'' responded Nym.

Flora griped the door, this has to be a set-up to trick her, Nym does like pranks after all.

''Why did you insist on keeping it on you? That only make it more difficult and you don't stand still.'' asked Nym 

''But... that's my favorite part of my uniform!'' shouted Felicia.

''Ok but stop complanning, here use that to brace yourself since I'm not done quite yet.''

No... she couldn't hear any special from neither of them. Or did he tell her to be quiet?

Everything is quiet after that which make Flora even more anxious.

Suddently, she doesn't hear another cry of pain but... a very low voice from Felicia, not speaking but this: ''Mmmmmmm...'' A voice that was enough to convince Flora to act. She doesn't even understand why Felicia gave her consent, maybe did Nym was so eager to do it that she fell to his request. Nonetheless, she would have to stop them before they make a big mistake even though she is not ready for what she will see.

''STOP IT YOU TWO'' screamed Flora as she burst in using her ice powers. ''Nym! How dare you--''

She interrupts herself because neither of them were naked. Felicia was standing up while Nym was on his knees, trying to fix her left boot. Well he was doing  that until that Flora suddently bursted into his room.

''Flora, what are you doing here?'' said Felicia to her sister.

''I...'' Flora realized her big mistake and hide her face to not show her embarassement. ''I'm sorry...'' She closed the door behind her before going on her way.

''Nym, that was mean...'' said Felicia.

''You are smiling from ear to ear Felicia,'' said Nym as he smiles.'' Also I don't remember telling you to moan...''


''I'm wonder what everyone is doing?'' asked Chrom to his wife.

''You don't wanna know...'' responded Chloey before mumbling. ''Typical Shepherds' shenanigans.''


To be continued...








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Extra of the last chapter

''Say Nym...'' Vaike approached Nym with a determine face which worried a little bit the latter.

''What's up?'' asked the mage.

''I have an idea... no a suggestion that I would like to ask to Chloey.'' said Vaike.

''Then go see her?''

''It's well... I'm afraid to ask since she will probably be angry if I ask.'' explained Vaike calmly.

Nym raises an eyebrow. ''Don't tell me it's what i think it is Vaike.''

''Look, don't get me wrong. The Vaike learned his lesson a long time ago. But right now, we have no way to relax you know?'' The Vaike justified.

''There's the baracks...'' replied Nym in disbelief.

''You can't relax in this place! There's either people discussing with another, people finding random items on the ground, people mumbling to themselves or all of them at the same time!'' the fighter insisted.

''I agree on that part but--''

''See? This is way Teach is suggesting that you make a hot spring!'' explained confidently Vaike.

''Vaike, listen to yourself for a minute. Even if I would agree to such... a ''wonderful'' idea, there's no world where Chloey would be remotely close to be on board with your idea. I can already see her telling you...'' Nym finished the rest of his sentence with his best impression of Chloey. ''Coming from Peeping Tom over here.''

''Which is why you need to help me!'' proposed Vaike.

''Vaike, don't you realize we would need a TON of ressources for this hot spring? More water, woods for the fence, heat. Go take a bath in the men bathroom.'' suggested Nym. ''Not to motion we don't have a stable place unless you suggest that for the castle...''

''Baths are dangerous, didn't you see Chrom the last time? His ears were bleeding because of a cut!''

''I'm pretty sure that's for another reason...'' finished Nym.


Nym hears screams as he was walking toward the strategy's tent where Chloey usually is.

''What is wrong?'' asked Nym to Inigo as the lover passed by.

''Run save yourself!'' said Inigo in a hurry not even finishing his sentence.

''Wait what is-- uh oh.'' Nym didn't finish his sentence because he sees from who everyone else is running away.

Normally Chloey is a petite woman, yet today she seems tall... very tall like 3 times his height from his perspective. When Chloey is angry, she isn't that much different, only easier to pull punishements for everyone that dare be in her way. Yet today, her eyes were glowing red, each of her steps as powerful as the one of a massif dragon. It has to be something very grave if Chrom, Lucina, Morgan AND Henry are telling him with head movements to move.

Yet he doesn't, he stay stills and wait for her. The others are thinking he will ''sacrifice'' himself for them. The more she was approchaing towards him, the more ''smaller'' he feels compare to her. She is VERY, VERY upset.

''Hey Chloey...'' He had to be very careful not to trigger her, not the moment to try anything funny. ''What is wrong? Did something bad happen?''

''My clarinet...'' she responded, oddly calm.

''Your clarinet?'' Nym knew she likes to play from that instrument whatever she had free time and that she was actually very good at it.

''Someone... SOMEONE stole my clarinet!'' said angrily Chloey. ''I hope that person likes suicidal missions because she will face Apotheosis ALONE!''

''Woah calm down Chloey. I'll help you find the thief, I promise.'' said Nym before remembering of something. ''That's a shame though because I just got my own clarinet, I was hoping we could pratice together.'' he showed her his clarinet.

''Say what...'' Chloey notices his clarinet before turning from calm to very angry to a split second. ''Nym! You are the thief!?'' She yelled at him.

''Huh? Wait...''

Earlier that day...

''Nymmm~'' said Anna as the mage was walking by.

''No Anna, I don't want to buy anything right now.'' Nym knew she was in her business tone right now.

''Aw that's a shame, I just ''acquire'' a new clarinet.'' said Anna who knew he was looking for that instrument, her hands rubbing together in excitement to make money.

''Huh for real? How did you--''

''That doesn't matter, that will be 400 gold for it.'' said Anna happily.


Chloey's shadow was covering his entire body and her eyes were glowing red through her glasses. ''I hope you have fun... in Apothesis... ALONE Nym with only a tree branch as your weapon...''

''Anna I swear to Naga...'' Chloey's Ignis was starting to burn around her ''I fucking hate you...''

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Final Chapter:  Nym

Chloey has just woke up, today was the important day. The day where they will either remove the Outrealm threat... or die trying. Everything was already: weapons, medecines, soldiers, reinforcements and her secret weapon.


Before an important battle... no well that's silly. All battles are important obviously but where there's a VERY important battle ahead, Chloey has the habit to check everything in her mind.

You know? In case there's something about miss.

Yet right now... Chloey feels there's something at miss indeed. This story, everything that she knows about this conflict feels off somehow.

Normally she stays in bed with Chrom after all, it is quite early in the morning. But today she decides to be alone for sometimes for perhaps a few hours of thinking.




She couldn't figure out what, all she knew is that she was hungry. And her daughter needed her.

So after a family breakfeast, Chloey ask the maids to take care of her children... for the best or the worst.


Chloey asked everyone's attention for a final meeting before they move out.


No one knew what to expect, their foes had unexpected magic at their disposal.


Chrom noticed Chloey seems to be lostin through half of thetime of the war meeting.


Chloey could barely keep up with a conversation, Lucina was starting to get worried.

Maids in the brigands' camp

''Chloey?'' said Chrom, worried.

The Attack 



Nym stared at Chloey


Chloey doesn't answer.


Everyone stared at Chloey as worried as the rest are.



''I'll go outside... for a little bit Chloey...''


''Oh you know... somewhere. This world is so... unique and... protected.





Chloey snapped out of her thoughts, everyone is suddently around her. ''C-Chrom... what happened?''

''I don't know, you were like... deeply lost in thoughts.'' explained Chrom, his grip now much weaker since she ''woke up''.

Chloey holded her head like she had a headache but she then clapped her hands.

''OK... let's gather for the secret weapon everyone.''

That said, Priam went to the convoy and brought many, many scrolls.

''What are those?'' asked Chrom to his wife.

''Our secret weapon: the skill Nihil. With that, all the skills that they gathered will be completely useless.'' explained Chloey, grining just at the though of seeing their upset faces. ''Everyone, take one each.''

The Shepherds took one each, they learned the Nihil skill.

''With that out of the way, we have one thing less to worry about.  Remember your formations and let us march toward the Outrealm Gates!'' exclaimed Chloey before everyone joins in.

During the march, Chloey was walking along side Chrom and their daughter. She wasn't as lost in thoughts as she was before but...

Something was amiss.

Something didn't make sense

Something was wrong.

Something... or SOMEONE.

Chloey was in the lead, so when she stopped walking, everyone noticed it.

''What is going on here?'' asked Chrom, confused yet again.

But Chloey didn't answer, instead she turned around to look at someone in particular.

That person was of course the young blond mage.

''Umm... Chloey?''

Chloey didn't answer, she just stares at him. Nym turned around to see if anyone had any ideas of what is going on.

''Tell me puppet, who's your master?'' suddently asked Chloey with caused surprised to everyone else.

''Wait... what?'' asked Chrom.

It didn't take too long for everyone to realize what is going on.

Nym didn't answer at first, but he notices that the Shepherds got away from him and drawed their weapons. 

''What are you--''

In a single second, Lon'qu sliced him. Yet the moment the blade touch his back, suddently it triggers a dark light.


They all open theirs eyes, they got blinded  for a single second.

Nym is no more where he was, no corpse, no hat, nothing.

''What happened? What is going on?'' said Chloey.

''I thought you figured that one out, Bubbles!'' said Gaius, as confused as she is.

''Hehehe.'' said a voice.

A little far from them, Nym was still standing them. Looking at them in a very weird way.

''Impressive Chloey, very impressive indeed.'' said Nym, his voice distorded.

''Who are you really?'' asked Chloey.

Nym didn't answer, but a person walked just beside him. ''Roswaal...'' said Chloey.

''Hello ladies and gentlemen!'' said Roswaal and ''Nym'' at the same time, the former getting upset over the boy saying the same thing that he just said, he ''turned'' him off.

''A puppet, Nym was a puppet.'' realized Lucina.

''A spy to be precise, good lady.'' corrected Roswaal.

''Mind control...'' Chloey realized. ''Nym's stories were lies.''

''Until we caught him, no. Sometimes he was moving by himself, other times it was me who was directing his every action. Like that silly Somon and Amon story. Yes you see, Mind control is an ancient and forbidden magic of our world. Not to mention very difficult to use which isn't a problem with me.'' explained briefly Roswaal before several other mind controlled person joinded him: the Sentinels and the Resistance of Alucia.

''Um... we still outnumbered them.'' Laurant counted.

''Yes and perhaps you have that silly skill, it won't matter. I do not need those skills to beat you!''

''Everyone, pair-up!'' screamed Chloey as the mind controlled charged foward.

The battle didn't went as planned, Chloey was in big trouble.

''What will it be? Will you dare kill them to get to me? Or you will you try to spare them?'' mocked the magic user.

While she was holding Émilia and Rubasu's blows with Chrom, Chloey notices that Roswaal doesn't seem to be able to attack. Probably because controlling that many people require a lot of focus.

Chloey had to come with something, otherwise everyone will get tired very quickly of blocking and dodging.

She comes out with something after quick thinking.

''Cynthia!'' The Falcon Knight was busy blocking Tristan's blows when she heard her name. ''Attack their commander!''

''Roger that!'' Cynthia disarms Tristan before guiding her pegasus in the other direction. ''Face me fiend!''

Her attack caused Roswaal to dodge her attack, interrupting his spell.

Suddently, everyone mind controlled regained conscious, they all looked around confused.

''Now!'' said Chloey as she order the charge.

But Roswaal blasted Cynthia before reusing his spell.

The previously free persons attack once more.

''I see... so only them are affected because Naga is protecting us.'' realized Chrom as he blocks a spell.

''Good thing you finally realized.'' jested Chloey.

Chloey tried to cast Thoron to attack Roswaal, but he was protected by some kind of unknown veil.

With now Cynthia unable to do anything, they are at least able to walk forward toward Roswaal. Hopefully they can find a solution to beat him.

That until Nym intercept them.

Chrom tried to shove him out of the way without success. Roswaal casted Lugonica's spells through Nym.

So the army was stuck for a few minutes, unable to move and getting hit, the healers were in the middle of the circle.


Nym was about to attack when suddently... he doesn't cast anything.

''Attack damn you!'' ordered Roswaal. But Nym holded his head.

''You... will not... control me any longer...'' Nym walked slowly toward him. ''I... will not... be your puppet.''

The more he was approaching, the more difficult it was to move. He could feel losing his mind over him again, he had one last shot. He jumped to him and scramed a spell.

Nym exploded, the radius affected Roswaal who burned alive before falling on the ground.

The battle was won, everyone regained consciousness for good. But at what cost?

There was scortched earth, nothing was left in that area outside of a particular hat.

Chloey carefully took the hat, it was almost destroyed.

A few days later...


In the end, peace was here once more, Émilia got her wish and she was now the new leader of the Sentinels. Meanwhile everyone from Alucia were mostly confused over what happened.

The ceremony was of course really sad, everyone gathered for Nym's funeral . He got buried near the castle where everyone can visit him.

At least, Chloey knows he probably is happy with his parents right now, wherever he is. Her people at peace once more, where she can raise her family happily with Chrom.

A sad maid kept the hat as a memento of her first love.


In another world...

Inside a particular house, an old man was writing something in a book. Merlin laughed with good heart as he was writing. The Fire Emblem who just used all of its power, is now offline for the next century.

''Ahh poor all of you. Perhaps you will never know that Lucina and the rest aren't the only one who can time travel.'' said the old mage, his familiar hat near him.



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